Hardcore gay Andy Kay is back to take Josh Bensan for a test drive

Hardcore gay Andy Kay is back to take Josh Bensan for a test drive
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Introduction Hello there this is Paridhi, I am the one who would take you to this erotic journey. I am single 30 years old. I am an Indian brunette with fair complexion. With my 34D cups, I stand at 5'8 and a structure close to 38-26-36. I am the general manager of the leading bakery brand of the state.

This is a story where I marry the man working under me. Sonak is 30 years old. He has been going through widowhood since 2 years now. I get to marry him and turn our relationship to much erotic and adventurous. Chapter 1 We were at my home at 12:30 after the dinner and I got on to park the car as Arjun moved to unlock the door. Arjun is my current boyfriend and my business colleague. He is in his late twenties and a single man.

I parked the car and entered the house. As soon as I turned to close the door I experienced a tight strong grip on my hips. I was not able to get enough movement as he was too tall and muscular to make even an India alpha like me moving. I accepted my fate and was ready for the next step. Arjun explored his hands towards all of my body through my kurti leggings. He made my head turn around and planted his lips on mine in a whisker.

I lustly kissed back in even passionate manner. He kissed more as he put his hands through my leggings and started to take it down first through my thighs and then to the calves, dropping it all at the very end. He then made me get out of my kurti in a minute as we kiseed more and more. I was so turned on that I pushed him towards the wall and started taking his pant out.

I made my way on my knees facing his bare 7 and a half inched cock. He held my head as I started to kiss his top. He released a blissful moan as I got on to kiss it further. The entire length was in my mouth in a minute as I started to suck all of it. I kissed his semi hairy balls as hairs were none of the matter of concern for me. I started kissing his shaft yet again and continued to all his length and every edge of it for he next 2 minutes.


He came in my mouth and I didn't minded some for now. He brought me up after it and lifted me in his arms. He found no glitch in lifting a 65kg woman in his arms. I was thrown straight on the bed afterwards and was left there to guess what was going to happen next. He made his way straight to the bed and mounted on me.

Before he can touch me I crawled to drawer nearby bed, to take out the condom. I did stored a dozen there as I needed it often. "Put this piece of rubber on bad boy, before you ruin my dripping cunt." I said in the sluttiest voice possible. "I don't know how to put it on old lady." He returned with a smile. I knew what I had to do now. I put the condom in my mouth and wrapped it in a reverse on my tongue.

I held his hips and planted my lips on his erection. I rubbed the covered tongue on his top as he was moaning continuously. I grabbed his ass tighter and by sliding one finger inside his asshole I started to lick on his bladder opening. He was crying of the pleasure and pain, exactly what I wanted.

"I am no old woman, I think you get that now bad boy." I said kissing it for the very last time and sticked my lips on the dick and by using the teeth and tongue well I made it get on the dick properly.

He pushed me towards the bed and getting a grip on the two ends of pantie, he removed it to expose my very wet cunt. I held his waist and looked in his eyes and was ready for any given situation to emerge.

He moved forward towards me as our lips touched and I started to explore my hands on his back and grabbed his soft cheeks making my hand stick there with a hard grip at the end. He kissed my neck and boobs, as we made out for another five minutes.

I made the first move and held his dick to bring it towards my clit. He continued the move and made it to penetrate in my cum dripping hole. I dropped my shoulders as he held my palm and tied it with his. I felt the tight rubberized shaft inside of my skin as he started to thrash it harder inside of me.

I have been through a fantasy to make my partner fuck me taking the Viagra but could not do so ever as Arjun cannot be dominated anywhere. Arjun took three or four thrusts before completely fitting himself inside of me. He hit my cervix harder and harder for 5 times which lead me to moan like death.

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He was a massive fucker and came down with loads of cum inside the rubber. We made out a minute with our very last breaths after he was out. I was laid on the bed naked with cum dripping from my thighs. Arjun used the bathroom and laid himself next to me while we cuddled to sleep. It was a descent weekend full of lust. I woke up next to a note saying "Get your shit together tonight as it would be one special night again I'm not satisfied with yesterday.

Love you mallu." the note did made me laugh though I hated to call myself a mallu but it was a descent note left by my horny boyfriend. I was really not in love, I just had an urge of fucking men younger than me even if its a massive 10 years gap.

I have always considered younger men inferior, ever since the school days as they were more easy to boss upon.

I was about to skip the workout as i was already much late for the work. I was out of the shower in fiftenn minutes and choose a wardrobe for the conference as I was the one put upfront as a GM by the company to address the employees about the coming year plans.

I put on the red lipstick while still in just the bra and panties. I put on the purple Saree with the slutty low cut matching blouse underneath it, exposing my one-third of the boob skin. I set the pallu in such a manner that it exposed the 'THE QUEEN CROWN TATTOO' just at the edge of my flat tummy.

I glanced at myself fully into the mirror and I looked more like a corporal bitch. I put on my heels as I positioned myself in the car. I was much excited for the office time, as hundreds of them would just be facing me whilst all of the conference. I drove to the park and found myself as the only person between hundreds of other cars that meant clearly that I was late.

I stood there for two minutes thinking of how to make the clean entry inside as the CEO would be questioned for getting late.

I saw someone parking the car and I just hoped it to be a visitor, as anyone from the office could point their fingers on me. As the car door opened, a close to 6 feet man stepped outside. After a hard thinking I reminded myself of his identity, it was the junior HR manager of our company. He could not stop his feet from coming towards me after seeing me there. I was still tingled and was thinking of coming to a genuine answer. He was quite good looking and I didn't knew how I would react to him.

Stopping by my side he greeted me "Good morning mam you are looking wonderful!" I smiled and replied "Good Morning and thank you so much Sona." "Sonak!!" "Yes yes Sonak I'm sorry but I'm really freaking out right now." "Why what happened, and I'm sorry but shouldn't you be inside right now?" "That is the issue here dude I am late and I don't find how to convincingly appear late in the office!" "Maybe I can help mam I can grant you an indirect entry to the company hall." "Oh please I would owe you a biggie then man!" "Come along mam" Saying that he leaned towards me and made me undo the heels.

He held my hands and started sprinting towards the basement lift. The lift led to the cafeteria kitchen which connected the hall from one block. He led me to the back stairs of the hall which was barely used by anyone. Climbing the stairs he led me to the curtains which eventually opened to the stage, I was completely relieved seeing that but not until the announcer asked for my entry.

