Justin Slayer eine schlechte Hündin ficken

Justin Slayer eine schlechte Hündin ficken
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Submissive Incest Mind Control A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research Chapter Four: Daughter's Wicked Command By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! My thoughts whirled as I squirmed atop my cousin—my sister!—bound to her body. Her eyes danced wildly from the revelation that she was my father's daughter. She moaned about the dildo gag. Our flesh rubbed together. Daddy's cum ran out of my pussy and dribbled to hers, my clit caressing hers, my nipples kissing hers.

The ropes held us tight together, our bodies squeezed tight. We slowly twisted, suspended from the ceiling in the middle of my living room. I wanted to speak, but I had the same dildo gag shoved into my mouth. It was connected to my cousin—my sister!—the straps wrapped about both our heads with only a thin piece of rubber gasket keeping our lips from kissing.

My toes flexed. My pussy clenched. My asshole squeezed down on the butt plug filling my bowels. I wanted to speak. Never had I wanted to use my mind control powers more than right now. I ached to demand answers. My parents walked around my cousin—my sister!—and me, Mom filming us with her camera phone as naked as me, Dad's cock wet with our pussy juices.

But I was gagged and bound, unable to use my new abilities. It was part of my punishment for wrecking Dad's car today when I "borrowed" it. If Georgia was my sister, did this mean that Dad fucked Aunt Louisa, my mom's sister. Was she the one they called whore? My parents secretly practiced BDSM I had no idea until I started dominating them into punishing me.

Mom was his submissive slut. He even called her slut like it was her name. But there was also whore. Another woman. Was that. Aunt Louisa? And what about Uncle Wayne? Did he know that Georgia wasn't his daughter? I let out a frustrated moan. This was so horrible. I was being deprived the answers to my question because of this gag. And.

And I felt my parents watching me. I caught a glimpse of my daddy's expression, something in the firmness of his face, in his eyes, made me realize that he planned this. This revelation was part of my punishment. It was a true punishment. One that denied me the use of my new powers sent to me by that strange Institute. I squeezed my eyes shut, Georgia's squirming stimulating my body. She moaned, too, equally frustrated, equally punished.

Her fingers dug into my rump, spreading my butt-cheeks. She was my partner in crime in the events that lead to me wrecking Daddy's mustang. "Mmm, look at them," Mom purred. "Father, your daughters are both squirming so hard." "Yes, they are, slut," Daddy said, sounding so strong. Mom was at my feet. Her hand grabbed my ankle, stopping the slow spin of me and my sister.


Then it hit me. Mom knew that Daddy had knocked up her own sister. She was. okay with it. Aunt Louisa had to be whore. "She wants to know so badly," Mom purred. Her finger lightly stroked the bottom sole of my foot.

Sensations rippled up my leg to my pussy. I groaned about the dildo gag, my toes clenching. My pussy tightened. I squirmed more, grinding my clit into Georgia. Sparks of pleasure fluttered through my body as I tribbed my half-sister. No wonder I always felt so close to her. We often were said to look like sisters even though she had brassy-brown hair and I had black. But genetics could be funny like that.

It made our pussies rubbing together even naughtier. It was a wickeder form of incest. "Mmm, yes, Father, she's just aching to know. Should we tell her?" Mom's finger fluttered faster on the sole of my foot.

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My cousin let out a loud moan like she was trying to shout, "Yes!" Her thighs rubbed on mine. She humped against me, our clits sliding past each other.

Our little buds kissed. Pleasure surged through me. She felt so naughty beneath me. Our breasts, hers rounder and softer than mine, pressed tight. Our nipples tingled as they brushed each other. I moaned, staring into her blue eyes. My sister's eyes!

"Mmm, Father, you made both their pussies so beautiful with your cum," Mom purred, her fingernail stroking faster and faster up and down my foot. "Look at that spunk leaking out of them. It's running from Bess's cunt to Georgia's. You have two pretty daughters, Father." "Yes, I do," Daddy said, sounding proud as he circled us.

"You want to feast on them, don't you, slut?" "Yes, Father," Mom moaned, her voice so throaty. She kissed the bottom of my foot, her tongue licking it.

"Our daughter showed us it was okay. Imagine all the times I could have licked whore clean?" "Yes," Daddy groaned. "Do it! Lick your daughter and your niece's cunts. Feast on them. I want their pussies sparkling." "Yes, Father!" Mom's hair caressed my thighs as she moved closer to our pussies. The silky strands tickled me. The touch sent more sensations rushing up to my pussy and made my bowels squeeze about the butt plug. I groaned. I didn't want my pussy licked.

