Perfect beauty gets drilled in hardcore fashion

Perfect beauty gets drilled in hardcore fashion
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2014 The Devil's Pact Side Story: Tiffany Wants a Nooner Note: This takes place during Chapter 34, following Tiffany Sullivan.

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Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 I was bored. Ever since I gave my son-in-law my Gift, my life had been so busy, so full. After so many years I was happily reunited with my husband Sean, and our three beautiful daughters: Shannon, Mary, and Missy. I never thought I would get to have my family back; I always thought that the monster who enslaved me had destroyed any chances for true happiness. Mary proved me wrong; I betrayed the forces of Heaven to have my family, my happiness, back.

I have no regrets.

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Sean and I remarried, and I was pregnant with a child I could actually watch grow up. Of course, there were unexpected differences from all my daydreams of being reunited with my family. For one, I never thought I could make love to my daughters, let alone enjoy such deviant sex. Next to making love with my husband, being with my daughters was the best sex, and since I've conceived a child, I've also made love to Shannon's fiance George, and Missy's boyfriend Damien.

They weren't Sean, but I enjoyed myself. I was curious to try out Mark; my Gift transformed him into a hunky Adonis. I loved my husband, but he looked his age, unlike me, and his waistline had lost the war against middle-age. I don't know if I ever would get the chance to be with Mark. He may have forgiven me at Karen's funeral two months ago, but I could tell he still resented me.

I guess it will take time to heal the hurt I caused him. Maybe it never would heal; I know I can never forgive myself for the ten people that died that day in June. Today, the house was empty. Usually there was someone around. I lived with my husband, of course, and my youngest daughter Missy. Missy's boyfriend Damien also lived with us, along with their sex slaves: Dawn and Mrs. Corra. School had started back up and Missy, Damien, and Dawn were attending Washington High School, where Sean and Mrs.

Corra taught English and Math respectively.

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Normally, if there was no-one around the house, I would visit someone else in the neighborhood. Often Shannon was around, or Mark's mother Sandy and her girlfriend Betty.

Or even Mary. Today, however, no-one was around. Shannon was off in Chicago with her fiance and their sex-slave Sandra, Mary and Mark were off giving speeches to coordinate the gun-buyback happening this Saturday, and Sandy was out somewhere with her girlfriend. Even the sluts were all gone, off with Mark and Mary. The only one home was Sam, and she always made me nervous. Women shouldn't have cocks. It was unnatural. I had the house cleaned by 9 AM. I was so bored. And horny. I've gotten used to getting laid, often, and I was missing it.

And my pregnancy seemed to just ramp up my hormones to teenage levels. I rubbed my flat belly; I would be showing soon I was only seven weeks pregnant and for a moment my horniness was forgotten as I fantasized about watching my son or daughter actually grow up. Then the lust came crashing back and I squirmed, pressing my thighs together. I needed to cum so bad! I thought about running a bath, pouring a glass of wine, and having a nice, leisurely masturbation.

I even walked upstairs and stared at the bathtub. I just didn't want to masturbate. I wanted to get fucked. By Sean. Only one problem—he was at work. Then a thought occurred to me; I could go see him just like that one time many years ago. I smiled fondly, remembering when we were first married, before Shannon was born.

I had the day off, and I surprised Sean at work during his lunch period. We had a nooner right there in his classroom. It was wildly exciting. You could hear the students outside the door, walking through the hallways as I was bent over his desk with my skirt hiked up and my panties bunched around my ankles, getting pounded by Sean.

We both came so hard that afternoon. We never had another nooner; it was just too risky. Sean was just starting out his career, and neither of us wanted him to lose his job.

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But now things were different. Mark and Mary had changed things. I glanced at my watch; if I left right now, I could make it in time for his lunch, and I could scratch the itch in my panties with a nice nooner with my hubby.

28 and 29 were my bodyguards for the day. Mary insisted that everyone have a guard just in case. Both were beautiful, young women, and I admired their slutty cop outfits that showed off their gorgeous, long legs and nearly exposed most of their tits.