Sonak instantly got down to his knees and made me wear the heels and pushed me straight in by my ass. I felt his touch but didn't reacted in rush. I was on stage in a second and found out some huge wall of formal slaves sitted on their respective seats and applauding for me. As I took the podium I found the speech page on it.

I read it all out and accepted the cheers and whistles again. I answered few dozens of fresher's and some news journalists there. The ceremony ended at 2, leaving me completely fatigued. Leaving the arena I headed straight to the rest room to clear my undone appetite. I adjusted my Saree to its slutty ways again as I headed to the cafeteria after washing myself up. I ordered a coffee with some paratha. I waited for the order as I felt a familiar face entering through the door, it was Sonak.

He saw me first and our faces were lit up in a moment. I offered him the seat alongside me and he took it willingly. "You were totally out of this world today mam how did you managed to take the crowd!" He sounded pretty genuine and honest there.

"Believe me you don't wanna know." I exclaimed with a certain laughter. "Try me mam!" He returned with an even bigger one. "Stop this nonsense dude, I am no mam outside that filthy conference and of course my office colleagues, call me Paridhi. Friends call me Pari so I think you can relate with it!" "Okay Pari the angel, now tell me the secret." "During the driveway last night with my boyfriend I repeated all the lines like 50 times and that became the reason of my viva test topping here, I just pretended as if I was in the car, that is it!" I laughed hard on it.

Sonak followed the laughter chores as I saw my order coming through. "Whoa isn't it too much for a delegate woman like you Miss General Manager." Sonak reacted on my butter dripping parathas. "I want to gain some and this thing is vital for it eventually." "Gain what?" "Weight asshole, I want my ass that you touched earlier to gain 5 Kgs more which would lead me weighing 70 kgs." "When did I?

and isn't the 70 kgs too much for a woman?" "Oh don't act like you did not do anything you scum, and I love to promote gynarchy which would get complimentary with the mass gain!" He was stunned there with my view points but it was meant to be though. "And I also I owe you a big one now, just let me know what can I do for you to get the things even." I added.

"Oh that's alright, but coming back to the weight, why this obsession?" "Ah, I have just served my young life basically the teenage as a skinny 20 waisted 45 kg bitch which was actually not what I was convinced with, so this obsession!" I said while smiling. "Haha you must be beautiful then, I would have loved to serve as your lover then haha!" We both giggled on his joke.

"Stop it you pervert, and just tell me about how I pay you for today?" I smiled and asked. "I don't think its just the right day, it's my wife's second death anniversary." He grinned. "Oh I am sorry!" I was taken aback a bit. "Oh its totally alright." He managed the smile still on his face. "Can I know the reason behind her?" "Of course, she was diseased by cancer whilst of our 2 months of marriage, We did all we could but it just happened." "That's horrible, its okay you should hold that charm, it suits you." I was suddenly taking interest in some pea sized salaried employee of my department but the difference was that after ages I was having such a conversation with someone.

I was finished with the lunch as Sonak was still with his coffee. I took my business card and wrote my personal number behind it and handled it to him. I didn't bothered to take his as I wanted him to act first. i left with a formal handshake and a smile. I took the day off from there as I had a lunch planned at my friend's, Foram. I drove to her place, I parked my car at her husband's huge mansion. She was not a normal woman as her marriage was a female led with legal paper works.

She legally owned all of the her husband's nine figured wealth. She was playing a dominatrix to her husband. I rang the door bell and there came a 5'11 guy in some unusual boxers and T-shirt. It took me few seconds to recognise him, it was Foram's hubby Amit the inherited millionaire who was just a piece of crap for my friend. As soon as I put my steps forward, there came Foram. She came forward to greet me a hugit always a comfort hugging her as unlike other women she has a height only an inch different than mine.

We used to be the tallest of all in college and also shared the podium for being the top 2 in the miss fresher's competition. Ofcourse I lost but whatever, Foram was 5'7, with 34C bust and a measurement close to 35-26-36.

She asked me to sit while ordered Amit to get in the kitchen for his chores. As he walked across rhe room I noticed some bruises on his back thighs. Foram caught me noticing it and was instantly to the point "Oh don't grin honey I some time miss on my swings and either the spine or thigh gets hurt." "You whip him?" I was clearly able to feel sweat on my forehead now.

"Every once a week, though the number exceeds occasionally but only occasionally." She said with a bit of chuckle. "For what reason?" "There ain't any reason honey I have to break him into this relationship and for that these are some essentials, if he is mistaken somewhere then the no. exceeds otherwise it stays according to the time table." "What time table?" "Umm I don't rememberit's like Monday pegging, Tuesday whipping, Wednesday clamping Thursday cuckold clean up Friday tonguing my bowel Saturday sissified, we don't apply these on Sunday as it is when we go out and have some fresh air like a normal couple." "Geez Foram you are so cruel!" "I know it sounds cruel but I'm doing my share I run this family and the true man of the house.

The submissive nature has been inherited, as his mother has dominated his father all through his life and still does in their early 60s. Since this was an arranged marriage she was the one who introduced me to the dominant role as she knew of her son's vulnerabilities." "Fair enough and what being a cuck, Is he comfortable of you with someone else?" "Yes until he got used to the taste of the cum." She started laughing hard.

"Yuck you make him eat man cum!" C "Yeah and he has tasted more than 25 men so far. He did as protested at first 5 but then the hu awarded him some bleeding as I cannot stand humiliation when I'm the one who gets the blame." "Who are these knobs you been using for penetration?" "Few attorneys who are aware of our relationship and the rest more than half are college going teenagers.

Indian teen has to wait a bit long for their turns and therefore they are easy to convince. I get a monthly diagnosis for any STD's from our family doctor and is provided with the proper precautions regarding it." She rang the bell in her hand after finishing with me. Hearing it Amit ran towards the stairs and got inside of it after opening. "What was it for?" I clearly sounded uncomfortable there. "Since it's a Monday honey and you are right on time you would get to experience some of it.

You may walk away if you want." "No I'm okay Foram we should be getting ahead." I followed her lead towards the room at the side of the stairs. Getting inside of it I found a wall full of sadistic equipments from a cane to handcuffs and dildos. I looked forward and found Amit bent on a table across the second wall.

Foram was about to get something out and I was just pushing myself harder to remember the time table. "Close your eyes honey I have a surprise!" I did managed to smile and close my eyes. She came across me after a minute and touched my waist from behind. I was nervous of what was happening and I sensed a harness touching my waist. Foram buckled something upside down my waist hugging my ass.