I wanted answers to my questions. Georgia whimpered beneath me, her hips undulating in circles. The movement bit the ropes deeper into my flesh. I shuddered and groaned, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. More cum ran out of me as Mom came closer and closer. I felt her breath kissing my pussy, wafting around my trimmed bush. I shivered, squeezing my eyes shut. She was only inches away. Now I just wanted her to eat me. My cunt burned again, hungry for her passionate licks.

She would drive me nuts. She would make me explode in rapture. Georgia squealed beneath me then Mom's tongue fluttered up into my pussy from my half-sister.

Her tongue slid through my folds, gathering Daddy's cum staining my bush and leaking out of my depths. "Mmm, they both taste so good," Mom groaned.

"Ooh, Father, your daughters taste so yummy." "Of course they do," Daddy said. "Their mothers both have hot, depraved cunts." A loud smack cracked. Mom moaned. Daddy spanked her. That drove her tongue deep into my pussy.

She wiggled it around, stimulating me. I shuddered, the pleasure rushing into my frustration, transforming it into a lusty, building energy. The ropes creaked, hemp fibers biting into my flesh. It held me tight, squeezing me against my sister. I whimpered about the dildo gag, my tongue rubbing it. I bucked as much as I could as my mom's licking drove me wild. I pressed my nipples harder into Georgia's, zaps of lightning shooting down to my cunt. Then Mom's tongue flicked down from my pussy.

Georgia whimpered beneath me. Her eyes fluttered. Mom's nose nuzzled into my clit, stimulating me as her tongue pleasured my half-sister. Mom must have her tongue jammed deep into Georgia. "Such good tasting pussy," Mom moaned. Her hands stroked up my thigh, sliding over the ropes binding my thighs to Georgia, holding us tight together.

Her tongue danced over both our pussies. She fluttered up and down, caressing our clits pressed tight, making me squirm and moan. I wanted to move so much, but the ropes held me so tight to my sister. Mom groaned and gasped. Her lips sucked on my labia, nuzzled at my clit.

Her tongue touched every bit of me as she rooted through our cunts. It was incredible. I wanted to scream out how much I loved it. I moaned into the dildo, my saliva dribbling out, staining the rubber gasket.

Lights danced across my vision as I stared into the universe of my half-sister's blue eyes. She bucked beneath me.

She gasped and moaned, muffled by the dildo gag. She fought the same bonds as me, teased and devoured by my mother's tongue. Mom moaned her delight, reveling in our pussies, in the incestuous delight of feasting on her husband's cum leaking out of her daughter's and niece's cunts.

My fingers clenched into my cousin's ass. I gripped her rump, unable to move my hands much. They were bound to her hips. She squeezed mine as she squirmed beneath me. My nipples and clit throbbed against her as the pleasure built and built inside of me, my butt plug stirring in my asshole.

"Just feasting on them, slut," Daddy groaned. "And shaking that ass at me." SMACK! Mom moaned into my cunt, her tongue wiggling through my pussy.

"You're teasing me, slut, as you eat my daughters." SMACK! "I'm so naughty, Father!" Mom moaned into my cunt. Then she slid down to pleasure Georgia, leaving me frustrated.

My cunt clenched and my bowels tightened on that naughty cone in me. Then Mom squealed. I heard the slap of flesh, not a spanking but. The rhythmic sound of fucking. Daddy fucked Mom while she ate us out. I shuddered, wishing I could see his strong form fucking her, pounding her from behind, treating her like a slut. Like me. Mom's tongue fluttered through my folds again.

My orgasm swelled and swelled, fed by all the sensations assaulting my flesh. The rough bite of the ropes, being bound to my half-sister, the press of our flesh, and Mom's wicked tongue. She danced across my pussy, teasing my petals as she moaned and gasped.

"That's it, slut!" growled Daddy, pounding Mom so hard, fucking her with all his passion. "Make them cum. Worship my daughters' cunts." I wanted to scream, "Yes!" The pressure built and built in my cunt as my mom fluttered her tongue through our pussies. She moaned and groaned, her face pressing into our cunts, driving me wild.

I wiggled my hips as much as I could, grinding my clit into my sister's. She moaned with me. Her blue eyes, glassy with delight, fluttered with me.

Her fingers bit into my rump, teased by Mom's tongue, too. Every brush of Mom's tongue brought me closer and closer to erupting. "Yes, yes, yes, make my daughters cum, slut!" growled Daddy. "I want your face drenched in their incestuous juices." "Yes, Father!" Mom moaned, her voice so tight as she took his dick.