I didn't feel like driving, so I just climbed into the passenger seat of 29's squad car while 28 climbed into the back. 29 sped the entire way to Parkland, sirens blaring; there were some nice perks to having your very own police bodyguards.

We got off the freeway at Steele Street, drove about a mile-and-a-half and reached Washington High School. Students barely gave me any looks as I marched through the halls escorted by two sluttily-dressed cops.

They must be used to seeing the bodyguards since a pair each escorted Sean, Missy, and Damien at school. Dawn and Mrs. Corra didn't have guards yet; there just weren't enough of them to protect the sex slaves.

Sean's classroom was on the first floor, and two bodyguards stood at attention, flanking the door. "Sorry, ma'am, no-one's allowed in," 41 said as we approached. I arched an eyebrow at the voluptuous woman. "I'm his wife." She flushed. "He said no-one is allowed in." "What, is he fucking a student?" I asked jokingly, then I saw their embarrassed expressions.

"Seriously?" "Uhh, yes, ma'am." "Out of the way," I ordered. "Or do I need to talk to my daughter." 41 hesitated, glancing at her partner, who shrugged. "Okay, ma'am." I pushed open the door, and I heard the slap of flesh and the giggly moan of a young woman. "Umm, I like it when you do that, Mr. Sullivan." "Well, Miss Jones, how about when I do this?" I wasn't sure what Sean just did, but Miss Jones squealed in delight. Walking in, I saw my husband behind a young teen bent over his desk, her jeans and panties bunched around her ankles.

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She had bleached-blonde hair and dark eyes with long eyelashes. She was slamming her hips back into my husband, arching her back in pleasure.


Both her top and bra were gone, her perky breasts bouncing with my husband's hard thrusts. "What are you doing with my husband!" I shouted with mock anger. "Oh my god!" Miss Jones gasped, turning scarlet and covering her breasts. Pity, they were a pair of beautiful, perky tits topped with pale-pink nipples. Sean froze like a deer in headlights. "Honey, I." "Don't honey me!" I snapped with my hands on my hips. "Who are you balls deep in?" "Umm, Emily Jones," he answered sheepishly.

"I'm so sorry, ma'am!" squeaked Emily. I moved around the desk to the opposite side from the fucking couple, bent down and grasped her jaw, turning her face up so I could look into her pretty, brown eyes.

"You can make it up to me by licking my pussy." "What?" she gasped. I glanced at Sean. "Doesn't she know English? Or is she just that bad at it that she needs to fuck you for a better grade?" "No, she's doing just fine," Sean laughed, then slapped Emily's ass.

"You heard my wife," Sean smiled. "You'll love eating her pussy." "'ve never.with" I stroked her cheek. "You'll learn, Emily." I pulled off the t-shirt I wore, freeing my braless breasts, still perky with youth despite the fact that I was forty-four. There were definite advantages to being permanently eighteen! Sean's eyes latched onto them as he slowly fucked Emily and a happy thrill tumbled through me. Off came my pants and panties, and I ran a finger through my blonde bush.

Emily blanched when I crawled on the desk, sweeping off papers and pens, and spread my legs in front of her. "I can't," she protested. "I'm not a dyke." I grabbed her bleached-blonde hair, pulling her face into my pussy.

"There are consequences to fucking a married man! You think you can shake your tight ass and perky tits in my husband's face and not have to pay?" "Please!" Her resistance was making this so much more exciting. I pulled her mouth right into my cunt and rubbed it on her face. "Lick!" Sean's eyes were glued to the sight of his student's face buried in my snatch. "Go on, Miss Jones," he urged as he fucked her pussy. "Eat my wife out! I would love to see that." Her tongue licked out, very hesitantly, and I shuddered in delight.

"Umm, doesn't that taste nice?" "Yes," she whispered, and then there was another delightful swipe of her tongue across my snatch. "Don't forget my clitoris." I almost jumped off the desk when her tongue flicked across my clitoris. Sean gripped her hips and started pumping harder at her cunt, driving her eager mouth into my pussy. I grabbed my left breast, gave it a squeeze, then brought it up to my lips and just managed to give my nipple a lick.

