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Mature Couple  suck  fuck and creampie
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All Cindy could think about was John hurrying up and getting his a nut off before Donnie Joe got home from school on the bus.A john moved her head up and down his 7-inch cock she at least thought she would hear the bus pull up and she would have enough time to get Johns cock out of her mouth and back into his pants.

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She just kept thinking it was taking him longer and longer every time she sucked him off. What Cindy did know was that john was doing that on purpose but beings she was only 15 or almost 16 and his only the second cock she ever had in her mouth she didn't know better.

John heard the bus smile at donnie while his sister was on her knees with a cock in her mouth.

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Donnie Joe just stood there watching Cindy give a blow job to John her new boy friend. He could see that her skirt was riding up over her hips and he was getting a good view of his sister's ass pull up he even heard Donnie Joe walk in from the kitchen all he did was John held the back of Cindy head down on his cock as he was about to fill her mouth full of cum the only thing was she has never let him cum in her mouth before but the was about to change .Cindy fought back the urge to puke as she felt the hot sticky cum hit the back of her throat.

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John was yelling at her to swallow it and she had better not throw up on him. Jumping up and yelling at John Cindy never saw Donnie Joe until she heard him say "I never knew you was a cock sucker Cindy Donnie Joe turned and walked up stairs to his bedroom thinking the whole way how he could use this to his advantage .Drop onto his bed he pulled down his zipper and started to stroke his cock replaying in her head his sister sucking a cock but this time she was sucking his and she was going to do more than just give him a blow job Cindy yelled at John as to why he didn't say anything .All John could say was if she gave a better blow job it wouldn't have taken all day for him to cum.

Laughing as he left John thought oh well so was just another piece of meat and no wonder Chris had dumped her.

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All Cindy could think was how was she going to get Donnie Joe from telling mom and dad about John .Cindy could kiss the car she was going to get when she turned 16 next week goodbye. She was going to have to make a deal with the devil now and all the years of teasing him with a flash of skin here and there was going to cost her.

Maybe she could buy him off with some cd's and a promise to run him and his friends around once she got her car. After all he did keep the secret about her smoking pot. Sooner she had his word not to tell mom and dad the sooner she would feel better.

She hoped the feeling in her stomach was from being scared not from swallowing John cum Opening Donnie's bedroom door with out knocking was another mistake she made this afternoon.

As she stood there with the door in her all she could see was her brother stroking his cock with a huge smile on his face as he looked at her. Before Cindy could say a word Donnie told her to come over here and finish what he as started.

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So much for bribing him it was perfectly clear what Donnie had on his mind. Shaking his cock at her Cindy knew there was only one thing to do. Grabbing hold of his cock Cindy said if I do this you'll have to promise not to tell mom and dad what you saw today.

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Laughing as he said I'm not going to promise nothing so you better just strip your damn cloths off and get on your knees between my legs and get to giving me a blow job I won't soon forget or I promise I'll be telling mom and dad everything I know Watching Cindy strip and been a dream he had stroked his cock to a many a nights.

Now watching her pulls off her blouse and to see those small perky tits b cup tits in full view was just making his cock that much harder if the was possible. He was going to have trouble not blowing his wad the minute her lushes lips touched the head of his cock.


Before Cindy could take off her panties donnie raised up and said he wanted to roll them down over her butt and down her long legs.

Seeing the blonde wisp of pussy hair brought a huge smile to his facelike he didn't already have one that would be a long time in going away. Sitting at the edge of his bed his pushed Cindy down on her knees between his.

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Cindy was surprised with her self because the site of her brother rolling down her panties was making her pussy get all wet. Was this something that she really wanted to take place because not even when she had sucked either Chris or John had she gotten wet at all.

Dropping to her knees and placing her hand on her brothers hard cock was the last thing she ever thought would turn her on. Lowering her head to his cock she slowly let her lips slide down around the hard head.


Running her tongue around his cock shaft was something she had never done before but form the way Donnie was reacting it was something that he was liking.

Feeling Donnie hands on her head only made her bob her head up and down his shaft even faster. She knew he wasn't going to last much longer and she wondered what he would taste like compared to John.

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She was for the first time enjoying suck a cock to bad it was her brothers because if it was someone else she may be willing to let them pop her cherry. The very thing that had cause the breakup with Chris her not wanting to fuck him.


And here she was about to get a mouth full of cum from her brother cock and all she could think of was how wet she was and how much she wanted cum herself More to come .