I so envied her. I wanted to be fucked by Daddy right now. But Mom's tongue felt amazing. It slammed into my pussy, wiggling around, fucking me like Daddy's cock fucked her cunt.

I squirmed against the ropes, my snatch clenching so tight. Them Mom's tongue fluttered against my clit, brushing my bud and Georgia's. My half-sister gasped beneath me. Her body bucked, pressing her stomach tight against mine. Her silky, warm flesh caressed me as her eyes squeezed shut. Then she screamed in rapture. "Yes, yes, bathe my face!" moaned Mom. "Oh, Father, I made one cum." "Now make the other!" Daddy growled, his voice full of passion.

The rhythmic slap grew faster as he fucked Mom as hard as he could, turned on by making her eat our cunts. His daughter's cunts. Mom's tongue drove into my cunt again. She stimulated me. She drove me wild. I gasped and bucked, under full assault by her tongue. It drove me wild. It made me ache and buck. My orgasm swelled in me and— She found my clit, sucked on it.

I screamed as the rapture shot through me. My pussy spasmed hard. My juices gushed out of me, bathing my mom's face. She moaned as I coated her. The incestuous waves of pleasure washed through my thoughts, burying my mind in ecstasy.

My mom made me cum atop my half-sister. "Yes," Daddy growled. "That's it, slut! That's how you please my daughters!" he grunted. I could hear the pleasure in his voice.

My mom made him cum. His jizz spurted hot into her pussy. That was how they made me. I shuddered atop my half-sister, Mom moaning into my cunt, joining us in rapture. We were all gasping and shuddering and whimpering. My mind melted into ecstasy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Goddess's muffled moans echoed in the background as Alexis knelt naked beside her mother.

Her twin brother, Alex, and her father each held a length of rope. Alex was before her, staring down at his phone while their father played with the rope. "Okay, it says that the Shinju is a foundation that's great for a number of arm restraints. It also highlight's the breasts by coiling the rope around the woman's tits," he said, looking up at Alexis. A shiver ran through Alexis. She wanted to be bound by her brother like their new Goddess. She had surrendered to him, the strong man to control her.

Her mother had done the same to their father. Despite their divorce, they were coming closer and closer. Being punished helped their father forgive their mother's cheating affair that destroyed their marriage.

"So we start with the rope draped over their neck and forming a double coin knot," Alex said, looking up from his phone. "Double coin knot?" their dad asked, sliding his hand along his rope. They were learning Shibari, the same style of Japanese rope bondage that had tied the Goddess Bess to her mortal half-sister. "Yeah, it looks like a double pretzel." Alex showed their dad the phone.

Alexis shivered, her pussy dripping with excitement and her brother's jizz. He'd already bred her, but now he would also be her master.

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It made her heart beat faster. She was so glad her mother discovered Dr. Blavatsky's message about the new gods, that she became the president of the Institute. Alex draped the hemp rope about her neck, the fibers rough as they fell down between her breasts. She trembled, an exhilaration surging through her.

Her pussy tightened, squeezing out more of his cum as his hands moved, working on the knot. Alexis couldn't wait to be bound like the new Goddess. Her eyes flicked to the screen. The goddess had a new gag in her mouth. A ball gag, keeping her from asking the questions about her half-sister's story. Her punishment continued. There were so many ways a naughty girl could be disciplined. Goddess Bess was such an inspiration to allow herself to be treated like a regular woman, to be an example to Alexis and her mother and other women on how they should behave.

Thank you, sweet Goddess, Alexis thought as the knot formed between her tits. Her brother wrapped the rope about her chest, one loop going above her tits, the other below, squeezing her mounds and making them thrust out.

"Beautiful," Alex said. Alexis whimpered in delight. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My jaw ached as my eyes fluttered open. The rubber ball gagged filled my mouth.

My tongue probed against it. I let out a frustrated sigh. The straps were locked in place. I couldn't remove it. I couldn't use my powers. My asshole clenched around the butt plug still filling my asshole. I sucked in a deep breath, squirming. I brushed my half-sister Georgia. I still didn't know how she was my sister. My father swapped my gags so fast last night I didn't have a chance to give him an order and command him to tell me the truth.

He knew how my powers worked and purposefully denied me the opportunity. He read through the instruction manual that came with the Halo from cover to cover.

He loved reading boring things like that. Georgia came awake beside me, her blue eyes wide. She blinked at me, a matching pink ball shoved in her mouth, the black straps tight about her head, molding her mussed, brassy hair down about her skull.

She let out a groan. I moaned in answer, nodding my head. I wanted to know. I wanted this ball gag off. But. I had to accept my punishment. This is what I craved. I sighed, squirming on my bed, the mattress springs creaking beneath me.