Grabbing my ass in the process she said "I bet this flesh would have asked a lot of hard training to grow of this size. I felt a lot of disregard towards comfort in the Saree.

"Now you may open your eyes honey!" As I opened my eyes I found a strap on dildos hanging on my waist. I felt little rush on seeing it there. I noticed the same 8 inched on Foram's jeans and short T's as well. "What would we?" "Shhh just follow my lead here honey!" I kept quiet as Foram stepped forward adjusting her strap on.

She took the key chain from her neck and used it to unlock the chastity cage covering his dick. She held his dick for a bit and massaged on it. She stretched his ass crack and looked up at his anus. I found his anus already stretched to the double of a normal man and it was just not a hard job to guess the reason behind it. She drove the strap on directly into his asshole and that made Amit release a huge moan.

She started digging all the length inside of his man hole only after a few half strokes. She held his dick with another hand and started stroking it harder making his skin go all dispatched from his 7 inched looking dick.

She continued to duck him for 10 minutes more making him ejaculate plenty of times. Each time he cums she makes him lick her hands before going for another stroke. Amit had tears flowing g from his cheeks in the process. "MISTRESS PARIDHI would take takeover from here slave!" Whilst I was enjoying the view those words left me shocked and vole. I hesitated to go forward at first and Foram held me from the back and grabbing me from my waist made me stand right behind Amit.

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She ordered me to spread his cheeks from the left hand and use the right to address the dildos in the ass. I felt goosebumps on spreading his ass and was almost shivering when making the second move. Foram pushed me from behind and I finally had the head entered inside of it. I finally drove all of the length inside of him in only my first stroke. Foram almost laughed at my clumsiness which made my ego burn in anger.

Despite the discount in Saree I started to go all crazy on Amit and fucked his man hole and made him cry in pain. I knew he would hate me for it but it's all because of her wife. Foram after the 10 minutes of pegging asked me to stop. She did noticed my urge to bot to stop on my face and cleared her throat with "Don't forget he is still my husband and your loving royal jiju whom you had treated with so much of care love during our marriage." We laughed as she took out a 6 inched plastic buttplug from the side drawer and stretching his ass again she entered it all in him.

She put his cage back on and waved him away from the scene to get back to his chores. "What was that for?" I just took some interest. "I need it stretched for afterwards as I hate making my hands dirty with a lube." I had no words to answer and we took the strap-on off our waists and made way towards the couch again.

I was still shaking of whatever happened today. We talked work for a while ,and Amit served us tea. They didn't had any servants and Amit was authorised for all the job in that close to one acre of a mansion. I waved away of any questions regarding marriage and told her about all of the men I dated for a week or month. I came to know about Sejal and Kinjal the two twins of them who are 4 years old sent to boarding school till the suitable age to accept the current situations with their parents.I felt good on this brave step of them and it was the time for me to leave as the sun was on the verge of settling.

She called for Amit as he came in to bade me a good bye by bending on his knees. I kneeled to kiss on his forehead and said "Goodbye Jiju hope to see you soon!" I winked and smiled towards him.

Foram gave me a tight hug and thanked me for accepting the situation so calmly. I only knew though how calm I was. It was a worthy experience. I changed to the shorts after reaching home. I prepared the dinner for two as I was expecting Arjun at my place for the night. I got the dinner done and I sat myself on the couch while I waited for Arjun. While I was surfing on the internet I found out some photos sent on my phoneit were of Arjun eventually naked with an another women and making out with her.

It had a sender but it blocked me before I can reply anything. I just made myself believe of it and decided to come on an opinion inside of myself. I was never serious for him it was just his bed skills holding our shit together. I decided to not to tell him anything until the morning as I didn't wanted to miss out on the fun tonight. Arjun arrived later and we did the dinner together talking work and the day. As soon as I got the dishes done, I held him in my arms and we started kissing each otherthen leading each ourselves to the bed and spend the rest of the night moaning and sneezing.

Foram's superiority over her husband never got out of my mi d and I had hard thought about it but that didn't assume from having a good sleep. Chapter 2 I was up the morning and had a 90 minutes sweaty workout in the morning. I reached office in the next hour, while I just put my footsteps out of the lift and walked towards the entrance.

"Oh wow company superiors are finally adapting a habit to follow the time. Nice." Sonak taunted from a close range and by hand gestures waved me a good morning after it and entered the arena in a whisker, I assumed he must be in hurry. Considering my rank in the company no such employee dared to taunt me in that anger, but that didn't really offended me instead it helped me gain that rare morning smile.

I took half a century of calls till the evening and saw the day getting over. I board the lift to go downstairs and as soon as I reached the ground floor I was hit with the same fella again. Sonak was waiting for someone outside the building and I made the approach towards me.

"If somebody is looking for a ride, then I assume I have been blessed with plenty of space in my SUV." I returned the favour from morning. "Is it the exact way to return favours you owe?" He said with a wink.

"Oh no it's just a ride that payback would be totally different." Sonak got on his knees instantly "Whatever you feel right Mistress!" I burst into a huge laughter hearing that. I took the car from the park and took him in later.

We got involved in a great chat en route and I his humor timing was much more than a normal guy. "So are you married?" Sonak moved a level further. "Oh haha not yet, why?" "Your outfits like today's only this perfectly fitted blue leggings and the white Kurti depicts a sign of a healthy women that one only gains when they get marriedd and have a good sex life!" We burst to laughter after he spoke those words. "Regardless of the fact that I'm not married, I do have a good sex life." "Ohhow?" "The equation is simple dude I date different man in the different month, I don't know anything to the Indian community it's right or not but I can't marry someone without satisfactory attributes.

I don't want qualifications I'm already much qualified I want someone who can assure me with satisfactions." I specifically told him. I never mentioned these facts before anyone but this guy just seemed a bit trustworthy.

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"Oh and I thought for a second you must be sex addict." We again laughed with too much intensity as we reached closer and closer to our journey.I dropped him way home as he bade ourselves to a smile that reflected signs of strange things to come. I reached home and got off to bath and change to something comfortable. I didn't heard anything from Arjun since morning now and I was too egoistic to ask him about his plans tonight mostly because I didn't care.

