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Needy woman wants to dominate fellow with complete pack
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I'm in my squad car listening to the radio and nothing eventful is going on. With my coffee in hand i'm watching as pedestrians are walking by waving at me nicely. The years have gone by and have been nice. After Maya was born I went into the Police Academy, but I wasn't the only one Dusty and Will followed me. We graduated in the top 10 of our class. Mina supported me through it all.

She had another girl a year later after Maya, we named her Sarah Dawn. I'm 24 now and have a wonderful family. Maya has become daddy's girl as Sarah is mommy's girl. Both are equally loved and spoiled by our families. Maya is 4 and Sarah 3 and they are as beautiful as their mother and grandmother's. Mom and Denise are still together and had a ceremony to consider themselves married.

I was so happy for them. Denise considers Mina and I as her children as well. They had the ceremony where they found each other again. and on the cliff where I purposed to Mina. I have been very enriched with love and happiness in my life. Will, Maxine, Dusty, and Lina all had a double wedding.

And yes I was the best man and Mina the maid of honor. It was cool seeing our best friends getting married 2 years after us. Maxine went to be a Nurse like my Mom and Denise. Lina became a paramedic so she could be there incase Will, Dusty, and I got hurt anytime we had to respond to a call. Mina well she wanted to be a house wife and watch our kids grow up so she could tell me of all they did.

Mina and I have stayed strong in love and never have faltered. I ride time from time with Uncle Damien around to places him and my dad went. I learned a lot of who my dad was when he was my age.

It's October and the leaves are turning more. Will and Dusty are on patrol like I ambut I took a break since nothing was happening at the moment. " Car 5, car 5, Officer Cartwright you there?" A familiar voice comes over the radio I pick up the mic and answer. " Yes Sheriff Connors Car 5 here." I answer back smiling " Alex everything alright where your at?" Aaron asks me in a firm voice " Yes, nothing out of the ordinary happening where I'm at." I respond to him " Good, oh before I forget you have a few messages." He tells me still in a firm voice " Ok what are they." I replied " First off Mina called and said you need to pick up a bag of dog food for Trixie, Second your mom called and said everything okay and to not worry." He tells me sternly I think to his last comment and wonder what she meant.

I push the talk button. " Um.Not to worry about what that makes no sense at all." I answer back to Aaron There is silence then he speaks again. " Maybe because you need to get those sirens going, MINA' S GIVING BIRTH." he yells the last part I stare at the radio and my jaw drops. I shake it off and respond.

" What.what you just say?" I ask him confused " I said Mina is giving birth now get those sirens going, no deputy of mine going to be late to see his child being born." He tells me in a fatherly voice " Yeehaw go bro." Dusty says on the radio " Alex get going I see you still sitting there." Will comes on radio saying I look in my rear view and see him waving.

I get control of my self and start my car and turn the sirens on. I drive as fast as I am tolerated to. People are moving out of my way. I notice Will coming behind me.

Next I see Dusty two blocks up in front clearing the way. Once at the hospital I am told Mina is on the 3rd floor. I skip the elevator and take the stairs. It's faster and I am quick.

I'm up on the 3rd floor and notice my family there. Zan sees me and comes toward me and is smiling. He tells me I am on time and to get in there for my mom and mother-n-law are helping Mina with her breathing. I am shown to the door and go in. I see my beautiful wife in the bed and she looks a messbut still beautiful. I walk up to mom and give her a hug and a kiss on her cheek.

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Helen comes over and I do the same to her. They tell me Mina's water broke while they were both visiting and rushed her here. She is close but not real close.

I tell them thank you and ask them where the girls are. Mom says Maya and Sarah are with Denise and will be here soon. I give her a nod and smile. Mom and Helen leave the room and I go to Mina's side. She sees my face and gives me a small smile. She says ' Hey Baby ', I say ' Hey Darlin '. I take her hand in mine and she squeezes it.

We are there for a few hours.

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Maya and Sarah came in and asked their mommy if she was ok. Mina responded saying yes that they were going to be big sister's soon. Maya said to Mina ' I am already a big sister '. Mina told her that she knew that, but she going to be a big sister again.

That gave Maya wide eyes which was cute. Sarah giggled seeing her sister's expression. Mom came in the room and took the girls so they could go get something to eat. Maya and Sarah gave their mother and I a hug before they left with mom. Mina's contractions were getting closer and closer. The whole time we talked and spoke of old times. It was around 9 p.m. when Doctor Carter came in the room and said it was time.