I glanced at the clock. It was 8:17 the next morning. Twenty-four hours ago, my parents were such hippies. Despite their BDSM sex life that they must share with my aunt, they treated me with such kid gloves. That absorbed all this nonsense about talking to me and praising me, showering me with attention whenever I was bad. I was acting out to get them to punish me. But nothing I did could make them mad. By the end, I was masturbating as loud as I could, crying out for Daddy to fuck me.

He heard it and it was torture, but society made him think he couldn't touch his daughters. Now he knew better. I didn't know what to do know.

I had to pee. I squirmed, the butt plug filling me up. I glanced at Georgia, arched eyebrow. She shrugged and made a moaning sound. Her eyes fluttered. She stretched, her round breasts peeking out of the covers. She had cute tits. I couldn't help cupping my half-sister's breast.

I squeezed them, rubbing my thumbs over her nipples. They were fat and pink, like mine despite my small titties. It must be a trait of women of our family because my mom also had fat nubs. Her nipples hardened beneath my touch. I wanted to suck on them. Couldn't. An itch formed in my pussy as I played with her.

A molten look appeared in her eyes. She quivered on the bed, her head pressing against mine. Our ball gags met, almost like we were kissing. I squeezed her tits. My pussy found her hip, rubbing on it. The door to my bedroom opened. I pulled my hands away, guilt flushing through me. I was touching my half-sister sexily.

Even though everything we did last night was such wonderful incest, I still felt I was doing something furtive in the privacy of my bedroom only to have my dad walk in on us, naked. He arched an eyebrow.

"Now that is the look of two guilty girls. I see hard nipples. Were you two playing with each other?" I shivered, hearing the strength in his voice. I nodded my head. Georgia whimpered. He shook his head. "What a pair of naughty daughters.

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Did I give either of you permission to touch each other?" I shook my head, my black hair falling loose about my shoulders, caressing my skin. "I'll remember that for the next time I have to punish you," he said. My pussy clenched, that heat stirred by fondling my half-sister's tits. I couldn't wait for my punishment.

"It's breakfast. You have five minutes to attend to yourselves then be downstairs," he said. "And Bess, you can pull out your butt plug." My stomach growled and I nodded.

Georgia and I scrambled out of bed and rushed for the bathroom. We didn't have time to do more than pee. I wanted to brush my teeth, but. ball gag. It was strange sharing the bathroom with her. Though we had sex together, it fostered a new level of intimacy between us. But breakfast meant we could take out our ball gags. I could finally get answers. I could order my parents. No. I couldn't fall into that trap.

I only could order them to punish me and fuck me. If I did anything else then I was controlling them. That wasn't the point of doing this. I had to use my powers wisely. I had to deny myself that urge.

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But. It itched at me. Deep in my pussy. I had to know what was going on. I practically darted down to the first floor, my small tits bouncing naked. I burst into our kitchen, the breakfast nook already set with plates, Mom making French toast in nothing but an apron, her plump ass wiggling, her light-brown hair swaying about her shoulders and down her back. My eyes widened at the sight of cum staining her butt-crack. Daddy had fucked her up the ass and then sent her to make breakfast.

A hot shudder ran through me. I had such a sexy father. He sat at the breakfast nook reading the paper, naked, too. "Slut, you can remove their ball gags," Daddy said without looking up. "Yes, Father," Mom said. She sounded so happy saying it. How many times had she wanted to call him that, her version of Master, and couldn't because they hid their lifestyle from us.

Now they could be open about things. It made her so happy. Mom produced a key from the pocket of her apron. I turned around and sighed as she unlocked me. She removed my ball gag. I worked my mouth, my tongue so dry, my mouth parched. Mom patted my ass. "Drink a Gatorade," she said, nodding to the fridge. "Every drop. You need to replace your electrolytes." "Yes, Mom," I said, fighting the urge to command her to tell me everything. I fetched two, a blue for me and a purple for Georgia, and hurried to the table.

She sat down beside me with Daddy to my left. I wanted to ask. I squirmed in my chair as I chugged down the sports drink. I was so thirsty. Mom came to the table with a platter of French toast and another with bacon. She set it down with a smile, her breasts swaying behind her apron. A hard, fat nipple peeked out for a moment, only a little bigger than one of mine, before it vanished out of sight. "That smells delicious, slut," Daddy said, folding his newspaper and setting it beside his plate.

Mom beamed at him. I was starting to get why she loved cooking. It was a subtle way for her to please Daddy. He could compliment her meal, for making something delicious for him to eat and showing off her servitude, right beneath my nose. "It does, Mom," I said, that urge to blurt out my orders rising in me. It was so hard to resist. Georgia glanced at me, arching an eyebrow. She knew I could do things. Then she sighed and said, "Uncle.

