Blond filling her all holes

Blond filling her all holes
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After rushing through some toast and cereal, Michael casually threw the bottle of Predatrix in his bag and ran out the door.

Today, of all days, he couldn't afford to be late at school. It was the first day of the Parent Teacher Conferences. Throughout the cab ride to school, and all the while he was setting his classroom in order to meet the parents; he tried his best to push last night's dream out of his focus. Meticulously, he arranged the vase of flowers in the corner and dusted it clean.

He straightened out all the desks and arranged the paraphernalia on his own desk with painstaking effort. He was in the middle of re-arranging the charts on the wall when someone interrupted. "Whoa", came a familiar voice. It was Jane.

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"Somebody is really in full OCD mode today. Nervous?", she asked as she sauntered into the room, her hands casually behind her back. She had such a way about her; it brightened up the room. Her perfume today was also intoxicating, but not overly strong: just enough to draw Michael closer.

Before his staring and grinning became too creepy, though, Michael replied, "Oh, well, yeah. Not that much, but, you know, I like to give the parents a good impression.

Anyway there's not like I've got anything to do before they turn up." "Hmm", she nodded and sat on the desk.

"What about you?" "No one's come yet, but it is still early. But I have to say I am nervous about a few kids' parents at least. This one kid." her voice trailed off in the background; Michael was too busy admiring her to pay attention to some annoying kid. He loved the way she spoke; her hands animatedly gesturing with everything she said.

She was really passionate about the work she did. And, by God, she looked gorgeous today. Her red hair was open, as usual, in spite of the school administration repeatedly telling her that it looked unprofessional. She was wearing a mauve sweater which hugged her big breasts in a warm and snug fit; and her short-ish blue skirt was flirty without being slutty in the slightest. And of course, what Michael loved most about her: her full, blood red lips. "Is this Mr Scott's room?" Michael and Jane saw a lady standing there sincerely with her son.

"Yeah, just wait a minute? I'm in the middle of something. Jane, go on." Jane glared at him as she tried to stop herself from laughing. She playfully hit him on the arm and hissed, "Michael!" before waking out. He couldn't help but stare at her butt, tightly wrapped in her skirt, as she left the room.

God, she was attractive. "Um, may we come in, now?" "Oh, yes please, please come in. And you are Jake's mom, right?" "Yes, and I had a few questions about his grades, to be honest." The thing is, when Jane asked Michael if these conferences made him nervous, he didn't exactly tell her the truth.

The truth, if he had said it, was that these conferences terrified him. They were the single worst experience that topped off each shitty teaching year at Woodward High. That's because, unlike other teachers, Michael could be bullied. And the parents knew that.

So right now, what Jake's mother Ashley was telling Michael rather forcefully, was that he had been too strict on her kid Jake. While Michael sat there rubbing the beads of sweat off his forehead and refusing to meet Ashley's gaze, she was laying into him about putting too much pressure on the kids these days.

They had so many problems Michael, a childless man, couldn't understand. It was the job of teachers to support the students, not push them to the brink of self-harm and chronic lack of self-confidence. "But, Ashley, look -" "You can call me Mrs Kennedy, Michael", she said with a glare. "Alright, Mrs Kennedy", Michael continued, not commenting on how she addressed him with his first name, "I see your concerns but Jake does need to try harder. He nearly failed two of his subjects this term." "If I could grade you as a teacher", Mrs Kennedy replied, "I'd fail you without thinking twice." Jake suppressed a giggle and Michael shot him a look, before lowering his gaze to the desk between them.

Here he was, an experienced teacher, being humiliated in front of his students. What did this two penny whore know about teaching? Her son was an idiot and would never amount to anything, Michael thought spitefully. "What's that pill for?" "Oh, nothing. Just vitamins", Michael replied with a smile, "Jake, why don't you go outside for a bit?

Maybe have something at the cafeteria. Walk in the park." "What for?" Michael met his eyes and smiled lightly until he got up and left. He returned his gaze to Ashley. "Mrs Kennedy, I sense there's something that's bothering you. Come on, you can talk to me." And before his eyes, Ashley Kennedy started crumbling. "Well, it's just that. There's just a lot of pressure at home, I don't know", she stammered.

