Comendo o cuzinho da novinha da faculdade

Comendo o cuzinho da novinha da faculdade
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Sasha stares up into my arrogant face and wonders how exactly her life has veered off course into a world where nothing makes sense. She feels herself careening out of control. Tossed to and fro with nothing to hold on to, nothing to save her from certain destruction. Sasha walks into the conference room with confidence, swinging her hips with each step. I gaze at her legs as she strode past me, her heels clicking loudly on the floor. She took a seat next to me, crossing her legs with a rasp of fabrics as her black pencil skirt slid over her nylons.

The chairs are leather, cozy, and the large table is glass. Sitting next to Sasha, I have an excellent view of her legs and that's the way I like it. " Welcome," I said as I look down at her feet. Sasha's ruby red toenails shimmering under the light reinforcement of her sheer nylon stockings.

She'd worn a pair of her favorite black six inch heels which had a tiny peep toe. The heels wrapped around the front of her foot with a faux bow, presenting two toenails with a third just peeking into view. Her legs look fabulous covered in a shade of nylon that gives a look of glazed honey to her smooth skin. I admire Sasha's legs in a subtle way that isn't gawking yet, clearly, I studied every inch of her silky legs.

Sasha looks at me and sees that my attention is still focused on her long silky legs. She smiles warmly at me and said " Thank you." Slowly she slides her legs together causing a soft rasp. Sasha enjoys playing the puppet master, pulling the strings that made men wiggle. I'm her boss, but she is certain she can get me to do anything she wants.

My gaze is still fixated on her silky stockings while she crosses her legs again, treating me to that rasping only nylons make as they slide across each other. She then makes a show bending over to examine the back of her leg. Presenting the back of her calf and checking the dark brown seams that traced the back of her stockinged legs, she runs a ruby red fingernail along the back of her stocking.

As she bent forward, she leans subtlety toward me. This lets me have a clear view down the front of her blouse. The white satin top covers her but from the angle she gives me, and with the top button undone, I have a view of her firm breasts.

I didn't hesitate to sneak a glance at her cleavage that is now aimed at me. I can make out the lacy white top of her bra, just visible inside her blouse. Sasha can't see, but she can tell by the way I shifted in my chair that I'm getting a good look at her full breasts.

Once Sasha is sure that her seams are properly aligned she sat up smiling and looked at me, watching my reaction. Unlike the other men in the office, I'm much more subtle with my body language. Were most men would now be shifting awkwardly in their chair, trying to hide the erection growing in their pants, I sat calmly and I unabashedly ogled her curves. I know she is giving me a show and I'm not afraid to admire her beauty. Teasing the men at the office had become a hobby for Sasha.

Success came when she knew she had aroused a man to a point where he was no longer able to think clearly. But I'm always in control. It excites Sasha that I'm obviously interested in her, but frustrated her that she couldn't get me flustered.

She ramps up her efforts over the last few months, hoping to win a small victory and catch me gawking at her, my last thought lost in the reflection of the light in her nylons. Others begin to enter the conference room but I keep my attention on Sasha. Considering that most of the people walking in were also men, she realizes that I stare at her and make suggestive gestures, but the men in the room wouldn't notice since they were doing their best to covertly ogle her sexy legs. Misha didn't think any of them noticed me studying her body since they spent all of their time doing the same.

She grinned, amused at how all the men gawked at her while at the same time trying not to show it. She already had them conquered and paid them little attention. For now, she pondered what else she can do, within the limits of the dress code, to surprise me. Misha hadn't always been a cock tease. In the past she had been a very conservative dresser.

She wore trousers most of the time and "comfortable" shoes. She didn't wear stockings or hosiery of any kind. She didn't even shave her legs regularly. Despite her work ethic and long hours her contract for three years has remained the same. Then after a long chat with her best friend, she changed her approach to Corporate America. I clearly see the dark reinforced area on the back of her heel as her foot wiggled. I raised an eyebrow but otherwise made no sign that my thoughts were drifting.

