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The 4:15 flight from St. Louis, Missouri to Orlando, Florida was about to arrive, and Matt could hardly wait for the plane to touch down so he could finally see his lovely girlfriend in person. The two had met online nearly a year ago, but were already so much in love, that it was like they had been together for several years. He was only 19 years old, and she insisted that he stay in college and graduate before visiting her. Her reasoning was that if he were to come see her, that she would not be able to handle him leaving which would therefore cut into his classes.

But he was willing to come live with her and continue school down in Florida, because that was how much he cared for her. Matt Cox was not the best looking guy around, but he wouldn't go as far as to call himself ugly.

He had long, semi-curly dark brown hair that reached to his shoulders, stood 6'1" tall, weighed 180 pounds, and had the clearest and prettiest blue eyes that Eve had ever seen, according to her. Still being a virgin, he was a tad nervous about coming to be with her. Sure he had kissed a girl before, but the only hand that ever touched his private parts was his own.

Speaking of which, his penis was around the average size of a male at his age. Fully erect he was just a smidgen short of 6 inches, and almost as wide as a half dollar coin.

Nervous yes, but he was also willing to learn and let her guide him into the world of sex. Eve was standing in the terminal, eagerly waiting for her young boyfriend to arrive off the airplane. She had just recently turned 29 in July, (when the two first met online, she felt very guilty because he was so much younger than she was, and she felt like she was taking advantage of him) but in physical looks, she didn't look a day over 25.

Her hair was a wavy, long dark brown, which matched her beautiful brown doe eyes. Originally from Puerto Rico, her skin was a lovely light tan, which Matt loved about her.

She only stood at a mere 5'2", and he sometimes jokingly made fun of her for only being able to reach up to his shoulders, but he had no problem with her height at all.

But perhaps her most prominant feature, which were coincidentally Matt's favorite "toys", were her gorgeous and natural 40DD breasts. They were often part of many of the fantasies he had about her, and she seemed all but willing to let him play with them as often as he wanted. As the plane touched down, Eve seemed very excited, since she was just minutes away from being united with her lover from nearly 1000 miles away. Matt was equally as thrilled, mostly because he was going to see her face to face for the first time.

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But part of the reason was because of something she had mentioned when the two officially became a couple. The two had started talking about some fantasies they have had, and one of the ones that Eve had was the first day that the two would finally meet.

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Sure they would hug and kiss on sight, not wanting to be indecent in front of hundreds of people, but she went further to say that when they were outside and in the car, she would immediately jump on him and start ravishing him, clawing at his clothes, wanting to get him fully naked as soon as she could. Matt was looking forward to that fantasy coming true very much. After exiting the plane, he went to the luggage pickup and grabbed his bags, before heading down the terminal, looking around for the love of his life.

But he didn't have to walk very far, because standing about 20 feet away, there she was, with a beaming smile on her face.

She was dressed in a pair of khaki short shorts, which stopped at about 6 inches above her knees, revealing quite a bit of her lean, muscular legs that were kept in shape from her years of gymnastics.

Adorning the top of her body was a white t-shirt, which stretched quite a bit over those large mounds of hers, which were encased in a white lacy bra beneath her shirt. A close look and one could see the outline of that bra. Matt was wearing a pair of blue jean shorts and a black t-shirt, which clung a little to the muscles of his torso.

Upon seeing him, Eve immediately ran towards him and leaped into his arms after he had dropped his bags. Smiling and laughing, he twirled her around a bit before setting her down, still holding her close as he gazed down into her eyes. Matt spoke first, "I can't believe it, you look much more beautiful in person." Eve just blushed and leaned up on her tip toes to press her lips softly against his own, before settling back down onto her feet and smiling. "And you are much taller in person, Mister.

I told you that you'd tower over me." Giggling, she reached up and poked his nose, before taking his hand.


Despite her age, she seemed very much like a child at heart. "Come on and let's get out of here." Her voice sounded sweet and innocent, but her eyes told a different story. Matt followed her with a knowing smile on his face, after gathering up his carry-on bag and his suitcase.

