She rides until he blows from the intense pressure of her pu

She rides until he blows from the intense pressure of her pu
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Chapter 2 It was dark and I didn't really know where I was, I managed to make my way to the nearest road and waved at the first car I saw. It pulled over and the man just rolled down the passenger side window and looked at me. I leaned down a bit and looked at him and asked if he could give me a lift. He saw that I was distraught and by the state of my clothes and the look on my face, it was obvious that something had happened recently. I noticed that he wasn't looking much at my face when we spoke… His eyes were involuntarily on my cleavage, which I was unable to button all the way up, the top two buttons haven been ripped off earlier in the van.

I realized that I was quite an "interesting" site: high heels, slightly ripped knee high socks, skirt all rumpled up and white shirt which was barely concealing a pair of large boobs with full cleavage and nipples clearly visible through the material.

He looked back at my eyes and just said "Get in". I stepped into the small sports car and after taking one last look at me, he drove off.

I told him my address and he said that he was fairly familiar with the area… "What happened to you?' he asked. "Are you OK ?. Miss…?" "Yes, I'm Ok, I just need to get home." I was keeping my legs tight together and holding my shirt closed with my right hand as to not flash too much cleavage. I was very aware that half my breasts were visible and I must have smelled awful.

Since I had no panties on, the semen was leaking from my abused anus right on the seat, I still had cum on my chest, heck, chin and mouth tasted only of cum and cock. I was so embarrassed and disgusted with myself. We got to my street and I pointed out my house. He just pulled in the driveway and I looked at him.

After his eyes moved up from my shaking legs and meet my eyes I just said "Thank you, I really appreciate it" then looked down again and stepped out of the car, which was really low to the ground and with the high heels it was quite a feat to get out.

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I had to bend more just to balance myself and unwillingly flashed him my bare ass and some back pussy. I heard him take in a deep breath as I stepped out but I was way too embarrassed to look back.

He must have seen the red welts on my firm buttocks and all the palm prints, not to mention my red swollen pussy. I walked towards the front door and stepped in.

It was about 11pm so my mother wasn't too worried since I was just down the street (or so she believed). She was watching a movie and as I stepped into the living room she just looked at me and her jaw dropped. "Oh my God Jasmine, what happened to you ?" I just stood there and started to cry. It took her 10 minutes to calm me down enough to understand what I was saying: " I… I was. Oh God… I was raped." And then started crying even harder.

Hearing the noise, my dad woke up and came down stairs: "What is going on, why is she crying? What happened?" My mom just said: She was&hellip. "attacked"&hellip. I have to take her to the hospital. You need to stay here with James, It will be all right, I'll just call you from the hospital. And with that she helped me into the car and we drove to the local emergency room. The whole time I was sobbing and wasn't able to answer any of my mom's questions, I just held my face buried in my hands.

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Once we got there, we went in and my mom, visibly shaking told the nurse at the reception that I had been attacked and needed immediate attention. She took one look at me and realized what was going on.

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After a quick intercom call someone came from down the hall and asked us to follow him into the examination room. They gave my mom some papers to fill in as we waited for the doctor. A man walked in and introduced himself as Doctor Weston and also introduced the nurse that joined him. -"What is your name?" he asked softly "Her name is Jasmine" answered my mom -"Jasmine, can you tell me what happened? " "I was… rapped" I said crying -" OK, I need you to calm down a bit.

I know this is hard, but we have to examine you. The female nurse will be here and so will your mother if you wish to. I will leave the room for a moment and I want you to please undress and put on this gown. You should probably stay here mam and help her." With that, he and the nurse left the examination room and my mom started helping me undress.

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I just sat there while she took my clothes off like a little girl. She gasped as my shirt came off and she saw the marks on my breasts including a couple bites on the left breast and nipple. She then helped me out of my skirt and gasped again when she saw that I had no panties and all the marks on my butt, legs, thighs and vulva. I couldn't look at her, just kept staring down.

She took off the shoes and rolled off the ripped socks. "Whose are these"? she asked holding the high heels. " "Ashley and I swapped shoes until Monday" I answered. Then, after putting the gown on, the doctor knocked and came back in with the nurse. He got closer to me and spoke… -" All right Jasmine, I'm going to have to examine you now, It shouldn't hurt, but if any of it does hurt you just let me know." He started by looking at my face.

He noticed a small bruise on my right cheek, a bite mark on my lower lip and a hickie on my lower neck. He was dictating notes to the nurse who was sitting behind him to the side.

