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Sexy Slutty BBW Hillary Hooterz Loves Huge Cocks
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Becoming Daddy's Good Girl Chapter Three: Sleepover Bondage By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 I wanted to skip as I walked down the street to Sun's house. I wanted to throw my arms wide and skip, my body bursting with joy. Such excitement burned inside of me.

Tonight was Friday. Tonight, Sun was spending the night and Daddy would make her into a good girl, too. We would go down into the basement and see Daddy's workshop. My eighteen-year-old body trembled in delight. I loved being Daddy's good girl. I was so glad my mom had to go out of town for three weeks to help my grandparents out.

And I was really glad she took my annoying twin sister Alice with her. Alice was not a good girl for anyone, even Daddy. While Mom was gone, it was up to me to take care of Daddy.

I doubted she expected me to fulfill all her wifely duties, like have sex with Daddy. But I loved it. I loved being submissive to Daddy. I loved cleaning the house naked while he was at work, a butt plug inserted into my asshole. I loved waiting for him to come home so I could massage his feet and hear about his day. And I loved it when he bent me over the dining room table and fucked me in lieu of dessert. I knew it was wrong for a father to make-love to his daughter.

I just didn't care. Incest was the best. It was so hot to feel Daddy's cock plunge into my pussy. He would fuck me so hard. I would gasp and moan, his taboo dick filling every inch of my barely legal cunt. The forbidden thrill made me cum so hard every time. I hoped Mom never came back. She could stay with my grandparents and stupid Alice forever. Daddy didn't need her. He had me. Tonight, Daddy planned on making Sun his good girl, too. She was sleeping over so she could have her cherry popped.

I couldn't wait to watch my best friend submit to my daddy's lust. It was why I was bursting with excitement and wanted to skip. But I couldn't. I had a butt plug shoved into my asshole. It was the thickest one yet.

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Since Tuesday, I had worn a different one each day, the diameters growing bigger and bigger. This morning I had grown so hard as Daddy inserted it into my backdoor. I couldn't help but squeal in excitement as he did it—the butt plug was almost as wide as his cock. I was almost ready to please him with anal sex. Only Sun knew just how wicked I was. None of my other friends, who claimed to have had sex, could know that I wasn't a virgin any longer.

They wouldn't understand like Sun did that incest was something wonderful and not something disgusting. I wanted to skip so bad, but walking with the butt plug was interesting enough. I was so aware of the toy moving in my bowels with every step. I walked with a wide gait, not wanting to keep my legs tightly closed. It caused my tight skirt to ride up my thighs, and I kept having to tug it down to keep from flashing my naked ass and pussy.

Today, Daddy commanded me to go to Sun's. He allowed me to dress since I was leaving the house, but he forbade me any underwear. My pussy was so wet. And not just from the stimulation of the butt plug. Men and boys kept glancing at me as I walked down the sidewalk, my flip flops smacking. My dress showed off my young charms and they were appreciated. At any moment, my skirt may ride up enough to flash a bit of naked asscheek or to let them catch a glimpse of the brown muff covering my pussy.

It was torture. Such wonderful, sweet torture. My clit throbbed, peeking out of its little sheath and kissed by the warm, summer air wafting up between my thighs. The air teased the rest of my pussy, my damps lips feeling so cool. My fingers itched to rub my pussy. I wouldn't. And not just because I was in public. A good girl only cums when her Daddy gives her permission. And I didn't have permission to cum when Daddy wasn't around. So I had to endure the butt plug and the thrill of my short skirt and no panties.

When I reached Sun's house, I was flushed and breathing heavily. I rang the doorbell and pushed my skirt down as I waited. A few moments later, Sun's mother opened the door.

Mrs. Paik was a short, Korean woman with her black hair permed. "Oh, hi, Melody," she smiled. "Boy, did you run all the way from your house?" "Yes," I lied. I felt like I had even though a slow walk was all I could manage without flashing my rear. "Is Sun home." "She's upstairs." The older woman turned and called, "Sun, your friend's here." An explosion of noise came from upstairs as Sun burst out of her bedroom and scampered across the hallway.