She had me to get some scrubs on which I did. I was glad Will was in the waiting area I had him to hold my firearm for me. Will said he would go put it in the trunk of his car for safe keeping.

In the delivery room Mina was squeezed my hand while pushing. Doctor Carter told Mina she was doing good and told her to keep breathing. Mina was screaming. She never wanted pain killers giving birth. I asked her one time why she said it was a rush to her. Serena told Mina just two more good pushes and the baby would be saying hello. That gave Mina a laugh as well it did me. At 10:05 p.m. Thursday Mina gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He had a good set of lungs on him for he was crying and screaming like a banshee.

Mina and I just smiled at each other. Serena handed him to the nurse to clean him off and get his vitals. The nurse then asked Mina and I if we had chosen a name for him. Mina looked at me and nodded her head. She knew for the past few years what name I had chosen. I told the nurse Chad Gerald Cartwright. Chad after my dad and Gerald after my grandpa.

The birth certificate was filled out and with little Chad's feet printed on the certificate. After Doctor Carter checked Mina and stitched her up some she let us three alone. Mina held lil Chad and was feeding him when Mom, Helen, Denise, Maxine, and Lina came in to she the new addition to the family. Our mom's were all tears when they saw him in Mina's arms.

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When they asked what his name was Mom cried so hard. I went over to my mother and helped her sit down. Mina asked her if she was ok. Mom said yes it's just she wished my dad was her to see his grandkids. Mina said that he was just in spirit. Mom looked at Mina and agreed. Denise even was crying remembering my father and smiling saying he would be so pleased to have a grandson with his name. The week went by and Mina and lil Chad were able to come home.

Maya and Sarah had a gift for their baby brother. It was a teddy bear that sung. I helped them clean the house for their mother and lil Chad to come home to a clean house. I heard car doors open and shut then a few moments later Mina and Lil Chad came in. Mom, Helen, Zan, and Denise followed behind them. I ran over to Mina to help her with Chad to the couch. The girls came running when I yelled for them. They had the teddy bear to give to their baby brother.

It was cute seeing their expressions when he smiled at them. After awhile our parents left to give us family time. Mina was holding lil Chad and both Maya and Sarah were playing with his hand with their fingers. Mina was smiling at me and mouthed ' I love you '.

I smiled back and mouthed ' I love you too '. I sat in my chair and was watching my beautiful wife, my daughters, and my baby boy. Yes the years have been very wonderful. As I look back to that night when I was 18 and caught my ex Trina with David, Chase, and Zack. All I can say is that behind all the betrayals the truths showed that there was only one person that was my true love, and as I watch her with our three beautiful kids I just wonder what is to come.

2 years later. " I Alex Heath Cartwright solemnly swear to up hold the law and make sure justice prevails." I say taking my oath " As mayor I hereby pronounce Alex Heath Cartwright Sheriff. Congratulations Alex." The mayor tells me with a hand shake Everyone in attendance applaud and cheer to me. Pictures are takes as I am sworn in as the new sheriff. Aaron decided to retire, but told me if I ever needed advice to come to him.

I walked down the steps to my family and friends that stood there. Maya, Sarah, and lil Chad ran to me and I kneeled down and gave a three a hug. Maya and Sarah said they were proud of their daddy. Lil Chad was cute trying to say the same words then just stuck with me to daddy.

I picked him up and stood. Mina came up to me and put her arms around us and gave me a kiss. We heard Maya and Sarah say ' ewww mommy and daddy kissing ' which got us to laugh. Will and Dusty walked up with Maxine and Lina on their arms. They shook hand with me, as Maxine and Lina gave me a hug. Will and Dusty was glad I took the title of Sheriff and exclaimed they would always stand by me through all that happens. Lil Chad looked at my badge and smiled.

Maya tugged on my arm and I looked down at her. She reminded me of the party her grandma was having for me. Mina gets a expression that says it all and starts getting us to our vehicles.

Mina says she will drive so I can relax some. She knew me like a book and that I was nervous taking up the title of sheriff of our town. After the kids were buckled in their car seats Mina drove towards mom and Denise's.

The party at mom's is very nice. both families are there. Even some friends that I haven't seen in a whole. Both being Zack and Ashley. Both give me a congrats and say they proud of all I have accomplished thus far in my life. Zack says him and Ashley have been doing wedding's and ceremonies here and there.

Ashley told me they have their own business and were hired by mom and Denise to do this party. Zack being D.J. and Ashley taking pictures. Mom comes up to me holding her grandson Chad and tells me she is so happy. She states my dad would be all smiles about right now. I tell her that i'm sure he is along with my grandpa's and grandma's.