A few other men tried to get a better look at the stockings she wore. Her fully fashioned stockings are a rare sight in at the office and the men gawking reminded her of puppies. Eyes fully intent on the treat you hold in your hand, just out of their reach. Puppies that would sit and wait, indefinitely obedient, for a treat that would never come.

The other men subtlety fought to find seats either close to her, or in a position where they could drop a pen and have a nice view of her legs as they picked it up. The effect is amazing! Sasha had to admit that she did have a nice pair of legs, and the heels helped shape her calves, thighs and ass. She went downstairs for breakfast and found that her husband is leering at her legs in a way she had never seen.

When she made it into the office Sasha became aware that everyone else was noticing her. Every man she passed took an extra glance at her. Sasha is now the woman turning heads and it feels wonderful!

When she got home, her husband wanted to tear her out of her clothes and make love to her. She is more than happy to comply, ecstatic that she had found a way to rev up their sex life. But her husband was almost too excited and his endurance didn't last as long as it would take to slide on a pair of sheer pantyhose. Sasha wanted and needed more. She hoped that her husband would build more endurance over time. She bought more skirts, shorter and tighter than anything she had ever worn.

Her flats turned into heels with open toes and four inches of lift. Pantyhose gave way to stockings with garters. Her "Granny Panties" tossed and sexy thongs replaced them. But her husband's performance didn't improve. Worse, her husband's attention started to wane and soon it didn't seem to matter what she wore. The side effect to her new wardrobe is that men flocked around her.

They thought of any excuse to be around her and talking to her any chance they had. She feels sexy and secret fantasies of a man who would satisfy her sexual hunger grew. I have been her boss for two years. I hadn't given her much thought during that time. At least, she never felt I paid attention to her.

In her mind, I only saw a frumpy girl who is a secretary. When she shows up in a pencil skirt, heels, stockings the color of French Coffee, and a tight fitting low cut blouse, I can't keep my eyes off her. Sasha carefully teases me, keeping up a show of indifference that made it clear she isn't interested in my physical attention.

It isn't long before I find a way to have her in view more often. Sasha went from the secretarial pool to my personal secretary in less than one week. Sasha is happy because, as her friend promised, she didn't have to spread her legs to move up the corporate ladder.

During a private meeting when I and Sasha had discussed her salary, she "accidentally" slid her silky foot along the inside of my calf. It is just long enough to leave doubt as to if she had done it intentionally, the touch of her nylon foot against my leg is enough for me to promote her as my personal assistant the same day. I made a pass at her once. During a meeting, like this one, I placed my hand on Sasha's thigh, just above her knee.

The lights are dimmed low for a power point presentation, and no one else in the room had been able to see me grope her. Sasha let me have a moment to feel her firm leg and the soft stockings she wore, then she took me by the wrist and sternly moved my hand off her. I give no reaction at her rebuff and I act as if nothing has happened at all. I hadn't made any further advances since then and Sasha felt her friend was right in her assessment.

For the last six months Sasha has enjoyed good pay and an easy job. She did very little as my "personal assistant." In fact all she seems to do is dress sexy and tease the men in the office.

Sasha is happy to do just that and Today is no different. Her tight skirt, silky blouse and sexy stockings kept me, and every other man, peeking at her. Meanwhile, Sasha is getting paid to simply look pretty. As the meeting started I slip her a note. Sasha looks at it. It is short and to the point: PRIVATE MEETING AT 5PM. Sasha looks at me but I wasn't looking at her. I listened to the quarterly report and didn't pay any more attention to her.

Sasha smiles quietly to herself slipping the note into her planner. She knows she has me wrapped around her finger. Maybe I have another promotion in mind. If I didn't, she knew how to handle me. The meeting is dull ending quick enough. Sasha is the first to get out of her seat and waltz out of the room, fully aware that more than one set of eyes watched her leave. Back at her desk, she sat and idly surfing the internet waiting for time to pass.

As the day grew late more and more people left the office. Hardly anyone is around at five. Finally the time managed to drag by. Sasha got up from her desk, stretching from the hours of waiting.

