Hot big boobed brunette babe with great

Hot big boobed brunette babe with great
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We lay there entangled for a bit. Her stroking my hair and I softly stroking her abdomen, breasts and sides.

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Content. I could feel the warmth of her sopping cunt against my stomach. I could also feel the tickle from the fur growing there.

I brought my hand down softy stroked her silky hair on her labia and told her I wanted to clean that up. " What do you mean? I always wash well?" " no, silly, I want to shave you. Make you bald like the little girl you are. " Giggling. I glanced at the time and took note that we only had a few moments till my son got home. So I told her we better get it together. " But that will have to wait for another time.

We have to get dressed." I lifted up on my hands and knees and gave her a lingering kiss on the lips and then got off the bed and started to dress.

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We finished getting ready and we were out in the living room when My son got home. She spent the rest of the day with her boy friend, my son and I finished my chores. With school being in session and there not being much of a reason to see each other except when she was to see my kid, so there wasn't much of a chance to have encounters. The next time she was at the house was on a Sunday and her and my son were cuddling on the sofa as usual. I was sitting at the far end of the big sectional sofa with my laptop watching tv.

I wasnt paying a whole lot of attention to them and before too long my kid was getting up and then returned with some lotion, He sat on the floor in front of Sophia and started pulling off her socks and rolling up her pants. He was going to give her a foot rub. He has always been a bit of a foot fetishisht.

It started when I had a shoe shopping spree some years ago when he was about 8. I would order a pair of "fuck me" shoes online and when they came in the mail he would be right there anxiously waiting while I opened the package. And then he would watch me try the new shoes or boots on. And with a gleam in his eye he would say how nice they looked. I knew he was gonna be kinky. I over heard them talking about shoes for prom.

" I have too big of a foot for high heals. I can never find a good pair that fit me. I don't know what I will get to go with my prom dress." I just had to interject at that point, " I have lots of nice shoes that would fit you Sophi. Hold that thought, I 'll be right back. " And off I went. I grabbed and pair of nylon stockings and rummaged through the boxes of shoes I have in the end closet till I found the ones I wanted. " Here try these on.

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" THrowing the stockings her way and sitting the shoes down next to her. My son grabbed the stockings and set to putting them on her. The shoes I picked were a pair of shiny black patent leather 6 inch pumps with an ankle strap. One thing I have always been a shoe girl.

I got good gams and I like to show em off. I used to work in 6 in heals, even when I was the assistant manager of a convieance store. My favorite were a pair of leather clogs that had exotic shapes carved into the wooden platform heal. I cried when I lost one of those shoes. I am so pathetic. My son was having the time of his life.


First he rolled up the stocking like he had seen me do. Then he stroked one hand up the back of her let starting at the heal and stopped at the back of her upper calf lifting her leg slightly. With the other hand he started slipping the stocking over her pointed toes. Sliding his hand back down her leg, he then used both hands to unroll the stocking up her leg as far as he could get it. Then almost as if he was the prince charming and she was cinderella he took the shoe into one hand and with the other hand on her heel he slipped the stiletto over her toes and onto her foot.

He sat there running his hands up and down her leg, admiring how the shoes made her foot arch and her calves tighten. Once both shoes were on Sophia couldn't believe how hot they made her legs look and feel. And of course the hot shoes brought about discussions on other sexy things, like lingerie, and lace gloves, and corsets, fish nets and garter belts and the like and that is when Sophia begged me to be her " kinky fairy god mother" and please take her shopping someday.

"I will take you out before prom, and we will spend his money" pointing to my son. "but in the mean time I have a few things and we can play dress up some time " "I wanna! I would love that" "Well it's a date then.

You will have to come over early sometime so we can do that" What a wonderful opportunity. But when would it happen? I could just picture her in the black garter and with my black nylon stockings and one of the black thongs I had. They would frame her beautiful, plump, round ass perfectly.

Or with her dark hair and full lips my red satin corset would look great with my long black opera gloves and the knee high black and red stiletto boots. So many images flashed through my mind. I couldnt wait. And thankfully I wouldn't have to for very long. The kids were starting to make out a lot more. And a lot harder. My son came to me and we talked and apparently some semen may have ended up on the inner labia of the female genitals.

