Young teenage boy born with legs gay first time Billy Santoro Ticked

Young teenage boy born with legs gay first time Billy Santoro Ticked
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Liz Cuts In By Blueheatt &hellip.They found that trying to live as a threesome was exciting&hellip.

&hellip.We all adjusted to the sharing of me with the two sisters in no time. Liz and her sister became close, and kind of blended together.


When I was sleeping with one, the other would leave us alone to enjoy ourselves, a cool threesome, instead of a couple like other people. Soon we all were sleeping a lot,&hellip. all together. &hellip. If I had sex with Liz, her sister just had to listen to us climaxing and cuming. If I had sex with her sister Liz, Liz had to just listen. It was slowly driving them crazy. We hadn't yet, had a full threesome, with all of us fucking, but it was quickly headed that way. Faster than I thought.

For now, we just enjoyed sleeping all together at times. Then a new thing started to slowly happen. The sisters started to get sexual feelings for each other. They both tried to ignore them. They weren't lesbians because they both liked men.

The realization they could be bi-sexual didn't come to their minds for a while. The it hit them, about the same time. &hellip. They let these new hot thoughts flow out and the desires started coming on strong. That day they saw each other naked in the shower, and that's when It started. They didn't say a word, but just looked at each other and stared&hellip.

They stopped and their minds tipped over the edge and finally the girlfriend in a daze, said quietly what she was thinking&hellip.'damn, you have a nice body'. Her words just came out of her mouth, not realizing what she had said. That caused tingles in Liz's and the girlfriends pussy's. Those word kept repeating themselves all day…'damn you have a nice body'…over and over in both their minds.

The girlfriend and Liz both, had dreams that same night.

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I was sleeping on the outside close to the girlfriend, with Liz next to her sister. The girlfriends dream woke her up first. The urge to feel Liz up, just overwhelmed her and she found her hand moving towards Liz's pussy, just like in her dream where her and Liz had hot sex with each other.

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She hoped, but didn't hope, that Liz would just lay there and let her feel her up&hellip.but yet she also hoped that Liz would wake up slightly and feel her tits and pussy also. Then it happened&hellip. That night, I was awakened by the two sisters feeling each other up, and kissing out of breath.

I just listened pretending to be asleep, facing them. I barely opened one eye and I could make out they were facing each other and had their hands under their night gowns and feeling each others pussy's.

They continued kissing and feeling. I could hear that clicking sound of fingers going in and out of wet pussy's. I just enjoyed it. They were sneaking hot finger fucking, thinking I was asleep. I could hear them breathing, out of breath and tiny little moans from both of them.

Later Liz told me later she had a real hot dream about her sister, and it woke her up. She woke up out of breath and wanting to have sex with her sister, bad.

Then she realized her sisters hand was on her pussy, rubbing it softly. It made her so hot, she could feel her own pussy was almost dripping wet. Liz found her own hand was moving down to her sisters night gown and slowly put her hand under it, and raising it up till she felt her sisters pubic hair, dripping wet.

Liz said: "My sister jumped slightly. I kept going and let my fingers slide in my sisters pussy and feel the wetness. It was a new glorious feeling to me.

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I had new desires to have hot sex with my sister, and I wanted it more and more. I wanted to feel her body, kiss her and touch her tits and pussy. It started dominating my mind.

The desire built up day by day, hour by hour and I couldn't make it, (and didn't want it)to go away." She said her sister knew now that Liz was awake enough and returning the feeling of pleasure. It was mutual orgasms rushing on the way. They both had trouble keeping their breathing quiet though. The girlfriend very quietly, slowly scooted down, and raised Liz's night gown up, exposing her pussy.

She quietly raised Liz's leg. I could just barely hear the licking sounds of her licking Liz's pussy. They were getting bold, driven by the new hot desires they both wanted to have sex with each other&hellip.

now. Liz turned slowly and they were now pussy to pussy licking. The risk from me catching them became secondary to their 'I must have you now' lust for each other&hellip. My dick was never harder enjoying these sounds and sights. Now is was my turn to just listen, while they made each other hotter and hotter.