I ordered something buttery Punjabi for the dinner and got to bed around 11:00 after getting the glimpse of TV. I was almost getting to bed whilst I heard my iPhone ringing. I kneeled to the drawer to attend it and gave a hello. "Is this the same lady who takes turn to get late while on a corporal conference?" The voice from the other side didn't seemed much unfamiliar and It took me no long to determine it was Sonak. "Yes yes it's the same lady,is it the same guy who takes the tail door stairs to make a woman reach a conference on time and then eventually grabs her ass?" "I didn't do it on purpose first of all!" Sonak answered clearing my doubts about his identity on the other side.

"I also didn't reached late at the conference either idiot." I screamed in giggle. The phone eventually got off to a new heights as we spent close to an hour talking about each other and knowing each other as well. He edged towards being kinky now following. "So what's up right now?" He asked "Waiting for a company in bed but I'm not sure if I'm going to get it tonight" I said. "Should I do the honors?" Sonak got off to a laugh saying that. "Oh noo I don't require a pea size male lad, I like to ride and you won't be able to take my weight." I said laughing back.

"It seems more like you won't be able to take my length in mistress." The word almost flooded a wave of encounters in my head. "We will see someday brat!" "I don't fuck work related syndrome you should convince someone else mam." I heard my ego fell to pieces but the pieces got attracted as well. We talked more while held myself to sleep after then.

It was a great night though. I just saw my friendship rising between me and Sonak in the days ahead and it was a great feeling. I did fucked Arjun in the meantime as we continued with sharing our kinks together in the name of a date.

It was a Sunday and afternoon in which I expected nothing but Arjun driving himself inside of me more and more, but Arjun has other plans in his head. Arjun drove his car to my compound. We had a great little chat and he told me about their relationship and how he sees an end of it.

I was in disbelief saying from him saying these things to me. He officially broke up with me in a minute and I was furious at it. I was filled with all of the anger in the world as Arjun packed all of his things from my place. As soon as I can think of anything else I saw Sonak calling me. He asked to meet me urgently as he had some important thing to talk about. He reached my place in less than an hour.

He parked his car and came in straight. "What happened dear, is everything alright?" I showed my natural concern. "Not at all pari (that's what he has been referring me to since we got close) I need you to help with something." He sounded being in a great trouble.

"I already owe you one, I would do anything just say!" I knew I had no problems regarding anything. "I have skipped nine installments of my house, and I am expecting some bunch of loafers tomorrow from the previous owner to get the money, else they would beat the hell out of me!" He was too freaked out at this moment. "It's okay Son I would help you with it just tell me the amount!" I really was having no issue in helping.

"I require just the four installments and the other four are been given a month to deliver." "The amount dear!!!!!" I just raised my voice as Arjun's quarrel was still in my head.


Sonak was shocked by my voice but managed to speak shivering "it's 90k rupees!" "I have that much in my closet, I will get it for you." I sounded wise now. Sonak waited as I got to the bedroom and unlocked the closet to get the 9 bundles of 10k. I handled it to him a minute later. "Thank you so much, I would do anything for you until I manage to pay the sum back Pari you saved me I don't know how to thank you enough." His repeatedly pleadings just annoyed the hell out of me and I returned raising my voice "Define ANYTHING you worm." I was in no conscience of what I was saying.

"Anything dear whatever you ask!" He repeated in a quite low voice. I expected him to get away with this conversation but misery hugged him so hard then. "I just shit an hour ago, would you care to have a inspect on it with your tongue about the state of my asshole!" I shouted awfully hard now to make Sonak kill this topic. He lowered himself on his knees and started taking my shorts down. I was turned around with the kitchen cleaning and did not expected this miles away.

He took my panties down and spreading the ass started exploring his tongue on the hole. I found the scene very pathetic, but let him do it for long as the hiccups on his tongue meeting my asshole was incredible. I cut the scene in no time and made Sonak leave my ass and get away from it while I was still with a bare bottom. "What are you doing?" I said showing as much decency as I could.

"Just paying my regards for helping me out miss." I recalled whatever happened few weeks back at Foram's with these scenes and I was too excited to get the feeling back.

"Okay then just help with all the itches on my body. Starting from the one I have under my arms." I said being too bitchy now. Sonak made his way forward towards my semi hairy underarms which I shaved a week ago and licking all of it making me feel butterflies in my stomach.

He licked it clean in a minute and continued to the second one as well. I was well cleaned now and Sonak waited for the call about his next move as I took longer to think of getting my fantasy happening with Sonak. I had the pills in my kitchen drawer and I knew exactly the steps to drug him. "You have to stop by the bedroom in 10 seconds right now and just wait there until I return." He shifted quickly with the cash bag into my bedroom.

It took him 14 seconds to make the move. I took out an empty glass and poured the milk in it. I stirred it well with two pills inside. I read on the box that two pills can make a man last up-to 30 minutes. I made it towards the bedroom while still bottomless. I entered the room with the tray carrying the glass while Sonak was still gazing at my bare legs. He just had some idea of the things to come but was unaware of the intensity of it.

I made him get undressed quickly and bringing him further I said "consume this milk baby you would need the energy for the things to come." He smiled at my words and taking the glass milk in his hand gulped all of it down inside. I started kissing his lips as he returned with all the strength of his lips. He pushed my now 69 Kgs body to the bed and started kissing my neck and biting on it. He held my boob in the hand and started kissing all of it and licked my nipples. He was erect now and I assumed his size to be 8 inches bigger than my last few boyfriends.

I made him lay on the bed and started kissing his lips. I took my hands under his belly on the hairy region of the penis and got the hold of 4 hairs by counting each, I grabbed them in my palms, and pulled them out directly from his skin.

He broke the kiss and started rubbing on his hairs. "This was for reaching the bedroom 4 seconds late from the given time, if you don't want more pain then just shave all of it by tomorrow as we would be making evenings memorable from tonight. You don't dare to break a kiss from now on, as this is your first I won't be hard on you." I made him lay back and covered his eyes from one hand while grabbed two of his hairs now. I leaned forward to get his penis in my mouth and undid the hairs directly from the skin.

He screamed harder as I took all of it in my mouth and started sucking it and didn't ended till he cried again for me to stop. He kissed my lips after it and I made him wear the condom on his very erect penis. I mounted on him with all my weight and took all of it rubber covered shaft inside of me and starting to give the ride of his life.

I held his shoulders and started pushing my now 38 inched hips on his lap to make the penis strike my cervix. I kissed him eventually at every minute of riding and enjoyed myself too much in the act.

