Kharlie stones shaved pussy got screwed so hard

Kharlie stones shaved pussy got screwed so hard
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Mr. Thomas usually selected a couple of 9th grade students to be his aides for at least a semester at Thompson High School. The 2nd semester had already begun but he had yet to make that selection. In the past he had always selected a couple of the cutest girls so that he could deliberately work close by and whenever possible look down their tops at their beginning breasts.

He had noticed an attraction between Michael Johnson and Rachel Wright during science class time, but something happened during last hour on Friday that made his mind up regarding selecting these two as his future aides. Students in his science class sat at two person tables, and coincidentally Rachel and Michael sat next to each other.

He had put up a YouTube video on the white board regarding photosynthesis and as he looked over at the two students, he noticed. . even with the lights out, that Rachel was almost beet red with embarrassment. Michael had a big smile on his face as he was pretending to look at the video. Rachel on the other hand almost looked embarrassed and at the same time as if she were trying to manipulate something under the table.

Mr. Thomas was of course curious and very suddenly, but not so much as to cause any suspicion, pretended to drop his pen and got down on his knees to pick it up. He quickly looked under the table that they were sitting at. Although the lighting was somewhat dim, he discovered that Rachel had her hand inside Michael's pants, and he was almost certain was either giving him a hand job or at least making him feel REAL good.

Good ole trusty blackmail immediately entered his mind, and he had decided rather quickly that he would invite these two naughty adventurers to be his aides. . but more importantly to continually satisfy his erotic cravings throughout the semester. He looked at the clock and the hour was just about over, and he knew he only had a few minutes to draft a short note, which he quickly accomplished.

Nonchalantly he moved over by their desk and dropped it off. As he approached, Rachel withdrew her hand from under the desk haphazardly in time to see his note. She placed it in between herself and Michael and it read: "BEEN LOOKING FOR TWO STUDENT AIDES THIS QUARTER. OVER THE WEEKEND MAKE SURE TO ASK YOUR PARENTS IF IT IS OK. YOU WOULD NEED TO BE ABLE TO STAY AFTER SCHOOL SOME SCHOOL DAYS AND MAYBE ASSIST WITH OUR INVENTORY ON THE WEEKEND.


That look, instantly caused Mr. Thomas's cock to begin an immediate northern extension, almost straightaway causing his pants to poke outwards. Luckily this was taking place under his teacher desk so no students would be any the wiser to his stiff erection.

Soon the bell rang and after a few minutes, only the three of them remained after class. The teacher went over to the door and closed and locked it and then sat on the desk in front of his two apprehensive students. "Do either of you have anything to say?" he asked, watching their teen faces. "Ugh. . it wasn't anything bad Mr. Thomas. We like each other. . a lot and it just sorta happened on the spot." "Rachel, what do you have to say?" "It's like just what he said," she muttered quickly.

"Isn't your uncle on the school board?" he asked looking at the girl. Rachel again looked rather upset and afraid, and she nodded her head "yes". "I see. So Rachel. . tell me exactly what you were trying to do under the table." Then there was a long silence.

Both 9th graders looked at each other and once again scarlet faces quickly appeared. "I am not hearing anything. . and I need to hear you say something Rachel. And how about this (and he took his iPhone out of its holster as he was saying it), if I do not hear what you were doing in 10 seconds, I will call both of your parents AND your uncle, right now!" "No!" shouted Michael.

"You can't," begged Rachel. "Then start explaining. I can look up your parents' cell phone numbers in seconds, and you both know that." Still silence and then Michael started. "She was just unzipping.

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. ." "Silence! This is Rachel's explanation, and not yours!" His tone was harsh and the teens knew they had met their match. "Now start describing what you were doing, or I will call!" Rachel began to mumble and then the following was finally understood: "I was kinda curious about Michael's thingie getting hard," she began.

"Call it a COCK Rachel. When a boy or man's penis is HARD. . you must call it a COCK. Say COCK for me." "Sorry. . I should have said I was curious about Michael's COCK and how it always gets so hard whenever I am around.

He has wanted me to like. . touch it, but I was always too. . you know scared to do it, especially in school." "But if you were on your own, you would probably pull it out for him huh?

Go on," said Mr. Thomas impatiently. "Well. .