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eh. Dad, can I ask a question?" "No," he said. "You can eat your breakfast, young lady." "Yes, Daddy," she said, sighing. She gave me another look, eyes wide, her head jerking forward towards me. I shook my head and snagged a piece of French toast.

I drizzled it with maple syrup. It was so hard to eat breakfast as my parents made inane chatter, talking about running errands today. My stomach twisted and writhed. My pussy itched to find out the truth, a wet heat building and building in me.

But I denied it. I had to. I was the slave. I had to remember that. This was what I wanted. I had to avoid the temptation of giving into the impulse to satiate my own desires. My desires were whatever Daddy and Mommy told me they were. I had to surrender to their will.

It made my pussy hotter and hotter. The more I resisted temptation, the more I denied myself, the more like a slave I felt. A slut-slave to my parents. My cunt felt so hot, my vulva puffy. I squirmed on my chair, a growing puddle of my spicy juices forming beneath me, filling the air with my excitement. Finally, Daddy pushed away the plate, glancing at me.

He held his mug of coffee—something he needed every morning—and nodded to me. "It's nice to see you practicing self control like a proper young lady." "Thank you, Daddy," I said, my back straightening. "So you're probably wondering how Georgia is my daughter." I nodded my head. Georgia let out a groan beside me. "I met your mother through the small BDSM community on our college. Wayne was the president of our university's chapter. It was an underground club, only about a dozen members.


Your mother was already so into it when I met her, Bess. And she had convinced her sister to give it a try. The first time I bound up slut and whipped her ass." My Daddy stared at Mom, such a look of love in his eyes. "Well, she was beautiful. I'd never seen anything as radiant as her until you were born." I smiled at him.

"We started dating. She became my primary slave," Dad continued. "But the masters still liked to swap around our girls. It wasn't uncommon for me to play with a few different girls, sometimes with your mother, sometimes when she was with another master." My stomach twisted.

I didn't like that at all. I didn't want to be shared with another guy. I only wanted my daddy to be my master. And it didn't feel right for Mom to be touched by other guys, too. She was Daddy's slut. "The only girl your mom didn't play with directly was whore, of course." He glanced at Georgia. "Your mom. We thought incest was wrong until Bess. reprogrammed us." "Now I want to play with my sister," Mom moaned.

"With Father and Master." "Master?" I frowned. "Who's that?" "Your Uncle Wayne." "He is not your Master!" I hissed, something dark boiling up inside of me. "You belong only to Daddy! We all only belong to Daddy! You can't ever want to be touched by another man. Daddy can never give you to another man! Only he gets to play with us, with his daughters, with his slut and whore!" The prickles burned through my mind.

My vision fuzzed almost entirely black. It was like when I changed them into liking incest, into punishing me. I had to rewrite their minds so much. My parents. accepted this. "Other men can share their women if they want," I hissed, "but not you, Daddy! You don't ever want to share us." He shook his head. "No, no. Never. You're all mine and." He gave me a hard look. "You're giving commands." "Necessary ones, Daddy," I said even knowing I went too far.

I didn't care. I wouldn't be shared. "But if you feel the need to punish me, that's fine. I'll accept. I'm your young lady, Daddy. Only yours." Georgia nodded beside me. "Only yours, Daddy." "Your father and I always thought monogamy was. an outdated idea, but." Mom swallowed. "I can see what you mean. Your father is so special and." She stared at Daddy. "Your slut only wants to be your slave. Your slut only wants your masculine hands touching her, no other.

Not even. Wayne." Daddy nodded. Georgia swallowed. "So. was I a mistake? How did I.?" "After college, I married your father and your mother married Wayne. We both wanted to have children, to be bred at the same time.

We had some tests run and it turned out Wayne. Wayne is infertile. So he asked your father to breed your mother with me. Whore and I are pretty much on the same cycle, so your father fucked us both around the same time.

It didn't quite work out, it's why you're a little older, Georgia. But we tried to be bred at the same time." "So he knows that I'm not his real daughter," Georgia said. "He loves you like his daughter," Mom said. "Father was just. the sperm donor. We never planned to tell you but.

Things have changed." "So he. let himself be cuckolded," I said. "He let the better man breed his woman." Daddy gave me a sharp look. A commanding look. I closed my mouth. "We invited them over to play tonight," Mom said. "Now. Maybe we should cancel?