I didn't get the specifics. I really didn't need to know how. But I did think that since semen was involved it might be prudent to discuss birth control and the need for it. Once that was agreed upon we called the local Health Department and made an appointment for the following week. I picked Sophia up from school a little early on that day and we went to the clinic for the appointment. EVerything went well and before long we were finished and on the way to my house to play dress up.

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Needless to say Sophia was most appreciative of my assistance with birth control. She kept telling me how grateful she was that I did this with her. Once we got home we came down to my room. But before we could play dress up we had to undress. I couldn't keep my hands off her. I wanted her naked and in my tub.

I grabbed for her shirt as soon as we walked through the bedroom door causing her to stop and turn towards me. I lifted it up with both my hands allowing them to caress her flesh as I did. Running my hands up her sides, under her arms, pushing them up and the shirt along with it on up her arms and then off.

She had on a plain white lace covered bra. Her ample breasts bound by the contraption. I needed to see them hang off her chest. I wanted to grab them and feel their mass, their firmness. I ran my hands back down lowering her arms, stopping at each shoulder to drop her bra strap then running my hands around to her back and unhooking the bra letting it drop off her breast to the ground.

Her white mounds were exposed to me and were slightly swaying back and forth with the sudden pull of gravity. "I want to bathe you ." As I went for the button on her jeans. She reached down and had them undone and started taking them off. Before she could finish I put my hand on her chin and brought her head up so I could kiss her moist full lips.

They parted and I slipped my tongue past them and into her mouth. She softly started sucking on it while I wiggled it in side her. I reached up and grabbed her boobs in my hands kneading them. Pinching her hardening nipples between my index finger and middle finger.

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Both of us moaning with excitement. I released one breast and reached down to slide my hand between her legs. Biting her bottom lip at the same time. I slid my finger tips through her silky curls on her mons till I found the opening of her moist slit. Her clit stiff and easy to find.

I circled it with my middle finger for just a moment. I backed away and headed for the bathroom motioning for her to follow. I love my tub. It is 51/2 foot long by 45 inches wide and 25 inches deep with jets every where you would need them and a nice tile surround for sitting and candles and drinks. And well of course shaving supplies such as a pile of extra towels, the razor, shave cream, and soothing after care lotion and oil.

I had planed ahead. By the time she entered the bathroom she had shed all her clothes. I always wear skirts and dresses with nothing underneath so it was easy for me to do the same.

After I started the water, I grabbed her hand so we could step into the tub.


I couldn't keep my hands off her and we embraced in a passionate kissour breasts smashing together while the warm water swirled around our feet. " Here sweetie, have a seat back here in the corner" I had placed an inflatable bath pillow there with a bath towel over it and the tile so she could rest against it and be comfortable. I sprinkled some gardenia scented foaming bath salts into the tub. I wanted her to relax. This might take a little while.

The tub was filling rather quickly and in no time there was enough water and I sunk into its warmth to my knees between her spread legs.

She was looking down at her pussy and was stroking it with one hand. " Wonder if I will miss my fur?" she said with a girlish giggle. " I like how mine feels when it is shaved. The absence of hair makes the sensations a bit more intense. The hair seems to block some of the sense of touch." I reached out and started petting her fur. "remember how this feels for later comparison" She bent forward and planted her lips on mine and stuck her tongue in my mouthwiggling it as I had in hers earlier.

We broke the kiss and I brought my lips down to her chest. Giving her breasts some small bites all the way down to her erect nipple. Still petting her pretty furry pussy while I suckeled at her breast. She was grinding her hips against my hand and I slid my fingers between her thick labia and into her soft wetness between her lips.

I ignored her hard clit and went for her hole. It was soaked and her muscles were contracting, almost sucking my fingers inside of her.

