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Gay teen boy porn doctors and vintage male medical tube Aj got close
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My name is Brad. I am a typical guy I guess. I like to hunt, fish, watch football, and waste some valuable sleep in between the sheets. Divorced 7 years, though I still see my ex wife pretty much everyday to pass our daughter back and forth. Sitting in front of her house like this always enrages me slightly, I paid for this house.

I paid for everything because a judge told me I had too and I'm still made to wait a half an hour to an hour behind schedule to pick Megan up. I flip through radio stations, agitated, not really looking for anything in particular.

I am a decent looking guy I would say, for being in my mid 40's I haven't found a single gray hair yet. I'm of an athletic build, not extremely ripped, but just enough to attract the ladies occasionally still. I have numerous tattoos, a number of my piercings have disappeared over the years. I don't have a single one left anymore.

Fidgeting in my seat I happen to catch a glance at the front door of my ex wife's house and my jaw just about hits the ground. My beautiful daughter, a senior in high school, walking out of the house wearing the smallest black dress I've ever seen in my life.

Her ever curve accentuated by the small layer of fabric keeping her delicate parts a mystery. Fuck, she's hot. I wave goodbye to her mother before leaning towards the passenger side door and popping the door open for my little princess.

Oh how time flies, and day by day it feels so bittersweet. Megan slides into the seat next to me, carefully crossing her legs in the most lady-like manner I've ever seen.

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Good girl, I think to myself. I am so proud of the woman that she has become. I put the car into drive and begin driving away from her house.

"Hi Megs!! How are you? What's new in your life?" I asked inquisitively. She rolls her head across the armrest to look me in the eyes as I glance up from the road for a moment at a stop sign. Her honey brown eyes dancing across my face as she smiles softly, her cheeks immediately blushing as they always do when she looks at me. It's one of her little quirks. Her love for her father can never be doubted, she's always been my biggest fan, as I have hers.

Last year she got into some trouble with her boyfriend, she was caught in the public restroom at school with his cock in her hand. Her mother flew over to my home in a rage and together we walked into the school and I could tell that my baby had been crying. Her boyfriend sitting across from her in the office with his backpack uncomfortably laid across his lap. I just know that his cock was still stiff when we got there, but I couldn't help but wondering why my Megan had got so adventurous after all.

Ever since I can remember she has never had one toe out of line, and yet there I stood in the principal's office because she had a teenage cock in her hand. The sound of her voice startles me back to reality as I merge onto the highway, I tune in intently hoping I didn't miss too much of what she's said.

" and it really sucks dad, because you know, like, ugh! I never did that before and I just can't go to his house and like hang out with his mom before like sucking his cock.

I mean like." "MEGAN!!!'' ''What dad??" She snaps at me sharply. "Why are you talking to me about cock sucking??" I nervously answer, my hand on the back of her seat as I turn around to check for cars as I merge onto the highway. Her face turns a bright pink at my question and she opens her mouth to reply, but instead of words she just starts laughing hysterically. Immediately I start cracking up, her laugh is just so contagious. Everything about her just radiates confidence and self esteem.

She's humble, but she knows how fucking hot she is. She's smart, but knows how to play the dumb girl card to her advantage. She's going to be very successful one day, I just know it. We sit in silence on the way home, nothing too unusual for us. We don't talk all that often, we enjoy each others company without directly interacting with each other all the time.

Both of us are strong and independent, that's the best trait in her and she got it from me. I probably should push the sucking cock comment, but I just really want to get home. Hopefully she'll change that dress, because I should not at all know what color her sweet areolas are, yet there they sit, light brown and soft sticking out the top of her white bra. I think I'm going to need some alone time when we get home, I can already feel the tingle up my sack letting me know that my cock is beginning to stiffen in my pants.

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Great, Just great. We pull up into the garage and climb out of the car, gracefully, she walks up to me and slides her arms around my waist. Hugging me tight, before kissing my chin and walking inside. Her brown hair flowing down her back beautifully as she walks.