But how do we get Wayne to understand he can't touch his wife again because." Mom frowned, giving me a look. "Because whore is yours, Father." "Leave that to me," I said, my stomach churning. They were going to let Wayne touch me? He was a handsome man, but he wasn't my Daddy. Maybe. Maybe I could have let him play with Georgia, but learning he was a cuckold. That he let another man touch his woman. I shook my head. I didn't like that one bit. A real man shouldn't be so weak.

"After you girls shower and get ready, we're going out," Daddy said. "I have some errands to run with you girls. But first, Georgia, can you bend over the table. I need to examine your ass." "Yes, Daddy," she said and rose. She pushed aside her dish and then pressed her round breasts against it. I couldn't help staring at the sweep of her back towards her rump, her flesh pale and curvy.

I had the sudden urge to play with her. Daddy stood up and moved around the table. He grabbed her ass, showing how he owned her the way a man should own a young lady.

He parted her butt-cheeks, staring at her asshole. Then he glanced at me. "Do you see anything wrong about her ass, young lady?" I frowned. I stood up and peered closer as he massaged her rump, his thumbs digging into her pale-beige flesh. I caught a glimpse of her puckered sphincter. I shook my head, not sure what I should be seeing. It looked like a cute ass. "Sorry, Daddy, I don't." "We spanked her hard last night," Mom said.

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"She should still have a red ass. You both should." "Well, the nanites in me heal me, right? That's what you said, Daddy?" A slight tingle ran across my mind.

I flushed, not meaning to give him a command. "That's what the instruction manual said. I read all sixty-seven pages of the English section last night.

Your nanites have effect on other people, too." "Yes, yes, you said it gave your cock stamina, Daddy. So you could fuck all your slaves." He nodded, smiling. His cock was hard, nuzzling at Georgia's thigh. A hot thrill ran through me. "But your nanites do other things, too. While you and your sister were sleeping tight last night, they healed her spanked ass.

Like I thought." "Is that important?" I asked. "Piercings normally take a while to heal," he said. Piercings? What was Daddy talking about? "Especially clitoral piercings," he continued. "I haven't had your mother pierced yet because, well, I just didn't want to deny myself her pussy for a month while she healed.

But with you." "I gasped in understanding, my pussy clenching. "A slave needs to be marked," he said, staring down at me. A flutter ran through me. I nodded my head, a whimper building in my throat. "A slave should be marked." Daddy's cock throbbed.

I stared at it, a hot surge of desire shooting through me while my nipples and clit ached and throbbed. I wanted to suck on it. I wanted to take it into my pussy and my asshole. I rested my head on sister's rump, staring at it. "We have time, Father," Mom said, grabbing plates and clearing them. "If you need to satiate yourself. Our appointment isn't until 11." "Yes, yes, can we indulge, Daddy?" I purred, loving the silky heat of my sister's rump against my face.

"You were a good young lady" he said, staring at me. "I suppose you deserve a reward." "Thank you, Daddy," I moaned. "Lick your sister's asshole. Indulge your naughty mouth and get her nice and wet for my cock. I need to take her last virginity. I was going to trade her to the body piercer, use her anal cherry to pay for it, but. we have other options." "Yes, Daddy," I moaned, my pussy clenching.

I didn't feel jealousy that he wasn't going to fuck me. I was just one of his slaves. I had to please him. That made my pussy so happy. Daddy pulled away from Georgia. My sister shivered as I moved around to kneel behind her. My fingers dug into her butt-cheeks. I parted her and stared at her asshole in utter delight.

It was so amazing to look at her. I licked my lips, so eager to feast on her. To make her squeal in delight. I smelled her sour musk mixing with the tangy aroma of her pussy. I hungered to feast on my sister.

To pleasure her with my tongue. It was so amazing that she was my sister and not just my cousin. No wonder we felt so close. A giddy rush shot through me from my cunt. A dizzy exhilaration. I held onto her rump, an anchor against my excitement.

I buried my face between her butt-cheeks and licked her asshole. "Bess!" she gasped, her rump clenching, her asscheeks pressing into my face.

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"Oh, Bess, that's so nasty. I love it." Juices trickled out of my boiling pussy as my tongue danced around her sphincter. I teased her naughty hole, drinking in her sour musk. My tongue wiggled and pressed against her cherry opening, getting her so ready for that wonderful treat of being fucked by our daddy's cock.

I swirled my tongue faster, caressing that slick, velvety opening. It felt so naughty on my tongue. My fingers dug into her rump as she let out a low moan. Her hips wiggled. The table creaked as she squirmed. I pressed my tongue harder against her, her anal ring so tight. It surrendered to my tongue. I wiggled in just an inch into her bowels.