She made her way to my office as she did she realizes something is missing. Usually as she walks down this hall men would peek over their cubicle walls to look at her, or suddenly realize they had something at the copier to pick up.

But the office is a ghost town. Sasha stops and walks down one of the rows of cubicles.

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Nobody is around. It occurs to Sasha that she has never been in the office this late. She walks in about eight in the morning and is usually on her way home by three in the afternoon. If Sasha was a real assistant, doing her job rather than teasing, she would put in a full eight hours of work.

Sasha didn't know that almost the entire office is empty by half past four. Turning the corner, Sasha sees my office. My door is open and the light is on, a sure sign that I'm there.

Sasha sighs in relief and fear and excitement grew in her chest. Her curiosity is starting to overcome her fear. When she walks into the office she sees me at my desk, looking at something on my monitor. Across from the large executive desk is a black leather couch. The couch is long and made of high quality leather. I enjoy watching Sash sit in it because it offers a wonderful view of her legs.

" Hello, sweetheart." I said as she walks in. Sasha raises an eyebrow looking at me with a puzzled stare. I have never called her sweetheart before. Keeping her cool she takes a few short steps to the couch, sinking into the soft cushions. Slowly Sasha crosses her long silky legs allowing the nylons to rasp seductively against each other.

" Don't call me sweetheart, John." Sasha said in a frosty tone. Then she starts to slowly kick her leg idly, knowing that this drives men wild. I take notice of her dangling shoe but didn't acknowledge her warning. I walk from my desk to stand in front of her then I free my cock. I force her onto her hands and knees. I make her present herself to me, there in my office, she submits to her worst humiliation when I push myself inside her.

I demonstrated my dominance over her. Sasha feels the sensation of my body against her naked back and ass as my primal beast appears, she is scared senseless afraid to move or struggle. Sasha keeps her head lowered closing her eyes tight when I thrust hard and rough into her three or four times as my orgasm explodes as I pull out of her, spewing cum all over her while I howl my release. When I finish and recover my composure, I pull her to her feet.

Sasha walked behind me towards the bathroom, naked and covered with my cum. As we approached the bathroom, I stop and through clenched teeth tell her if she ever disrespects me again, I will take her in the ass. Sasha returns from the bathroom, " Okay, Sugar Tits." I said with a smile and stood up.

This time both of Sasha's eyebrows shot up.

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" You've worked for me for three years now." I said pausing to lean forward, looking down her blouse. " It's time you start doing what a personal assistant is expected to do." I said. Sasha tries to step past me, as she moves, I grab her arm spinning her around, slapping her across the face when she foolishly attempts to knee me in the groin.

I roughly push her against the wall. Sasha sees me unzipping myself and she begins to struggle futilely against me as I tore her panties off ramming my hard cock into her. Grasping her hands behind her back placing my face close to hers, I lick her with my moist tongue, tasting the hot tears that are streaming down her face.

" There's no need for tears. You're in heat, your scent is very strong. . damn, I can smell you," I said as I inhaled deeply and ground my hips against her. " You know I've been watching you, and I'm sure you know that I had intended to have you along time ago. You have sexual wants and needs that your husband is not satisfying." I begin again to thrust hard into her. " You're so ready. Your pussy is like a furnace. Stop crying!

We both know this was inevitable," I said in a hoarse, throaty voice. I'm enormous as I roughly penetrate her again, Sasha's eyes roll back into her head as my beastly rutting went on, stretching her pussy with each thrust I made into her.

When I'm on the edge of cumming, my thrusts become deeper until finally I give into my orgasm, and she shudders when my hot cum spews inside her. As soon as he had cum, I pull out of her with a satisfied, pleased look on my face. I stood in front of her watching my cum running down her legs in a flood of semen and specks of blood.

Sasha sank to the floor, terrified by what had happened again.

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I kneel down reaching out pinching her breast, startling Sasha with my continued physical attack. I pinch her nipple perfectly. " Stop! You keep your hands off me!" She snaps. " Ah, no. I plan to put my hands all over you." I said. " Stand up. Sasha,s mouth dropped open. " I need to go." Sasha said. " No." I said, my cool and calm demeanor has the same effect on her as if I had shouted it. " I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to stop.