Now it was her turn to not meet his gaze. "Yes, go on." While she started stammering about some financial problems at home, Michael's brain was in overdrive. He could almost feel it humming inside its skull. He had never felt so aware of his surroundings. And at the same time, he had no control over what he was saying or even thinking.

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It was like someone was driving his brain at full capacity and all he could do was observe and record. It was unsettling but, unarguably, it was also marvelous.

While she was talking, he noticed several things at once. Her long golden blonde hair, for instance, was tied straight behind her back.

Of course it was she was trying to look professional and strict. That also explained her conservative beige sweater and matching knee-length skirt. Why matching? Well, she was professional but she was also fashionable.

She was also smart. Financial problems at home meant she'd go the extra mile to show everything was alright. That's why the earrings and necklace; that's why the baby pink lipstick and gloss. This meant things were even worse at home than whatever she'd be willing to share with Michael.

When she was done whining, Michael rested a hand on her shoulder, softly saying, "That sounds tough." And in that moment, she almost teared up. "Look, Mr Scott -" "Please, call me Michael." Ashley looked at him, surprised at a little ashamed at her own treatment of him.

Michael recognized this and got up to close the door. Then he walked up behind her and, with confidence and smoothness that surprised even him, placed his hands on her shoulders. "All these problems. things can't be easy with the hubby." She gulped, not knowing if this was appropriate. ".you must be carrying this weight on yourself for a long time." It was true. But should her son's teacher be rubbing her shoulders like this? It felt good, no doubt, but was it appropriate?

"You know, I know you think I'm a childless loser, but I can understand where you're coming from. Having no children or partner, there's a lot of alone time at home. No one to talk to. I know it can be difficult", Michael said as he kept rubbing her shoulders, moving his hands gently to her slender, white, exposed neck.

He knew, somehow he knew, that her neck was incredibly sensitive. A soft moan escaped her lips. "Well! Mr Scott sorry, Michael, this has been really great", she said, getting up and turning around to face him, "thank you for listening.

And I'm sorry for treating you the way I did; it can't be easy grading all these kids." Michael looked straight in her eyes as she stood facing him.

He hadn't moved; so her face was only inches away from his own. He, or rather his brain, was processing every micro-expression and subtle gesture she made while she spoke.


"Thank you", he said softly, "few people are brave enough to apologize like that." Michael's heart was beating faster and faster as his mind raced ahead of him and directed his body to do everything possible to bed this woman before him.

Everything was happening a bit too quickly. He said something and she giggled and inched closer to him. He reached for her shoulder and drew her into a reassuring, friendly hug. A non-threatening hug. While they separated, Michael hung on for a moment longer. Her hair was in his face and their lips half an inch apart, and she kissed him.

She kissed him first with apprehension, and then with abandon. She opened her lips and pushed her tongue into his mouth. She drew his own tongue out and sucked on it. Her thin hands moved inside his sweater and up his shirt.

She rubbed his strong shoulders and back and pressed her breasts against his torso. She knew she was blessed with a nick, sizable rack. Her nipples were hard as bullets and made sure he could feel them against his shirt. Not letting go of the kiss, she grabbed his hands aggressively, and yanked them down to her butt. His large hands squeezed her ass cheeks as she moaned into his mouth.

Then she pushed him away and wiped his saliva off her lips. Both of them were breathless. "The staff bathroom", was all Michael said. Her eyes sparkled as she grabbed his hand and rushed out of the classroom with him. *************************************************************** After a quick look outside, they locked themselves into one of the bathroom stalls. As soon as they were in, Ashley pushed Michael down on the toilet seat and opened her hair. "I can't believe this", he murmured, "I'm actually sleeping with a Kennedy." She laughed as she kicked off her heels and, placing each foot on the seat between his legs, rolled down her stockings.


Turning around, she sat on his lap, feeling a massive erection poking against her butt. She bit her lower lip and started lightly grazing her ass across his erection, teasing him. She knew what the boys liked. That much she had learned in college. She dropped her ass down hard on his lap and began grinding against him, making him moan. She giggled he was helpless under her control, she thought.

His firm hands moved around her body and started unbuttoning her buttons. Once he was done, she pulled her top off, revealing an amazing body. For someone pushing 40, she was in great shape. Toned, flat stomach and porcelain white body. Her breasts were contained in a black cotton bra which Michael skillfully opened in one go.

