Tamil gays sex dirty talk and male actors sex naked movies He

Tamil gays sex dirty talk and male actors sex naked movies He
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It felt so cliche to be lusting after my best friend's older brother, but I did. Brenden was gorgeous in a punk rock way. He had tattoos, shaggy dark hair, and amazing green eyes. He was thin, but had great arms that I would kill to have on me. One day, after school, me and my best friend Kayla went back to her house, which was several blocks away from mine. "Morgan! Did you grab my history book?" Kayla asked me. I shook my head slowly, knowing that after school, by her locker, she asked me to grab her history book because she had an exam after the weekend.

She sighed and replied, "I'll run back, you can chill here and grab something to eat. Later!" Quickly she ran out the door with her short, straight brown hair trailing behind her. I sat down and opened the fridge and grabbed an energy drink when I heard Brenden walking down the stairs.

"Kayla? Kayla!", he yelled. Once I closed the fridge door, our eyes met.

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"Umm sorry, she just left to run back to school, she forgot a book." I said. "Oh, hey Morgan. You're just hanging out here until she gets back?" he asked. "Mmhm", I said, nodding my head. "If you want, you can come up here and listen to some music. Good music, not the pop shit you're used to", he said, laughing. I looked around nervously. He was nineteen and just graduated and I was just a freshman in high school. I was excited and scared all at the same time.

My heart was racing, but still I nodded and followed him up the stairs. As I walked behind him I was trying envision how I looked. I was still in my school uniform: boring green, blue, and black plaid wool skirt, white semi-low cut dressy tank top, my hair was wavy, almost curly, loose, and blonde. Once I reached his room he turned around, double clicked on his computer, and started the music. He sat on his bed, and I looked for possible places to sit, but there were none.

I walked slowly over to the bed and sat down to the left of him. He smiled a little and layed down on the bed, so for some reason I did the same. I tried to channel out all the crazy thoughts running through my head when I heard a stomach growl. I glanced over at him and said "whoa, was that you?" He laughed and nodded, then said "I'm hungry, dude." I layed my head on his chest and laughed, and rest my hand on his stomach.

We layed like that until I heard Kayla slam the door. I sat up and smiled as I heard Kayla shuffling around downstairs. I decided to leave Brenden alone and go back to my friend before I screwed something up. I walked out of the room and pretended to come out of the bathroom and quickly ran down the stairs. "It's going to be such a late night now, I just wasted an hour!" Kayla whined.

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"I could spend the night, if you want" I replied. Kayla's eyes lit up and she shook her head enthusiastically. "I'll run home and grab some clothes," I said.

"HURRY, Morgan!" she yelled. So I turned around and walked out her front door. I actually ran all the way home, not out of excitement for studying, but for Brenden.

Kayla's parents were out of town and left Brenden in charge, which meant by the time I got back there would be pizza and music blasting. Once I got to my room I looked in my mirror. I was still tanned from laying in the sun all summer. My hair was a shiny blonde, and my waves were perfectly messy. I threw off my ugly school clothes and threw on my nicest bra and sexiest underwear. Me and Kayla went to Victoria's Secret for the first time the week before.

I found out I was a B cup and liked the boy short underwear the best. I threw them on and looked in my mirror. I wasn't skinny, I had some muscle. I was self concious about my butt, which was curvy compared to the rest of my body, but I was secure in the fact that my boobs looked amazing in this bra.

I threw on a pair of low riding jeans and a black lacy tank top. I sprayed my most expensive perfume on my neck and put on my best tasting lipgloss. I grabbed some pajamas and clothes for the next day and thought I was ready. As I walked out my bedroom door, I hoped this wasn't all for nothing. I ran all the way back to Kayla's and when I got there it was just as expected. "That was quick, we just ordered cheese pizza!" Kayla told me. I nodded, looking around for Brenden, but I couldn't find him.