Right now. Right here. And when I'm done fucking you, the only thing you'll be able to think about is my cock. You'll crave for the next time I tear your clothes off and drive my shaft into your soaking wet pussy." Sasha stared at me in shock. I spoke in a matter of fact tone as if I owned her and I was giving her orders.

Sasha couldn't speak but she managed to shake her head. " Look at those nipples." I said. " You're turned on Sasha.

Admit it." Sasha panicked and tried to bolt from the room. She didn't get far. I grab her by the arm spinning her around. Sasha twirls on the balls of her feet and wobbled as she tries to keep her balance in her heels. The look on her face is a mix of anger, shock, and confusion. " What the Fu-" She starts to say. I cover her mouth with my hand, cutting her off, then I shoved her over the arm of the office couch.

I enjoyed the view again as Sasha fell with eyes wide and arms out, her legs flicking upward fast enough to launch one of her shoes off her foot. The open toed pump flips high until it almost hit the vaulted office ceiling, then landed on the other side of the couch. Before Sasha's shoe hit the floor, I snatched Sasha by her ankles, keeping her legs wide apart and trapping her on the couch. I quickly kneel over her lifting her legs more forcing her to slide toward me.

I'm pressing close against her again, pinning her to the couch. Sasha feels my cock again, rock hard and straining against my pants. Sasha's skirt, spread by her legs, had slid up her thighs revealing her stocking tops and garters.

Sasha is again shocked at how quickly I immobilized her. She tries to kick free but I'm holding her up by her ankles. " Goddamn, you have nice legs." I said, my eyes focused on her calves.

Sasha tries to pull herself away from me but she can't get any leverage on the couch. " Let go of me!" She yells, and the desperate tone in her voice made me smile. " Do you hear that, Sweetheart?" I said, looking down at her. " That's the sound of no one coming to your rescue." I pause for a moment as the impact of my words hit her.

" Now, shut up. Don't speak unless I ask you a question. Understood?" " Yes, Sir!" Sasha squeaked. Nodding, I let go of her legs. Sasha shrieked, as I pawed at her breasts with my hands again. Sasha pushed at me and her legs kicked, but she didn't have the strength to push me off; I'm too close to kick effectively. I continue to grope her breasts and she tries to scream. My hand clamps down over her mouth and a muffled squeal is all she got out.

I lean close, my hand clasped over her mouth. I spoke to her in a low growl as my other hand squeezed her breast, " Listen up, Sasha. This struggle is pointless." My fingers pinching and twisting her nipple. " You're getting fucked as many times I want tonight.

There is no way around it. Understand?" Sasha squirms and squeals as I torment her nipple. Shocked that I had fucked her twice and I was going to fuck her again, Sasha tries to break free. Slowly building inside her, Sasha realizes that my actions has sparked something in her. The way I have manhandled her is making her wet. Sasha tries to push my face or grab me by the hair. Her legs kicking and squirming around my torso with a new panicked desperation.

She didn't want me to know she is aroused. I let go of her nipple and with a quick motion I snag her ankle again, pulling her leg forward as I press into her. Flat on her back, Sasha's long leg is stretched over her head and her nylons reflecting the bright lighting of the office.

" Hell," I said with a grin, " just these stockings alone are enough for me to want to fuck the hell out of you again." Slowly I brought her foot close to my lips kissing her toes softly. " When you show them off the way you do, it's impossible to resist." Again I burst into a flurry of action. Letting go of her leg and mouth, my hands move all over her. As I forcefully grope and squeeze every inch of her supple body, Sasha squeals and moans. She is struggling but she is trying to keep from getting hurt in my flurry of motion.

Suddenly, I cup my hand over her mouth again and take a fistful of her hair. I stop to enjoy Sasha's struggles as her silken feet kick and twist around me. " The more you struggle," I said " The more I just want to fuck you." Sasha stops moving and looks up at me, breathing hard.

