Busty brunette gives handjob to black cock

Busty brunette gives handjob to black cock
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"No, sweetie, it'll be fun!" said Kimiko, speaking into the phone. "It's not like you'll be doing anything you never did before. Remember that time with Richard?" "That was different, Kimi," protested Holly. "Richard was my boyfriend, not some total stranger!" Holly was Kimi's freshman-year roommate in college, a petite blue-eyed blonde whose child-like facial features made her look much younger than she actually was.

Kimi had discovered that Holly was bi-sexual almost by accident, at a frat party they had both attended. They had gotten pretty drunk, and Kimi had gone up to one of the bedrooms to lie down for a few minutes, her head spinning from the alcohol.

Holly had wandered in a few minutes later and fallen down on the bed next to her, and before either of them knew quite what was happening, they found themselves kissing each other softly, touching each other, and helping each other out of their clothes. Holly's boyfriend Richard, a member of the fraternity, had found them together naked on the bed, and had joined in.

They had licked and sucked and fucked each other they had collapsed from exhaustion and slept in a tangle until dawn. It had been the only threesome Kimi had ever participated in up to that point, and the first time she had had sex with another girl. "He's not a TOTAL stranger, he's a friend of Uncle Claude's", said Kimi. "If he was mean to us, Uncle Claude would probably have him fed to the sharks for dinner. Besides, I've met him. He'll be cool." "I still don't know&hellip.," said Holly hesitantly.

"I never really thought of myself that way. You know…" "Don't think of yourself 'that way,' laughed Kimi. "Just have fun!


He's really good looking. And he's filthy rich, lives in this huge house in Tiburon, overlooking the bay, with a big pool and everything. You'll love it! And it's not like you can't use the additional spending money." Holly finally relented. She could, in fact, use the money. "Okay, Kimi, go ahead and set it up." "Consider it done," said Kimi, happily. "I'll take care of everything, and get your uniform. See you on Saturday!" On Saturday morning, Kimi picked Holly up at her Palo Alto apartment and drove with her to Tiburon, parking a block away from what she thought of as "Stately Wayne Manor".

They had stopped along the way and changed into their "uniforms", consisting of green plaid pleated skirts, white starched shirts, dark green sweaters, and matching berets. White socks and brown and white saddle shoes completed the ensemble. Their hair was parted in the middle and gathered in pigtails on either side. Kimi grabbed a shopping bag with some boxes of Girl Scout cookies from the back seat, and they walked together down the street and up to the front door.

Evan Wayne had just emerged from the shower, dried off, shaved, and slapped on some cologne, when he heard the doorbell ring. Evan lived alone in the house, having made his money the REALLY old fashioned way, by inheriting it from his father, who had been an international banker until he had dropped dead from a coronary at the age of 50.

Just out of college at age 25, Evan had put his fathers money to work as a venture capitalist and had become far wealthier than his father had been.

Now, five years later, the young man had grown accustomed to indulging his every whim. He slipped on a short grey patterned silk robe and walked to the front door, surveying the two young girls standing there. He felt his cock lurch upward involuntarily. "Hi, would you like to buy some girl-scout cookies?" said Kimi in her best little-girl voice.

She turned to Holly and they both giggled. "Why, yes, certainly!" said Evan. "How many do you have left to sell?" Kimi peered into the bag, counting. "Ummm…eight." "Okay, I'll take them all.

On one condition. You have to come inside and let me show you something." Kimi and Holly looked at each other and giggled again, then looked back at Even. "Thanks, mister, we were getting really tired of walking," said Kimi. She followed Evan into the house, with Holly trailing along behind. Evan led them to a palatial bedroom with a huge king-sized bed. Taking a remote control off a side table, he pushed a button and the big plasma TV on the wall came to life.

A movie was playing on the DVD player a pornographic movie. On the screen, two young girls made love to each other with exquisite tenderness, kissing and licking each other, while a man watched them nearby, slowly stroking his erect penis.

"I thought you girls might be interested in this," said Evan. Kimi and Holly giggled again, as if sharing a secret, and watched the writhing, entwined bodies on the screen with interest.