We studied for a while and ate dinner together while Brenden ate in his room upstairs. I felt like I did something wrong. I felt stupid and disappointed. Kayla suggested we got ready for bed so I ran to the upstairs bedroom while Kayla stayed downstairs to change. I locked the door and threw on my blue shorts and a different white cami. I glanced in the mirror at my tan skin before I walked out of the bathroom and straight into Brenden. "Oh, sorry", I said quietly. He put his hands on my hips and smiled as he moved me to the side and said "it's fine".

I ran downstairs, still excited about Brenden touching me. At least he wasn't mad. "Morgan! Devin called me! I am so not in the mood to study. He's so hot!" Kayla said as soon as I got into the basement. "Let's just study in the sun tomorrow, we can tan!" I said enthusiastically. Really I couldn't care less about my tan, I was already more tan than most girls I knew. I really just wanted to think about everything that happened with Brenden that day.

We walked to her room as Brenden left the bathroom with just a white towel around his waist and his clothes in his hands. He looked so stunning with his hair so messy and wet, and he had a nice tan too, just not as deep as mine.

He smiled again and I noticed how straight his teeth were. As I sat on Kayla's bed I was still thinking about Brenden's smile, his lips, everything. "Morgan, floor." Kayla demanded. She was really cautious about not looking like a lesbian. I grabbed blankets and a pillow and layed on the floor.

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She gushed about Devin, a boy at school in our grade. He was fifteen while we were fourteen. I didn't really like him, but I nodded and listened until she talked herself to sleep. Secretly I had been thinking about myself, and Brenden, and what I should do. I decided to go to the bathroom and if he stopped me I would go for it, if he didn't, I'd sleep.

I checked on Kayla and tip toed out of the room and into the bathroom. Brenden's door was cracked open, but he didn't stop me. I pretended to pee, and washed my hands and fixed my hair.

I opened the bathroom door, but he wasn't there. I walked toward Kayla's room when I heard him. "Morgan . Morgan" he whispered. I stopped. My heart raced.

I took a deep breath and turned around to see his face peeking through the crack in his door. I smiled and he opened the door wider and motioned me to come in. I looked around, then back at him and walked slowly toward his room.

Once I was in, he shut the door and wrapped his arms around my waist. He was standing in back of me and I could feel his breath on my neck. He ran his hands down my thigh, then inbetween.

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He touched my vagina through my shorts and I felt warm. His hands moved up my shirt, over my boobs and then I felt a light squeeze. He kissed my neck and I turned around to face him. The lights were off, but I could still make out his face. He kissed me on the lips and walked me backwards toward his bed. I bit my lip as I felt myself fall backward. I was on his bed, my heart racing. I was a virgin. Actually the furthest I had ever gone was just making out. He took off my cami and threw it inback of him and then ran his hands down to the waistband of my shorts.

He ran his fingers underneath the waistband and I could feel his fingertips at the beginning of my pussy. He tugged at my shorts and slowly peeled them off.


He threw his own shirt off and then slowly stood up and pulled off his own pajama pants. I saw his boxers sticking out and realized he had an erection. He layed on top of me and we started making out. He touched my boobs and I felt such an amazing sensation.

This was all new to me, and I could feel myself getting wet inbetween my legs. When we finally stopped I said "Brenden, I'm sorry, I'm a virgin." He looked down at me and smiled and said "It's fine." I nodded and felt his fingers take my panties off and work their way inside my pussy.

He whispered "you're wet, do you want me?" I looked him in the eyes and nodded, "I think so" I said. He pulled down his boxers and I saw his penis. It was the first one I ever saw.

It seemed too big to go in my pussy. But I trusted him. I was fourteen, he has older, and I assumed he knew what he was doing. He separaped my legs gently and I felt his dick on the outside of my pussy.

He kissed me and I felt him push his way inside. At first it hurt, but after a while I was moaning quietly. I could feel his dick rubbing againts my pussy walls. He would slow it down and thrust hard sometimes, then he would speed it up.