I smile to myself and begin to follow her up the stairs and into the living room. In the distance I hear the home phone ringing and I rush to my office to pick up the call. Of course, it's my date from last night, wondering if she could come over for round two, perhaps another time I tell her. Can't be banging someone with my daughter here, Right? Maybe I should, I don't know. I'll think it over during supper, at least by then my cock will have gotten bored. While picking up the phone and ordering pizza a thought comes to mind, a troubling thought at best.

What if she's having sex with this guy? I know she's a good girl, but yet she gives hand jobs in the school bathroom, I don't know how to feel about this. I shake off the thought and order the food and put my feet up on the desk, relaxing into my computer chair. It's already been such a long day for me, and I'm just ready to pass out. I hear a knock at the door and quickly wake from my half in half out slumber.

I retrieve the pizza from the delivery guy and set it on the table. Megan walks into the room in her soft fluffy pajama pants and a tank top.

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Phew, much better. We visit for close to an hour and a half, catching up on each others lives and enjoying one another's company. Her cute little giggles, and the way she hides her mouth nervously as she talks is just absolutely fucking adorable.

I love her absolutely more than I ever thought I could love another human being. Her eyes are absolutely piercing, I have always loved looking into them.

Tonight feels strange though, for some reason it feels like she is looking at me the same way that I am looking at her, which there would be nothing wrong with, except for the fact that I've been thinking about bending her over this table and giving it to her since the second she walked into the room.

What is wrong with me, I mean, this can't be normal. In fact, I think it is the opposite of normal. A flash of worry crosses my face, and before I can change the look she catches it. "Daddy? Is everything okay??" She mouths softly, her eyebrows raised in curiosity. I nod and smile at her softly before standing up and carrying my plate to the sink. Clearing off the table and putting away the leftover food. "Is there, uh, anything you'd like to do?

Or do you just want a little space babe?" I ask her. "I think I'm good just hanging out dad, I'll let you know if I need anything. Hey, actually, are we still going to the beach tomorrow? or?" "yeah, Megs, we're going first thing in the morning and staying as long as you want, okay?

I'll probably be in my room watching a movie or something. If you need me let me know, ok?" "yep" she said before she disappeared into her room. I locked up the house and retired to my bedroom, changing from my work clothes to a pair of basketball shorts. I flipped on the local news and began going through work emails.

Working for myself has it's perks at times, most of them are answered for me by my secretary. My thoughts drift to last night, the woman I had over. I fucked her right here, for hours last night. Man, she was a beautiful woman, kind of annoying with the dirty talk but hot enough that fucking her really didn't feel like a chore. I go through phases of dating and then I'll not see anyone for years.

I know that I will never marry again, and most women want the commitment that I can not offer. I rather enjoy being able to see people as I choose or not at all. After laying in bed for about an hour I decide to go check on Megan, say hi and stuff. Her door is just cracked enough that when I peek in I can see her taking a photo of her breasts with her phone. Oh man, this weekend is going to be hell.

"Meg! What in the hell do you think you're doing??" I push open the door hard, mostly for show. Deep down I'm glad it's just pictures and not actually catching a boy up her balls deep in my daughter.

"DAAAAD!! Get ouuut!!" Throwing a pillow at me she rushes to cover up her breast. "Meg. Look. I need to talk to you for a minute, ok?" I sit beside her and she lays down on her bed, looking up at me. "Look, I know that this is normal. I know that in the world we live in now this is going to happen and I really trust you ok? Can we please just make sure the door is closed when your breasts are out, I'm old and my heart can't take seeing a nice big pair of titties anymore.

Got it?" She nods and giggles uncontrollably. "I got it dad, and I'm sorry. Thank you for not going all crazy on me like mom does." I lean down and kiss her forehead softly, her hand searching for mine so I grasp it tightly.

"I love you and I need you to be smart and safe, you know what is ok and what is not" I whisper to her before brushing her hair out of her face and smiling deep into her eyes. "Do you need anything before bed, Kitten? Daddy is beat." "uhrmm, I actually have a question" She fiddles with my hand playfully, looking up at me to gauge my reaction to her question. "Can I sleep with you tonight?" I smile and take her hand, walking her to my room with me.