" Oh don't stop," I taunt " I like the way your legs feel as they slide around my body." I let go of her mouth and hair then reach back to grip Sasha's calves.

Ogling her silken legs, I lightly run my hands upward, slowly groping her firm thighs and well shaped legs. Sasha holds still and she starts to tremble under my touch. I continue to grope her legs. " See?" I said with a grin on my face. " I own you now, Sasha." With a sudden rush of movement I'm off the couch pulling Sasha behind me. I drag her by the wrist over to the desk. Sasha, with one heel on and the other lost in the struggle, has a hard time not falling as I pull her across the room.

Once there I let go of her. Sasha stood awkwardly in shock and confusion, in front of my large oak desk. " Look at those nipples get hard. You like it rough, don't you Sasha." When she didn't answer, I reach around and swat her on the ass. " I asked you a question, Sasha." " Yes, Sir!" Sasha said with a wince. I slap her ass again. " Yes, what?" I demanded.

" Yes, Sir! I like it rough, Sir." Sasha said. I reach for my zipper and Sasha glances down. Her eyes widen as my long thick hard cock shot out hard and erect. I start to stroke myself and as I did, I cup her breast with my free hand, tickling her stiff nipple with my fingers.

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" You're a real hot bitch, Sasha." I said softly. I took Sasha by the hair yanking her head close, pressing my lips against her ear.

" Kneel, bitch. Kneel and suck me off!" Letting go of her, I stepped back as Sasha kneels down looking at my cock. Looking up at me she slowly leans forward taking the tip of my penis into her mouth. I took two handfuls of her hair pulling her toward me as I thrust further into her mouth. " I said suck it, whore. Not kiss it!" Sasha's hands press against my thighs as she fights her gag reflex.

" Come on." I encouraged. " Suck it!" Sasha did her best to suck on my cock as I thrust it into her mouth. As her saliva and my precum start to lubricate my dick, it slids more quickly and easily between her lips. Soon, my balls are smacking against her chin with each thrust and Sasha lets out a gargled grunt each time the tip of my cock crashed into the back of her throat.

Sasha isn't sure how much longer she can stand to be face fucked when it is abruptly over. I pull out and then, grabbing her by her hair throwing her head forward, spilling Sasha to the floor. She flops down, ass up in the air, she takes deep breaths as she tries to recover from having my massive cock shoved in her mouth and throat. I'm far from finished, taking Sasha by her hips I angle myself to slide into her slick cunt and mount her. Sasha grips the carpet, as my tongue caresses her clit one last time.

The tip of my cock found her slit, teasing up and down in it. " Let me hear it." " Please, I need your thick cock in my cunt. I." She pauses, finding the right words to express her desire and convince me. " I want to cum and spasm on your cock.

Please. Please fuck me. Fuck me like your good little whore. Please!" Suddenly my cock slams into her wetness and she screams. She is incredibly tight, I pull back a little then slam back in the fit is very tight, the pain in her abdomen told her everything. She can't feel my body on hers and slowly it dawns on her just how big I am. " Oh God, you're huge." she moans. She feels me pull out and tease her slit again. Her clit is throbbing, desperate for attention. " Hmm. About five inches.

Tight little slut, aren't you? I can fix that." I thrust back into her, making her body jerk and she screams again. I went deeper; my thighs brushes hers, but I'm not there yet. Sasha is trembling, her body tight and bracing for impact. I force all nine inches into her, my hips pressing against her ass finally.

Over her guttural groan she hears me gasp in pleasure. Slowly she draws a circle with her hips, feeling me touch every inch of her walls. She pulls forward slowly then pushes back, fucking herself on my cock, over and over. Each movement elicites gasps and moans, her cunt hugging my cock and her juices coating me annd running down her legs. Her hands straining to grip the carpet, her clit throbbing. I begin moving with her.

Long, slow strokes followed the initial thrust; her body accommodating my size in a few moments as my pace increases. Sasha is screaming into the carpet every time her body is jolted forward, her arms and hands are getting tired.