I turned my hand palm up and sunk three fingers into her. There was no resistance, she had been penetrated previously at some point. She stiffened and spread her legs further apart. So I added a fourth finger. Her glute muscles tightened, making her cunt grip my fingers even harder, I started thrusting my hand in a out of her and slid my thumb up so it was rubbing her clit at the same time.

I lost my grip on her nipple with my mouth as she started heaving heavier and heavier. So I just laid my head on her chest and fucked the shit out of her cunt with my hand, holding onto her as she bucked against me.

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Finally she arched her back and grabbed me digging her nails into my shoulders, shuddering with her orgasmand flooding my hand with her cum. I love doing that to someone worthy of it. And my oh my the sight of her sitting there, with her legs spread, and her cum running out of her gash was definitely worth it. " now lets get to the business at hand shall we?" as I made her jump by stroking her spent pussy. I reached over and grabbed the cordless, water proof, electric trimmer and started to trim away her curle's.

The towels under her catching the hair as it was sheared off. "Oh shit, that tickles so much " " try not to squirm too much I don't want to nick you and make you bleed." " the vibrations are going right to my clitty, its so sensitive." " thats ok I am almost done with the trimmer" But I was spending a lot of time near the area of the clit. Coincidence?

I think not. I pulled her open a bit so I could get a few of the long hairs near the edge of her pink inner labia. "scootch forward a little sweetie, so I can get down lower" I ran the trimmer down past her honey hole down to her periniem and shaved around her anus. I wiped the loose hair away with a wet hand towel. I had her lift up so I could take away the towel filled with her hair and put a new one down.

I sat her back down and got her positioned again with her butt in the corner, legs spread wide again, knees bent, feet up on the tile edge around the tub. What a beautiful site. Her lucious milky white thighs spread. Most of her fur was gone now and her cunt was gaping open and I could clearly see her glistening clit and inner lips, even her vaginal entrance was visibly gaping open. I positioned myself between her legs again and knew that this was going to be fun.

I would be able to tease her till she was ready to cum again. I gave her another towel and told her to put it behind her head and just lay back and relax. I grabbed the shaving cream and squirted a ball of it in my hand. She had her head back and her eyes were closed and her body jumped slightly when I touched the cream to her mons just above her clitorus.

She quickly grew accustomed to my touch as I slowly spread the cream all over her cunt, from her belly button down to her anus. I added more cream to get good coverage to ensure a close shave but also a smooth canvas for the blade to glide over. With a new blade in my razor I started with the little trail of hair that ran from her belly button down to her pubic area.

I ran the razor over her flesh and followed the razor trail with my fingers from my other hand. Eliciting small moans of pleasure from my victim.

( evil grin ) I made sure that I got all the hair from that area before moving down to her mons. Starting from one side and then the other I very slowly ran the razor and then my fingers over every part, wiping the razor on a wet wash rag, to clear it.

I made it down to her labia. I got the area between the labia and her thigh shaved before working directly on the labia. I rubbed her flesh where I had shaved, and she softly rocked her hips and made a soft moaning sound keeping her eyes closed. One of her hands fondling a breast and pinching the nipple. I cleaned the razor and then started shaving the length of her labia. Startin up above her clit and carefully gliding the razor slowly down her labia, my fingers stroking her newly bald flesh right behind, going down to her anus with on fell swoop causing her to gasp out loud.

I repeated that move on the other side, leaving a strip of shave cream down the middle that was only marred by her gaping slit and leaving her a bit breathless with my touch. I knew this next section was the sensitive area. That when I ran the blade down the inside edge of her labia I would be stroking her sensitive inner flesh and even bumping her engorged clit.

I licked my lips in anticipation and excitement. My own clit was throbbing with every beat of my heart. I reached out and put one hand on her mons, pressing down and up making the flesh of her labia and bit more taught, and opening her slit slightly more.

I ran the razor from the inverted U above her clit, the inside edge of it bumping along her stiff clitall the way down the side, past the mouth of her pussy opening, and stopping at the anus again. I could see her juices flowing out of her. Pooling along her crack and in the hollow of her anus. I felt her tremble trying to restrain her movements so I wouldn't nick her in such a sensitive area.