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. when you put on the video, he kinda pulled my hand down under the table. . and I knew what he wanted. . and it was like kinda dark. . so I like unzipped his jeans and you know.

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. . rubbed it." "But there was more than just that, wasn't there?" the teacher questioned. "Well. . I got the zipper down and I touched the big lump still covered with his boxers. . and I have to admit. . I WANTED to touch it. . like for real," she admitted. "Now we are getting somewhere. You WANTED to touch his cock. . you WANTED to feel what it is like to have a boy's COCK in your hand, didn't you? You WANTED to jerk on it didn't you? Do you know what it means to wank or jerk on a boy's cock?" "Like bring him off?" she said.

Meanwhile, no one could see under the table where they were sitting at, but listening to Rachel describe what she had done, was causing Michael to sport another huge boner.

Mr. Davis watched the boy adjust his cock and knew he was aroused, and also what needed to happen for his own enjoyment. "So did you bring him off Rachel?" "I don't think so. . your note kinda stopped things." "Have you ever touched a boy's or for that matter a MAN'S cock, like mine before?" he asked, lewdly pointing at his crotch.

"No way. . I like Michael. .

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. and I was just kinda curious." "I see. Well, I don't want you both to miss your buses, so we must hurry. As a favor to Michael, you are going to finish what you started right here and RIGHT now in front of me. "What???" she said. "That's right. You have made Michael all uncomfortable with your colorful deions, and the boy has a HARD ON right now.

. am I right?" he said looking at the boy. "Yeah. . but". "No butts. . scoot your chair back son. . stand up and whip it out for your girlfriend to service. NOW Rachel. . let's get busy." Again the tone in Mr. Thomas' voice motivated the boy to quickly follow his instructions. Rachel turned a new shade of red as she watched the boy stand up next to her, quickly unsnap the button at the top of his jeans, pull down the brass zipper, and slipping his thumbs into the elastic top of his boxers, immediately yank down both his undershorts and pants to the floor.

Instantly his 5" cock began to bob in front of Rachel's face. "It won't take very long," said Mr. Thomas as he stood behind the young girl and placed his hand over hers and brought it up to encircle Michael's shaft. "Squeeze his cock a little bit. . right here. . and then run your hand up and down. Yeah. . just like that. Make sure you keep it angled towards your face though," he said. "Now it's your turn to take over!" He let go and unexpectedly moved his hand from her shoulder down to her breasts and began to gently squeeze them under her top.

With a little effort, he slipped his fingers under her bra and began to fondle her bare titties as he watched her begin to jack the boy off. She did not seem to mind, and being that close, he could hear her moan as he began to grope and squeeze her titties.

As predicted, the handjob did not last very long, and within less than a minute all three watched the 9th grade boy's cock erupt and shoot rope after rope of hot cum out of the tip. As the teacher had planned, the direction of the spray was right onto Rachel's face and mouth. "Keep JACKING ME OFF Rachel. . ohhhhhhhhhhhhh that feels so fucking great!" After almost a full minute of spewing his load on the girl, he moved her hand away and pulled back his shaft.


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Thomas took out his iphone and took several pictures of the boys cum dripping all over her face. The one he particularly liked later that evening, showed her slurping up the thick juices into her mouth. He quickly found a towel in his drawer that he sometimes ejaculated into, and helped clean up the girl. "I will see you both after school tomorrow as we continue our fun. I will be keeping these pictures as evidence to show both your parents, if you elect to not follow my directions the next several weeks.

Make sure neither of you wears any underwear to school tomorrow and bring in notes from your parents giving permission for you both to be my permanent aides. Now get out of here!" Next Day after School Since both Rachel and Michael were in his last hour class, Mr.

Thomas did not have to wait long to begin the next lustful chapter of his plan. "So do you have your notes?" he asked, having them stay in their normal seats after the bell rang.

While waiting for them to respond, he followed the previous day's practice and closed and locked the door and pulled down the shade. When he returned they had their notes out. He looked them over and a smile came over his face.

"Excellent. I need to speak with you separately. . so Rachel, here is a clipboard and I want you to go back into the storeroom and begin counting all of the items on this check list, starting with the beakers and flasks. One more thing I forgot to ask. . what was it like not wearing your panties and bra today?" "It was weird and it made me feel kinda kinky and naughty," she admitted.