Sun knew I was on the way. I sent her a Snapchat of my butt plug buried in my ass before I left. Her footsteps thundered down the stairs and then her petite form appeared. She had boyish hips and only small breasts covered by a thin camisole she was wearing as a top. The frilly hem reached the waistband of her jean shorts. "Melody," she squealed and hugged me.

She smelled so sweet and her body felt so nice. "We're all set in the bathroom." "Bathroom?" frowned her mother. "Yes, yes, we're trying out new makeup, Mom," Sun lied easily. "To be ready for our slumber party." "And there are no boys at the slumber party?" "Of course not," Sun said. "The only man that will be there is Melody's dad." "Oh, okay," she nodded. "Well, don't make a mess, okay?" Sun rolled her dark, slanted eyes.

"Of course, Mom." "We won't, Mrs. Paik," I smiled. Sun took my hand and jerked me hard. I rushed after her and raced up the stairs. My cheeks reddened as my skirt rode up my thighs. I hoped her mom wasn't looking because she might see my pussy. Sun led me around the corner and to the bathroom. We burst into it. It was spacious, as bathrooms went, with a tub-shower combination, large sink, and a toilet.

Sitting on the sink was a pink razor, scissors, pink shaving cream, and a small plastic bowl filled with steaming water. Daddy ordered me to have Sun shave my pussy bare. He liked bare snatch. Apparently, my mom kept herself bare for him. Sun also shaved her cunt. When I ate her pussy out Tuesday evening while Daddy fucked me from behind, I had discovered her smooth, yummy pussy. "Let's do this," Sun said and grabbed the hem of my dress.

She yanked it up over my body. I lifted my arms as my round breasts popped out and then she ripped the dress over my head. My braid got caught in the fabric, and she had to fight with it before it fell down my back.

Daddy liked his women to have braided hair. Sun's was too short though. She had a cute bob that framed her round face. Her skin was a creamy, pale-olive shade. So exotic. Sun peeled off her chemise, baring her budding breasts and dark-brown nipples. Mine were bright pink. "So, this doesn't hurt, right?" I asked as she wiggled out of her jean shorts and panties in one go. "Nope," she said. Her shaved pussy came into view. Her slit was sealed tight, girlish and innocent just the way Daddy liked them.

Soon mine would be, too. "It's not much different than shaving your legs. You just need to be careful. Don't want to cut your naughty bits." "No," I gasped, my bowels clenching on my butt-plug. That would be horrible." "So just relax and let me take care of business." I nodded and didn't fight as she sat me down on the edge of the bath tub.

She gathered her supplies and set them down before me and then sat cross-legged. She pushed my thighs apart, exposing my brown bush.

Her fingers caressed my curls and came away with droplets of my excitement. "Someone's wet," she said before bringing her fingers to her lips. "Mmm, that's delicious." I blushed and squirmed. It wasn't the first time she had licked my pussy. Tuesday night, after Daddy fucked me, she licked my pussy clean of Daddy's cum and gave me such a hard orgasm.

She had loved the taste of my tart pussy. Well, it was only fair since I loved the taste of her spicy snatch. "First, we trim you," she said. "Can't shave hair that long." I nodded my head as she grabbed the small pair of scissors. I swallowed as she brought them close to my pussy and began cutting. The hairs fell down to the towel the supplies were left on. I wanted to squirm, but I didn't need her to cut more than my hair She hummed as she sheared my pubic hair down to a short length.

Already my pussy was easier to see, my clit pink and hard, pressing out of the folds of my vulva, a bit of my labia peeking out farther down. I didn't have quite as tight a slit as Sun. I had been fucked many times by Daddy's cock. "Someone's come out to say hi," Sun said then leaned over and licked my clit.

"Sun!" My body twitched as her tongue swirled around my nub. Sensations shot through me. "Stop that. I can't cum. I'm not allowed. Don't tease me." She gave me an innocent grin. "Sorry, I forgot." I narrowed my eyebrows. I knew that grin. She didn't forget and she wasn't sorry. "Now it's not much different than shaving your legs or pit." She grabbed the shaving cream can.

The pink foam wished out and expanded onto her palm. Then she leaned over and massaged it against my pussy. I groaned, closing my eyes as the sensations rippled through me. "You like that, huh?" she asked. "Of course you do. You have a such a hot cunt. That's why you let your daddy fuck you." "Yes," I moaned and squirmed as she kept rubbing. It seemed like far more rubbing than was necessary, but it felt so nice so I didn't object.

