Morena rabuda lavando o carro

Morena rabuda lavando o carro
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Please rate and comment Previous: The Girl Scout-1; The Girl Scout-2 Daddy; The Girl Scout -3 The Tool Man; The Girl Scout 4 Tag Teamed ; The Girl Scout -5 Die Bitch Die; Girl Scout 6 -Cum Faced The Girl Scout-7 HOGTied; The Girl Scout -8 Getting to Know You; The Girl Scout -9 Sleeping Beauty; The Girl Scout 10 Work It Good The Girl Scout -11 Lights Out Bitch; The Girl Scout-12 Doctor Rosen The Girl Scout -13 Papa and Grand Daughter The Girl Scout -14 Exam Hell He held a big black rubber dildo.

Now we will see how your mouth and throat have recovered. Doc pulled out the end slat of the table and Lisa's head dropped down at a 90 degree angle to her body. Lamont held her head as Doc began to push the black cock dildo down her throat. She was struggling to breathe.

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Lisa, relax, relax your throat, learn to deep throat the cock. That's it, stay calm. Doc pushed the black rubber cock further down her throat. Everyone watching could see the dildo start past her Adams apple pushing it out. It was so deep Lisa started to panic. Stay calm. Take it deep. That's it, relax your throat.

The cock had almost disappeared down the bitches throat. Doc Rosen took a roll of duct tape and ran it around Lisa's mouth holding the cock in place. There was terror in her eyes. She had to remain calm or she would gag. Lisa kept breathing slowly. Dam Doc, can' wait to stick the real thing all the way down dat bitch throat. Yes boys, I want to see that too. Doc was moving on.

He began to run his hands over Lisa's tits. Lisa kept trying to put her mind in a different place. It was a mind trick her Dad had taught her that he had learned when he was a prisoner.

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Survive and watch, your chance will come he told her. Her Dad had confided some of his dark secrets. The knife in the right place does a quick job. In deep, pull up, twist, pull out and then across the throat. Know what you need to do. Don't hesitate. No regrets. Would a chance ever come. Would she even survive this day.

She thought of her dad the last time she saw him. AGGGHHHH. Lisa gurgled with the rubber cock in her throat. Lisa's mind returned to the terrible present as a black cock slapped her face. Lamont ran his dick over the young bitch face.

Yu gonna have this down Yo throat. Next.


The cock pushed on her eyes, back and forth as the cock slapped her face. Lisa realized she was on the edge of the abyss. She was the hands of a totally mad doctor. How, when would this ever end. She was helpless. Totally at their mercy and there was none. See Boys this is an art.

You don't just fuck the hell out of her and kill her. We are training her for our needs. That black rubber cock in her throat will make her able to take you guys all the way down. Your cock will be down that throat.

Now we want to work on these nice breasts. They are tender, sweet. Doc Rosen felt, prodded her breasts. These are in good shape, they are ready. Doc took a thin rope and wrapped it around Lisa's left breast.He pulled it tight tieing it so her breast bulged above the rope.

See already it is starting to turn red, then it will be purple. As the Doctor tortured her tit the black guys around the table laughed and joked. Come on Doc, More More. Carving Pumpkins. Fall colors. Costumes, Trick and Treating. Now We put this nice clamp on the nipple. Later you can suck on it. You cannot believe the pain and pleasure she will endure when we remove the rope. The black guys were crowded around her.

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Hands were on her legs, belly rubbing her pussy, cock slapping her face. Yea Doc. Dats it, Now you talking. Fuckin work them tits, Fuck Ya. I have something different for the other breast. Boys, variety is the spice of life.

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The device was two thin metal strips connect by bolts on each end with a wing nut on each screw. See we put his over the base of the tit and tighten with the wing nuts. The little teeth on the strips are icing on the cake. They will bite into her tit meat. The folded flag. Photos. The ribbons.

Lisa's mind struggled. Survive. Wait. Watch. Lamont and the guys were in awe. This is one sick guy but they liked it. Doc tightened the wing nuts slowly. Lisa's body tried to twist but she was so well restrained there was little movement. With each little turn her breast bulged more. Tighten up Doc. All da way. Yea dats it. Yea look at her now. Doc went to the head of the table and lifted up the board under her head so it was level with the rest of the table. How are you doing?

The guys were laughing. How are you doing? Look at her.

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She is totally fucked up and he asks how she is doing? The little bitch didn't look that good. Her eyes were bulging. Her face was red. There was fluids running from her nose. I think we better remove that rubber cock from her mouth.

Observed Doc Rosen. He ripped off the tape and pulled out the cock. Lisa was gasping for air, choking. She coughed up some flem. Please, don't put that back. Take that off my breasts. Please. Please. A man in a dress coat was walking toward her. Who was it? Was he going to help her? We will leave your mouth open, I like to hear you beg. But we must continue with the breast training.

The wing nuts on the metal strips were tightened until the breast bulged and little ripplets of blood appeared where the teeth of the metal bit in. OHHH my breast, it hurts, I can't stand it. Take it off. Please. Please. A man in white. A Red Cross. Words. What Words. Doc sucked on the tender nipple of each swollen tit. OHHHHHHHHHH Lisa was moaning as he sucked and bit into each one. I have little clamps for each nipple.

He put the clamp on each nipple tightening them slowly. Lisa was screaming as the tender flesh was cruelly squeezed. AHHHH, Lisa felt the warm piss hitting her face. Doc laughed as he watched the piss drip from her face. He continued with the clamps These pretty mounds will be red and purple.

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Now for the part we have been waiting for. Exclaimed Doc. Doc Rosen pulled out a Gyno cunt spreader. A old ugly looking metal one. He had a devious smile on his face. He pushed the spreader slowly into her. Lisa's hips tried to buckle up but she was restrained firmly.

What are you doing. Stop. Lisa screamed louder as the cold metal slid into her. What is that. Not in there. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. No mind tricks could help her now. She was helpless, restrained and her most personal parts were exposed.

Doc started turning the adjustments opening her cunt a little at a time. Lisa's whole body wrenched in fear and panic.

Doc had a little light and peered inside her. Take a look boys. Lisa's inside was open o for the boys to take a look. Lots of laughing and jokes. Yea, look it at dat pussy. HMMM looks so cock hungry. That is one CUM hungry CUNT. That is what they are made for. For your cum. Boys, I want you to fill that cunt with cum for me. She is not pregnant now. Jack off into the little bitch hole and fill it with your black seed.

This is her prime time to get knocked up. Then you boys could milk those cute little titties. TIME FOR YOU BOYS TO BREEED THIS BITCH. Lamont jacked his cock inches from the wide open bitch cunt. The semen shot into her hole with some on the spreader and over her pussy.

Lamont, milk that cock, get it all in there. Ah yes, that's it. You are first in so you may be the proud dad but I want everyone to fill up that cunt. Knock up the little bitch. Lisa could feel the cum. This can't be happening. Who would do this. Doc Rosen was all smiles watch the blacks stud jacking their cum into this girl.

All the dreams Of his grad daughter were coming true with Lisa.


Doc shined his little light up her hole to see the cum pool inside Lisa. Come on boys. One after another a black cock shot its load into the teen until she was over flowing. Cum filled her cunt, covered the tool. Yes, those titties are going to be sweet to milk. ONE YEAR LATER +++++++++++++++++++ To Be Continued