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Every weekend it seems she's curled up in bed with me. I'm finding her to be skiddish at most, every noise seems to send her into panic mode for some reason. Her therapist is no help with it, so I do the best I can and let her come crawl into bed with me. We crawl into bed and snuggle up, facing each other with our arms wrapped around one another tightly. My fingers dance across the side of her face softly, while brushing the hair away from her face casually.

A small nightlight in my bathroom the only light in the room, but I can see the curve of her cheeks and her nose. Her face carved by the angels, I love her in ways that I never thought possible. "Dad?" "Yes, sweetie?" "Can I ask you a question?" "Of course, what's up?" She adjusts herself slightly, her breasts pressed against my chest now.

I start imagining what they would look like in my hands. "Dad, what does an orgasm feel like?" I ponder the thought for a moment, the only uncomfortable feeling I have is a light cramp in my calf. "Well, it's one of the best feelings in the world. It hits like a tidal wave, and lingers long after it is gone.

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For a man like myself it really takes a lot out of me. After I feel relaxed, tired. Why do you ask, Love?" She sighs softly. "Well, I am getting older now and I have given them but have never received one. I am insanely curious to know what it feels like" I steady my breath and lay there for a few long moments, wondering how to phrase my thoughts.

Pulling pieces of words from the tornado of them in my head, trying to form a well educated and partial answer. "Well, do you care to explain that to me princess?" "Yes, dad I actually do. As you know, I gave Jake a handjob in the school bathroom, but we were caught before he could finish. That was my first experience with sex. He showed me how to touch his penis, and where it feels good and where to be careful because he says it can hurt if done wrong.

Then a few weeks ago I spent the day at my boyfriends house and his parents went to catch a movie in the middle of the day. We went to his room and I sucked his dick until he came on my breasts. I promise though dad, I am still a virgin. It's like, the more I do sexually, the further I want to go and I just need some guidance." I pause, taking a second to really think about what she had just said. "I really like your boyfriend, I think he's turning into an excellent person.

I can give you some advice and some pointers for further use with him if you'd like. How best can I help?" She takes my hand and drags it down her throat, past her shirt and down into her bra. My heart beats so fast that I can feel it trying to come out of my chest. My baby girl has always been blunt and straight forward with what she needs and wants, and if I'm interpreting this correctly. Well, she wants me to make her come, right? "Babe, Are you." "Yes!" She blurts out, cutting off the question I was about to ask.

"Ok, I need you to do as I say, and if you mention this to anyone I am going to be in trouble, understand?" She makes a gesture of acceptance by putting her hand over her mouth and winking at me. Rolling backwards, I reach up onto the night stand and turn on the bedside lamp, before pulling a blindfold from my pillowcase.

"Do you trust me Megan?" "Yes, Daddy. " I roll back towards her and secure the blindfold in place on her face, making sure she can see nothing but darkness.

"I'm going to remove your clothing princess. I need you to move when I try to move you, and I need you to stay completely relaxed and comfortable. When you feel good, you say green. When it tickles or feels funny, you say yellow. If it hurts or feels uncomfortable, say red loudly and clearly so I can stop whatever I am doing, OK?" "Yes, Daddy" I remove all of her clothing gently, tossing them off the side of the bed onto the floor in a pile.

After she is completely nude I nudge her side and she wiggles into the middle of the bed and I straddle her upper thighs. "Green" She whispers.


I smile softly, glad to see that she's paying attention. I check the blindfold one more time before beginning to massage her neck.

I take my fingertips and gently rub on the muscles on either side of her trachea.

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Slowly working my way down to her breasts. "Green" Taking my time, finally getting to her left breast. I softly grip it in my right hand and squeeze. Oh god, she's stunning. Her perfect little breasts perky, beautifully round with beautiful stretch marks from the upper corner of her breast to her armpit.

She lays still as I lean down and suck her nipple into my impatient mouth, flicking her nipple around with my tongue. "Green" My other hand traces across the middle of her chest and over to her right breast, grabbing it a bit harder before pulling carefully on her hardened nipple.

Her chest rising and falling sharply with the pinch. "Green" "Good girl, Do you know what Daddy is doing right now?" "Umm.