My eyes squeezed shut at just how wicked this was. I had my tongue in my sister's rectum. I was such a slut. A whore. A slave doing this for my daddy's delight. I couldn't help my shivers as I knelt there, pussy juices leaking down my thighs. "Oh, Bess, wow," groaned my sister. "Ooh, you're just getting me ready for our daddy." "Uh-huh," I moaned, my hand sliding up her thigh. I found her shaved pussy lips. I stroked her plump vulva, her juices staining my fingers.

"Just relax and let me get you so ready." I pressed my tongue against her asshole again as Mom hummed, collecting more dishes.

I shuddered, her normal domesticity contrasting to the incestuous delights I shared with my sister. My tongue popped into my sister's bowels, wiggling deeper, making her groan. Daddy's hands suddenly seized my hips. I gasped as he grunted and rammed his cock into my juicy pussy. He filled me in a heartbeat. One moment, I had an empty cunt, the next his amazing dick filled me. My twat clenched around his girth, my clit loving the feel of his heavy balls resting against it, so full of his cum.

I hoped he would breed me and Georgia. To knock us up at the same time. I wiggled and swirled my tongue around my sister's asshole as Daddy groaned. His hand slid up my body to my nipples. He grabbed them, pinching them hard. Pain flared down to my pussy, my snatch squeezing down so hard as he drew back his dick and rammed it into my juicy depths.

"You're going to have gold rings pierced through these fat nubs," he groaned, abusing my nipples with his strong fingers. I whimpered in pain into my sister's asshole, the rapture washing out of my pussy engulfing the agony. "I'm going to have the rings soldered together. Solid gold that you can never remove. And on your clit, too. I'm going to lead you, your sister, your mother, and your aunt around like my personal slaves held on my leashes, young lady." He pulled on my nipples, stretching out my small titties.

I whimpered into my sister's cunt, my pussy claiming down on his dick. I whimpered, my hips dancing, swirling my whore-snatch around his dick, massaging him with my incestuous flesh. "She loves that idea, Father," Mom said from the kitchen. "Look at her moan. She's tonguing your daughter's asshole with all her might." "She is, Daddy," Georgia moaned.

"Oh, my god, she's got her tongue so deep into me and her fingers. They're playing with my clit, Daddy. The clit that you'll pierce. I want to make you so happy. I want you to lead me around like a bitch, Daddy!" Daddy groaned and fucked me faster.

His balls thwacked into my clit. Pleasure sparked through my body. Waves of heat buffeted me. They made me whimper and groan. My tongue shoved deeper into my sister's sour bowels. My fingers danced on her clit, her juices coating my fingers.

Bliss rippled through me with every plunge of my daddy's thick shaft. This taboo dick created both Georgia and me. Now it fucked me. Fucked us. It gave me such taboo pleasure. I shuddered, squeezing my snatch down on his dick, drinking in the feel of him. This wonderful shaft. He would give me so much pleasure. He twisted and tugged on my fat nipples. The pain jolted through me. I whimpered into my sister's asshole.

I sucked on her butthole, tongue her, did all I could to ready her for the thick shaft fucking in and out of my cunt. My thumb rubbed through her hot cunt's folds as I massaged her clit. Then I jammed it into her. "Bess!" she gasped, her silky depths sucking at my thumb. I pumped it in and out of her, making her squirm and moan. Her passion echoed through the kitchen, mixing with the sounds of Mom washing dishes.

"Ooh, make her cum so hard, young lady," Mom said brightly. "You're doing so well, honey. You're making Georgia moan and your Father. Well, he sounds like he's in heaven fucking that tight, barely legal cunt." I shuddered, rubbing harder on Georgia's pussy. I wanted to make them both cum. My sister and my daddy. I bucked back into the hard thrusts ramming into my cunt. I thrust my tongue as deep as I could into Georgia's asshole while my thumb fucked in and out of her snatch.

Her juices dribbled down my arm. I moaned and groaned. The pleasure swelled inside of me. Daddy's cock felt incredible. He grunted and groaned, tugging hard on my nipples. He jerked them, sending flares of agony shooting through me. It was incredible. "Yes, yes, yes, young lady," he growled. "Make your sister cum. That's what good sister's do." I whimpered and groaned into my sister's sour sphincter, squeezing my pussy down on his dick.

My tongue danced inside of her. I caressed her velvety flesh. She grunted and groaned, her juicy snatch squeezing down on my tongue. "Oh, my god, Daddy, I'm going to cum on her naughty mouth! And her thumb! May I?" Georgia's asshole clenched about my probing tongue. "May I cum on Bess's mouth and thumb, Daddy?" "You may, young lady," growled Daddy, his dick slamming so hard and deep into my cunt.

