Beautiful TS Meen enjoys masturbation

Beautiful TS Meen enjoys masturbation
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Thomas Evergreen enjoyed the feeling of Chloe's body against his even when they weren't fucking. They were laying down on the living room couch, both facing the tv. He had his right arm wrapped around her at her waist. He forced himself to avoid the urge to move his hand up toward her tits or down toward her pussy.

He liked having quiet moments with her like watching a movie or playing a game. Not every waking moment need to be spent inside her.

Today they were watching Princess Mononoke, one of Tom's favorite movies. Although Tom liked the quiet moments with her, today it was hard to resist his want to take Chloe there on the couch. He hadn't fucked her in over 24 hours now.

He was holding off and building up his cum for when his new daughter arrived. It was supposed to be any time now, but it was still frustrating having such a great piece right in front of him and having to hold off fucking her.

He kept reminding himself that he would be blowing his load inside his new daughter very soon. Then, he would be watching the greatest show there was.

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He wasn't tired of Chloe or anything, not by a long shot. He was just eager for another pussy to call his own and all the combinations of pleasure having two fuck toys would bring.

To help him resist the urge, Tom had Chloe wear clothes. It was a very rare occurrence in his house. She wore a blue spaghetti-strap top and pink pajama bottoms. Tom knew that she didn't have a bra or underwear on underneath, which made it even harder to not pull off her pajamas and fuck her pink hole. About halfway through the movie, the proximity alarm went off. Finally! Tom thought. His new daughter was here. He turned off the movie and Chloe got up excited for what would come later.


"You remember what to do?" he asked her. She nodded. "Yes, Daddy." "Good girl." He gave her a kiss on the lips and squeezed her ass cheeks for a moment. He then said, "Go on, baby girl. Make me proud." Tom watched her sexy ass go upstairs before going to the front door.

Athena wore a black tube top and matching skirt.

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Tom had no doubt that underneath was the black cherry colored panties he requested on her. In the suitcase she rolled behind her would be the other sexual clothes he wanted with her along with the various sex toys that would be used when she was paired with Chloe. "Hello," she said. "My name is Athena Faris." Tom shook his head. "Not anymore. You're Athena Evergreen from now on." "Yes, Master." Tom opened his mouth to tell her to call him Daddy, but he stopped himself.

He decided to take her calling him master for a test drive. She was a sex bot after all not a real person so it wasn't too weird. Instead, Tom took her hand and brought her inside. As he led her to the guest bedroom that he would take her pussy in, Tom took the opportunity to inspect her. He hooked two fingers over her right breast and pulled her tub top down. He only pulled it down over her right breast.

She had her nipples pierced just like she was supposed to. When they got to the top of the stairs, Tom pulled her skirt up at the front and put a hand down her panties to make sure she had a hairless pussy.

Athena let out a moan as his hand brushed her clit. Tom removed his hand and ordered his toy to walk in front of him while holding up her skirt. She, of course, obeyed. Tom guided her to the bedroom while watching her ass covered by sexy panties sway with every step.

Tom knew then why in some of her videos she was almost exclusively fucked while bent over. It was one thing to see that ass in a porn video and quite another to have it in front of him. Athena's ass was intoxicating and hungry to be fucked doggy. In the same way Chloe was a cocksucker, Athena was a bitch to be mounted. The bedroom he was taking her to was special. He had his simple robots take out all the furniture from the room including the bed frame.

The only thing that stayed was the king-sized mattress. Four other mattresses were placed in the room; two parallel and pushed against the original mattress. The other two were pushed against the mattresses perpendicular, creating a massive bed. Tom had this done so he could sleep with and fuck multiple sex bots and have them sleep with and fuck each other in the bed too.

As soon as they entered the room, Tom grabbed Athena's hips and pushed her onto the bed. He flipped her onto her back and kissed her hard while feeling her up. While Athena's arms went around his neck to hold him in the kiss, Tom pulled off her skirt and tossed it aside.

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Still locked with his mouth to hers, he shoved a hand down the back of her panties to get at her glorious ass. Instead of submissively waiting for commands like Chloe often did, Athena took it upon herself to feel him up to. She ran her hands through his hair and down his back while he was groping her ass. Then, as their tongues explored each other's mouths, she unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and started stroking his cock as soon as it was free of his boxers.

Tom broke the kiss and asked rhetorically, "You want my cock, Athena? Want it in your mouth?" She nodded eagerly. "Yes, Master. I want a taste of your big dick. Give it to me, please, Master." Tom kept his toy laying on her back rather than having her on her knees or over the top of him. He stayed over the top of her, but moved so that his dick was in her face. A moment later, he felt Athena's wet mouth wrapping around his head.