My daughter's come up holding a gift telling me they made it for me. I open the small package and inside is a picture of Mina,Maya,Sarah, and lil Chad. The frame is bedazzled and I get watery eyes looking at their smiling faces in the picture.

Mina notices and wraps her arms around me. Both Maya and Sarah ask her what's wrong. Mina tells them that daddy is ok just a little overwhelmed. Mom tells the girls that their daddy loved it because it came from their heart. That is when Maya and Sarah come up to Mina and I and wrap there arms around my legs and tell me they love me so much.

I answer back telling them the same. It's about 3 p.m. when there comes a knock on the door. Mom gives Lil Chad to Denise which gives lil Chad a smile for he loves his grandma Denise also. Mom goes and answers the door. Mina and I sit with the girls on the couch while everyone else talks about business's and farm stuff. I am still transfixed on the picture that I will cherish forever. About two minutes later I hear mom yelling for Mina.

I watch as my beautiful wife gets up and goes to see why mom is yelling for her. I have Maya on my right and Sarah on my left. They are both telling me they love their daddy and I just smile.

I see lil Chad in Denise's lap and she is tickling him getting Zan and Helen's attention as they laugh. Next I hear Mina yelling for Maxine and Lina. I start to wonder what is going on. I tell the girls to help their brother and tickle their grandma Denise. Both of them get smiles and go help their baby brother. Getting to the front door I see Mom, Mina, Maxine, and Lina all talking to someone. As I get closer to them my ears hear a familiar voice and it clicks.

The person they are talking to is Trina. I hear Mina telling her to get lost while Trina comeback saying only if she can talk to me. Mom chimes in saying that not going to happen that Trina had her chance long ago and goofed up. Trina interrupts saying she didn't either. I feel a hand on my shoulder and turn to see Aaron checking what is going on. His eyes get wide and I see he is thinking.

We just watch on as at that moment we hear a slap. I get out of the front door way and see my wife holding her right cheek of her face and Trina has a smirk on hers.

What I see next astonishes me. Mina hits Trina in the gut telling her she should of walked away. Mina standing there also tells Trina she not letting a dead beat come near her husband. Trina holding her stomach says that I just pitied Mina and still wanted her.

Listening to all this made me get to my wife to comfort her. Mina feels my arms around her from behind and she puts her hands on mine.

Aaron comes out and pokes my side to get my attention. His eyes motion to the car that is parked across the street. I glanced and saw David, Chase, Eric, and Dan all watching. I whisper to Aaron to go in and get my deputies out here just in case I need them. Mina pat's my hand telling me in a way to let go so she can deal with Trina. Aaron went in and came back with Will, Dusty and Zack. Seems Zack over heard and wanted to stand with me also. I motion them with my eyes and they all three nod and get over in the yard just to watch.

I notice David and his three buddies getting out of the car and slowly walk over to the sidewalk in front of my moms house. David yells something to Trina about getting it over with. Trina says she will just to give her a minute.

I look at her and notice something that looks like a knife in her front pocket. I move past Mina and stand between them. Trina gets wide eyed seeing me there and is confused. Mina asks what is going on. I tell her that Trina as a knife on her which gets Trina, David and his buddies attention. David starts to come up towards us which my friends intercept them along with Aaron.

David tells them to get out of the way in which Will tells him not going to happen. " It seems I have witnessed something like this years ago." Aaron states out loud to everyone I stand between my wife Mina and Trina and think.

Mina has been working out and training with me for years. And a idea comes to me and I just grin. I turn around and look in Mina's eyes and sees she wants to take care of Trina for good.

I grin at her and she catches my thought. Mina steps up to me and says ' please baby just this once '. I give her a nod and she just smiles. I turn back towards Trina and speak.

" Trina, since you can't take getting out of here as a bold statement this will be handled like years ago." I say loud enough for everyone to hear " What?" Trina asks with wide eyes Mina steps up beside me and gives Trina a cold look.

" You heard my husband, we are going to solve all this now. You and me fight like him and David did years ago. And if your friends interfere your a coward. It will be the same terms as it was then." Mina states with venom Trina stands there thinking and remembers what that fight looked like and the aftermath. She looks back at David and them and see they are cut off by my friends.

Then Trina looks at Mina and agrees. Mom goes in the house and a few moments later I hear soft voices yelling Mommy. I turn to see Maya, Sarah, and Lil Chad running out with Sarah pulling her lil brother. Maya gets to us and starts asking what going on. Mina says that mommy going to have to settle something with a old acquaintance and for them to go back in.