"Impressive", she said as she got off his lap, "now take off your pants." He did as she instructed as she took off her skirt. His eyes dropped her to her flimsy black panties, covering her pussy. "See something you like?", she asked with a wink.

"Oh boy, do I" he said, like a kid at a candy store. She dropped to her knees and grabbed his erect dick. "Well, so do I, Mr Scott", she said with a naughty smirk. She started lightly stroking his dick with her soft, thin hand, only gently touching his skin. Teasing him. Titillating him. His dick was pulsating in front of her. She giggled. "This is fun" "You're so bad, Mrs Kennedy", he said, admonishing her in fun. "Yeah?

Are you going to punish me for it, Teacher? Have I been a bad girl?", she asked in a baby voice.

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Michael nearly shot his load. "So bad. Why don't you rest across my knee and I'll show you how bad you've been?" She got up and rested her hard, naked body on his lap.

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His dick was pressing up against her stomach and she gulped. He was bigger than her husband. "Ooh what's pressing up against my tummy, Mr Scott?" "Shush, child.

Nothing you should concern yourself with yet", he said in a firm voice. One of his hands wandered over her firm, curvy butt and the other caressed her smooth back. He smacked her hard enough to sting.

She yelped a bit but also felt more aroused. He looked at the pink mark fading from her ass and smacked her again. And again. And again. After a few good smacks, he pushed her down on her knees and pushed his dick between her lips. "Oh fuck, yeah, take my cock you slut!" She moaned as he grabbed her head and started fucking her face.

Her warm, wet mouth felt amazing wrapped around his dick. And it was even better when he felt her tight throat and pushed his dick past it. She was drooling saliva that lubed his dick and her mouth up wonderfully. And she was energetically using her tongue to pleasure him in wondrous, pleasurable ways. After a few deep strokes, he pulled out and let her cough and gasp on the floor.

"I need you inside me", she said in a husky voice. He sat down on the seat again and she jumped on his lap. Grabbing his dick, she pushed it inside her tight pussy. "Holy fuck you're tight." Slowly, she was able to go all the way down on his lap his balls touching her taint.

Her hands were on his shoulders and his hands rested on her thin hips. She began rolling her hips and they both moaned. As she increased her pace, he pushed his face between her tits and began slobbering all over them.

She moved her hands through her hair as he sucked and bit her tits while she rode his big dick. His hands tightly grabbed her ass cheeks as she fucked him deep and steady.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck." she whispered as her tits and pussy were stimulated. Then she felt a finger push against her butt hole and she nearly jumped, but he held her down. She giggled as Michael pushed his middle finger into her tight, smelly, dirty, asshole.

Then, with his other hand, he grabbed her hip and started thrusting up against her hard and fast. She covered her mouth to stop from screaming out as he fucked her pussy and fingered her anus at the same time. He pushed his finger deeper inside and fucked her harder and she started shivering with pleasure. He kept going and she held him tightly, biting his shoulder to stop from screaming as she orgasmed heavily on his cock.

Once she was done, he pulled out and stood up; she dropped to her knees and opened her mouth. Jerking off furiously, he held her hair and shot his load copiously into her mouth. She showed her cum covered tongue to him before gulping it down and showing him, like a good girl, her clean mouth.

She gathered the little cum from her lips and ate that too. *************************************************************** "Where were you guys?", Jake asked, annoyed, "and, Mom, why is your hair open?" "Oh, Jake", Ashley said, "Mr Scott was just teaching me some things about education and parenting and stuff.

Let's go now, your Dad will be waiting." She smiled at Michael as she walked away with her kid, and he smiled back. As he saw her tight ass swaying and walking away, he was feeling like a happy, giddy child. After a long, long time, he could finally tell someone that he was, under any reasonable interpretation of the word, happy. "Um, Michael?" He turned around and it was the only person who could've made his mood better.

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"Jane! How the hell are ya?" "Concerned, to be honest." She seemed worried. "Concerned? About what?" She stepped closer and whispered harshly, "About you, Michael! And your job. You slept with a parent!" His elation crumbled before her stern eyes. He opened his mouth to deny it but it was pointless. She had clearly seen it. She knew what he had done.