They went on like I wasn't even there. I listened to them lick their pussy's and moan quietly. I felt the bed shake more. It was coming.

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The rush for dual climaxes. It became a frenzy. I heard it coming. They both started to shake the bed, as the peak was here. They both gave out long muffled dual moans.and the bed start vibrating with them both climaxing together.

More long moans…as sporadic twitching now and again, set in&hellip. Their climaxes slowly subsided into silence. I heard soft moans now, as their heavy breathing slowly began dying down. They never spoke a word.

Slowly Liz turned back and they just held each other, and went to sleep. I told them both the next day, how beautiful it was to hear them having sex together&hellip.they both grinned with a little embarrassment and giggled saying 'sorry' if we disturbed your sleep… I said&hellip."… no.that was the hottest thing that has ever happened to me.


Please feel free to continue, anytime you want." Now we could discuss it openly. I told them to feel free to do what they wanted to do, it was a pleasure to me, and made me very excited. After I told them that, is was exciting to see the change in them, kissing anywhere in the house.

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They copped feels with me and themselves. I enjoyed coming around he hallway corner and find them kissing and rubbing each others pussy's.

They just went on with what they were doing, and didn't stop because I was passing by. Sometimes they would pull me in on the fun and we all got groped and kissed each other. We liked our life style, and nobody knew anything but that my girlfriend's sister lived with us. The girls were thinking up all the different ways to do a threesome. Every body got licked on, and I got suck on.

They loved to catch me off guard, and would lie on the couch, raising each others skirts, and start licking each other, just to get a rise out of me. Sometimes, they would get naked and one would lie on top of the other one. I would take turns fucking one's pussy and then the others pussy. Back and forth then I would cum in both of them, back and forth.

&hellip. We now explored the new world of three people together having hot sex, anytime we wanted. We never discussed this, but we all still snuck a feel, and even a fuck with telling the other one.

Then every few days we would lay in bed naked, and tell about a fuck we snuck with out the other one knowing it. They also snuck pussy licking they did that I didn't know about.


These stories made us all hot before we had a great threesome fuck. One story we all liked was when the girlfriend was outside talking with the girl neighbor. They stood right by our closed garage door. Liz and I started fucking on the garage floor, not 3 feet from them.

The neighbor lady heard us moan to loud once, and listened and said: "What was that noise?" We went quiet, and the girlfriend said: "What noise? I don't hear anything."&hellip.and they went on with their conversation. It was Saturday night, and the girls were up to something. All day they had rubbing on me, brushing their tits on me, feeling my dick and generally molesting me, more than usual.

That night I came in and found them on the couch naked, kissing and feeling each other.

I sat in my chair and enjoyed the show. The were teasing me for some reason. They got up, danced around, felt each other and took turns sitting on my lap, kissing me and feeling me up.

They went and got a big blanket, and a plastic sheet and spread it out on the floor. Then they started in. They really put a show for me. Sucking on their tits, licking their pussy's and then went to licking their clits more and more. They worked themselves up to a frantic sexual peak and both turned around and started rubbing each others clits, both facing me. They were on their backs with pillows behind their heads and each one rubbing the others clit, faster and faster.

They moaned more and more and then up came their hips and then on up on their tip toes and both squirted big streams into the air as they both rubbed each others clits real fast. They both squirted a second time straining with their pussy's high in the air.

They were both shaking and squirming for a long time. Then they were both spent and collapsed, moaning and feeling each other.

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I was ready to explode, my dick was so hard. Now I had to choose which one to fuck, quickly! They knew this and just smiled and watched me trying too decide. Liz got up first and came up and put her knees on the arms of my chair and pushed her pussy in my mouth, holding my head, and fucking my face. The girlfriend came and started giving me a wonderful blow job.

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I put my hands under Liz's butt cheeks and licked for all I was worth as she fucked my tongue. In no time I came in the girlfriends mouth, I flooded her. Cum came out when her mouth got instantly full of my cum, and out the sides of her mouth.

Liz humped her clit on my tongue and climaxed right on it, shaking and humping, she was so excited. We all moaned loud and over and over. Liz and her sister shared the cum. I remember the lights going out in my head and I fell asleep in another world&hellip.