Maya is just like her mother and me. She is head strong and stubborn. Maya turns and gets between Mina and Trina. She is staring at Trina hard and says to her ' you hurt my mommy me and my sister will hurt you '. Sarah steps beside Maya and adds to what Maya said. Lil Chad sticks his tongue out at Trina and says ' bad lady bad bad '.

Mina and I stifle a laugh that turns to a grin. Mom and Helen come out and get the kids and stand back Zan takes Lil Chad from Helen and stands with them. After Mina and Trina were searched for any weapons a circle was made.


Will, Dusty, Zack and Trace stayed close by David and his three buddies so they couldn't interfere. Mom, Helen, Denise, and Aunt Cindy made sure to keep the kids inside si they didn't see what was going on. Mina and Trina shared some words and once Trina said something that was wrong Mina jumped her. With Trina's hair in my wife's hands Trina's head was being rubbed against the grass. Trina screamed and then got a lucky hit in Mina's face.

I gritted my teeth as I saw my beautiful wife get hit. Aaron kept his hand on my shoulder. Mina stood back to get her bearings. Trina kicked Mina in her right leg getting Mina down to one knee. I saw Mina reach out and grab Trina's legs and pull her down. Mina got on top of Trina and started hitting her anywhere she could. She ripped Trina's shirt which I am glad there was a bra underneath. My wife had enough of Trina and just went all out. Once Trina was still down Mina stood and kicked Trina's side.

The next thing I could not believe was Mina took Trina's legs. Mina bent the right one behind her left leg. Then she took Trina's right leg and placed it under Trina's left ankle. Mina then placed her right leg over Trina's left foot and went backward. Trina was thrashing around grabbing grass in her hands. She was trying to get free which didn't work.

I was wide eyed at the move my wife was doing. I know we watched a lot of wrestling, but damn she caught on to a wrestling move. Mina kept the pressure on and didn't let up. Then Mina laid on the words. " YOU GIVE BITCH." Mina yelled while keeping a hold on Trina's foot Trina was screaming loudly for help, but no one helped. " DO YOU GIVE BITCH." My bad ass wife exclaimed loudly " YES YES PLEASE JUST LET ME GO." Trina yelled in pain Mina let go of Trina but got back on top of her and slapped her around a few times.

Then Mina placed her hands on each side of Trina's head and spoke. " Trina, you don't show up around us ever again. You don't even go near MY husband.

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If I hear you have I will do what Alex did to David but it won't be your elbows it will be your knees. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR BITCH." Mina proclaimed to Trina calmly then loudly " Yesyes please get off me." Trina said with tears in her eyes Mina stood up and came running to me.

She was mad but had a few of her own tears in her eyes. I held on to her as I watched David and Chase walk to Trina to help her up. They didn't say a word as they walked her over to the car and left a moment later. I picked Mina up and went in the house. I placed Mina on the old couch. I heard little feet running down the stairs. I turned to see scared faces on Maya, Sarah, and lil Chad.

They came to the couch where Mina and I were with Mina's head in my lap. They asked if their mommy was ok. Mina said she was just a few bumps and bruises.

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They all three hugged Mina softly and said they loved her. Mom came in with the first aid kit. Mom said we were the perfect couple standing up for one another. Maxine stepped over to help mom doctor my beautiful wife. Rest of the evening went by and family and friends started to leave. I told Will and Dusty to show up at 6 a.m. sharp the next morning. They gave me a smile and then said ' No problem.Sheriff '. I stood there wide eyed and then it hit me I was the sheriff now.

I gave them a smile and nodded my head. Mom said her and Denise would watch the kids and for Mina and I to spend a night together. Mina and I took mom up on the offer and went home. That night I gave Mina a warm relaxing bath washing her and kissing her neck.

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She moaned to my kisses and touch. She said more so I kept doing my advances to her. Mina reached her left hand behind her and between us in the tub and started to stroke me so I could get hard for her. She stated she wanted me after a long day and she has been wet for the past few hours of me holding her and the kissing I was giving her.

After a few moments she turned around and straddled my hips. She reached between us and lined me up and just impaled her sweet, wet, pussy down on my hard cock. She was riding me with the warm making waves against us. She leaned down to kiss my lips passionately. I wrapped my arms around her bringing her closer to me. I loved this woman in my arms and every time felt like the first. She placed her hands on the wall behind me and started going wildly. The water was sloshing around and out onto the bathroom floor.

