Pics of teenage straight boys ass gay Fun Friday is no fun

Pics of teenage straight boys ass gay Fun Friday is no fun
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Like so many of my previous stories, I begin by telling readers that I was under the influence of alcohol. Typical that. I've had plenty of exciting sex without being intoxicated but I think I've tried new things or broken some barriers and taboos when under the influence. I do not take drugs and have never done so and I do not smoke, so I really do not feel bad having a few glasses of wine on a night out with friends.

You're only young once.

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My ex, the same who took my car virginity, had always wanted anal. I was nineteen and we had only been together for about a month before he started pestering me about it. The truth is, I had never really wanted anal. I had previously had anal stimulation and did not have any real feelings towards it I could have taken it or left it.

He had come out as my partner one night, meeting all my friends for the first time and it seems they had warmed to him quite well and he had made a real effort.

I had been drinking wine and was feeling a little dizzy drunk as he took me home at 11pm. I had done my usual, getting a little frisky in the car and pawed at his crotch before slipping down and taking his cock in my mouth as he drove.

He couldn't wait to get me home, unlocking the front door and unzipping my skirt, demanding I stand out of it. He gave my ass a spank before telling me to remove my panties, which I did, obeying his every word.

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He kissed me and lifted me onto a nearby kitchen worktop. He unbuttoned himself, taking off his jeans and boxers until we were both naked from the waist down.

I wrapped my hand around his cock, leading it to my waiting pussy. The head entered me and I moaned. He took his time with me, entering me slowly, pulling back and sliding in again just as slowly, building up intensity. He looked down, watching my pussy take his cock, loving the view as his cock disappeared into my wet hole.


He took his time with me, letting me enjoy every hard stroke. He would pull out, teasing me as I whined and begged him to put it back in, to fill me up.

His hips were starting to move faster towards me, sliding into me, frantically. He kissed my neck and whispered 'Let me put my cock in your ass'. I giggled and told him to go and get some lube. He wasted no time and I slid off the worktop and bent over the kitchen table.

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He lubed up my ass and cock with some durex play and pushed against my puckered arse. He met resistance and he tried to push gently, avoiding me any pain. I began to wonder if I could even take his huge cock up my ass.

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He rocked his hips back and forth to try and open up the initial few inches of my ass. He was able to get the head of his cock into my tight ass. I wailed it felt so big and I told him so.


He waited, holding his cock there, feeling it stretch me out. He applied a little more lube to where his cock was connecting with my ass and pushed a little further, moaning as he did. I could only manage about 4 inches before bucking against him, trying to move away from his cock.

He held onto my ass, keeping me close and sunk another inch into me, hearing me moan under him 'I can't take it.

I can't take anymore. It hurts'. He didn't make any movement to fuck me, just hold his cock in my ass. He took it really slowly, adding some more lube to my impaled hole and then removed a few inches of his cock, letting me feel some relief and also emptyness and then he slid it back in. I moaned, feeling so full and he repeated his action, sliding his cock in and out in small movements. My legs were shaking as I let his cock take my anal virginity over my kitchen table.

God it hurt I felt so full and raw as he called me his dirty slut. My ass gripped his cock, massaging tightly and he was beginning to groan deeply, telling me he wanted to fuck my ass hard.

I didn't think I would be able to take it so I let him continue with those five inches sliding in and out of my ass until he felt himself building up.

'Fuck, I need to cum soon, baby, take my cock'. I pushed back, loving being his dirty slut but was still too tender to take all his cock. He slid out of my ass with surprising ease as it felt like my ass was holding onto him so tightly.

He started wanking at his cock, still pressed against my ass. His groans told me how close he was and he grabbed my hip, holding me close to his cock. He held the head of his cock against my ass hole beating at his cock.

I heard him groan and the first spurt of cum hit my ass and he slid the head of his cock into my hole. I squealed and felt him swollen and pulsing as he let so much sticky cum go into my ass.

Cum crept out as he slid out. I turned round and took his cock in my mouth, tasting his cum, my ass and pussy juice and the slight clinical taste of lube. I licked him clean before licking his balls clean. I was so fucked that I fell asleep wearing my top and bra, naked from the waist down.

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oozing his hot cum. * * It wasn't until a month later that he took advantage of my ass again. I stood next to him at a bar: "You know you want to buy me a drink?" I asked, smiling sweetly "Well what is it worth?" he teased.

"That depends on what you want baby?" whilst leaning against him, squeezing his bicep and staring up at him with big blue eyes. "I've been watching you move your ass on the dancefloor" "Ah so you've been staring at my ass?" "I want your ass tonight" and he leaned in, feeling his breath against my neck and ear, "And I want to fuck your ass hard" "Then I'll be needing an apple martini" * * Several apple martinis and a taxi ride home, we were in bed, naked.

I don't even remember having his cock in my cunt at any point although that may just be the drunken haze. I remember him lubing up my ass and inserting a finger into my tiny asshole and then inserting another and I felt all tingly rather than sore. He covered his cock in lube and pushed it against my asshole, pushing against less resistance this time and I inhaled air deeply, as I felt his cock move inside my ass. I took more in one stroke this time, forcing myself to relax.

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I even move back against it, desperate to take as much as I can. It hurt but I felt pretty drunk and numb and I loved the feeling of being full.


"You like it like that, don't you?" as I rocked my hips to meet his cock, trying to allow as much into my tight arse as possible. I winced but I wanted to be a good cock slut at the same time.

He started to pump in and out of me, not totally inside me but deep enough and he said my ass had greased up his cock, taking it. It hurt too much to have him buried in me but when he slid in and out, I started to like it, groaning. Whenever he pushed too far, I tended to tense up and he had to pull back before resuming fucking my tight ass. I found myself murmuring, 'Fuck me' and he responded by grabbing my hips and pushing his cock in, and then out of my waiting ass.

He was building up speed and pummelling his cock into me. It was beginning to ache deep within me and my legs weren't holding me up as my body took a hammering. He held onto my hips to keep me up for a while before I had to give in and make him stop.

I lay for a second, feeling empty and sore, with him still hovering behind me. I turned round, sitting up and immediately, without time to think, took his cock deep into my mouth and throat.

He thrust his hips to meet my wet lips and fucked my lips for all it was worth, growling that I was his dirty bitch, taking cock that had just been buried in my ass. He started to moan and I cupped his balls, feeling them twitch and his cock swell and pulse. He slid out of my mouth and I held my tits up, waiting to catch the hot spurts of cum as they splashed all over my tits and some managed to hit my chin as I was telling him to cum hard for me.

I rubbed it in and lay on my side. He curled in behind me, holding me, leaving his cock pressed against my wet ass as I dozed off.