I shuddered, waves of delight surging through me. I fucked my thumb as fast as I could in and out of her pussy. I wanted to give my sister all the bliss I could. My body trembled, hovering on the verge of my own orgasm.

I held it back. I fought against the rapture burning in my cunt from Daddy's thrusting dick to the pain throbbing through my abused nubs. I put up a bulwark, holding off, straining. My snatch squeezed down so hard as I resisted. I focused my all on pleasing my daddy and my sister.

On being a good slut-slave. "Yes, yes, yes," Daddy grunted. "Make your sister cum, young lady! Love her!" "She is, Daddy!" gasped Georgia. "She. Yes!" Her pussy spasmed about my thumb. Hot juices gushed out around my hand. Her asshole writhed. I felt her flesh convulsing. My tongue wiggled through her, reveling in making her erupt. My eyes squeezed shut, a moan rising in my throat. My pussy drank in Daddy's hard, incestuous shaft reaming me.

He pounded my eighteen-year-old cunt so hard. He fucked me with such passion. He created me. He created us both. I shuddered, stars burning across my vision. "Fuck, young lady!" Daddy grunted, pinching my nipples so hard a new flare of agony shot through me. Then his cum erupted into my pussy.

His seed pumped into my fertile cunt. I whimpered as he grunted, enjoying every moment of pumping me full of his spunk. Stars washed across my vision as the pleasure surged through me, crashing into my resolve. "Oh, yes, yes, yes you're such a good girl, young lady," Mom moaned. "You pleasured them both." "You did, young lady," Daddy growled. "Cum. Let me feel that pussy spasming about my dick." "Yes!" I squealed, my head snapping up from my sister's butt-cheeks. My pussy convulsed about my daddy's spurting cock.

My cunt milked him. I groaned, shivering. My body quaked as I milked his cock dry with my hungry pussy. My snatch writhed about him, sucking in every drop of his jizz I could. His sperm surged into me, filling me up with all that yummy heat. I trembled.

I whimpered. I loved it. It was so amazing. It was so hot to be filled with all that delicious spunk. It spilled through my pussy. That heat washed out of me. I thrust my tongue deep into Georgia's spasming cunt as the incestuous pleasure drowned my mind.

I pleased my daddy. "Her asshole's ready for you, Daddy," I whimpered, resting my head on my sister's ass. "She's nice and wet, and my pussy soaked your cock for her." "You did a good job, young lady," he said, pulling his dick out of me.

"Now help your mother clean up." "Yes, Daddy," I purred. I wanted to stay, to play, but it sent such a naughty thrill through me that I was sent away. That I had to go and help my mother clean while Daddy used his other slave-daughter to satiate his cock. I rose on unsteady feet. His cum leaked out of me, running down my flesh, a constant reminder that he fucked me. My nipples throbbed, the dull ache melting away. Soon. I would be pierced. All of us would be.

I couldn't wait. "Daddy!" Georgia squealed. I looked over my shoulder and smiled as I witnessed our father's pussy-lubed cock working into her virgin asshole. "Oh, yes, yes, yes, that's so amazing, Daddy! Does my ass make your cock feel amazing?" "Yes, it does, young lady." Mom put her arm around my shoulder. "I know. It's so beautiful to watch, isn't it?" I nodded my head, so glad I had my mind control powers. That I arranged for all of this. I didn't resist as Mom led me to the kitchen sink.

Georgia's grunts and groans echoed while we washed the dishes like a pair of good slaves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alexis whimpered and moaned, her brother's cock fucking her pussy, the ropes bound tight about her body. His second attempt had her arms pressed together behind her back, her fingers down by her rump. Her tits jiggled and bounced, squeezed by the lengths of hemp around them.

The eighteen-year-old loved it. "Don't worry," Alex groaned. "You can still fuck dad, too." Alexis nodded her head, so glad the goddess said other couples could use different rules.

Other men could fuck her if Alex allowed it. And she didn't want to give up that special relationship with her father that the other god taught her.

What will I do if the gods start to contradict each other? She didn't know. But right now, she just got to enjoy her brother fucking her, her nipples tingling. She pictured gold rings through them and being led around by her twin. Her orgasm shuddered through her a moment later. "Sweet Goddess Bess!" she cried out as her pussy massaged his cock, eager for his incestuous seed to fill her pregnant snatch.

She loved the new Goddess's lessons so much. She felt so close to her twin. To her family. "Sweet Bess!" her brother grunted as his cum filled her, warming her up, making her feel so loved and desired. To be continued.