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Playing with my boobs?" "Foreplay" I whisper before gently biting down on her nipple. Her back arches slightly, her bottom lip disappearing under her teeth as a small gasp releases from her mouth. I smile with her small nipple in my mouth before sucking her whole nipple in. Caressing the flesh with my tongue, teeth and lips. Sensually exciting my daughter, freeing her from her adolescent worries.

"Green" "Okay, love. How about we change the game a little, ok? Since Daddy seems to be on the right track, why don't you just only let me know if there is a red, okay Megs?" "Yes, Daddy I will" Struggling to believe this is actually happening I lean over to her other breast, her perky nipple waiting for attention as well.

Kissing it softly before sucking it into my mouth, twisting the nipple around my tongue. Lashing it with my tongue. In the midst of a deep breath I smell it. A smell that every man knows, a peculiar scent. Sweet, and pungent, the smell of arousal. "Baby, tell me how you feel right at this very moment" "Relaxed, tingly.

Fidgety" Smiling from ear to ear I kneel back up and slide down her legs, coming to a stop at her ankles. Admiring her beauty, not a single part of her unarousing. Her mound chubby, her belly soft. Her breasts abundant. I exhale deeply as my cock instantaneously hardens, aching in my shorts.

What have I done? This is going to painful for me all night, I can't even fuck her. I won't do that. My hands grip her ankles and begin to rub their way up towards her hips, stopping every few inches to massage her muscles. My hands looking very manly and muscular against her soft, supple skin.

I tickle her a bit, loving the sound of her giggles. "You ok, babygirl?" "Yes, Daddy. I'm perfect" If only she knew how right she was. Using both of my hands to spread her legs, looking over her incredibly cute cunt. I can't believe how soft of a pink her lips are. My right hand reaches her clit, and begins to softly rub in slow circles.

Small, barely audible, moans escaping from her pouty lips. My left hand below my right, pointer finger slowly parting her young lips. "Baby, you need to relax now, ok?" "ohhh!! Daddy." Gently, I push my finger into her warm pussy, already soaked from teasing her in the manner that I have been. I begin to gently start to fuck my daughter with my pointer finger, her cunt gripping my finger tightly.

Man, I bet she would feel so nice wrapped around my cock. Fuck, Brad, get it together. Picking up the pace I can feel her legs begin to quiver and I begin to wonder if she is close to an orgasm. Her moans still soft and hushed. My finger picks up pace on her swollen clitorus, flicking it back and forth before rubbing it fast, trying to rob my daughters first orgasm from her.

All at once, she explodes. Her legs begin trembling with urgency, her hips bucking up and down on the bed, and her moans now screams. "AAAAAH DADDY!!! FUUUUCK!!" I smile, a bit cocky I will admit.

Didn't take long. My finger slides out of her in her moment of orgasm and I quickly stick the finger in my mouth, lapping up as much of her from it as I can. Very sweet, with a hint of salty. I know I should stop now, I know that she knows plenty and I have answered her question in entirety but at this very moment I have lost control. Roughly I grab her thighs and push them up, burying my face into her dripping snatch.

My tongue flicks against her pussy and she cries out for me, for her Daddy. I am a man, and a man she loves very much.

I should not be doing this, but I can't seem to care about the immorality of my actions at this very second. I need my daughter, like a man needs his wife, and tonight, I will make love to her like she is.

I flick my tongue up her slit, circling around her lovebud before running my tongue back down and burying it into her pussy. I can hear her moaning softly, but her thighs are beginning to squish my head, locking me in place. What else is a man supposed to do in this moment but to tongue lash her to orgasm.

For the longest moments, I am between her beautiful thighs, my hands wrapped around her perky breasts, licking, slurping, and sucking on every inch of her private area. "Dad. OHHH!


Again! Here it comes!!" I nibble on her clit as her whole body convulses, sucking it into my mouth as she violently jerks, begging me to stop. For about a minute I keep pushing her just over the edge, finally releasing her from my mouth and kissing her upper right thigh lovingly. "I love you, princess." "Dad, I have another question. May I ask it?" I wipe my face and crawl up, laying beside her and lifting the mask off her beautiful brown eyes.