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Suddenly, Kimi turned to Evan and said, "We know how to do that, mister. Want to see?" "I'd love to, girls…what are your names?" "I'm Holly, and she's Kimi," said Holly as they both climbed up on the bed.


Evan sat down in a soft chair near the bed. Unbeknownst to Holly, but not to Kimi, he also turned on the six video cameras hidden around the room behind one-way mirrors. He would edit the video later and watch it for his amusement. Maybe even show it to a few selected friends. "And I'm Evan. Evan Wayne. Mister Wayne, if you like." "Nice to meet you, Mr. Wayne," grinned Holly. Kimi and Holly faced each other, on their knees, then leaned forward and softly kissed, their lips soft and moist.

Slowly, their kiss deepened, their lips parting. Kimi sucked gently on Holly's full lower lip, then let it slip away, nibbling at her lips again. Soon, she felt Holly's tiny tongue-tip ease forward, and she slid hers forward to meet it, softly intertwining them. Holly had had her tongue pierced in high school, and she wore a barbell in it. Kimi had found it exotic and sexy, although she would never have done such a thing herself. She couldn't deny, though, that all the guys she knew kind of got off on it, especially when Holly sucked their cocks.

The girls took turns sucking on each other's tongues as their hands moved up and they began removing each other's clothes, first the berets and the cardigan sweaters, then working on the buttons of their shirts, undoing them one by one.

Soon their clothing, shirts and skirts will strewn on the bed, and both girls were wearing only their skimpy bras, even skimpier bikini panties, and their white sox and saddle shoes. Evan, meanwhile, had opened the front of his robe, and was sitting back, watching the girls and slowly stroking his erect cock. A former collegiate swimmer who had nearly made the U.S. Olympic Team a few years before, he was completely hairless, with a strong, muscular upper body.

His cock was long, thick, and hairless, as were his balls. Now it stood straight up as he stroked it with his fingers, having poured some Astroglide on it to make it slippery.

Kimi lowered her head, pushed the cup of Holly's lacy bra down over her nipple, and gently teased it with her tongue. Kimi had always loved Holly's little titties -- they were small and soft, with puffy, responsive little nipples that stiffened like little pencil erasers when she was excited, which was often. Holly gasped as Kimi nibbled and kissed one of them, sucking it into her mouth, nursing on it lovingly as their fingers lightly caressed each other's smooth skin.

After a moment, Kimi unhooked Holly's bra and slid it from her arms, tossing it on the growing pile of clothing. Then she reached back and unhooked her own bra, freeing her slightly bigger but still firm breasts from confinement.

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Still on their knees, Kimi and Holly kissed deeply again, their bare breasts rubbing softly against each other now, taut nipples teasing each other. Finally breaking their kiss, Kimi gently pushed Holly back on the bed and crawled over her, her nipples lightly caressing the skin of her friend's flat tummy as she slid upward. Kimi leaned down and captured her other nipple between her lips and sucking hungrily on it as Holly gasped excitedly, her fingers playing idly with one of Kimi's pigtails.

Now Kimi let the rigid nipple pop from her mouth, and she began to trace with her tongue-tip down Holly's body, leaving a trail of saliva as she went, delving into her the delicate font of her belly-button, remembering that Holly liked that. Meanwhile, her hands were at the sides of Holly's hips, tugging at her skimpy white panties.

Holly raised her hips to let Kimi slide them under her luscious round ass, then bent her legs at the knee as Kimi untangled them from her shoes.

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Gently, Kimi pressed her thighs apart with her hands, gazing at the fresh, delectable little pussy she knew so well, completely free of hair.

For the moment, they had completely forgotten about Evan's presence, and were lost in the renewal of their sexual relationship. Kimi bent down and licked upward with her tongue along Holly's dewy cleft, letting her tongue part the folds of her pussy and glancing off her clit, still hidden behind it's protective hood. Smiling up at her, Kimi licked her fingertip and pressed it against her mound, just above her clit, and slowly retracted the hood, making Holly's clit stand forth proudly, as if begging for the caress of Kimi's tongue.