"That's hot, Tif!" I smiled at my husband, then I gasped at the exciting things Miss Jones was doing to my pussy, purring, "Naughty minx. Umm, slide those fingers in and out of me. Ohh, jeez that's wonderful!" Her tongue flicked at my clitoris as she slipped two fingers up inside me. Emily was really getting into it. My hips were writhing, and I pulled the little trollop harder into my clitoris. Her lips sucked on it; my eyes nearly rolled back into my head as the agonizingly sweet pleasure surged through me.

"Yes, yes!" I purred, my orgasm nearing. I was so horny when I arrived, it wasn't taking me long to cum. "Oh shoot! Umm, that feels great, Emily! Yes, yes! Oh jeez, I'm going to cum!" My orgasm crashed through me, a wonderful explosion of delight. "Oh darn it, that was amazing!" My pussy was too sensitive and I pulled away from the teen, and walked around the desk. I pressed against my husband's side and kissed him on the lips.

"You're an amazing wife, Tif," he whispered as he kept fucking his student. I slid my hand down and squeezed his ass. "You're not too bad yourself, Sean." "Fuck me, Mr. Sullivan!" Emily gasped, her lips free to cry out in pleasure. "Fuck me! Oh, I'm about to explode! Your cock feels amazing! Fuck my naughty little cunt!" The student writhed on the desk, knocking off a thermos that bounced across the floor, spilling brown coffee across the white linoleum.

Sean groaned, "I love it when a teen cums on my cock!" I slipped my hand into my husband's ass and found his puckered asshole.

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I circled it, then slipped a finger inside his asshole, searching for his prostate. I felt his body go rigid when I found it, and he grunted through clenched teeth, and buried himself in Emily's sheath. "Fill her pussy up with your cum," I hissed in his ear, as I massaged his prostate.

"I want to lick your spunk out of her!" Sean gave two more hard thrust into Emily, then breathed heavily as he finished cumming in the little trollop. I pulled my fingers out of his ass as Sean pulled out of her cunt, and he turned and kissed me, his softening cock rubbing wetly on my belly.

"I love you, Tif." I beamed at my husband and hugged him tightly. "I love you, too, you dirty, old teacher." "Um, should I go?" Emily asked.

She looked embarrassed, suddenly trying to cover her breasts as she sat on the edge of the desk. I saw her pussy was messy with my husband's cum, and she definitely was not a natural blonde, not with those dark curls matted with spunk. "Nope." I told her. "Lie down across the desk so I can eat your pussy out." I could feel Sean's cock hardening on my stomach, and I glanced at him.

"You took one of Sam's pills, didn't you?" He smiled sheepishly. "Yeah." Sam Mark and Mary's Vizier had invented a magical pill that could give a guy, or a hermaphrodite, unlimited stamina for a few hours. It was the first thing the horny Cambodian girl had invented. "You were planning on fucking Emily all lunch period, huh?" "Oh, yeah." "Well, now you get to fuck me all lunch period," I laughed.

"Sounds even better." "Good answer." I bent over the desk, spreading Emily's thighs. I loved eating my husband's cum out of another woman's cunt. The fact that she was one of his students just made this more exciting; it was so wrong and wicked as I inhaled the aroma of her pussy: salty boy-cum mixed with tart girl-cum. Licking my lips, I bent my head down to get a taste.


"Fuck, that's nice," Emily moaned. "Umm, I've never gotten a boy to go down on me." "You're in for a treat," I promised, then buried my face in her snatch. I licked up all of Sean's cum, enjoying the feel of her downy hair on my lips and cheeks. I spread open her flower, licking her dark, wrinkled inner lips. I played with them, sucking them into my lips and nibbling on them, moving slowly higher, slowly closer to her clitoris.

I felt Sean's hands on my ass, giving me a squeeze, before spreading my thighs open. I sucked Emily's clitoris into my mouth as Sean drove his cock into my sopping cunt. I moaned around Emily's clitoris. It was fat; maybe the largest clitoris I had ever seen—almost an inch long, and very sensitive.