"Kinky is ok, but I love naughty the most. Right now before you start, I need you to pull off your pants and just leave them here with me. I want you to be bare-assed while you work on my inventory." "But. . ." "Once again, no buts. Tell you what, just leave them on my desk in the back of the room and then go into the store room." Both guys continued to watch her, as she unsnapped her jeans and pushed them down her bare legs.

She didn't let them see her pussy, but her cute little ass was wonderful to watch as she walked to the back of the room, and then covering up her pussy walked forward until she got into the store room and closed the door. "Michael, you understand that you must continue to cooperate with me. . right"? "Yes sir. Both Rachel and I know we made a mistake yesterday and we have to prove ourselves to you. Do you know how long we will be working for you?" "For the rest of the semester.

But I will be honest with you. . I do believe you will enjoy being serviced almost daily by Rachel during that time. . much like you did yesterday, which is one of the reasons for also making you my aide.

All I ask is that when I ask you to do something, that you do it. Understand?" "Sure do. . and between you and me, what happened yesterday was totally awesome! Shooting my cum all over her face was the very BEST. Sometime I would like to see those pictures from your phone." "Be my guest," he said uncapping his iPhone and showing the boy how to view the hot pictures and brief video of his cock shooting cum all over her face.

Mr. Davis watched the boy slowly move from one pic to the next. "Makes you get a hard-on doesn't it?" asked the teacher. "Sure does. . I love seeing her face all covered with my cum. And that short video is better than watching porn. " "I agree. . But tell you what, let's keep things even, and I want you to put your jeans on my desk right next to Rachel's. Today, both of you will remain that way for the rest of our time together, so that my next set of plans will work with little complications.

Soooooo, get out of those pants and get Rachel over here." Michael was surprisingly embarrassed, about showing his erection to the teacher, but he followed his instructions and placed his jeans on the desk, turning slightly away as he approached the store room.

"Knock on the door and have Rachel join us." Michael goes to the storage room door and knocks. She answers by just poking her head out. She looks down and immediately sees Michael sporting a stiff cock for her to see and she smiles. "Mr. Thomas wants to talk to both of us. Come on over. . it is important." "Grab her hand Michael and lead her over here," he said. They mumbled something to each other that was unintelligible but soon they were walking over to the teacher who was perched up on one of the tables.

He indicated he wanted them to sit on the table across from him. Rachel was again completely embarrassed because sitting this way would make her pussy totally visible to the horny teacher. "I want you both to place your hands behind you and then lean back and relax. Then open up your legs slightly.

" He knew this would provide him with the best view of both of their teenage genitals. His immediate focus was on Rachel and her pussy mound being completely devoid of any hair, and how it had begun to swell out a bit. She must shave it. . probably for him. Her vaginal lips were pink, obviously aroused and damp.

She soon realized she was on display. . and now showing her teacher most of her naked body. As embarrassing as it was, it was also very exciting at the same time. She could see her boyfriends' cock at full extension and her teacher's hidden cock was now lewdly pushing up against the front of his pants.

"What I have seen so far Rachel in the last couple of days, is that you are very excited around boys. Tell me truthfully, did your pussy tingle, when you touched Michael's COCK yesterday?" The girl nodded her head, wanting to be honest. "This is your body telling you that you really enjoy being a very NAUGHTY girl isn't it?" She brooded for a moment.

. almost looking lost, "Yes, I am so embarrassed to tell you. When I felt how stiff it was. .

I got really nice tingles down below, and then all over my body. My tummy had this itchy feeling and my pussy just kept giving me those strong tingles. I couldn't stop them. They just took over my body," she admitted. "And tell me the truth now. . because only a very naughty and nasty girl would think of this.



. you WANT to hold his cock again right now and rub it like yesterday? Am I right?" She looked over at Michael hard cock and then said: "I do. . I really do.

I am thinking of it right now and my pussy keeps tingling." She continued to be mesmerized by Michael's cock that was now rock hard and pointing up to the ceiling, only a couple of feet away. "Let's see what we can do about that. I want you two to begin kissing each other and then just follow my instructions." They smiled and then gently let their mouths touch.