My thick shaft is battering her tight passage, the smacking sound from each thrust echoing in the room. She feels my hand snake around, sliding between her legs. My fingers finding her sensitive little button and I rub it in quick circles, matching my thrusts. I continue ruthlessly for fifteen minutes, my panting accompanying her screams.

I stop balls deep in her stretched cunt, my fingers diligently twirling over her pearl. She is grinding against me, her muscles clenching and unclenching around my cock, her breathing shallow and laced with expletives. She feels her orgasm building rapidly. My teeth met the back of her shoulder, and I growl lowly, causing her to yelp, her pussy squeezing down in response.

The force of my penetrations taking their toll and with each flex of my abdominal muscles, Sasha's legs slide further down, pulling the garter straps taut on the front of her stockings. Fuck. She is almost there. " Fuck me.

Hard. I'm so close." her breathy words are laced with lust. My hands withdraw, grasping her waist for leverage as I pull back to the tip, then slam into her again. I'm rewarded with a loud groan. I follow with deep, rapid strokes, slapping her ass for good measure. " Please! My clit. I can't cum" she is panting " Rub my clit, please!" I reach around with my other arm clasping my hand firmly over Sasha's mouth.

She lets out a moan of protest but with my cock buried deep inside her pussy and my burly arms holding her tight, there is little she can do. Violently, I start thrusting into Sasha, contracting my abs to thrust my cock deeper into her cunt until it is slamming against her cervix.

Sasha has never been fucked like this and my rapid contractions causing her to let out a squeal of surprise and stimulation.


Sasha's body is sore and bruised under my thrusting assault, causing her limbs to flop as I slam into her. Her breasts undulating and her heels clicking together as I bruatly fuck her.

Sasha is shocked by my sudden humping assault and how long I sustain the violent thrusting. Soon, her emotions are blanked by the driving ecstasy of an orgasm spawning directly on her cervix. Her clitoris is dragging against the carpet and the friction is only adding to the blinding sensations now pulsing through her. Sasha erupts in a howling orgasm that drowns out the sounds of my grunting and her heels clattering against each other. Sasha feels nothing but her own body pulsing with waves of warm stimulation.

Then Sasha feels my cock throbbing and jerking then hot slaps of cum as it is ejected deep inside her. I came to a complete stop allowing myself to breath deeply. I withdraw with a wet pop from her pussy, startling her.

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My hands push her lower back downward, flattening her body against the carpet, as I straddle over her ass as she closes her legs. I slide backwards, to the tops of her thighs. She moans in frustration, wiggling her ass to coax me. She lay panting and red-faced on the carpet. My cock, slick with her juices, nestles between her cheeks. She feels my weight shift, and a pressure at her anus.

Her eyes shoot open and she tries to pull away, protesting verbally. I ignore her, pressing the tip of my cock forward, my hands firmly planted on her lower back to keep her still. Her feet hit repeatedly against the carpet, making thumping noises.

" Stop! You're never gonna fit. Please don't." Her struggles against carpet, her thrashing contained by my body on top of her. "Oh no. A dirty, slutty tease like you deserves a thick cock in her tight virgin ass." My cock head pushes through the ring of muscles as I spoke.

She moans in answer, her body going tight. " You better relax, or this is going to hurt more than it needs to." My hands massaging her ass, as I rock my hips forward, delivering another inch to her virgin hole. " Stop! It hurts! There's no fucking way I can handle that! Stop!" My hand reaches forward, grabbing her hair and pushing her face into the carpet, effectively muffling her protests. I thrust again, and then spank her with my free hand.

Her entire body jumps; had she not been face-down in the carpet, I would have heard her cry out. I relish the way she spasms, the muscles of her ass tightening in response to the slap I delivered. Her butt is cute, flexed and expecting another smack. I release her hair, letting her breathe. When the expected spank didn't come, she lets out a breath, her body relaxing slightly.