Finally, she was satisfied she had coated my pubic hair with enough foam. She grabbed the razor and I tensed. I didn't like razors. Yes, I shaved with them, but there was something about them that unnerved me. I couldn't watch people shave in movies. Even if they weren't horror movies and nothing bad would happen.

So I closed my eyes and tensed, my bowels gripping the butt plug so hard as Sun leaned in. I felt her breath wash along my thigh and then the first touch of the razor. She swiped it down my pubic mound, the blade scraping, cutting my hair.

"See, it's nothing to be afraid of," she said as she swirled the razor blade through the hot water to clean it.

I looked down at the bare swath of my pudenda. Traces of pink foam clung to the now-smooth flesh. All my pubic hairs were gone. I relaxed a bit. "I guess not." Sun went to work, a serious expression on her face as she worked the razor, first shaving my pudenda bare.

I tensed every time the razor came close to my pussy and clit, but she never cut me. Then she worked around my slit. She slid away from my vulva, the razor slicing through my hairs. More and more of me was bare.

I could see the details of my pussy slit revealed. She worked her way counterclockwise around my slit until I was all bare. Only small bits of pink foam streaked my vulva. "Wow," I whispered as she grabbed a towel and dried me. I groaned as the terry cloth rubbed my bare pussy.

It was so strange. I felt it touch me everywhere. No pubic hair cushioned the towel's fibers. I trembled and my toes curled. Sun fixed me a wicked grin as she "dried me." I moaned.

The pleasure rippled through me. My breasts rose and fell as I squirmed. "Sun," I panted, the pleasure building inside of me as she teased me. "I'm clean. You can stop." "Fine," she pouted and pulled the towel away. She grabbed a hand mirror and held it so I could get a clear look at my pussy. I looked so girlish and innocent, a plump vulva, flushed surrounding my gash. "Wow," I groaned. "Oh, wow, I look so hot." "Yes, you do," she purred, licking her lips and set the mirror down.

"Damn, you have a pretty pussy." "So do you," I giggled.

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My giggles turned to gasps as Sun buried her face between my thighs and attacked my bare pussy. Her tongue licked and slid up and down my flesh. I gasped and squirmed, struggling against the pleasure roaring through my flesh.

Her tongue was so nimble and agile. She ate my pussy different than Daddy. He was aggressive, his lips so strong. He dominated my pussy with broad licks. Sun teased it. Her tongue danced through my folds, never staying in one place long before she moved on to lick in a new space. She flicked up to my clit then dived down to probe my hole. "No, no, no," I moaned, squirming on the tub's lip. "You can't, Sun.

You have to stop." "But your pussy is so pretty. I can't. I have to lick it." My body shuddered as she kept tonguing me. My eyes rolled back in my head as I squirmed. It was so wonderful. I wanted to relax into her licking tongue and let her carry me off into explosions of bliss. But Daddy didn't want me to cum. I couldn't be a bad girl. "Please, Sun, stop. You'll get me in trouble." "Your dad will never know," she moaned between licks.

Her eyes twinkled with mischief. "So relax and enjoy." "He'll know because I'll have to tell him," I panted, my nipples aching. Her tongue was amazing. My orgasm built and built. It was so hard to object to the pleasure. But I didn't want to be bad. I was a good girl. "Please, stop, Sun. Please." Sun licked a final time and lifted her face, her lips sticky with my juices. "Fine," she said, rolling her eyes.

"Be a good girl." "You want to be my daddy's good girl, too," I pointed out. "So you have to obey him." She grinned. "I do." She stood up and leaned against the bathroom counter, her legs spreading, showing off her shaved-bare and dripping pussy. I caught her hot, spicy musk. "But he never said I couldn't cum, right?" "No," I smiled as I stared at her. My pussy was on fire.

It burned to be touched. I needed a distraction. Licking Sun's cunt looked like a great one. I fell to my knees before my friend, eager to taste her pussy again.