As the seconds passed Athena took more and more of his cock in her mouth. Tom enjoyed the sensation, but he wanted to take full advantage of the leverage and power he had by being on top of her.

As she took more of his dick in her mouth, he thrusted forward, shoving his entire dick into her mouth. The force of it pushed her head back onto the mattress. Tom's dick forced its way to her throat. Athena wasn't prepared and immediately started gaging. Tom left her like that for a few moments then pulled his cock out. His plan was to let her breath for a few seconds then dive in again. However, before he forced his dick back into her mouth, Athena actually leaned up and started sucking on his head again.

The act made Tom smile and he gladly let her suck on his head for almost a full minute before deep throating her again. He kept this up for several minutes, a long deep throat then a short cool down. Athena never let his dick out of her mouth for more than a few seconds. As the rough blowjob went on, Tom reached behind him to get under her wet panties and rub her clit. He wanted to take her pussy more and more with every passing second.

Finally, he took his cock from her and got off her enough to see her whole body. Her tub top was still partially off, exposing her right tit. Her panties were pushed down a little from his treatment of her clit.

Tom yanked her tub top up and over her head to release both of her pierced tits. He pulled off her panties seconds after. He admired her naked body laying on his massive mattress bed for what seemed like an eternity. She interrupted his trance by asking, "How may I serve you, my Master?" Tom smiled at her. He leaned over her again and took hold of her tits. He squeezed them and replied, "Be a slut." Athena gave him a devilish grin.

She reached out and took hold of his arms to pull him in closer. She bit her lower lip and seductively begged, "Fuck me." For once, he obeyed the command of a fuck toy and took her.

Athena was facing him and it would feel great to take her missionary.

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But Tom felt it would be best to fuck her the way he had seen in so many of her porn vids, the way she was meant to be fucked. Tom turned Athena over, got her on her hands and knees, and had his way with her from doggy style.

Her pussy was wet, her legs were spread, and she was waiting for his dick like a good slut. Tom teased his girl with his cock. He put it everywhere but inside her. He brushed his shaft against her ass cheeks, thighs, the perimeter of her pussy lips, and even around her asshole.

Athena tried to back her ass up to get the cock inside her by herself, but Tom moved to much. She reached an arm behind her, but he repeated the same. She started to make pouting sounds that drove Tom crazy. After teasing her thighs again, Tom suddenly and without warning penetrated her. Half of his dick was inside her pussy in one thrust. The gasp of relief at finally having a dick inside her wet hole was very loud.

The gasp was followed by, "I am yours, Master. Dominate my pussy with everything you have. I beg you." Tom was happy to oblige and pulled his cock almost completely out of her and thrusted back in hard. After a few more thrusts, he picked up speed.

Within a handful of seconds Tom was fucking Athena hard enough that he had to take hold of her hips to keep up his momentum.

After fifteen minutes of both fast and slow fucking of her while bent over, Tom could tell she was nearing an orgasm. He let go of her hips and reached up for her firm tits. While still inside his fuck toy, he lifted her up so that her body matched his position, on her knees but otherwise vertical. He still buried his dick in her pussy to the base with every thrust, but he now also squeezed and pinched her tits.

He also kissed her neck and bit into her neck; the bites were hard enough to leave marks.

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Tom kept up the pace of his kissing, groping, and fucking. Athena's moans increased in response. For two minutes he fucked her that way. Then, finally, her body started to react to an orgasm. She bucked away from his grip. He held on tight to her tits, but had to stop kissing her neck. Her moans stopped for a moment as her breath held from the intensity of her sexual release. She came crashing down a few moments later. She let out deep breaths as her energy was spent. Her body went weak and she collapsed forward.

Tom let go of her tits and let her body fall back to how he was originally fucking her, except she was propped up by her elbows rather than her hands. When she finally caught her breath, she let out moans of pleasure and exclamations including, "Fuck!" and "Oh my God!" and Tom's favorite "Yes, Master!" All the while Tom hadn't stopped the push and pull of his dick into her juice covered and soaked pussy. Tom didn't fuck Athena in that position for much longer since he was nearing his own climax.

Instead, he knocked her elbows out from under her, followed quickly by her knees. His dick never left her. He now had Athena completely flat on the mattress. He fucked her faster now that her pussy was soaked from the juices of her orgasm.

He laid on top of her too. He caused moan to escape her lips with every thrust.

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"Mmmmmm. Yes! Ohhhh. Fuck, Master. Its so deep!" she called to him. Her words combined with his lust for the sex bot and the feeling of control he had got him to his own climax. He pumped out glob after glob of sticky cum into her sweet pussy.

