Glamour Girl sborrata in faccia

Glamour Girl sborrata in faccia
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Hi I'm Adam 21years old. This is going to be a part of a series BUT each story can be stand alone stories.

All of the stories I am going to be making are completely true. -Any feedback is welcome.

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**Toronto, Ont** this is part 3 I've been seeing this guys Steve for a while now. Nothing official yet but it's been an ongoing thing. He would message me or I would message him and he would come over, pick me up and we'd go to "our spot" we would fuck he would cum inside me (without telling me) and then we'd go our separate ways until next time.

After about a year I found out he was cumming inside of me the whole time. To be honest at first I was a little upset that he was lying to me this whole time but I wasn't overly mad at all, I was more surprised I didn't notice. Also it was really hot knowing he was filling me with his huge hot loads every time. After I found out we stopped using condoms all together and he continued to breed me like his little bitch.

For a while we talked about going over to his place for a meet. which proved difficult between school, work, and having a strict father. Also I was still nervous because we didn't spend much time together other than fucking and leaving.

However it was something I was wanting to try, stepping outside of my comfort zone, being exposed to anything.

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So it came the time when I agreed to go over and we were both free. So Steve picked me up and we were on our way to his place knowing how this night would most likely end. My ass full and dripping of his cum and a long drive home.

During the ride we made attempts at small talk which seemed to calm me down a bit. I wanted so badly to reach over and feel his cock through his pants, take it out and suck on it, but I didn't know how to initiate that or if he wanted that.

He has never suggested I do that before but it's always been something I wanted to try. When we finally arrived at his place he took me inside and showed me his cats and all around the place leaving his bedroom for the last room to be shown.

I sat down on his bed and we continued to talk. At this point I wasn't sure how to initiate sex because he is the one that usually does that, but I wanted to leap across the bed and climb on top of him and grind on him a little. But I like to be more submissive so I figured I'll just wait for him to order me to do something. So after a few minutes I ask Steve if he wants to fuck in the shower as we never had the opportunity before but always wanted to.

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He agreed and told me to lead the way. When we get to the washroom he begins to strip down, as do I. He starts the water warming it up. When were both completely naked I could see Steve had a semi and could tell he was excited.

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We both climb in the shower and Steve begins to feel up my body turning me on even more. I get on my knees and start to suck his dick. After a few minutes of sucking his 6 inch uncut cock I'm now craving to have him inside me. So I stand up and turn around allowing him full access to me ass. Steve bends me over a bit and starts to finger my tight ass with just one finger at first, then 2 once I got use to it, this went on for a few minutes.

Then Steve grabs his cock and slides it up and down my ass searching and teasing for my hole with his cock.

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After a few seconds he finds his mark and starts to slowly enter me. It takes a little longer for him to get completely inside me. Either it being a bad angle or it just being our first time trying it in the shower. Steve continues to slowly fuck me from behind with the water slashing us both. I loved the feeling of his cock inside me knowing I was his bitch and he could do anything he wanted to me.


Then I think, I really want to have his cum on me (I wanted to try new things). So I tell him That I want him to cum on my chest, that I want to wear his warm cum.

Steve agrees and when he got close to cumming he told me.

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I turned over so I was sitting in the shower and he stood over me. I could hear him moaning a little while he was stroking his cock getting ready to explode all over me. And he did, After a few seconds of him stroking away his cock erupted with cum flying everywhere, Falling on my chest, some legs, and arms (I was hoping some would get on my face too but it didn't).


I loved the feeling of being covered in his warm cum. I sat there playing with it for a few minutes as he was standing there smiling and continuing to stroke his cock, teasing me with it. I cleaned myself up before getting out of the shower.


We get dressed and head back t his room where we make little awkward small talk until he decides to take me home. The ride home again was relatively quiet, with the same urges to reach over and give him road head or at least stroke him. When I get home he says that was fun and we should do it again. I agreed having loved that experience and craving more.

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Unfortunately that was the only time we got to spend at his place before he moved. But we still we're seeing each other on occasion.

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Thanks, there will be more stories about mine and Stevens encounters. Go to my profile and all stories should be in order.