I licked my lips and leaned in. Her spicy musk filled my nose while her silky thighs rubbed on my cheeks. I neared her pussy lips, and then I brushed them with my mouth. My tongue licked through her hot folds. Sun made such a purring, moaning sound. She undulated her hips and ground her face on me. I stroked her thighs as I pressed my lips into her wet petals, loving the feel of her cunt on my licking tongue and mouth. Her juices dribbled down my chin as I licked through her. "That's it," Sun moaned, undulating her hips.

"Oh, yes, yes. You're such a great friend." I giggled. "Great friends lick each other's pussies, huh?" "Yes," she nodded, her small, firm breasts jiggling. She seized her brown nipples and pinched them as she undulated against me.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as she squirmed and ground on me. My tongue slid through her folds, gathering her cream and savoring it. I slid my hands up and down her thighs, loving how they felt as I squirmed beneath her.

Licking her cunt only made me more excited, but I didn't care. I could take being horny and frustrated for a few more hours. I wouldn't stop loving my friend. She shaved my pussy for me so I owed her. Her hand seized my braid. She pulled on it as she ground her cunt on my face. She licked her lips and let out a low moan. My tongue licked faster and faster through her flesh.

I teased her without mercy. I made her gasp and moan. Her head threw back, spilling with pleasure. "Oh, yes, Melody. You're so good at this. You're such a wonderful friend. Oh, yes. Thank you for sharing your daddy with me and licking my pussy. Ooh, yes. We're going to have so much fun tonight." "So much," I panted between licks. Her juices coated my face. I loved how sticky and warm they felt. I rubbed my face and cheeks into her pussy between licks. I reveled in her spicy musk. I squirmed my hips, my cunt itching to be touched.

I squeezed her thighs to keep my hands from wondering as my tongue brushed her hymen. Tonight, Daddy would pop this cherry.

I explored the membrane with my tongue, finding a small hole I could almost wiggled my tongue all the way through. I didn't want to try to hard. Daddy deserved to have her hymen intact. "My daddy's going to pop your cherry," I moaned before licking up to her clit.

"Yes," she hissed, her hips swiveling as she ground on my hungry mouth. "Yes, yes, yes. He's pop my cherry while you watch.

And then you'll get to lick my pussy clean like I licked yours." I groaned, a wave of heat rushing from my pussy. I almost came at just the thought. I moaned about her clit and sucked so hard.

I couldn't wait for tonight. We would be so wild with Daddy. Sun I would never forget it. Her back arched. She pulled hard on her nipples and then let out a shuddering moan. Her juices flooded my mouth as she came. She bucked and squirmed, grinding on my face. I gulped down every drop of her juices, my fingers biting into her thighs. I wanted to rub my clit so hard and explode. I was so close to cumming. I knew it wouldn't take much. But I was strong. "Holy shit," Sun panted. "Damn, Melody, you are a wonderful pussy licker." I pulled my lips from her flesh and rose.

I couldn't help kissing her. Our breasts pressed together as our lips met in a hot, steamy kiss. She groaned, tasting her pussy on my lips. Her hands slid down, squeezing my ass, pulling me tight.

I shuddered in her embrace. When we broke the kiss, she purred, "Damn, we are going to have the best time ever tonight!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sun and I both stood naked side-by-side before the front door as Daddy climbed out of his car. The moment we heard him pull into the driveway, we shot to the door.

We were both so eager to greet him. After shaving me this afternoon, Sun came over to my house. Of course, she stripped naked with me the moment we entered.

We finished cleaning the house before having a light dinner of grilled-cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

Daddy wanted us fed because the fun was starting as soon as he got home. Sun trembled beside me as we waited for him to walk to the front door. She bit her lip and swallowed. I flashed her a smile. "It'll be okay. You'll love having his cock in you." "Thanks," she said.

His footsteps crunched. His blurry form appeared in the distorted glass of the door's window. My hand reached out and snagged the door. I yanked it open as he mounted the porch. He stood so tall and powerful. Even in his suit, you could tell he was strong. "Good evening, Daddy," we both said together. "Good evening," he smiled, drinking in the sight of our eighteen-year-old bodies.

He nodded his head in appreciation. The door was open. Anyone could see us. The thrill made my pussy clench. I took Daddy's briefcase and tie while Sun took his suit jacket.