She came hard when my lips touched it, and her juices mixed with Sean's cum splattered my cheeks; her fist slammed against the desk as her body bucked in pleasure.

I kept right on sucking, wrapping my arms around her hips to try and hold her still. "Holy shit!" Emily gasped. "That was hot!" I nursed at her clitoris as Sean pounded my cunt. His cock rubbed deliciously in my tight pussy, and I gave his dick a squeeze. Sean knew how to drive me wild with his cock, changing the angle of his thrust to rub against the most sensitive parts of my pussy. He was scratching that itch that had been driving me nuts all morning, and I purred like a happy kitten into Emily's cunt.

"Mrs. Sullivan, your mouth is the best! Oh, fuck! I'm going to cum again! I didn't know I could.oh fuck.cum again so quickly!" Her second orgasm wasn't as intense, and no juices flooded my lips, but she moaned prettily as she shuddered. I released her clitoris and stuck my tongue into her hole. I tasted more cum, licking eagerly as I searched for every last trace of Sean's spunk.

Emily gripped my hair, and pulled me deeper into her pussy, grinding on my face. I pushed her legs up, and I slipped a finger down to find her puckered asshole. I circled it with my finger, teasing her, as I kissed my lips lower, nuzzling my face into her crack. "Don't stop eating my snatch!" she begged, then gasped as my lips started rimming her asshole. "No, stop! That's so dirty!" I ignored her, pushing on the tight ring of her sphincter with my tongue.

I felt it give way, then my tongue was inside her ass, tasting her sour flavor. I pushed my tongue in and out of her asshole, wiggling it about as Emily convulsed, her third orgasm crashing through her; I kept right on licking her tasty ass.

"Oh, Tif, this is too hot. I'm gonna cum!" I squeezed my cunt on his cock, eager to feel him shooting inside me. Nothing felt better than to have your man flooding your pussy with his spunk. I pinched Emily's clitoris, and kept using my tongue as a mini-cock in her ass. Sean was grunting over and over, his thrusts becoming frantic as his orgasm neared. "I can't take any more pleasure!" Emily screamed.

"Please stop!" I ignored her, and kept right on sucking her asshole, stroking her clitoris like a little cock.

Sean's dick was hitting all the right places inside me, and I felt a powerful orgasm explode inside my womb. My cunt clamped down hard on Sean's shaft, milking him for his cum, while my lips sucked hard on Emily's ass.

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The teen collapsed on the desk as her fourth orgasm shuddered softly through her. "I love you, Tif!" Sean groaned as he spilled inside me. It felt so wonderful! I loved feeling his cum inside me. Another orgasm rippled through me, gentle and loving.

I was so happy; joy warmed me up. I made my husband cum and he made me cum. It's what we were made to do. Sean and I coddled on his chair, and I gave him a kiss, letting him taste Emily's pussy and ass. Then we watched the teen's breasts heave as she lay exhausted on the table. Sweat beaded off her firm body; a happy, tired smile on her lips. After a few minutes, she finally sat up and beamed at us. "Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan. That was the best sex I've ever had." She jumped off the desk, and bent down for her panties.

"No, take mine," I told her. I slipped off my husband's lap, and grabbed her red panties, pulling them up my hips. We were about the same size, and they fit me nicely.

Emily was a little unsure as she pulled up my lacy, sky-blue panties.

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She wiggled, adjusting my panties, and a naughty glint appeared in her eyes. Once she was fully dressed, she shyly said good-bye and slipped out of the classroom. I turned to my husband, his eye staring at Emily's panties slowly growing damp as his cum leaked out of my pussy. "I'll be wearing these all day," I promised. "I know how much you love smelling my used panties.

Think how great this pair will smell with both of our scents on it." Sean groaned, "I can't wait to get home." I kissed my husband. On the drive back home, I promised myself to visit him at work more often. There was something special about having a nooner with the man you loved; the pretty teen just made it that much more special.