Every once in a while he would ask me about some of the marks: "did you bite your lips here?" I looked down and replied "no, one of the men bit my lips." He then asked me to open my gown in order to continue further. He explained that they have to be thorough in order to complete a full report for medical and legal purposes.

I nodded and slipped the gown over my shoulders, revealing my breasts to yet another stranger that night.


He took into account all the palm prints, bite marks and slight bruises. He paused at my left nipple, looked at it more closely and asked: "is this a bite mark ? I mean, do you remember getting bitten here?" My mommy was just looking at me horrified. I couldn't look back at her out of shame, I was just looking down and answering the questions as best I could. "Yes, the other man bit me there a few times" "Yes, it looks like he bit you in the same spot too. It didn't break the skin, so we should be able to get away with just some ointment for that." He then looked at the other breast: "I noticed that your left areola, the one that is bitten is soft now, which is normal, but the right one is still quite erect.

Is this normal for you, are they usually like this?" " I only ask because being erect after the fact for too long might mean some internal scaring" "No, they are usually the same, both soft I guess…" I answered looking at my right nipple. "They … am… sucked and pulled more on it… I think.

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-"I see, so it was just stimulated longer. Stiffening while suction is applied is perfectly normal, but it should have subsided by now." "Let me just do a quick check" he said and reached for it with the back of his hand. He had gloves on and I just gasped when he first made contact. "Please let me know if it hurts, it might just be more sensitive now." I did not tell anyone that they were sensitive usually, and now they were just in overdrive&hellip.

I just closed my eyes and tried to breathe normally while he touched me.


He brushed a fed times to see if it reacts, then squeezed it slightly at the base. It remained stiff, and he then looked at the left one again for comparison.

Every touch was sending shivers down my spine but I was trying to hide it as much as I could. He then told me that we should give it until the end of the exam and he will return to it then, if it doesn't subside. I was then told to lay down on the bed and bring my knees up. I looked at my mom who just said that it will be ok and she is there for me. I then did as I was told and brought my knees up. The doctor just pulled back the gown and kept dictating to the nurse for the record… "A few more bruises on the lower abdomen and upper thighs." Jasmine, I will now need you to open your legs, we must examine your pubic area." I closed my eyes shut and slowly separated my knees, exposing my vagina to two more strangers and my mother, who just looked away by now.

" The vaginal area is red, slightly inflamed…" OK, I will have to perform a vaginal inspection. No worries, it's just like at the gynecologist." "She's, am… never been to one before" my mom said. "She is a virgin&hellip. Was." I just sat there with my eyes shut. He touched my vulva and parted the lips. I could feel the cold air on my insides. He then lubed up his fingers and slipped them in slowly to check for tears and lesions.

It hurt, but not as much as when I was getting fucked earlier. He was trying to go as slow as possible and kept asking me if I was ok. I never answered. -"The hymen is broken, but the bleeding has stopped and does not seem to have been much of it. The vaginal walls are inflamed from recent friction but no damage.

The clitoris seems to be abraded&hellip. "Jasmine, was there some abrasion that would explain this?" "Yes, they rubbed it… a lot. And, am&hellip. Made me rub&hellip. it too." My lips were shaking as I tried to speak.

I was extremely aware and embarrassed that they were recording and taking notes of this; not to mention my mom being there. -"I understand." "Sometimes damage can be done by rough stimulation, especially in a sensitive area like the clitoris. I have to check on it, just let me know if it hurts. I will be gentile…" And with that, I just felt his finger lightly touch my clit, his other hand holding my lips apart with two fingers.

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He was being slow and gentile, but even the slightest touch was making me gasp or shiver. "Does it hurt ?" I just shook my head. It really didn't hurt, but the sensations were very strong; especially now after they had rubbed it so much and produced several forced orgasms about which I wasn't planning on telling anyone. Ever. He just rubbed around it and then directly on it and was asking me how it was, but I couldn't even answer.

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By now signals were being sent to my young brain and I couldn't keep it under control much longer. Tingling sensations were flooding my body and I was breathing in deeper making my large breasts heave a bit more up and down.

He pressed a bit more, continuing his inspection and I moved my hips involuntarily and an "Ohh…" escaped my mouth. -'Does it hurt there?' he asked without removing his finger, but kept it right there.

I couldn't answer, not while his finger was pressed on my little clit. I took another breath and tried to talk but he moved a bit while waiting for an answer and I just made another unintelligible sound. He then asked again and pressed harder when he said "here" so that I knew where he was referring to. My hips bucked and I tried to maintain my composure. If those rapists would see this, I thought, they would lick their lips and just laugh. "Jasmine, can you head me?" he said while still touching.