The pair of us scrambled upstairs to put them away in his bedroom. Well, until Mom got back, it was my bedroom, too. I had slept here every night, my pussy soaked in incestuous seed. We darted downstairs. Daddy waited for us, the sleeves of his dress shirt rolled up, revealing muscular forearms covered in flames burning up from his wrist.

"This is your chance to back down," he said, glancing at Sun. "You don't have to go into my workroom." "I want to," she breathed. "Then here are the ground rules.

You do whatever I say, no questions ask," he said. "If you balk, then you've been bad and I will spank you." We both nodded our heads. "If you feel uncomfortable about something say red light. You won't be bad if you say that." "Red light?" I asked. "It's a safe word," Sun said.

"Right? For BDSM?" Daddy nodded. "Do you and Mom use safe words?" He shook his head. "Not since before we married. She is my slave.

She lives the lifestyle 24/7 when she's home. She surrendered herself to me." I shuddered. I wanted that. "I.I won't say it." A smile curled his lips. "That's your choice." "I trust you, Daddy." The words made me tremble. They were so powerful to say. I trust you. Almost as powerful as another three words. His strong hand cupped my chin. His thumb stroked cheek. I shuddered. He leaned down and kissed me hard. I moaned into his kiss.

I felt Sun's eyes watching, burning with envy. I didn't care. She could watch Daddy and me share our taboo passion. I wouldn't say the safeword. I trusted my daddy. He would never hurt me. He broke the kiss and said, "Follow." Sun and I, holding hands, padded after Daddy.

He headed to the basement. He opened the door and we headed down into it. It was a typical basement, though probably cleaner than most thanks to Mom's efforts. Cardboard boxes were staked against the wall covered in my mom's handwriting: Xmas Lights, Xmas Decorations, Halloween Decorations, Easter Decorations, Xmas Decorations, Alice's Clothes, Melody's Clothes, Alice's Dolls.

I forgot my sister used to collect them as a child. Then she hit puberty and threw them all into a box. Daddy walked to the plain, wooden door. I had never once been passed it. I always thought it was were Daddy did crafts or something. And sometimes he and Mom would disappear into there for hours. Now I understood after googling the internet.

It was a BDSM dungeon. The door opened onto a dark room. Daddy stepped in and flicked on a light. It didn't get much brighter. The walls were black and different from the bare, mortared cinder blocks of the rest of the basement. It was made of a spongy wood. "Cork," Sun said. "To muffle sound." Daddy nodded. My eyes kept scanning.


One entire wall was covered in paddles, flails, riding crops, and canes, each hanging from their own nail, neat and orderly—I sensed Mom's hand. A shelf rose from floor to ceiling and spanned another wall. It was covered in all manner of sex toys. I blushed at the sight of dildos, vibrators, strings of beads. And there were furry handcuffs and restraints, strange bars with cuffs on both ends, alligator clamps, and more butt plugs—I knew where he got the ones he used on me.

Beside the shelf was a chest. The third wall had a large, X shaped stand with cuffs hanging from the top. "A Saint Andrew's Cross," Sun whispered as I stared on it. "You've been googling BDSM?" Daddy asked as he stood in the middle. "Yes, Daddy," Sun said. Daddy smiled. He liked being called that. "Now strip me, sluts." "Yes, Daddy," with both said and hurried to him.

Our hands went to the buttons of his shirt. We both smiled at each other as we tried to reach for the top. I shifted to the next one down. We worked fast, our hands hopping past the other to unfasten the next button.

We had his shirt open in record time. We pushed it off his shoulders exposing his muscular chest. Barbwire tattoos ran across his sculpted pecs. On his upper, right arm was a naked woman, kneeling, a collar about her neck connected to a leash. Our hands caressed his muscles as our fingers descend to his pants. It was so hot to touch his rock-hard flesh. Sun beamed at me, her cheeks rosy. I smiled back as our fingers reached his belt together. We fumbled, the leather rasping. His cock tented his slacks.

Daddy was excited by his good girls. The belt whisked as I pulled it through the loops while Sun attacked his fly. She unfastened his slacks and ripped the zipper down. Daddy wore dark-blue boxers, his cock eager to be seen. I set his belt on his dress shirt and knelt with Sun as we pulled down his slacks and boxers in one motion. His cock popped out, the tip beading with his precum. It was so delicious. I leaned forward and licked the tip. An angry growl escaped Daddy's lips.