Sonak almost cried on my prolong 8 minutes ride and finally threw some real words out of his mouth "Why can't I cum, I'm trying harder!" I kissed his lip again and got on all my fours and leant forward to make my ass face him. "Because you are on Viagra dear, don't expect any drop before some dozens of strokes. Now get going and show your strengths." I said facing the wall and then turned my head to smile at Sonak to let him know about his next move.

He had sweat all over his face but didn't protested and came forwards on his knees to connect with my body.


He held my fleshy ass backwards and started penetrating it inside of me. He managed pace for the first 5 minutes but then it gradually gone down and he kissed my bare back and started going in with less and less force.

He was today fatigued now and I just experienced my ninth orgasm of the night as Sonak limped off on my back. He got me laid on my stomach and mounted on my back to start fucking again with pace. He thrived for another ten minutes and after the whole of 33 minutes of fucking he finally came inside of me. I had 17 orgasms in the total period which was equal to a week kg sweat with Arjun. I kissed Sonak and we cuddled to sleep. The periods just continued for a good week while I fucked Sonak every night not always drugging him but his natural ability to fuck was also a remarkable one.

I was satisfied with how we were managing our lives at two different stages until I started getting jealous with Sonak trying to interact with any other woman at work. I asked him an early noon leave for him and myself and got approved it later on. I texted Sonak about it and asked him to come to my cabin regarding the half day off. "What happened Pari?" He asked. "I have given you a day off so I want you to unlock my house and get it cleaned by the time I come home in an hour." I said while looking at the computer screen and resisting any sort of eye contact.

"What? Now?" His words made me get my eyes off the screen and I looked straight into his eyes. "Do you find yourself in any state to protest?" I said grinding my teeth on each other.

Sonak didn't say anything and bowing his head down he left. I headed home after forty five minutes. I took some time shopping some extra vigilant commodities which I may need when consulting my submissive boyfriend. I reached home after half an hour of shopping a bit late though from what time I gave to him but there was no body going to make me suffer for it. I entered the house as I found Sonak sat on the couch with almost every corner of the house done neatly.

I asked him to follow me through the bedroom so that he can help me change without touching my bottoms. I made him hold one of the ends of my Saree as he undid the Saree from my waist and then from my body. He moved towards my blouse after it and pulled the robe from my back to take it out leaving me in just the bra on my full 34D breasts and panties. He moved to the closet to take the T-shirt and Jeans short from it. Holding my waist he made the shorts get on my waist through my legs, and the T-shirt afterwards.

I asked him to come on the couch later as we have to talk. "What are you Sonak, and why do you think I'm going this to you?" "Because I'm your servant until I pay your debt." "No baby that's because I love you and I really don't intend to loose you, you are one of the most wise man I ever met throughout my life and I would really like to spend my test of the live with you." Sonak looked tingled but managed to speak after it.

"What do you mean?" "I know what progress are you achieving at present at work, because I have been monitoring you since a month and I also get to see the clips from the CCTV. I hold a promising position and I can see or order whatever I can, so here is we solve this I want to marry you Sonak, I would be the driver of our marriage as all of your economical issue would be solved after it. I know what you have been through with your previous marriage but don't worry I would never leave you alone at any moulds of life, I have always lived my life at my terms and as we would get tied in a knot, that folds you as well in that!" "So I would have to live my life under your authority, is that you are saying?

"Yes but not only that we are going to live in a female led relationship where you would be the submissive and I the dominant." "Could you elaborate please?" "Sure, you would serve me since the first second of your day till you shut your eyes in peace, although peace or jeopardy it would be for me to decide, your life won't be under your terms anymore it would be mine all mine.

We would marry by our religious customs there would be no change in it it's just this which would make difference from other marriages." Saying that I handed him a court order stamp paperwork which I got done after calling an attorney when I ordered him to get to home for cleaning.

There was also some informal list that I printed when going through the internet about a female dominating relationship. It had a list from drinking piss and serving as a cuck to getting whipped and ass fucked in all the extreme measures.He gave it a read and after five minutes he was on the couch shocked for what he just read. "Are you sure about this Pari?" He managed to speak while gulping down.

"It should be my question baby after you agree to sign it, but as far as I'm concerned I definitely am. You have all the time till tomorrow evening to think about it,always remember the highlights whether you stay in debt and worried, or see all your financial problems gone by happily submitting to me." I didn't said anything in the next 15 minutes and left. Sonak was there for a while but then left at sunset.

I spent the evening watching TV and doing my nails while excited and scared at the same time about his decision. It was 11 in the clock when I decided to get to bed before the door bell rang and I moved on to open it.

It was Sonak, the person I expected the least at this time. I kept my voice low and fluid "Hey, what happened?" "You are such a bitch Pari, I hate to love you and would probably hate you even more when we start to live in this relationship. I took the evening to tell my family members about a girl whom I'm going to marry very soon. Thank you for accepting me Mistress Paridhi." saying that he handled me the paperwork with his prior sign on it.

"Wow" I couldn't handle the happiness and wet my eyes in amazement. I wiped my tears and held myself back and took a long breathe to get the strength back on. "As this is official you might step in lad!" I said with a smile.

I brought the bag I had yesterday from the sex shop outside the town, and took out the first case. I opened it and it had that shining stainless Steele CB-6000. Sonak didn't spoke a word seeing that and asked after a bit "what is that for?" "It's your chastity cage Sonak, I own every part of you from now on and that allows me to own your erection and orgasms as well, now keep your hands back and let me do my thing." Sonak didn't said a word and kept his hands at his back.

I undid his pants and then his underwear. I squeezed his balls and fit the ring inside of it. Having that done I slipped his cock in the steel tube and tied it with the super strength bolts.

I took the small lock and had it on the layer that connected both the parts with the bolt and locked it. "This looks just perfect on you baby but just the thing is that any unauthorized erection of yours can bring gallons of pain to you so just start taking off your mind from the most manly things because you ain't a man anymore so let's just get started." Saying that I took his pant out.

"I was about to sleep and now because of you and your lack of time management I would go to the bed late, you should be made to pay for it, bend across the floor." "What? Now?" "Are you going or I should file a lawsuit on you?" He didn't waited for a minute after hearing that and got on his knees at the floor. I undid the box that I bought on my way home this afternoon from the country local sex shop.

It was a 43 inches long riding crop I brought. "You deserve at least 20 on the single cheek to realise the mistake. I said as I moved forward to get through it. I rubbed the pointy rectangular head of the crop on his ass while bringing the first smack with all my strengths. He released a huge moan by the feeling of that smack. I stepped back in order to get the whippings hard. I whipped his right cheek till 20 after which he was hardly able to breathe.