I take the opportunity to thrust deeply, and her asshole swallows a couple more inches of my thick shaft. She screams, her back arching as her hips hit the carpet hard. I moan with her, her hole squeezing me tightly as she resists. I hold still and she went limp under me, her legs landing with a dull thud on the carpet. I pull back a bit, then push forward again, my hands spreading apart her cheeks as I watch my cock slide deeply into her. Her breathing is slow and deep, her eyes shut tightly and she fights to relax.

" Your tight little ass feels amazing." I punctuate my sentence with a thrust of my hips, jolting her. She moans loudly, her hands balling into fists and her feet kicking up. I plunge back into her, making her squeal. " A good little slut likes a big cock in her ass, doesn't she?" I thrust again.

"Are you a good little slut?" She nods, her face turned to the side. She has to admit that the sensations are nearly as pleasurable as painful; I have loosened her up enough that I'm pumping into her at a slow and steady pace, each thrust feeling better than the last.

Her clit twinging as she squirms, grinding her mound into the carpet, her thighs tight together. " Yeah, you do. A cock-hungry whore needs it in every one of her tight holes to be happy." I spank her again, and her gasping turns into a low moan. She hears me spit; my cock slides easily through her abused little hole. She begins to press back with her hips to meet each of my thrusts, her knees planted on the carpet and her hips lifted a few inches.

My weight pushes her down as the full length of my shaft slides home, my balls gently slapping against her thighs. A small movement, and then my chest is on her back, my mouth at her ear. " I want to feel your tight little asshole spasm when you cum.

So I'm going to free your arms. You have a minute to orgasm." She groans as she bent her arm, circling her wrist slowly. The tension broke on her left hand as well, and suddenly I pull her hips backward, so she is on all fours. Her arms protested at the sudden need to support herself. " Starting now." I thrust deeply into her, again. She drops to her elbows, her head hanging down. Cautiously, she lifts her left hand; confident she won't fall over, she reaches backward to her clit, her middle and ring finger immediately finding the sweet spot and rubbing tight, little circles.

She screams wordlessly, her hips bouncing off my thighs as my thrusts increase. She desperately wants something in her cunt, raking over her g-spot to toss her over the edge. Irritated, she howls, throwing her hips back to meet me as she races to her orgasm.

She needs this. Her body screaming at her, her joints aching and her ass on fire, but she continues. Fuck, how much longer did she have? Her fingers circled her clit furiously. My hand clasped her forearm, pulling it away. She wailed in frustration, her body trembling. Her arm is twisted behind her back, my right hand closing around her throat and pulling her upward.

I hold her firmly, her arm trapped behind her back, between our bodies, and my arm tight to her torso, between her breasts. My teeth bite into the left side of her neck, she has no air with which to yell. My hips circled against hers, my lips move to her ear. " Awww, did my poor little slut miss her orgasm? How sad." She nods, squirming in my grasp, her horniness preventing her from being still.

I relinquish my grip on her throat, my hand dropping to her breast, cupping it before pinching her nipple. She whimpers, her chest rising and falling heavily with her breath. " Please, I just want to cum." I release her, pushing her forward so she fell to all fours. I pull my cock from her ass, slowly. " Turn over," I ordered. She scrambles to follow my command, her back hitting the carpet in record time.

She spread her legs, her heels barely resting on the carpet.

Her hand rested on her cunt, playing with her clitoris. I grab her legs under the knees yanking her body towards her, causing her tits to bounce as she gasps.

Her ankles resting on my shoulders as I guide my cock back to her pussy, which gaped slightly. She moans, her hands squeezing her breasts together with both hands, as I buried half my shaft in her ass. I hold her thighs as I lean forward, letting my cock sink deeper into her as she folds in half. Her fingers pinching and tugging at her nipples, her feet locking behind my neck so she had some semblance of control.

I fucked her hard, deeply, roughly, biting the inside of her calves, my fingers digging into her thighs. She threw her head back, her eyes shut as she lost herself in the sensations.

Her cunt is throbbing, begging to be filled. It clenches down repeatedly, as if looking for something to grip, to draw in and hold on to. Being kept so long just before orgasm made her delirious; her screams are no longer intelligible but long vowel sounds. It briefly occurres to her that it is a miracle I hadn't cum yet. Perks of a older guy, the barely-functioning part of her brain, decided. None of the men in her past could tease her so endlessly as I.