I froze, my tongue on his cock, then pulled it back into my mouth and blushed. "Sorry, Daddy. I got excited." He nodded his head. "I was planning on saving the clamps for next time, but if you can't control yourself." He pointed at the shelf with all the BDSM and sex toy son it. "Grab a pair of the clamps and come back." Clamps?

Where would he put them? "Yes, Daddy." I raced across the room as Daddy turned to Sun. She moaned as he kissed her. I could hear their lips working together and their soft moans.

A flash of jealous shot through me. But I held it in. I was Daddy's Good Girl. Good girl's didn't get jealous. They did what made their daddies happy. If he wanted to kiss Sun, then he could.

And I should be happy for him. I raced back with the clamps. They were small and opened like alligator jaws. I grabbed the first pair I could find, the ends covered by soft, red velvet.

I hoped that would make it hurt less. I reached Daddy and stood still, waiting for the kiss to finish.

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Sun trembled when he broke the kiss with her and turned to me. He grinned as he took the clamps. He opened one and let it snap shut before me. "What are these?" "I don't know, Daddy." "Nipple clamps," Sun said, a smile playing on her lips. My nipples tingled. I fought the instinct to cover my nipples. Daddy would never hurt me. He might cause me pain, but that wasn't the same.

I trusted him. Mom played these games. And so could I. He brought the clamp close to my nipple. Opened it. And let it snap shut. I flinched. How much would it hurt? He brought it closer and closer to my nipple. My trembles increased. Why was he taking his time? I wanted him just to get it over with. It was worse watching it slowly drift closer and closer, opening and closing. I squirmed, my bowels clenching on my butt-plug.

The jaws engulfed my nipple. He held them open. I bit my lip as I stared at my hard, pink nub jutting into those mouth. I squirmed. I wanted to flinch. I could stop this. I just had to say red light and it would all end. No. I trusted my daddy. I would not say— The clamp pinched shut on my nipple. My eyes widened. I let out a yelp of pain. My nipple throbbed in the clamp.

Pressure ached at the tip. The pain shot through me. I shuddered and.and. My pussy clenched. I took the pain for Daddy. I was his good girl and submitted to his discipline. And that excited me. I took deep breaths, controlling the moans coming from my lips. Tears ran hot down my face. He tilted my head, staring into my eyes, the other clamp opening and closing before me. His thumb brushed a tear. "You're doing good, slut," he praised.

"You're being such a good girl for Daddy." "Thank you," I moaned. As he stared at me, studying me, I realized he was making sure I could take the pain. He loved me so much he wanted to make sure I could handle— He clamped my other nipple.

The pain shocked me. I grit my teeth and groaned through it. The pain flared for a moment and then dulled into a numb throb like the other. I stared down at my nipples. The clamps waved and bobbed as I shifted, pulling my nipples, adding little discomfort.

"Wow," Sun whispered. "Sun," growled Daddy. "Move that slutty ass over to the box, open it, and pull out the red rope." "Yes, Daddy," Sun gasped. Her slim ass shook as she darted to the wooden chest. It was like a pirate's chest, the corners and sides banded in dark metal. She fell to her knees and opened it. The chest creaked. I couldn't see what was in it from my angle. She dug around. I caught glimpses of coiled ropes, rubber tubes, and a bag full of clothespins.

Clothespins? My eyes flicked down to my nipples. She pulled out a coiled length of red rope and presented it to Daddy. He drabbed it and began uncoiling it. "I always love tying up your mother. We'll do something simple to start out, let you get used to the rope.

"You'll be tied up a lot, slut." "Yes, Daddy." I squirmed, which made my breasts shake and the clamps pull on my nipples. I groaned at the sudden pain. He smiled at that.

He liked seeing me in discomfort. His dick throbbed so hard before him. He liked my submission to his desires.