Kimi slowly encircled the tiny bud, then rapidly flicked her tongue against it from beneath. Holly convulsed instantly, gasping and clawing the bedspread with her fingernails and raising her hips to force Kimi's mouth against her sex. Kimi alternated between sucking on her flesh and lashing her with her tongue, and Holly responded with a rising crescendo of high-pitched squeals: "Oh!…oh!…oh!&hellip.OH!!&hellip.OH!!!!…UH!!!!" As Holly approached the peak of her climax, Kimi slid two of her fingers into her marvelously tight sheath, curling her fingertips upward, pressing them rhythmically against the roof of her vagina as her tongue fluttered over her friend's clit, sending her over the precipice, her hips bucking upward as she screamed out her orgasm.

"UUNNHHHH!! YESS!!! OH!!! OHHH!!! YESSS!!!!" Holly's body shuddered violently as her climax gripped her body. At last, she began to descend from the pinnacle, as Kimi lapped gently at her dripping-wet sex.

Nobody but Kimi had ever known so well what she needed sexually. It felt so good to be back in her arms, trembling in the aftermath of her cum. Kimi raised her head, smiling wickedly at her friend, then crawled up over her again, straddling her head between her thighs. Her string bikini panties were so tiny that they barely covered half of the cleft of her firm ass. She reached down and pulled the material to one side, exposing her naked, clean-shaven pussy to Holly.

Lovingly, Holly began to lap at her sex, her tongue caressing the wet folds, parting them, then stiffening and probing inside Kimi's vaginal opening. "Unnnnnhhhh&hellip." Kimi moaned, as Holly's tongue slithered in and out of her tight pussy, fucking it with her tongue. Kimi writhed against her girlfriend's face, drenching it with her wetness, feeling the smooth metal of Holly's tongue stud caressing her.

Holly's tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, sometimes sliding down over the sensitive divide that separated Kimi's pussy from her ass. Holly lapped at the tight ring of muscle as Kimi rocked against her, reaching up and squeezing her breasts tightly, pinching her nipples between her fingers. Then Holly began to tease Kimi's clit ring, nudging it this way and that, sucking it into her mouth.

Then she slid the pointed tip of her tongue into it and tugging gently at it, causing the back of her tongue to caress Kimi's clit in a way that mad Kimi shiver with unbridled ecstasy. After a few moments, Kimi raised herself up, turned around and arranged herself over Holly so that they could lick each other's pussies at the same time. Avidly, they feasted on each other's flesh with their lips and tongues and fingers, driving each other towards another shuddering mutual climax.

They rolled over on their sides and renewed their oral lovemaking, mewling as their arousal reached its apex, and the two girls held each other tightly, their fingers buried in each other's vaginas, lips fastened on each other's clits, as their nubile bodies gave birth to a huge, excruciating joy.

Evan, who had watched the entire scene as it unfolded, stroking his rampant cock with his fingers, could hold back no longer. He shed his robe, and climbed up on the bed, and leaned against the headboard, cushioned with several pillows. "Girls, don't you think it's my turn now?" he asked, smiling. "Noooo, not just yet," laughed Holly, looking up at Evan with a mischievous smile playing on her lips.

"We brought a surprise!" Kimi giggled as Holly reached over for her purse and found what she was looking for -- it was a flexible, double-headed dildo, made of clear green gel, a little over a foot long. It had been a favorite of the two girls in the dorm after they had discovered each other's wanton sexuality. Kimi and Holly arranged themselves on hands and knees, facing away from each other, their smooth, pert butts close together, their backs arched downward.

Holly reached back and worked one end of the dildo slowly into her drenched vagina. Kimi then reached back, grabbed the other end, and did the same, then eased back until their cute butts touched, the dildo deep inside both of them. Slowly, they both moved forward, then back, sinking the dildo into their eager pussies.

As Evan watched raptly, still stroking his dick, the girls quickened their pace, moving back and impaling themselves on the dildo, their firm ass cheeks quivering as they bounced against each other, their clits colliding wetly, fucking each other with increased abandon. Their cries rose in pitch as they drove themselves closer to yet another climax, so in tune with one another's needs that they reached it together, screaming as their bodies erupted once again. At last, the girls disentangled themselves and sat up, looking at him and bursting out giggling again.