She needed to cum the pressure building inside of her can only explode in one way. She threw her legs open and wide, pulling them back so her knees are level with her breasts.

Her hand shot down to her clit, rubbing furiously. " Make me cum" she begs, her hips bucking with each of my thrusts. " Fuck, please, make me cum!" she stares at me with pleading eyes.

My hand smacked hers, and she withdrew it, moving it back to her breast. My thumb replaces her fingers, making hard, tight circles that are painful on her aching bundle of nerves. My eyes narrow as I lean down, pinning her to the carpet by her throat with my free hand, but avoiding her windpipe in the process.

" Cum." I said, my eyes locked on hers. She screams, her body writhing under me, bucking and jerking. She is right at the edge, terrified that I will stop and leave her wanting more.

Her head tossed back again, her eyes shut. My hand releases her throat, slapping her across the face. " No. Look at me. I want to watch you cum with my cock buried in your ass like the good little slut you are." Her eyes locked onto me impossibly green and cold as my hand returns to her throat.

She is distinctly aware of my thumb, grinding against her clit. " Cum, you dirty whore. Cum with my cock raping your ass and my hand around your neck." She gasps. She cascades into an orgasm which rolls through her body, making her back arch and her hands grab at the carpet. Her head whipped from front to back, bouncing off the carpet, but her eyes remains on me the entire time.

Her orgasm is filled with her hoarse swearing that quickly reduces to garble. Her hips bucking and her legs kicking as the orgasm ravages her. A second wave rocks her body. The spasms of her asshole and cunt, coupled with her screams, have sent me over the edge; I bottom out in her ass and came just as hard, spilling my cum into her ass with a series of my groans. I feel her knees at my ribs, pushing her away. Her body seems to be rejecting me as she became over-sensitive, I didn't move.

I release her neck, my thumb circling gently on her clit. Her body spasms as if electricity flooded it. I grin, pulling out of her ass. Her hand resting on her pussy, as if to block it from further stimulation; I push it aside, pinning back her legs, taking a long lick of her fresh squirt.

Her body shuddering as my tongue delves into her gushing pussy, lapping at her juices as her body thrashes. Her head whipped from left to right, her fingers gripping the carpet with white knuckles, another orgasm crashing over her as I skillfully stroke her bud with my tongue. Her heels met my shoulders, her hands on my head, pushing me away. I resist for a moment before obliging.

Her hand covers her pussy again, and her legs shut tightly around it. She fell to her side, curling up, her breathing and occasional swearing the only signs that she is conscious. I lay back onto the carpet, laying down behind her on my left side.

She greets my presence with a soft sigh. My right hand runs down her arm, and then slips down to cup her breast. She shudders at my touch, stretched out, lining her body up with me. I pull her close, my chest pressing to her back. I toy with her nipple, my lips covering her exposed shoulder in light kisses.

Her free hand runs over my forearm, catching my wrist and pulling it further around her body. She shivers slightly as I kiss on her neck. " That was. awesome." She murmurs, a smile playing on her lips. " You seemed to enjoy it." The words are whispered in her ear.


" As good as you envisioned it?" She nods in response, too tired to respond verbally. They lay together for a few minutes while she recovers. When her breathing has slowed sufficiently, she stretched, pointing her toes and arching her back, moaning as her body complains.

She turns in my arms to face me, smiling gently and opening her eyes, finally.

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" Shower then a massage." She grins and kisses me, lingering. My hands firmly running down her back and over her ass, lifting her knee over my hip. She feels my cock beginning to grow as our tongues entwined.

Her hand pushes against my chest as she pulls away. "And then Round 2." She smirks. " Good." I said with a grin. I'll have some assignments for you now and then, but for now, keep wearing those stockings. And stop wearing panties. Understood?" " Yes, Sir." Sasha said.

Whatever and whenever I wanted it, she would give it up to me. Anything to feel that amazing cock ignite her inner fire. Anything at all.