He already had tears flowing from his eyes but it was just not the very end. His skin had the red welts all over it and also developed some pale regions on it. I went through the same process on his left cheek and he was hardly able to open his eye after it. I settled myself on the floor and started to wipe his tears from his face. I took his head at my neck while he started crying harder, I let him cry there as it were exactly not because of the pain.

I slid my T-shirt from the shirts while baring my breasts. I made the nipples slid into his mouth while I spoke "don't you worry son from this day onwards mumma would take a very good care of you." He managed to take them out from his mouth while spoken "Thank you so much for accepting me here, I love you mistress." "I love you too son." I said as I led him too the bedroom while rubbed the soft Vaseline on his pale ass.

I missed on some swings which has bruised some of his spine portion, I felt bad for it and rubbed some on that as well. "I had an extra glass tonight which has made me pee thrice already in the last two hours but I'm so glad I won't have to use that seat anymore its very cold at times, but your face won't.

It's time you should start taking my piss now open your mouth because I can leak at any time, and remember I like my floors clean so any drop of spill can make me sniff you bad, no black and white." Saying that I took my pants down and sealed my cunt to his mouth and emptied all of my distilled beer into his mouth. I asked him to use the mouthwash and arrive in the room in less than 9 minutes. If he had to live happily he has to keep up with my pace.

He was here in 6 minutes from counting after finishing up. Before he can think of his freedom I stretched my legs at the edge of the bed and asked him to come forward to give me the licking of my life, he led his tongue swiftly inside my hole and licked to three full orgasms.

"Now lick it clean" As he was about to say something I took my eyes towards the crop and without wasting any single second be came forward to lick all of my cum clean. "In the future you would be eating so much of these fluids baby!" I said as I smiled rising my deepest fantasies inside of my mind. I cuddled him to sleep afterwards, there was so lot to come from here and i could not have afforded to miss it.

It was a life changing day and it couldn't wait to get more of it in the coming days. Chapter 2 I was up early at 6:30 to wake him up but to my shock he was already up and was working to clean the garden area and the hallway already cleared with every junk and dust as all of it was put aside folded in a junk polythene on the gate.

He was doing all this in his pants which was really unusualI felt so proud as watching from the window. I put the robe on to cover my nude body inside though it exposed more of my full 38 inched bust, and headed towards the garden area.

I moved towards the boundary wall which can be only viewed by the hall of the house and by pointed him to come towards me. He left where he was and rushed to reach me. I held him by his waist and back neck and pulled him closer to give him a wet kiss on his lips. He kissed back and slides his hands on my ass, I smacked his hands with my free hand and pushed his head backwards holding his hairs. "If you dare to touch my any part again without the prior permission you would be made to pay for it, now squeeze my ass and smother my lips." He slid his hands inside the robe and squeezed my bare ass by planting a huge wet kiss on my lips.

He kept kissing and grabbed my breasts in the process, I held him by his head again and smiled at him "Did you asked before touching my bust dear?" "No" he returned with a smile. "You don't get it do you?" "I'm sorry Pari!" "No it's not okay baby now get on your knees while I get you your morning juice." He sat on his knees as he took his head inside of my robe and sealed his mouth with my cunt. I held his head as released all of my piss inside of him.

"I'm so relaxed baby now get the garden done while I prepare the whip inside, remember no more than 15 minutes or." I left giving him a peck on his cheeks. He gasped in deep cry as I put on the 20th blow on his ass cheek, he was bruised blue with parallel lines on all over his ass.

It took me 10 minutes to get his punishment done I was so improving. I sat close to his face and taking his head on my lap wiped all the tears off his face. "It's okay baby I promise all of these sweet pearls would worth it, I understand your condition so take your time to heal while I get ready for work. I will grant you an hour, later to arrive at work but remember not more than it." I said as I kissed him on the forehead and nose.

I was in my cabin at 10:04 which was the normal office timing, the staff was all placed but still exploring the CCTV I found Sonak missing, ofcourse I knew the reason but he was expected a delay here due to my cruelties but I suggest to myself that this thing would be needed and can be very vital when thinking of the working of our relationship in the future.

It was just the first full day of my life in this new role and I was already starting to plan to shape the things in the near future. I handed all of the day's work to my Aadil asking him to handle it over to some suitable talent that can manage it well enough.

Aadil was my personal secretary, a dark macho silent fella just the attendant I wanted with me as I was the one conducting the interviews one year back. My relationship with Aadil was not clean as back in the winter office party we had one special topless smooch session locked inside of my cabin.

Things didn't go past it, but whatever it was, it was filled with much eroticism. Though Aadil didn't reacted after that night, leaving the signs of a true professional. We still manage to share those small casual hugs every morning, I smack his waist at times as well but just in the most friendly order.

Aadil was back after half and hour passing on the file. He asked for any other assistance but I waved him away saying his services are not needed for the day and he left. I started exploring the internet about the things that can be done to own your man and though some of them being very fictional I seemed to like few. I shopped online for some of the toys and paid extra bucks for an instant delivery under two weeks.

These sites were collectively stubborn and nothing could be done about it, I stayed there for sometime while just before the lunch time I took to the CCTV again and thereby finding Sonak on his desk. I zoomed him and he was well dressed and hairs adding to his charm. He worked in peace there but I was just not intending that, I waited for the end of the lunch so that I can grant him for some advantage.

I spent the lunch period with some of the colleagues of my level as none of this side of staff was going towards the mediocre area, so I just could not make the efforts to get to him. I had some a descent period at lunch and it got over in the next hour. I gave Sonak a quick message to see me at the back of the office store room where the working hours of the staff is just at the night making it stay vacant all the noon.

I asked him to be there in 10 minutes and he was there after full 11 minutes. He reached there and I was already stuck to the wall of one side. As soon as he did the door I said "Make the shhhhh sound my charming walking toilet dad, this lad needs to pee." He was filled with a sudden laughter hearing what I just said and ran and slid towards me in all the filmy manner as he can, I wondered what was going on. He slid my leggings down and hiking my kurti up drowned his head inside and I did what I do best, I made him have the every single drop inside of his mouth, he found the last dripping drops uncomfortable to gulp with the flow being non-existing.

