She finishes handjob compilation charlotte cross gets the plumber to neat her pipes

She finishes handjob compilation charlotte cross gets the plumber to neat her pipes
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Hey, first story, hope you enjoy. I was 15 when I first started to notice my sister, Rachel in ways I knew were wrong. I would lie in bed sometimes and just think about her and what I would want to do if I ever got the chance to be with her. I would stroke my cock until it stood erect and seeped a little pre-cum. My dick was a shameful 5.5" but that didn't matter to me at the time.

My fantasies became more and more sexual and I began to regularly masturbate to the thought of fucking her.

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Little did I know that my dreams would soon become reality. Whenever I got in from school and realised she was still at work and the house was empty I would make my way up the stairs and creep into her room.

I would scour her panty draw and look for a sexy thong and put it to my nose and inhale the smell of womanhood. Instantly my cock would go hard and I would look for an even dirtier pair. It was a saturday and I had awoken about 8am and headed downstairs.

I was eating my breakfast of toast and jam when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. The door opened and Rachel walked in, a pair of pyjama buttons revealing the top of her plump ass crack. My sister had dark blonde shoulder length hair, she was a little bit on the chubby side but she had the nicest big ass.


An ass I wanted to stick my dick in. She had a nice pair of tits, a decent size that showed cleavage whenever she wore a low-cut top, which luckily for me she regularly did. She brought in a basket of washing and took it to the kitchen, I watched as she strutted over and bent over to open the Washing Machine door.

Her pink pyjama bottoms slid down half way down her ass giving me the nicest view of her sexy crack and I instantly felt a stirring in my track pants.

She quickly pulled them up again and I snapped back to the TV to remove any sense of suspicion. I got really hard thinking about it and went upstairs where I needed to wank over what I had just seen.

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I looked at her bedroom door and my sexual urges took over annd I ventured in to take a look at her drawer and see what I could find.

My eyes ganced to under her bed where I saw a pink and white striped thong she had missed to collect for the washing.


I picked them up and examined them, they had a nice yellow stain where her pussy had been and I instantly put them to my nose and inhaled. Naive in the belief she was busy downstairs I lay back on her bed, an ecstacy of sexual thoughts racing through my mind.

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I didn't listen for anything and I missed the footsteps coming closer to the door. The door opened and my sister stared at me, quickly noticing a thong of hers stuffed against my face. I quickly jumped to my feet, and tried too explain, but she cut me off with a shocked expression. "What do you think your doing?" she said, with a cheeky grin on her face.


"Look, I'm sorry, please don't tell mom." I replied, nervous. "I won't, do you find me sexy Rob?" she said seductively/ "What?!" "Do you want to see my tight pussy?" She said a coy smile emblazoned on her pretty face. "Yeah, I wanna lick your clit and stick my tongue in your dirty little asshole" I replied, shocked at how my urges had got the better of me.

She walked over to me, came close and grabbed my arms and slid them down the back of her pink pyjama pants. "Does my ass fell good?" she asked. Then kissing me softly on the lips.

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I grabbed it hard, with aggreeing force and slid my right hand into her ass crack, my index finger started to massage her asshole. It was nice and tight so I pulled my hand from there and made her suck my finger that had just been rubbing her hole to lube up. "Does your ass taste good?" I asked and she nodded sexily in agreement. "I wanna taste it." I grabbed her by the hair and bent her over the bed, so her ass was looking straight up at me. I pulled her pink pants to her ankles, spread her legs and looked at her beautiful clean little hole.

I put my nose right to it and sniffed that dirty but oh so good spot. I licked it, smothered it with my tongue and coated it in my saliva. She loosened up and moaned with pleasure. "You ever had a dick in your ass, you little whore?" I asked aggressively, my instincts turned primitive. "Fuck me in my ass, fuck me hard!" I was only to pleased to comply, I spat on my hand and rubbed it on my rock hard dick.

I entered her slowly, it was so tight that I almost came straight away. As my cock got all the 5 and a half inches in, I started to pound faster and faster, soon my thighs were clapping against her chubby legs. After about 15 minutes of fucking my sister hard, I told her I was gonna come.

"Come in my little Asshole!" she screamed. I felt the nicest pleasure in my cock as shot after shot streamed into her tight little poop-chute, I shuddered and as I became flacid I withdrew, sweating from what had taken place. I saw her hole push out the cum and she reached her hand and scooped the cream from her soaking asshole. She rubbed it onto her tongue and swallowed every drop in her palm.

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"How did your brother's cum taste then?" I said. "It tasted sooo good, the best I've ever had." She replied with a dirty grin on her face. The End. Comment if I should write more or not.