I licked my lips and obeyed his orders. He had me lie on my back. He wrapped the rope first about my right ankle with a looping knot. He worked so fast, wrapping it about my flesh. The rope fibers were rough. They abraded my skin. It itched and burned as he pulled it taught. I accepted the discomfort to make him happy. My ass clenched on my butt plug as I squirmed. He looped the rope about my hips, my legs securely bound together by crisscrossing knots. Then he worked along my stomach.

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He made a spiderweb pattern across it as he worked higher and higher to my breasts. "You're just big enough to do this," he smiled. "Not like Alice," I said. I always liked that I was bustier than my fraternal twin sister. "Not like Alice," Daddy agreed as he looped the rope about my right tit. He pulled it tight. I gasped as it bit into my flesh and lifted my breast, topped by the nipple clamp, into a mound. My tit grew red and swollen. I groaned and squirmed.

The robe chaffed at my sensitive flesh and my whole tit throbbed like my nipples. Then he did my left breast. Sun knelt nearby, her eyes wide as he worked, her fingers clenching her thighs. I bet she wanted to rub her pussy. I knew I did. Despite all the pain and discomfort, I was so horny. My head swam. This was all so new and exciting. Lastly, Daddy bound my hands together across my stomach.

I couldn't touch my pussy even if I had permission. "Beautiful," he grinned. "Thank you, Daddy." His eyes flashed over to Sun. "Get your slutty ass over here now, girl." "Yes, Daddy," she squeaked and hopped to her feet. She raced over, her small breasts jiggling. Her body was flushed, her pupils dilated, making her eyes seem even darker. Juices trickled down her thighs and adorned her shaved pussy. "Time to have your cherry popped. Kneel over my daughter but don't let your pussy touch her lips.

I want her to watch while I pop your cherry. She deserves to see it up close." Sun's eyes widened. "Yes, Daddy, she does." I squirmed, licking my lips. My best friend knelt over me, her virgin pussy just out of reach of my tongue. She squirmed as Daddy straddled me next, his huge cock thrusting before him aimed right at Sun's virgin cunt. I wanted to reach up and grab it.

I wanted to stroke him then guide him to Sun's pussy. He deserved to fuck her cherry cunt. He deserved all the pussy he wanted. "Fuck her, Daddy," I moaned. "Do it. Pop the little slut's cherry." "Yes," Sun moaned, her hips shivering. "Ooh, I wish your were my biological father.

This would be even hotter, Daddy." "Yes, it would." His cock touched her pussy lips. He stroked her ass with his left hand as his right rubbed his dick up and down her cunt. I licked my lips, my eyes locked on the tight, plump vulva parting around the very tip of his dick. He slid it down, found the entrance to her pussy, and thrust. Sun gasped as her cherry popped. Daddy's hairy balls swung forward and smacked into Sun's clit.

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He buried into her in one smooth motion, ripping her hymen to shreds. Sun shuddered and trembled. She gasped and moaned. "My Daddy's in you," I moaned as I squirmed. "His cock is in you, Sun. You're being a good girl." "Yes, yes, yes," she gasped.

"Oh, wow, Melody. Oh, my god, a cock's in me. Holy shit." Daddy drew back his cock. Her virgin juices stained his shaft pink.

She didn't bleed much. I licked my lips as a drop of spicy cream landed on my upper lip. I savored the flavor. Then Daddy thrust in again. Sun gasped and bucked.

Her moans echoed through the dungeon. Daddy's cock drew back and slammed in over and over. He fucked my friend so hard. I stared up at them, trembling, watching, my body squirming in the ropes. It was so hot. Her pussy clung tight to his wide shaft. Her pussy looked so small compared to his dick. He stretched her open. It was wonderfully obscene. Daddy grunted with his strokes, savoring her tight cunt. I bit my lip, wanting to lift my body up and lick her cunt and Daddy's cock all at the same time.

It would be so hot. I craned my head, but bound I couldn't leverage myself up or use my elbows to help. My tongue wiggled just out of reach. "Oh, my god, Melody," she gasped. "Daddy's fucking me. He's ramming his huge cock in me." "He is," I moaned. "Oh, god, I'm going to cum. This is so hot. He's in me so deep. He's filling me up. This is so wonderful." "Thank him," I moaned, squirming, my nipples waving.