"Did you like that, Mr. Wayne?" asked Holly impishly. "Does it look like I liked it?" asked Evan, his fingers sliding up and down along his rampant cock. Giggling, Holly crawled over to him, bending forward and extending her tongue, slowly tracing around the flared head of his stiff penis, tantalizing it with the smooth metal stud.

After getting his cockhead all wet, she parted her full lips and slid them down over the head, sucking on just the head and maybe another inch of his cock. Meanwhile, Kimi crawled up on the other side, leaned down, and began to lick and suck on his smooth balls. Kimi marveled at Evan's balls…they were like nothing she'd ever seen. Not only were they completely hairless, but they weren't loose and didn't hang down like most men.

They were big and tight, and seemed to fill their sac completely. Kimi lapped at them, teasing them with her tongue, occasionally sucking one between her lips, then pulling back and letting it pop out. Meanwhile, Holly sucked happily on the head of his cock, her lips descending further as her head bobbed up and down and she slurped wetly on it. "Mmmm, suck it, Holly," murmured Kimi, her voice still girlish, looking up briefly. "Suck his big dick. That looks sooo sexy." Evan groaned with pleasure, excited at the sight of these two young girls, whom he'd just watched make lesbian love to each other, now worshipping his big, engorged cock.

Now the girls switched, Holly spitting out Evan's penis and shoving it into Kimi's mouth. Holly's fingers slid around the base of the shaft and she began stroking it, moving the loose outer skin up and down as if jerking him off into Kimi's eagerly sucking mouth. Then she, too, began to lick and tease his balls with her avid tongue.

Next, the two girls, as if by prior agreement, turned their heads to the side and pressed their lips against the thick shaft of Evan's upright cock on either side, and they began to move up and down the shaft with their mouths.

Evan watched, fascinated, as they moved in unison, their lips surrounding his shaft, both of them making love to his throbbing cock. Sometimes they let their mouths move all the way up to the crown, where their lips met and they kissed each other, thrusting their tongues forward and caressing each other wetly.

Sometimes they both paused to lick the head with their agile tongues.

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Finally, the girls discontinued their twin oral assault on Evan's smooth cock, and Holly climbed over him, facing the TV screen at the foot of the bed. The movie was still playing, and Holly watched it as she bent her knees, balancing on her feet, and slowly descended. The man in the porn film was alternately fucking the two girls now, his cock impossibly huge. Kimi slid her fingers around the base of Evan's shaft, barely able to reach around it, and guided it between Holly's labia as she moved lower, slowly sinking it into her tight, wet pussy.

Holly leaned back against Evan's body as she impaled herself on his cock, sighing with pleasure as he filled her silky vagina with his cock. He slid his arms around her and caressed her small, firm breasts as she slowly moved on his penis, fucking herself with it.

Meanwhile, leaned forward between his legs and began to lap with her tongue at the underside of his cock and his smooth, bloated balls. Then she licked upward between them and lashed her tongue over Holly's nakedly exposed clit. Holly's vaginal muscles squeezed Evans penis tightly as he slowly fucked in and out of her. Once she slid up to far and the head of his cock popped out, and Kimi leaned forward and pressed her mouth against the head, pushing it back into Holly's dripping-wet opening and then slithering her tongue over her clit again.

Holly began bouncing up and down on his cock, her gasps rising in a crescendo, and climaxed almost immediately under the fluttering of Kimi's tongue on her clit.

Evan heroically held back, wanting to fuck these two girls in every way imaginable before finally releasing his pent-up load of sperm. Holly climbed off of him and lay down on her back, while Kimi straddled the girl again, ducking her head between her legs and spearing her tongue into her friend's just-fucked vagina.

Kimi's round, full ass was too inviting to ignore, and Evan moved up behind her on his knees. Holly reached up and guided his aching penis into Kimi's beckoning pussy with her fingers, burying it deep in her eager vagina as she watched it close up.

"Ooooh, yeah, fuck her, Mr. Wayne," said Holly, her voice a sexy purr. Slowly, Evan began to fuck his cock in and out of her, while Holly ran her tongue up and down the underside of the shaft, and licked at his sperm-filled balls. Evan groaned as Kimi's tight pussy seemed to suck at his dick.

After a moment, he paused in his thrusts, raising his hand and bringing it down on one of her firm ass cheeks with a resounding smack, making it quiver. Kimi wriggled playfully back against him, and he slapped her again.