I was not done yet, as he was done I took the cock key placed right between my boobs in the bra where getting out was almost impossible. I made him stand still while I made the way forward to slid his pants down and have the cock cage undone. As soon as I unlocked him he was fully erect, I stroked it with some pace for some second which made him cum on all over my hands, lubricating some of them on his dick and then some on my butt crack at the cunt to provide the lubrication there.

I took out the condom pack from the bra again and made it get on his dick. I turned around while called him towards me.

He took me to the side wall and sticked me on all of it with his semi strong hands, he clearly didn't had the clean strength to take a 65 Kgs like me in his arms. He held his dick and tried to drive it inside of me.

It was one pungent way to fuck when he came with the first stroke, I moaned and said "it's okay pea boy you can touch me, now show no mercy especially thinking of what I did to you in the morning." "I loved it mistress" he said with the second less intensified stroke. "But I didn't bastard now get to work harder or I will lead your ass to ashes tonight for arguing, just go." He didn't waited for any other word and starting driving it harder inside of me by getting a grip on my boob and waist.

He was going to last some minutes more as second instantaneous orgasm doesn't comes easy. I was driven to an orgasm already while Sonak was struggling for his second. He got a grip on my ass while pulled my face to give my lips a wet planting on his. He kissed harder with our tongues involved and he still thrusting harder.

He hugged my body after few seconds and and moaning hardly just stopped at the point. "You are one hell of a fuck baby now get down and lick of the fluid that is going through my thighs I would hate to whip you for getting embarrassed with this silly thing." He got down on his knees and licked all of my thighs with his tongue leading to the butterflies in my stomach and head I was so horny again but looking at his state and still one third of the day to go I let him stop there.

We spent the evening in the most common manner where he took my piss, I whipped him for coming a minute later in the staff room. He spent an whole hour at my cunt in the time I finished some of my work of the day left by that colleague. I rubbed some Vaseline on his ass to get the bruises away as quickly as possible from the 30 strokes he experienced in the day.

I was so done from the day as we head to sleep. Next few days were quite similar I whipped him plenty in between but the amount of the whips was getting lesser as per the passing days which was a good sign we fucked eventually in this period though.

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Sonak was getting through a fair day at work and was up early for the cleaning work as well. I expected a delivery there at the house. The day just went off well afterwards and we headed to home sweet home. I took the package which was left in the drop box outside the house and we entered afterwards. "Just come back here in an hour after getting every of the cleaning done, once you come here I will tell you of what to do of you!" Saying that I kissed his lips and embraced it for a minute, while finally letting him to leave.

Sonak left in a minute and started to get the cleaning done. I headed for a warm shower and getting out after half an hour I undid the box. It had the massive 3 inched thick and one and a half metre long rope inside of it. Sonak made his return after 55 minutes and I was so ready now still naked after the shower. Sonak was amazed seeing me without any clothes on.

I ordered him to just get on the edge of the bed with his back facing my face. As he turned around I took out the rope from the closet and after doing it properly I asked him to take his hands backwards. As he took his hands backwards I started to get the rope on his body, first in the cross sections from shoulders to waist and then looped it all around his upper part above his waist. He felt so trapped after I did all the roping on him.

I undid his cock cage and after just a little rub on his balls, he was lead to an erection. I kissed his neck as I started to make the move. I stood at his back while kissed his back neck and hugged from the back.

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I just made all of my exposed nipples grin on his back and took my hands forward to grab his dick. I rubbed my nipples more on his back while gave his penis some light thrashing. I kissed his back neck while made my hands to rub on his bare ass. I ran my hands softly on his ass cheeks while kissed on all over his back head from neck to the head.

I held his face as he showed the uneasy expression on his face and neglecting that I directly planted my lips on his and started to get the track to make it a wet one. Once we let our tongue dancing on each other I slide my fingers on his ass and then sliding it between his butt crack. I licked on his tongue while ended two of my fingers inside of his asshole. Feeling the fingers he managed to keep his head lurking in air while I started kissing on his neck and thrashed it continuously harder inside.

As soon as I started to kiss on his chest and nipples, he shootout some thick jet from his cock due to the thrust inside of his manhole.

He was in clear discomfort due to the prostate milking but that was what I wanted to happen. I didn't undo his ropes while led him to the dining table naked, whilst I put a robe on.

I ordered two large mushroom pine from the Domino's after getting home and it was gracefully served on the table. I made him eat each of the bites by hands whilst giving him a kiss somewhere on his face after every bite as I was genuinely very proud on what he has been suffering with this strength. We were done in a while, and I undid his ropes and after leading me to few orgasms and cleaning me, I cuddled him naked to sleep, before falling to sleep I just thanked god with all the grace to gift me such a beauty of a man.

We fell to sleep in a bit in each others arms. Sonak was again up early doing all the garden work. Today was the day where I had a project meeting with Sonak's department and he would also be present there as he was one of the key members of the project. We also had to discuss for the selling of his house with some interested references. I didn't involved him in much of process in the morning and with a piss and kiss we left to work bathing each other. It was afternoon and the meeting was about to start I sat next to Sonak acquiring the corner seats for the couple.

Someone asked me to come forward but with the fake far sightedness issue excuse I remained seated next to him. The gathering took shape and Sonak was on board for the presentation, he was a great narrator and also received some moans of very good and excellent from the seniors. I felt good for him and we formally shake hands after he returned to his seat. I presented my views on their plannings right after his presentation. I came back to my seat while still plenty of the meeting to go.

I texted Sonak saying "I'm a having a huge itching between my spine and ass crack right under my waist I could not help myself before everyone and I assume you are in a better angle from there so just help me out here babe, and remember no-one should come to know or :)" Sonak saw the message and turned his head towards me whilst I just smiled with my huge cheeks.

"What? Now?" "You have already earned yourself 10, now get on arguing while I get on adding :)." He took his left hand swiftly towards the left while I just left from the chair support to make his job easy. He slid his hand between my kurti and leggings, very less space was available there but he managed to reach the point and keeping his head at the screen in all of the process, I was so turned on by the touch of him right at my ass and I did what I do best.

We fucked again in the store room for second time in two weeks. It was evening and we were heading to meet the people we got the email of for his house, I asked Sonak to drive as I took the side seat.

I had some air to clear with some assurances as well. I just waited for the right time to spit all of it in an order. We got off for our destined part as he drove. It was still half an hour to go and I decided to get it out finally. "Sonak I have something to talk!" I took the runway now. "Since when Mistresses have to ask about what to talk about?" He laughed it off. "Do you really think it's funny?" I shouted so hard that even the people on the signal started to peep in.