He knew all too well that look in her eyes, a look she gave him quite a bit when the two talked online and showed themselves to each other with their webcams. Leaving the airport, the two headed into the parking lot towards her car and as she opened up the trunk he put his stuff inside. Then he proceeded to walk to the passenger's side door but she stopped him, taking a hold of his shirt and pulling him towards the back of the car.

Opening up the passenger's side back door, she suddenly shoved him inside and dove in after him, practically tackling him onto the roomy and spacious back seat before shutting the door and slamming her lips into his own in a deep, heated, passionate kiss that she had been waiting to plant on him for nearly a year.

He let out a moan into her mouth and reciprocated, parting his lips and letting his tongue slide past her own to seek out its mate, all the while his hands roamed all over her body, trying to memorize it by touch. His nervousness was slowly melting away as she showed him just how much she loved and needed him. His cock was hardening and swelling within his shorts, just waiting to spring free, and there was a visible wet spot upon the front of her shorts, which could clearly be seen since she happened to not be wearing any panties underneath.

Eve had prepared for this fantasy to come true and she would stop at nothing to have him. Breaking the kiss for just a split second, he tore his lips away and tried to catch his breath a bit before reaching down and gripping the edge of her shirt before tugging it up and off, tossing it to the front of the car, leaving her in just her bra and shorts.

Immediately his hands went to squeeze and fondle her plush tits through its restraining prison, which brought out a few soft moans from her, as she reached down and quickly fumbled with his shorts, unfastening them and tugging them down, revealing his black boxers and his fully erect cock that was dying to escape. As her hand fished out his hot, throbbing shaft, he let out a low moan of his own at feeling her touch for the first time, his hands unclasping her bra and letting her massive breasts hang free.

He continued to squeeze and massage them firmly, feeling her light brown nipples grow hard beneath his palms, as he gazed lustfully into her eyes. "They feel better than I had ever imagined, baby." Matt groaned out as her hand started slowly pumping his cock, feeling its hardness in her hand as she cooed, "I can say the same about you, lover.

I wanna taste it. Please say I can." Her voice sounded practically desperate. And before he could even answer, she slid down and let her tongue tease the bulbous head, before licking slowly around it, coating it with her saliva. All the while her eyes looked up at him with an almost innocent look, though she was being far from innocent as she teased his prick with her warm, wet mouth.

The wet spot on her shorts grew bigger and wetter as she proceeded to take the head inside her mouth, sucking it softly and letting her tongue flick along the slit, making him shudder beneath her. His groans of approval urged her on, as one of his hands slide down to bury itself in her hair, soothing through it and softly gripping at it from time to time.

"God your mouth feels so good, Eve. Please, I want more. Make me cum and let me shoot it down your throat." His voice was the desperate-sounding one now. Eve moaned softly around his cock at his choice of words, and she wanted nothing more than to comply to his pleading request. She slowly started to slide her mouth down, taking more and more of his meat into her mouth before her nose was brushing up against his pubic hair.

She gagged at first but as she slowly bobbed up and down, she began to accept the head teasing along her uvula. It felt so wonderful to have his entire cock inside her mouth, and he moaned even louder when he felt one of her hands come up to gently caress and stroke along his balls. He had not masturbated in a while, so they were swelled and full with plenty of cum for her to suck out.

Matt felt the urge to cum, but he didn't want to just yet, not without tasting her, too. Gripping her hair once more he softly tugged her head up until his cock plopped out of her mouth, covered with her saliva as he smiled down at her. "Take off your shorts and let me return the favor." Eve flashed him a seductive, sexy smile, before leaning back and unzipping her shorts, before slooooowly tugging them down, giving him a little strip tease, and then tossing them aside.

Her pussy was so beautiful. She had done as he asked and shaved it bare, except for the little brown stripe above. Spreading her legs a bit, she showed him just how hot and wet she was for him, having been waiting for this moment for so long. Climbing up his body, she positioned herself over his face and he eagerly leaned up and buried his face within her thighs. His hands clenching at her firm little ass, he let his tongue go to work, lapping slowly and hungrily along her moist folds, letting out a content moan of approval at her sweet taste.