For the next several minutes they continued. It was obvious they were getting more passionate and the room was actually warming up. "Open up your mouth Rachel and let Michael insert his tongue into it and then flick your tongues back and forth for a few minutes." The horny teacher watched the two students become more adoring towards each other. "Your pussy is getting more excited now. . isn't it Rachel?" She did not break off her kiss but nodded her head.

"But Michael wants to touch your titties right now, and you WANT him to do that don't you?" She moved away from his lips and spoke to the teacher. "Yes, my pussy is starting to tingle right now thinking of him touching my boobs." "Has he touched them before?" asked the teacher. "Kinda. . but only on top of my shirt." "Oh really. . I noticed that you wore that hoodie today with the zipper down the front. Was this so that the boys wouldn't look down your top at your bare titties, since you were not wearing a bra?" Rachel blushed and nodded her head.

"Well, you need to let him touch your BARE breasts right now then. Michael, unzip her top and throw it to me." "But I'll be NAKED," she said. "Yes. . but he AND I will get a chance to see those fine-looking titties and he can begin to feel them up for you. I guarantee you will love it!" Michael began to apologize, sensing her embarrassment of being in this predicament but found the tab at the top of her hoodie and began to pull it down.

When he was three quarters of the way, her developing breasts had become slightly visible. Both guys were now closely inspecting her teenage chest and were very excited to see her lovely breasts, as the zipper came down to her pussy and now finally revealed the stiff nipples hiding underneath the sides of her hoodie as Michael pulled it apart.

Rachel surprised them by pulling the garment off of her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. "You have a REALLY HOT body Rachel," said Michael as he raised his hands up to gently touch her bare breasts. It was obvious he was inexperienced, but that actually added to the lewdness of the act. Her teacher could not stand it anymore as he slipped off of the desk and stood along the other side of her. "Be very gentle Michael," he said now beginning to fondle and lightly grope the girls' titties.

The boy did the same thing to her other tit and soon both guys were running their fingers all around her stiff nipples, and then ever so lightly pinching her buds.

Rachel began to moan her appreciation for her teacher's tutelage as both Michael and the teacher continued to manipulate her breasts. The teacher's next move was very unexpected. "Here is something else to try," he said, as he bent down and captured her stiff nipple into his mouth. Michael followed his lead and soon both guys were sucking and licking her nipples. Rachel had closed her eyes as nirvana entered her body.

Without thinking, she let her hand move down her body and an eager finger began to rub her clit back and forth as she moaned her appreciation. Then she was interrupted. "We are almost out of time today. . but I want to have Rachel lie down on the desk length wise so that her head is up here and her feet down here," he indicated. The girl was curious about his instructions and as she was turning her naked body around, she began to get excited about whatever was next. Her pussy was aching in anticipation and her titties were now all slippery with the guy's saliva.

"I am sure you liked us touching, licking and sucking your titties Rachel, but what is even more fun for all of us, is when you feel a stiff cock rubbing all over your nipples. Soooo, it's time for me to present my big friend here to both of you," he said slowly unzipping his pants. Rachel had fantasized about her teacher's cock since she was caught, but this was so sudden. . she just looked sideways as he quickly exposed it. "Oh my God!

It's huge," she whispered, looking at it as the man began to fist it in front of her face. The 8" shaft reminded her of an Eckrich smoked sausage at the food store. "You ain't kidding," said Michael, suddenly feeling very small, even though his cock was still fully erect. "Move close to her chest Michael and hold onto your COCK and begin to rub it against her tittie." Michael did not need any more encouragement, as he stood on his tip toes, and holding onto his cock he leaned over and placed the underside of the tip right onto her rigid bud.

Around and around he moved the head, gently covering the lemon-sized breasts with his erection. He was immediately beet red with arousal, and was certain he was going to shoot his load in a few minutes.

Meanwhile Mr. Davis was relishing the moment as he began to gently tap his cock head against her stiff tittie bud, and then poke the tip almost like he was fucking it. Soon he was gently grazing the top of her nipple and all the while watching the young girl's expression as she watched both her teacher and boyfriend rub their cocks all over her breasts. Without any notice, Michael shot off, and holding his cock began to spray her stomach and chest with his cum.