"If it was not for these people then I would have cut your digk right off!" I was furious on him. "I'm sorry I'm sorry I thought of killing your stress by the joke baby, as I thought this thing that you are going to say is bothering you, isn't it?" "It is like that!" I breathed slow now. "Okay no more play now and just whatever I ask you right now!" "Go on mistress!" "Okay so where are we going right now?" "To Mr.

Chopra the one who called for buying my house!" He answered in such quickie. "Okay, what would we be doing if he meets the fair asking price?" "We will sell my house and make money out of it " "What after?" "It would be deposited right in your bank account and I would eventually transfer every penny from my various accounts to yours!" "Oh yes yes yes money but what after it idiot, who would you be after then?" "I don't know but what I do know is I'm a male captive with the love of a women of shear power who would lead me to happy,satisfying and a healthy life." He said that keeping his eyes on the road.

His answered got my heartbeat beating like a drum and I didn't let myself to be carried away. "What if it is not that satisfying as you think and eventually ends up being your worst mistake?" "It won't because I can feel your soul even when you spank and tear my ass bloody red with welts, all I can sense is love not pain!" His answers were just coming in some flow and it got me to tears.

"Okay what if I decide to share you with someone else someday, would you really think I still love you and getting fucked by some other dick at the same time?" "I don't know but again what I do know is you love my dick and if there comes some scene some day then it's fine because I know sooner or later I will get the chance., and my strokes would be much intensifier then his." It was literally a turnaround and I just couldn't ask him more as he was such a good speaker.

"Do you really love me that much?" "Yes I do, I had already lost a love and I can't afford to loose another so anything that you want to drive in would be just fine." "I love you too Sonak I really don't deserve you." "No if you really don't deserve someone then it would be really the cruel man in this house who would switch this relationship to professional mode, after buying my house today." Saying that he opened the door and got out.

We were already there and I was not even aware of it. He reached the other side at my door to open it as I got out messed up with the long journey. Sonak helped to do my kurti well without touching any of my waist. I just thought I have extracted a gentleman well trained from him. I gave him a small peck on the cheeks as we moved in.

We were out an hour later and now on the doorsteps for a sending off. All of us were quite happy as the deal was done for a fair price of 60 lakes and we were much pleased. I was up for a conversation again in the return journey as I took the wheel now. "Would you marry me?" "What?" Sonak asked with a small amazement and looking at my face. "I said would you marry me?" I neglected any eye contact as facing the road at off of this time. "Yes I would love to marry you!" "Okay then when are we going to make dates and then make our family to know each other?" "Okay mistress I would just call my family to have a meeting with yours and eventually make the formalities done." "Good, this Indian humidity would kill me some day, Pathetic?" He knelt at my side and took to my armpits with his tongue to lick it clean.

Ofcourse I was playing but he played it well though, I was already turned on but I made to hide all of it by even ignoring a single eye contact with him.

I was jumping from inside but I just knew the rule I was supposed to play with. We entered the house tired but as the legends said 'business before pleasure'. I got off to the shower to have one while I had Sonak working and cleaning the bedroom, I was so high to pee but I couldn't do it alone, I called off for him and he responded quicker.

I was naked as he entered the bathroom, his face was still bright without a single rinsing since morning. I made him come forward while I placed my lips on his and we got off embracing each others lips.

He stood there still while I placed his hands on my bare ass and we continued kissing for a little longer while he grabbed my breasts in the process and we eventually ended up biting each other's lips. I made him to kneel down on the floor while I mounted his face leaving out ever drop of the distilled liquid collected since the noon. "Now get the cleaning done and then bent across the closet while I dry myself up." I said as sending him off from the bathroom.

I dried myself and as soon as I was out he was bent across the bed with his ass facing the closet, I took the new whip out of the delivery box that I had tomorrow and we set off. It was a leather whip 2 inches thick with sharp leather edges on the surface. He could not see a thing as it was all taking place behind his back. I made the whip rub on his all 32 waist and ass, he had his eyes closed as I took the first swing. It made a great striking sound with his skin while he took a huge breathe, "oh not so soon baby there are 19 more." I taunted him more and more with every stroke as he moaned,smiled and grinned with the pain.

He was in tears and his ass red at the twentieth. "Don't get to leave the place because it ain't over, you have not had a good look at your mistress right?" As he turned around he was much of shocked seeing what was hanging from my waist. I took the key to unlock his cock cage while he stayed at his knees. I held his dick while I lube his hole and pointed my dick towards it. I dropped off my entire weight on him while started to get the penetration on.

I stroked his dick while I started to go in him firm and slow. It got me 8 full strokes to get myself totally inside of him with the 9 inched dildo. I kissed his lips while stroked myself harder and harder. I turned around to look in the mirror and my macho ass looked such a turn on fucking his with the strap on. I started getting much and much wet by the scene and I fucked his ass with all the strength. He was in tears after the whole session. I stroked his dick to orgasms and which got my hand dirty.

I bent over again after getting up and bent to his face with my strap on touching his ass cheek.

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He again had his eyes closed but that was not the case. I licked his ears while calling him off. "You just got it wrong babe its for this dirty palm what should I do of it?" He was so fatigued by the beating and pegging that he could just take his tongue out without even moving the head.

I made him lick clean all of my palms while I allowed him to get in the bed. I got in the bed after taking out all the toys out and putting it back. I made him come to my arms while kissed his forehead. "Was mommy good son?" He couldn't do anything just to nod his head for a yes. "Then you deserve the treat I guess!" Saying that I made him suck on my nipples.

I thought to myself while he was doing on it "Don't worry son mommy would take such a good care of you, it would be harsh by the outcome would be full of love." I was in love finally for the very first time in my life and it felt heavenly.

He did it more and more, while we got off to sleep. I met his family and eventually made him meet mine and then a family get together decided on a date, with the mutual satisfactions of the concerned parties. It was a lot of work and Sonak was involved in too much of the preparation work but that didn't stopped him from getting disciplined on the regular basis, he got a spanking also on his wedding day morning and we finally got off to get tied a knot.

We did it in the traditional Indian manner with over 200 people in it including everyone from work. Now I was changed to his last name but that didn't changed our positions though. It was finally the first night, as they here (Suhag raat), after having our combination to one. I was happy,excited and freaked out as well with the things to come but what I can assure to myself is that it would be some journey.