"Nnnnn, yeah, I've been a very bad girl!" Kimi moaned as she pushed back against his cock, fucking herself on it as he remained motionless.

Evan resumed his hard thrusts into Kimi's sweet cunt, while Holly reached up and spread her ass-cheeks for him with her hands, and began licking at Kimi's clit. Evan's massive organ filled her vision, thrusting in and out of her friend's vagina, her labia seeming to cling to it as it withdrew each time.

Soon enough, Kimi shuddered violently in the throes of her own climax and she screamed, her vaginal muscles spasming tightly around Evan's deeply-embedded cock. On and on they fucked, in every position imaginable. At one point, Holly straddled Evan's dick and rode it as Kimi sat on Evan's face, his tongue skewering deep into her delectable vagina.

The two girls leaned forward and kissed each other, their tongues caressing, their fingers pinching each other's nipples, as they came together in a shuddering climax. At another juncture, Evan arranged them on the edge of the bed next to each other, and alternated between fucking one, then the other, as if trying to decide which pussy he liked the best, while the girll took turns playfully demanding more attention.

No need to choose, he thought to himself, just fuck them both to your heart's content. Evan seemed inexhaustible Kimi had never encountered a man with his stamina and self control, despite the their best efforts to make him unleash his pent-up sperm.

As for the girls, they soon lost count of their repeated, shattering orgasms. At last, he told them to lie on the bed, with their heads together side by side, but with their legs in opposite directions. He crawled up over them as they turned their heads and kissed each other, tongues twining. Evan stroked his slippery cock with his fingers, as Kimi reached up and fondled his heavy balls, now drawn up even tighter than usual against the base of his dick. Suddenly he groaned, slowed the pace of his stroking, and felt his cum racing up the shaft and erupting like Mount Vesuvius, spurting thick ropes of cum over Kimi's and Holly's faces.

His fingers moved in rhythm with the thick pulses of his semen, pumping out what seemed like an endless quantity of it. He aimed his cock alternately at Kimi, then at Holly, wanting to give them both their share of his hot, syrupy cum, alternating between their parted lips, filling their mouths with it.

Finally, his balls were empty, a last stramd of viscous cum drooling down to Holly's spermy lips. Shaking his cock a little, it snapped off and draped it over her lower lip.

She raised her head a little and enclosed the head of his spent cock with her mouth, her tongue caressing the ultra-sensitive, oozing tip. Finally, he fell back on the bed, panting with exhaustion, then watched as Kimi closed her mouth, moved up and over Holly's face, so that their lips were a few inches apart. Feeling deliciously naughty, Kimi parted her lips and let a long, white rope of his semen ooze down from her mouth into Holly's.

When she was done, Holly closed her mouth and pushed Kimi back onto her back, climbing over her. Then she repeated the performance, releasing his plentiful cum between Kimi's parted lips.

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Kimi swallowed, letting the accumulated cum slide down her throat, and then the two girls began to lovingly lick each others faces like two kittens, cleaning off the pearly rivulets of semen that covered them. Evan watched them, fascinated with the eagerness with which they cleaned each other of his cum.

Maybe they teach these things in the Girl Scouts, he laughed to himself. After licking all of the sperm off each other's cheeks and chins and sharing a final wet kiss, the two girls sat up and smiled at Evan.

"Do you think we're nasty, Mr. Wayne", said Holly, and the two friends giggled again like schoolgirls. "Very nasty," said Evan admiringly. "Delightfully nasty. I can't tell you how much fun I had breaking your cookies, girls." "You can break our cookies any time," Mr. Wayne, said Kimi. "Isn't that right, Holly." Holly laughed.

"Only if I get to sunbathe on the weekends by that big pool out in the back. C'mon, Kimi, we better get going." The two girls put on their "uniforms", once again the young, nubile nymphettes that had come to his door so many hours ago.

When they were done dressing, he showed them to the front door. "G'bye, Mr. Wayne, let me know when you run out of cookies," said Kimi gaily, and the two girls laughed, turned, and walked down the front steps, swinging their cute butts as Evan watched them stroll up the street together, laughing happily.