Wonderful assfuck for petite redhead teen girl pussy with fine asshole

Wonderful assfuck for petite redhead teen girl pussy with fine asshole
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Jamie Makes A Friend: Part 2 (Relapse of last story) As Jamie, was busily licking all of Chelsea's cum from her hands, face and tits, Chelsea was laying on the couch her semi-hard cock laying on her thigh and her big breasts rising and falling with each intake of breath she take…never before had she cum so much at once. While she was recollecting herself, she looked towards the door, only to find a beautiful red headed woman sitting there, hand down her pants and the other in her shirt, fondling her rock hard nipples.

(Back to the story at hand) While, Anne was fondling herself, she started to close her eyes and sort of shake. When her orgasm passed through her, she slowly slid down the door, to a sitting position and started to pant really heavily.

Seeing this happen, Chelsea felt her monster cock start to get hard again and when it got fully erect it hit a very busy Jamie in the cheek. When this happened, Jamie just batted it away and started licking up all the cum again.


While Anne was recovering, Chelsea got up and started to approach her, her rock hard cock leading the way. When she got in front of Anne, her cock got so hard, it was pointing up towards Chelsea's face and the head was resting, just below her beautiful, big breasts.


The second Anne opened her eyes, she instantly came again, she thought the cock she saw, was a hallucination, and that it wasn't big, but her belief quickly changed, as she was seeing that monster up close and personal. Feeling hornier than ever, Chelsea grabbed Anne's hand and placed it on her cock, noticing that her hand barely reached around the girth of her cock made her smirk as she started to move Anne's hand up and down on her cock.

Anne took off her bag with her free hand and started taking her top off and her pants. Chelsea was all too happy to oblige, and nearly ripped Anne's bra and thong off the poor girl.

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"My god, she is hung and jacked like a mule!" Anne thought to herself, and started stroking Chelsea's cock faster and faster. Chelsea, had never had her cock so expertly squeezed before and was afraid she was gonna cum again, if she didn't get and pussy. With that thought in mind, Chelsea stopped Anne, stood her up and forced her tongue into her throat, Anne replied by kissing back and by walking with her to the couch.

"Hmmm, where did Jamie get off to?" Anne thought, remembering her lover. "oh well, more for me then" she thought. While Chelsea was kissing Anne, she was dipping her hand into Anne's nice, wet pussy, and lubing her cock up with the juices coming out of it.

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"Damn, she is tighter than fuck!" thought Chelsea, as she was barely able to fit three fingers in Anne's tight little pussy. Anne had enough and wanted that gigantic cock in her so badly, she almost couldn't bear it!

When they finished kissing, Anne lined her pussy up with Chelsea's cock and started to slowly rub the head in her crack and ever so slowly, start to lower herself on it.

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"DAMN! Her cock is so huge! If I get it all the way in me, Jamie might not be able to fuck my pussy!" screamed Anne's mind.

When the head was in, Anne went down on Chelsea a bit faster, and almost bottomed out, but reached her limit about, ¾ the way down.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my god girl&hellip.your fucking huge!!" Anne whispered to Chelsea, breathlessly "Mmmm, nice and huge just for you" Was Chelsea's response. When Anne finally got used to the size, she raised herself up, and lowered herself again, fucking that huge cock in and out of her pussy.

After about, the 18th stroke in and out, she finally slammed herself down on it and bottomed out, on all 14'' of rock hard cock. She just sat there wide eyed and mouth agape, while Chelsea just sat there enjoying the tightness and chuckled.

Taking advantage of the momentary rest, Chelsea started to get up and move, carrying Anne with her, till she was standing, and Anne was in her arms.

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"MY GOD, she is fucking me standing up!" screamed Anne's mind at her. Seeing her shocked reaction, Chelsea lifted Anne up and started to fuck her real good, hitting spots Anne didn't even know she had. Sitting in this beautiful girl's arms and her gigantic cock buried in her, was all she could bare and she gushed her vaginal juices out of her pussy, around Chelsea's cock, just to puddle beneath the two.

"oh…*pant*…oh shit…*pant, gulp*.I haven't had an orgasm that intense, since me and Jamie *pant* last fucked…*pant*" Anne said almost breathlessly With a smirk on her face, Chelsea continued to pump Anne's pussy with her cock, and as she did, Anne was nearly unconscious, just whimpering and moaning, and groaning to response on her brutal but good, fucking. After 35 minute of fucking Anne, Chelsea felt the cum in her balls rising, and just about bit her tongue off, as she unloaded a massive load into Anne, it was the second time within an hour, that she came so much, it just started to leak out.

When Chelsea's orgasm sub-sided, she gently laid Anne on the couch, and pulled a blanket up over her, to let her sleep away all that has transpired. "Hmmm&hellip.where did Jamie get to?" Chelsea asked herself.

When she didn't notice her in the living room, or kitchen. She went to Jamie and Anne's private chambers, and there she found her, doing the most bizarre thing she had ever seen.

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When she looked into the room, the door was open just enough for her to see all of the bed and a very beautiful, big breasted woman, doing something she didn't know was possible. What Chelsea saw, was Jamie, sitting on her bed, hand between her ass cheeks, and at least 2 fingers buried in her ass, but that wasn't weird, she looked up and saw Jamie's own head, bobbing up and down on her throbbing hard erection. Seeing this was enough to get Chelsea's cock hard again, for the 3rd time in an hour.

Seeing the coast was clear, she started to rub up and down on her shaft, and when she started to do this Jamie's orgasm hit her, and she just swallowed all of it down and let her semi-hard cock flop out of her mouth and lay there, twitching in after math and slowly start to shrivel up. Chelsea, couldn't take it and went into the room, and gave a sultry smile towards Jamie, who just giggled and smiled back. "That was a mighty fine trick lil lady." said Chelsea, in her best John Wayne impersonation she could come up with.

"He he he, I can teach it to you if you'd like, not really that hard" said Jamie, in a matter-of-fact type of voice. Chelsea, decided to take her up on that offer and walked towards her, throbbing erection swaying from side to side and big breasts bouncing and jiggling with each step.

"ok first, lay on the bed" to which Chelsea obliged.


"OK, secondly, you gotta relax your muscles, cuz if they're all tense, then you wont be able to do it very well" Chelsea also obliged and relaxed all her muscles. "Ok, now, gently start to bend forward" As Chelsea did, Jamie helped her out and soon Chelsea was face to face with her monster cock, which at the moment, was leaking pre-cum, which she just lapped up with her tongue.

The feeling was so exciting, her cock twitched and hit her in the chest, making a thud kinda sound. "Mmm, you look so hot that way, ok now, what you do is, you get your arms behind your knees, and pull your legs up with your arms" having a little trouble, Jamie showed her how to do it.

Chelsea, just couldn't maintain it and fell back, unfolding and sending her cock thumping against her well toned stomach.

"Jamie, I just cant do it." "Don't give up, there are other ways, ill show you another one" and with that, she started to bend Chelsea backwards, resting her shoulders on the bed with her legs over her head "oh wow, this is much easier" and with that, Chelsea went to town on her own rock hard cock, sticking her tongue into the pee-hole and taking about, 4 inches of hard meat in between her ruby red lips.

After, about 15 minutes, of this, Chelsea came again, only this time, it wasn't so big as what Jamie and Anne got, and just un-folded, and passed out. When she woke up about 3 hours later, she found Jamie and Anne had cuddled up against her, when she went to feel Anne's pussy, it was tight again and covered in cum, she just chuckled to herself, knowing Jamie had at her pussy.