I let my hand run down her mons following the trail the razor took down the side of her cunt. Sophia couldn't resist and since there wasn't any danger she thrust her hips forward towards my hand as it ran down her hot pussy and then to her thigh. Again I repeated this on the other side but this time, as I ran my hand down her labia, past her wet hole, and downI slipped a finger in her tight little pink star at the end making her let out a little squeal.

removing my handI set the razor aside for a moment and used a wet wash rag to clean her off. There were a few stragglers so I got another dollop of shaving cream and started to lather her up again. I spent a little more time spreading the cream then I needed to. Her mostly bald pussy felt nice beneath my hand. By the motion of her hips I could tell she liked it too.

I expertly ran the razor all over her beautiful exposed womanhood making sure to get everything.Stroking it with my other hand as I went. I wiped it off again with a wet rag and marveled in its beauty. I put the can of cream and the razor aside and tossed the used towels and rags to the floor. I grabbed the shower head and turned it on, waiting for the hot water to reach us. I absently stroked Sophias cunt. It felt so soft. I had her scoot her ass to the edge of the tub. And I put the adjustable shower head on gentle rain mode and let the water rain down on her freshly shaved sex.

"Ohh" she exclaimed, her eyes popping wide open. I surprised her. Her body glistened where it was wet. Her thighs quivering with excitement as the water hit her genitals and ran in rivers down her open slit, the occasional droplette landing directly on her swollen clit.

I adjusted the shower head to focus the spray and pulse in a massaging mode. I was sitting in the tub between her legs and I pulled her open with one hand and used the shower head to stimulate her.

First I put it on her hole. The pulsing water penetrating her. I moved it aside and demanded that she push. When she did water gushed out of her and sprayed me on my chest.

I brought the shower head back up to her opening and got it in close. TOuching her with the spray completely buried in her, filling her so much that is was running right back out. The pulse of the massage mode making her rock her hips as if I was using a big cock to fuck her with instead of the pulsing water.

She was groaning and panting and her legs were straight up and as far apart as she could get them. I brought the spray down to her puckered little anus. I knew from experience that any jet pointed to any hole will get said hole filled with water. I got another "OHHHHH!!" of surprise from her. Made me smile. I knew what she was feeling. The rush of the warm water going up into her bowels.

The massaging pulse of the spray stimulating the entire anus and relaxing the spincter muscles allowing for just a bit more water to enter, causing that gentle cramping as the bowels fill just a little bit. I didnt want to put too much pressure on her, after all I didn't want a mess in the tub I just wanted to get her really really excited. And it worked. I pushed her back off the edge of the tub and onto the towel a little and I focused the shower head on her clit.

That was all it took. She started to convulse and She let out a fairly loud scream as a small amount of water squirted out of her ass onto the towel and at the same time a huge amount of fluid squirted out of her pretty hairless pussy, so hard and so far I could tell even with the shower head still spraying on her.

Thats Two. I am keeping track. I helped guide her down into the water as she collapsed from the power of her orgasm.

We lay there with her head on my shoulder and my arms around her. I reached over and triggered the jets so we could sit and relax. The scent of gardenias surrounding us. The bath salts made the water very soft and satiny. Which in turn made our skin soft and satiny. And slippery. I started rocking in the water a bit. I liked the feel of it rushing around my body arousing me further.

My rocking made our bodies slide against each other in a rhythmic motion. It was very soothing and sensual. I turned facing her a bit and slid my leg between hers and she put hers between mine. I used my other leg to wrap around her and pull her into me.

Grinding my aching cunt on her leg. Rubbing our bodies together from our breasts to our thighs. I lifted my leg to make sure she could grind on it as well. I could feel my nipples stiffen even in the warm water and I could feel hers rubbing against my body as we rocked together.

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I nuzzled her neck gently biting and suckinghoping I wouldn't leave any marks, noticing that it was giving her goose bumps as I did it. I reached down with one hand and grabbed her ass pulling her into me and thrusting hard against her knee triggering an orgasm in me that sent spasm after spasm racking my body making me dizzy and breathless.