My breasts and nipples both throbbed in wonderful agony. "Thank you, Daddy," moaned Sun. "Thank you for fucking my virgin pussy with your big, thick cock." "I always fuck slutty good girls," he growled.

"Shit, yes. Take my cock." "I am." His strokes grew wilder. She rocked into him. His balls smacked over and over into her clit.

The sound echoed through the room. Her juices dripped on my face. I loved them. Hot drops that perfumed the air with her spicy musk. Sun's moans grew louder.

Her small breasts jiggled. She leaned her head down, grunting as she took Daddy's dick. Sun came. Her screams were so loud. Her juices flooded out around Daddy's cock. They splashed onto my face. I opened my mouth wide, drinking the cream. I savored how delicious they tasted in my mouth. I swirled them through my mouth as I savored them. "Cum in me," moaned Sun.

"Please, please, please. Dump your cum in my cunt." "But my other good girl needs my cock," he growled and ripped his dick from Sun's cunt. Her once tight pussy gaped open. I could see into her pink depths as Daddy forced her ass down. Her pussy smothered my mouth. I groaned, licking. Sun squirmed on me. I couldn't see any longer. But I felt Daddy. He lifted my hips up as my tongue flew through my friend's pussy. My bound legs went over his right shoulder as he lifted me.

His hands stroked my ass then his fingers dipped in and found the butt plug. He ripped it out. I groaned and shuddered as my ass was suddenly empty after a day of being filled. I tongued Sun faster.

I knew what was about to happen. He was about to take my anal cherry. My last virgin hole.


My toes curled. I was ready for it. "Fuck my ass, Daddy," I moaned into Sun's pussy. My head swimming. Daddy's wet cock, soaked in Sun's juices, pressed against my sphincter. He slid in easily, my asshole still open from the butt plug. He had stretched me out, prepared me for his big dick. I gasped as he dived deep into my bowels. The burning, strange sensation washed through me, mixing with the discomfort of the rope and the aching throb in my breasts and nipples.

He drew back and thrust again and again. My toes curled. I purred my delight into Sun's pussy as he reamed my asshole. His dick was so thick. The butt plug was wide, but not as wide as his cock.

I trembled, my body drinking in every sensations. "Yes, yes, fuck my ass," I moaned between licks. "Pound her ass, Daddy," Sun moaned as she writhed on my face. "Oh, yes, pound the slut's ass." Daddy grunted. "Such a tight, hot ass." "Your ass, Daddy," I moaned. "I want to be your slave. Like Mommy.

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I want to be owned by you." "Yes." His answer shuddered through me. My body tensed. My bowels clenched on his dick. My pussy ached. "May I cum, Daddy?" "As much as you like," he answered as he pounded my ass, his arms hugging my legs. His words triggered me. I was his slave and he had given me permission to cum. I bucked and shuddered. My ass writhed about his cock. I moaned my bliss into Sun's pussy. The pain and pleasure merged together as I thrashed in the ropes bounds.

My ass spasmed on his thrusting cock. I drank in the burning sensation along with the pain. They all mixed in my mind. Pain became pleasure became pain.

Over and over, oscillating between the two. I gasped and moaned into Sun's pussy as I thrashed. My world changed. I went beyond myself.

The sensations overwhelmed my thoughts. There was only Daddy's cock pounding my ass. I drifted through a new space of rapture. It bathed my brain. It was nothing I had ever experienced. I loved it. I never wanted it to end. Distant moans and gasps reached across the void.

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"Daddy raised such a good girl." The words increased my ecstasy. I was such a good girl. I was. And my daddy gave me such bliss in exchange. Hot cum spurted into my asshole. It snapped me out of my drifting thoughts. I groaned and shuddered. Everything was jumbled together. Sun lay on her side, panting. I tasted her pussy on my lips. She had soaked me. I didn't remember making her cum. "Holy shit, you were out of it," Sun said.

"Subspace," Daddy grunted as he pulled his cock out of my ass. His cum dribbled out. "How do you feel?" "Amazing, Daddy," I smiled. He leaned down and kissed me. I squirmed in my bondage, my body pumping with pleasure.

I was Daddy's slave now. I hoped Mom never came home. I never wanted this to end and I couldn't wait for Daddy to show us more ways to have fun by submitting to him. To be Continued.