For over a minute after he was done, he kept his spent cock inside of her. He let every last drop of cum squirt into her, then pulled out his limp dick. He gave his Athena a kiss on the lips and a couple smacks on her ass cheeks. He then laid on his back with Athena flipped over onto her back too next to him. Tom then waited for the show as Chloe entered the room naked. Athena's eyes were closed as she enjoyed the bliss of post-orgasm. She didn't know that Chloe had entered the room.

"Hey, baby girl," Tom said with a smile. Athena opened her eyes and saw Chloe approaching the bed with no clothes on. "Who's this?" she asked. "This is your sister, sweetheart," Tom said.

"You're going to call me Daddy from now on. I am going to watch your sister eat my cum out of your pussy. While she enjoys you, I'm going to be enjoying her.

After I finish inside her, it'll be your turn to lick cum from your sister." Athena looked back at Chloe who was now on the bed in front of her. She smiled at her sister and spread her legs.

Chloe didn't immediately go after Athena's pussy. Instead, she leaned in for a kiss. The kiss was long and wet and so damn sexy to watch. Tom's two fuck toy daughters were naked and making out and one of them had his load dripping out of her.

Nothing could be hotter. After half a minute, Chloe broke the kiss and said, "I'm going to have so much fun with you, sis." "What are you waiting for," Athena replied, "my pussy isn't going to eat itself." Chloe's head moved down Athena's body. Chloe kissed her cheek, then her neck. She sucked on her right breast, then her left. She moved down Athena's stomach and waist, kissing softly. Finally, she was between her sister's legs. She stuck out her tongue and gave Athena's cum dripping pussy a long lick like it was a lollipop.

She lapped up a good amount of cum too. Watching Chloe between her sister's legs was bringing life back to Tom's dick. After about five minutes, Tom couldn't just watch anymore. Athena nearing an orgasm, so Chloe was distracted with getting her there. She didn't notice that he had gotten behind her. Athena had her eyes closed and head back, so she didn't notice either.

Tom didn't give Chloe any warning before entering her. Chloe was so wet that Tom slipped all the way inside her with the first thrust. The girl's lower body jerked in surprise. She let out a muffled moan as her mouth was still occupied with pussy. Athena, wondering why Chloe let out a moan like that, opened her eyes and saw Tom rhythmically fucking away at her sister's pussy.

It was so hot to see and drove Athena to the edge. She reached out to take hold of the back of Chloe's head. She pulled Chloe's head into her pussy harder.

She let out a series of moans, squeals, and deep breaths. Her body spasmed and rocked, but Chloe's head remained between her legs, tongue on her clit, through the whole orgasm. Meanwhile, Tom continued to pump his cock in and out of Chloe's sweet pussy from behind. He knew as he fucked his girl that he would never be able to say that one pussy was better than the other between the two of them. He had picked them out, so to him, they were both perfect. Tom fucked Chloe and groped her tits and ass throughout Athena's orgasm.

Once Athena came down, Tom flipped Chloe over. He penetrated his daughter while looking into her eyes. Athena caught on as to why Tom had flipped her over. Chloe's pussy was occupied, but her breasts were not. It was time for Athena to return the favor.


Athena took hold of Chloe's breasts. They weren't as big as her own, but that didn't stop her from having fun playing with them.

She kneaded Chloe's breasts and pinched her nipples for several minutes. Then, she took one of the small breasts into her mouth. She switched back and forth between Chloe's breast while a hand massaged and played with the tit that wasn't in her mouth.

All the while, their daddy continued to lunge into Chloe's sacred hole. It didn't take long for daddy or daughter to reach their peak. Tom knew the tell-tale signs now for when Chloe was about to hit her orgasm. If he timed it right… luckily, he did. As her fingers took in two fistfuls of the sheets and her head rocked back with the intensity of her pleasure, Tom shot his load into Chloe. He kept thrusting though her orgasm and didn't leave her till she was catching her breath again.

Once he did, he offered up his cock to Athena. Her hands never left her sister's tits, but she raised her head. She took his cock in her mouth, cleaning off Daddy's cum and Chloe's juices. Sexually satisfied and in total bliss, Tom collapsed on the bed. He laid next to the girls and this time he only watched. He watched as Athena took her turn between Chloe's legs. He watched Athena eat out Chloe's pussy and take every bit of cum from it. She stopped after Chloe hit her second climax. Athena laid down next to Tom facing away from him and toward Chloe next to her.

They slept like that, Tom and Chloe with Athena sandwiched between them.