He sucked on my nipples and pounded away at my pussy. He moaned my name and squeezed my boobs hard one last time and I felt him explode inside me. I felt so warm and full. He pulled his dick out of me and panted for a little.

I felt like i was in a trance. My body was still buzzing after having sex. It felt so good, like together we could make eachother feel that good all the time. "You should go," he said.

I was confused so I picked up my clothes and threw them on and walked quickly out of the room.

I liked having sex with him, but I felt like he didn't like it. The rest of the night I felt so awkward and used. At the same time I felt accomplished and excited. Kayla always treated me like a little kid and thought she was better than me, but I had sex before her.

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He was so cute and nice, but now he seemed like he hated me. I didn't know how to feel so I slept. I was fourteen, and confused. The next morning I woke up to Brenden's voice. He laughed and then said, "yeah, it was pretty good.

She was so tight, man. No, she was moaning. Dude she's so tiny. Whatever, asshole. Later." I looked around to see Kayla glancing at me but clearly eavesdropping in on Brenden's conversation. "Do you hear that?" Kayla asked.

"What?" I replied. "Brenden. Apparently some slut had sex with him last night and now he's bragging about it to his friend Aiden. He's so sick." she said. I felt myself turn red and nodded my head in agreement.

"Can I take a shower?" I asked Kayla. "Sure, whatever" she said, obviously still pissed about Brenden and his secret slut. I walked down the hall and into the bathroom without even glancing at his bedroom door. I grabbed a towel and turned on the water. I got into the shower and let the water run down my face and boobs. I grabbed a shampoo and lathered up my hair and rinsed the suds out.

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I stared down at the suds going down the drain by my feet before reaching for the body wash. I ran my hands over my arms, collar bone, boobs, down my abs to my legs. Finally I placed the body wash inbetween my legs and on my ass. I let all the suds run off my body and turned the water off. I pulled back the shower curtain and found Brenden standing facing the opposite way toward the mirror, washing his face. I quickly shut the curtain and covered my boobs with my arms.

"Morgan?" he said. He pulled back the curtain and saw me standing naked. "Can I have a towel?" I asked.

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He shook his head and stepped inside the shower. He was topless but was still wearing his boxers from the night before. He grabbed my lower back and brought me closer to him, then he grabbed my wrist that was helping covering my exposed boob and brought it down to his dick. He turned around and started the water again. "Go on, Morgan, take my boxers off", he said. I was nervous. I looked around the shower and watched the water drip off his hair and on to my boobs.

I slid my hand around his boxers and gave them a tug and they fell to the floor. He picked them up and threw them outside the shower. "Get me hard, Morgan" he said. I looked him in the eye, confused. He had an erection the night before. He pulled me into the water and let the warm water hit my boobs. I felt my nipples get hard. He grabbed his own dick and started playing with it. "Turn around. Let it hit your little asshole." he told me.

I was hesitant. But he was older, and I felt safe with him, so I did what he said. I faced the other way, my ass towards him and bent over, letting the water hit my ass.

He was making noises and I felt something else warm hit my ass. But it wasn't water. He exploded white stuff all over my ass and began rubbing it in with his hands.

"You have such a hot little body, Morgan. You have a nice tight pussy, and a cute ass. I want you." he said.


I faced him and he kissed me on the lips. Then he stepped out of the shower and closed the curtain on me. I stayed in the shower, quietly, until I heard the door slam. I washed my body again, feeling dirty, and stepped out of the shower again. This time he wasn't waiting for me. I was alone. I grabbed a towel and dried myself.

I brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I shook my head all over so my hair was super messy and I looked myself in the mirror. I was different now. I didn't know what I was doing, but all that mattered was that Brenden liked it. I threw on my new clothes for the day and opened the door, expecting to see Brenden, but it was Kayla, and she didn't look happy.