She practically screamed in ecstasy at feeling his tongue ravage her for the first time, and slid her hands up to cup her breasts, pinching and tugging at her rock hard nipples to further stimulate herself.

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Her hips subtly ground against his face, his tongue driving deep inside her pussy, wanting to taste more and more of her delicious nectar.

As he ate her out, the tip of his nose brushed along her throbbing little clit every so often, which brought out a few gasps from her. Reluctantly removing his tongue from her slit, he located her clitoris with his mouth and took it between his lips, sucking on it softly and letting the tip of his tongue play with it, causing her to buck against his face nearly screaming again.

"Oh God YES!!" Eve continued to moan loud, not paying attention to anyone who might be outside in the parking lot, and not really caring, either.

Sensing she was close to orgasm, he let his teeth graze along her little nub before softly biting down, which caused her to break down as her orgasm came crashing through her.

"Matt yes I'm CUMMING!!!!!" Her hips kept involuntarily grinding against his face as she spasmed and flooded his mouth with her juices, which he eagerly lapped up as they came out. Once he was finished, he licked her clean and grinned up at her, before licking his lips.

"You taste wonderful baby. But now it's time to give 'him' what HE wants. Get on your hands and knees for me." His voice took on a much more commanding tone now, and Eve absolutely loved it when he got demanding and possessive.

He may have been a virgin, but she was so loving and supportive and that in turn gave him the confidence that he could please her very well. Doing as he said, she got onto all fours on the back seat and teasingly wiggled her ass at him as he positioned himself behind her. Matt glided the tip of his cock along her wet pussy, making her moan and groan and trying to push back against him.

"Please I need you inside me, Matt." She pleaded with him, as his hands slid along her ass and he suddenly gave her right ass cheek a hard slap.


"Are you trying to tell me what to do?" Eve shivered and moaned, absolutely loving when this side of him came out.

It turned her on more than anything to be dominated by him. She often asked him to do so whenever they had phone sex together. Gripping her hips, Matt then slowly started shoving his hot, pulsing cock into her hot core, groaning at how tight her walls clenched at him.

Her mouth was great but her pussy was utterly amazing. Matt moaned in unison with her as he rocked against her, sliding in and out slowly and deeply at first. "Mmm.you feel so hot and tight, I never want to stop, baby." He groaned out, eventually moving faster with his thrusts, his thighs softly slapping against her ass as his pace picked up. His hands slid up her back and around to her front to start fondling her bouncing tits, making her cry out more as he pounded into her from behind.

Matt's fingers pinched her nipples almost painfully hard as she let out another scream of pleasure, before one of his hands slid up to her hair and tugged it back while he slammed against her, her body bucking and wirthing back and forth against him. "You're about to make me cum, lover. Tell me you want my hot, sticky cum shooting deep inside your pussy." Eve cried out and answered pleadingly, "Please Matt give it to me, I want all your cum! I want it inside me NOW!!" She proceeded to buck back against him, nearly impaling herself on his thrusting cock, making him groan out loud and also making it hard to hold back his impending orgasm.

Not able to take it anymore, he delivered a final thunderous slam before tensing up and crying out loud. "Here it comes Eve!!" Not a second later, his cock erupted, spewing several hot spurts of his cum deep into her womb, which tore another orgasm from her, their voices moaning out in unison and their juices mixing together between their loins, as he softly collapsed on top of her.

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Her breasts were mashed against the soft seat as he laid on her, his cock softening a bit within her pussy as he whispered against her ear. "That was amazing, Eve.

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I am honored that my first time was with you." Eve just smiled and let out a content sigh. "Just wait until I get you home, I'm not even close to being finished with you yet." --End (As that was my first story, I hope you go easy on me, but I'm not against hearing some constructive criticism.

So please let me know what you think and I can continue if you'd like to hear more.)