She looks me deeply into the eyes. "What does sex feel like?" I freeze. Just when I thought that my cock could not physically ache anymore, now it's starting to feel like I got pinched in the sack. "Whaa.?" She rolls on top of me, kissing my cheek and giggling, the cute little irresistible giggle that I fell in love with all those years ago.

Her mouth slowly meeting mine as her tongue slowly slides into my mouth. My hands grasp her ass and pull her up towards my face so I can kiss her harder, the last shred of morality leaving my body. Reaching down, I slide my shorts down and kick them off the edge of the bed. "Are you sure you want your Daddy's cock baby?" She kisses me hard once more and I know the answer. I grab her roughly and flip her back onto her back, smoothly sliding between her legs.

Her eyes dancing from my face, down to my hanging cock, and back up again. Eight inches must look pretty enjoyable to her because she looks up at me and bites her lip, my little minx, making Daddy fuck her even when he told himself he wouldn't.

She will be punished for manipulating her Daddy like this. "You ready?" "Yes, Sir." I lower the head of my cock to her opening with my thumb and thrust gently, barely parting her lips. Slowly, I push against her hymen, tearing it slowly with my girth. Pained grunts escaping her lips as she begins to tell me to stop, but there's no way I can possibly stop now.

I make it look like an accident, I slip my knee off the sheets and drive my cock into her hard and fast. Her eyes immediately begin to water. "Baby, look at me. Honey. I'm so sorry, you know Daddy would never ever hurt you." "Daddy, it hurts so bad!!" "Do you trust me Megan, from your soul to your toes, do you trust me?" "Yes" I kiss her lips as I begin thrusting my hardness out of her, and back in.

Painfully slow and gentle. Minutes pass and I almost give up hope of her enjoying this, when suddenly I hear her gasp and moan loud. "Are you ok, Princess?" "Holy shit, Daddy. That felt fucking good." With a smile across my face I lean up onto my knees and spread her legs, driving my manhood in and out of her tightest little spot.

Every thrust relaxes her, and every thrust goes in just a bit deeper, until I am buried balls deep into her tight little cunt. I fuck her slow and steadily for a good hour, taking my time, making sure to kiss her lots and hold her close.

Soon she's clinging to my upper body and convulsing, her pussy tightening and releasing around my thick hardness. Fuck, I love this little girl. I wonder if I should just come already, I mean, I know I have a ridiculous amount of stamina, but it's been so long since I've been with a virgin that I forget if they can handle a long, thorough fucking. "Are you ready to be done, princess? Or should Daddy keep going?" "You better not fucking stop Daddy. I will be so mad at you" I thrust hard into her, for talking to me like that.

Her cheeks turn red, knowing that I just punished her with my cock. I'm starting to think that she might not be punished after all, I'm having the best sex of my life. I push her legs together, and up towards her head, bending her in half like a taco. My cock is coated in her blood and juices, but I have to admit, her lips grip my cock so well.

It is almost unbelievable to even think that I am inside of her right now. I begin fucking her harder, driving my cock deep into her womb, slamming the head up against her cervix with such force that her breasts are literally slapping her in the face. Ohh, that is a sight that I will never forget. Beautiful baby, taking Daddy's hard cock better than mommy ever did. Harder and faster, I fuck her until I literally cannot fuck her any harder. Her face contorted from pleasure, her chest red with arousal.

Her body sweaty and used. I feel the familiar tightening of my balls and I know what is about to happen, two hours into fucking my naughty little princess I am finally about to come.

I lean down and kiss her, releasing the huge load of semen I have been holding onto for hours, filling up her fertile womb with the seed of love. I said she was going to be my wife tonight, and dammit, a wife will take her husbands seed. Collapsing onto the bed next to her I smile across the pillow, reaching over and pulling her into my arms. "Princess, Daddy just put a baby in your belly" "Daddy, Can we name her Sarah?" I kiss her forehead and grin, oh how I love her.

Maybe I will talk to her mom about this summer, she's going to need Daddy to take care of her sexy little pregnant self.