I tried to answer again but as I opened my mouth he moved his hand again just in the "right" spot and a "Ahhhh&hellip." escaped my mouth instead.


It sounded very sexual, like those sounds you hear in the porno movies. He just stopped and looked up at me. I opened my eyes and caught his gaze. My lips were slightly parted and my tits were moving up and down more as I was breathing heavier. One look at me and he immediately removed his hands and just said: "I'm sorry, I didn't realize… let's just move along".

My face was red, I could feel my cheeks burn as my mom and the nurse were both staring at me now. Then they all looked down between my legs and the doctor just asked for a wipe.

The nurse handed it to him and he gently wiped under my butt and down my vulva and on the bed. I felt like I would die of embarrassment. How wet did I get anyway? How could I? He then introduced a swab in vagina and pulled it out and placed it into a sealed bag. He asked the nurse to send it to have it checked for semen and any other DNA. "I didn't see any semen inside, but there could be traces on the swab at least" "Did they use protection?" "No, they didn't…" -"Then there should be more than just a trace&hellip." He said a bit confused.

"They… none of them… came in… there." I said eventually, almost not wanting to… -"There was no ejaculation?" A tear started to run down my cheek.

"No, they came in… my… mouth and my bb.butt." "Oh my God!" my mother exclaimed and then realizing she said that out loud she covered her mouth with her hand. I just shut my eyes and more tears came out on my burning cheeks. "Let's have you raise your legs a bit and I will have to check your anal cavity as well.

Just let me know it hurts…" I did as he said and he pulled my ample butt cheeks apart and entered me with one finger at first which slipped in incredibly easy despite the tightness of my sphincter. There was a lot more sperm in my ass than I thought. He pulled his finger out and said that there was no tearing so far. He then whipped his finger with a paper tissue which was now soaked in cum from my tight little butt hole.

"We will have to check you for STDs as well. It is pretty much standard for any rape kit, but in your case, since you ingested the semen, I will also prescribe some antacid." I started remembering all that cum that I had just swallowed and it made my stomach sick again, not to mention I still had the wretched tasted in my mouth.

After a few more samples were taken the doctor said I could get up and they will leave the room for me to get changed and then we can come out and talk to him. "Wait… don't you have to… I don't know&hellip.

pump her stomach or something?" said my mom. -"What for?" answered the doctor "Well, she swallowed… that."…&hellip. Oh my god, I just realized that my mother had never done anything like that, not that I ever thought about my parents in that way, no child does, but I was now some kind on damaged slut or something in her eyes.

Just when I thought I couldn't feel any lower, the doctor said: "No mam, it isn't any medical concern. The men's semen will just get digested in her stomach". I was DIGESTING it as we spoke&hellip. that just made me want to crawl in a hole in the ground. I was getting flash backs of how they fed me their filthy cocks, how I fought back at first but they still pushed past my lips and mouth-fucked me to their pleasure and came in my sweet young mouth.

I could hear them again and again: "Swallow!. Yeah, that's a good little girl, look at her pouty lips glisten…" The doctor and nurse left the room and I just got up and started getting dressed. My mom offered to help but I just continued by myself. I was way too ashamed to make any contact with her. We then stepped out and met the doctor.

He told my mom to make sure that I get plenty of rest and that I use the lotion he was prescribing on my nipples for the bite marks and to relieve stiffness. " You might also, more than likely, have some pain during bowel movements because of the forced penetration in your anus.

In fact you may feel the need to go tonight to expel all that semen that is still in you." He said it so matter of fact and looked straight at me, but I just blushed and my mom looked away again like he was talking about something that she could just not hear or something.

We had to give a bunch of statements to the police, which were called at the hospital and after they got all the descriptions and information they needed, they let us leave.

I took the stuff that the nurse gave me and we left. The drive home was quiet and I didn't mind that at all. We entered the house and my dad was still up and just stood up and came to look at me and give me a hug.

He asked what exactly had happened but I was way too tired to start up again. Mom just said that I should go up and rest and she will talk to dad. I went up to the bathroom and took everything off. My feet were aching from the high heels, knees were hurting from the van floor and once I was nude I just looked in the mirror. I noticed all the marks, hand prints, welts, bruises and bites on my body.

Crying I got myself in the shower and just started washing and washing and still I didn't feel clean. Maybe I never will. I had to wash my hair twice, to get all the cum out. Finally I got out and went to my room with a towel wrapped around me.

I got into bed and decided to just sleep naked for comfort since everything still hurt and was tender to the touch.