I knew she was close because her moans were getting closer together. I placed my hands on her hips and helped her ride me more. She was grinding back and forth against me. Her clit rubbing as she was making love to her husband. " Oh god Alex.Oh fuck Baby." My beautiful love moaned saying my name " Yesss my darlin love." I groaned back feeling our love flow She was going wild now as she was close she went up and held it and then back down hard and at that moment her orgasm hit her strong.

I kept moving her hips against me. " Cum for me baby, give me your seed." She told me after leaning for and whispering in my ear I was close so close. I kept my hands on her hips as Mina kept grinding on me. At that moment I pushed down on her hips and erupted deep inside here. Feeling her cervix open with the head of my cock. She gave out a moan and spoke. " Oh yesssss.I feel you cumming inside me.

Feels so very good." Mina said smiling on my left shoulder We stayed like that enjoying the moment and relaxed. The water started to get cold and we got out. I dried her off as she dried me off. We cleaned the floor and went to bed naked. Mina wanted to feel skin against skin as we snuggled up together.

Holding each other we told one another our hearts love the other. I told Mina I was so proud of her. She exclaimed to me we vowed to protect one another and she was just protecting what was hers at the start. We kissed and relaxed in silence listening to the other breath. Sleep took us both as we laid there in the arms of our love. 14 years later. I am sitting at a intersection watching a young man help a older lady across the street with her bags.

I smile at the gesture the older lady gives him a smile watching his good deed. I take a sip of my coffee when I get a call on the radio. Thelma my dispatcher tells me there is a fight in progress at Candy's Diner. I tell Thelma i'm on it and turn my sirens on. I am going down the street fast as I can. About 5 minutes later I pull up and see a old familiar face that I just can't get rid of. David is backing up from a unfamiliar face.

Chase and Eric let the young looking man go and back away from him. Seems old habits never die. I get out of my car and walk up to the young man and see he is roughed up a little.

He looks 18 or 19, about 6'2, 198 lbs, with long red hair that is in a braid. Candy comes out after seeing me and starts telling me what happened. That the young man was defending one of her waitress's and David and his goons started harassing the young man. I tell her thank you and please check on her customer.

She agrees and walks over to the young man. Another car shows and I just shook my head. Getting out of the car is Maya she followed in my foot steps in being a police officer.

She graduated from high school early and went to the academy to graduate from there early. Mina and I found out all three of our kids were smart and we are so proud of them.

Maya asks what was going on. I filled her in and she looked at David, Chase, and Eric and shook her head saying bad habits don't die I give a chuckle thinking I said the same thing. I ask her to check on the young man and she does. David asks what I intend to do. I answer by saying it's up to the young man him and his buddies were beating on. I tell them to stay and they do. I walk over and kneel down as Maya his checking his face and ribs.

I notice his jacket on the ground and reach for it. I notice the patch and my eyes go wide. I ask him where he got such a patch. He tells me it was his birth dad's and he handed it down to him saying his dad met two guys when he was his age and they were friends until one went to college and the other went to Vietnam.

I think of what Uncle Damien told me and it hits me. I hand the jacket to the young man with a smile thinking we are kindred spirits. Maya asks if he wanted to press charges against the three that beat on him. He explains no that his birth mom is a successful lawyer and his dad is the leader of a biker club. That he be saving David and his two buddies from a brutle trial or a brutle beating. I agree with himMaya and I help him up and dust him off. I apologized for how he was treated.

He just grins and says it's ok. That any other time it would be them on the ground. I guess David caught wind of what he said and went wide eyed. " What's your name son." I ask with a smile Maya seems to be lost for how tall this young man is. She notices I am looking at her and just glances off at David giving him a cold stare.

The young man extends his hand in which I accept and he answers " Nick, my name is Nick." He says with a grin ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Writer's thought's Well that is the end of Alex's Truths and Betrayals of a Young Man's Heart.

As for the young man Nick well he may have a story that needs told. I hope everyone enjoyed my first series for I enjoyed writing it. For those that thought different well you just made me want to keep going.

I may not be the best, but I never give up. I would like to give a big thanks to the ones that supported me through the whole series. I would like to think I made some friends along the way. Some were anonymous, but some left their names. To them I say watch for future stories that may catch their eyes. As for the ones I know by name Thank you and this is who I know of. P.O.I mysterio8 sunshine233321 HM downunder S.

SHARMA Dino Aris To those I didn't name thanks as well. And keep a eye out I have another story in my mind to write. Until next time peace and have a great day.Hawk