TheRealWorkout Busty Latina Loves To Play with Balls

TheRealWorkout Busty Latina Loves To Play with Balls
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I'm writing this story to my slut as a synopsis of what's to cum. More to cum. Let me know what you think The night has finally came. I'm finally going to have the crazy night of out of control sex we've been planning for years. I'm on my way to the hotel when I get a text from you asking where I'm at. I tell you I'm 5 minutes away and ask for the room number.

My cock is so hard as I roll into the parking lot.

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Visions of how the night is about to go running through my head as I walk in and up the stairs to the second floor. I stand in front of your door trying to gather myself and stop shaking as the excitement of this is really about to happen peaks.

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I knock on the door and you startle as you were sitting on the bed nervous as fuck. You open the door after a few seconds of hesitation and I come on in. You say hi all nervous and not sure what to do.


I smile at your bashfulness as you close the door and tell you to come here with my arms open for a hug. You slowly approach. You know what's about to happen. I've told you over and over how tonight is going to go down. I embrace you in my arms as you hug me back.

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You softly say "are we sure we want to do this" with the final seconds of backing out quickly evaporating. I reply with a gentle kiss on your neck. You stand there in shock as you are finally getting me after all this time. We're still hugging with me passionately necking on you when you make one final attempt to end what has yet to truly begin and say "what about our spouses." I ignore you and start groping your big tit as I continue kissing up and down your neck.

You let out a moan and with it, all your final reserves, giving into your desire. I start kissing the other side of your neck and slide my hand up your shirt to fondle your other breast.

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As I continue working you up, you slide your hand over my jeans and feel my stiff cock. You push against it as you rub your hand up and down the big bulge. After a few strokes you start to unbutton my pants and I give your nipple a little squeeze. I pull your shirt off and unsnap your bra letting both fall to the floor. You slide your hand in and give my dick a firm squeeze and I let out a moan of pleasure.

I push my pants down and you start slowly stroking my member. I stand still, head back and eyes closed, loving each stroke. You smile at my obvious enjoyment and reach into my underwear and cup my big balls. You gently massage them before plopping them out too. You start stroking me some more as I push you down to your knees. While never missing a beat with your stroking you look up at me, my rock hard cock inches from your pretty face.

I smile down at you, the anticipation killing me.

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Eyes locked you open your mouth and slowly put my head in your mouth. You swirl your tongue around my head as you massage my nuts. You pull my head out and slide your mouth down the length of my dick. At the base you lift it up a lick my nuts. You pull away and spit on my dick and start stroking again and go back to devouring my balls. You suck my right nut in your mouth and swirl my ball with your tongue.

You pull your head back and my nut pops out as you keep stroking. You slide up the side and the back down the other side. As you come back up you put your hands on my ass and push me forward swallowing my hole cock down to my base. I moan in ecstasy as you hold in your throat for a few seconds. Slowly you pull back to my head before diving back down on it. You start bobbing up and down increasing speed with each suck.

You told me your gag reflex was good and it's time to put it to the test. I rest my hand on your head and slowly start increasing your rhythm. As you continue to pick up speed with my assistance I start trusting as well, slamming my dick further and further down your throat. I put both my hands on your head grabbing you by the hair and start fucking your face. Every few strokes you catch a gag. Right after one such gag I plunge my dick all the way down to my balls and hold your head down loving every second of it.

You start to panic as you can't breathe with my dick blocking your air way and start jerking to the sides trying to break free. I let go and you jerk back and gasp for air. I smack you across the face with my sloppy wet meat stick as you catch your breath. Doesn't take you long and you grab my dick and start bobbing again stroking with each bob. As you get back into the groove again I slap your hand away and take you by the hair again and do it my way.

I fuck your throat hard fast and deep. Every 10th stroke I pull out to let you catch your breath, spit spewing from your mouth and off my dick covering your big titties. I continue fucking your face hard. I hold your face down for as long as I can before you break free, stretching out your throat, only a couple more times before I feel my long overdue load build to a soon massive release.

I've gone two weeks without getting off specifically for this very moment. I can feel my balls getting tense and you can feel my cock swelling as I start to get a lil spastic yet faster in fucking your face. I fuck your face as hard as ever and say "don't swallow a single drop bitch! Oooooohhhhhh FUCK!" And I bury my cock deep into your throat as I shoot my huge load down your throat. The first shot so hard and fat you almost choke as you can't help but have some go down your throat.

I pull back and start fucking your mouth shooting load after load. By the time I'm done cum is gushing out the sides of your mouth and around my dick. I pull my dick out of your abused mouth and a string of cum comes with it, from my cock to your mouth. You look up at me with your overflowing mouth of cum and I tell you to open your mouth. You do as you're told and it's a glorious mouth full of cum indeed. I tell you to stand up but don't lose a drop. As you stand in front of of me, boobs covered in spit and a lil cum too, I grab you by the back of the head and bring you in for a kiss.

I slide my tongue into your mouth and yours into mine.

Your mouth is on fire and I love how hot it feels. I lap in a mouth full of cum and you swirl it around in my mouth before taking some back for yourself. We continue our cum covered make out session as my hand slides into your pants and I start rubbing your clit. I pull all the cum I can out of your mouth and pull away.

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I push you back down to your knees and you look up at me with such a yearning in your eyes. You open your mouth wide and I slowly let my cum ooze out of my mouth aiming for yours. It slowly drips down in a long stream giving you plenty of time to position your mouth perfectly. It stretches half way from my mouth to yours before the first stream breaks free and plops in your gaping mouth. I let a little more out claiming some for myself.


You wipe your face up sucking your fingers clean as you look at me and gargle your mouth full of cum before swallowing. You stand back up and I lick your tits clean.


You grab me and we make out some more making sure to enjoy every drop. Finally we decide it's time for a shower.