There was so much force, the flow shot up against the teachers' shaft and soon the slippery liquid added to the experience as he now wiped his cock through the hot cum that was quickly covering her teenage chest. The boy backed away as his ejaculating had ceased and suddenly the teacher jumped up on the table and standing up almost to the ceiling straddled her naked body. Looking down at her, he said: "Normally I would hold off on doing this, Rachel. . but you look so fucking hot lying there with Michael's cum all over you.

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. . that it is time that you felt a MAN'S cock spray as well. It will only take me a few seconds, but as I shoot my load, I want you to rub it all over your body and especially all over your titties and that tight pussy of yours as well, that will soon have a couple of cocks inside it." The man was obviously at the point of no return as he fisted his cock and then felt his balls release their load.

Rachel was looking up at him while he was holding his shaft but also noticing his balls. And then it happened. The first rope of hot cum shot directly over her mouth and lips, followed by her titties. Next, he backed up slightly and then pointing his cock directly downwards aiming at her pussy and a fire hydrant of thick sticky juice landed on the intersection of her legs. Soon a tablespoon or more of his cum had collected on her twat and the excited teen began to rub her semen covered body, with both hands.

He was surprised at how much liquid was leaving his cock, having jacked off so many times the night before, as he kept watching the pictures of yesterday's afterschool antics. Michael had taken it upon himself to begin taking pictures from the teachers' phone from all angles. Minutes later it was all over. "Let's get cleaned up. . and I will see you tomorrow for more fun," he said. Next Day After School Michael was not able to stay after, so the teacher decided to move into another direction.

"I want you to lift up your skirt, Rachael and once again sit on of the table in front of me. Does your pussy tingle right now, because I am looking at your pussy even though you still have on your panties right below me? Tell the truth." He was very serious in his tone. "As I watch you. . I think about you imagining what you might do with my hot pussy today, and it tingles right now, just like it did yesterday," she panted, biting her tongue. "Rub your little twat for me.

I like to watch girls excite themselves." A little smile came on her face as she reached down and placed her hand over her pussy and began rubbing. Even with her not yet naked, this was very exciting for the teacher. He reached down and placed his hand over his hidden cock and began to milk it in front of her. "So what about now. . you can see me rubbing and squeezing my BIG cock.

. Maybe I should take off my pants for you." "It might sound kinda kinky, but I would like that," she said as her teacher unbuttoned his belt, then the snap at the top of his pants and then pulled down the zipper and let the garment hit the floor.

Because of the incredible size of his cock, his silk boxers were stretched out severely. Then he surprised her by sitting right next to her on the table she was sitting on. His next move was to once again grasp his hidden cock and work it up and down in front of the horny girl. "Now. . .as you watch me. . do you have those horny tingles. . kind of anticipating when I will take out my stiff cock so that you can see it?" "Yes, my pussy is getting wet and really tingly again.

I. . ugh. . ." "Tell me Rachel, don't be afraid to share," he urged. "I want to. to touch it. Oh. . Mr. Davis. . I know it's kinky but I want to hold your cock RIGHT now." "Do you really want to hold this big long shaft of mine?" he said teasing her and pushing out his hips in an exaggerated fashion. "I know you're looking at it, but do you really want to hold it and rub it in your own hands like you did Michaels. . under the table the other day?" "YES. . I want to feel it in my hands.

. is that bad?" she asked. "Touching my COCK is not bad Rachel; you just need some help with those tingles in your pussy. You need to witness just how strong they can be. . so you can understand just how naughty and dirty you can be. I mean most girls your age haven't even dreamed about jacking off their teacher yet." He elected to stand up next to her and slowly step out of his boxers.

. allowing his 8" shaft to bob right in front of her. "There now. . reach out and grab my COCK and start rubbing it gently." "I'm so bad, WANTING to touch your COCK." The sexual tension in her voice became apparent.

He realized she wanted to be forced to do it so it wouldn't be her fault. "Hold my COCK Rachel, RIGHT NOW!" he said forcefully and immediately he felt her hand on his shaft. "Move your hand up and down, holding it just like that, that's right, a little firmer grip. . yes, keep rubbing it up and down.

Good Rachel, you're doing it perfect," he told her. He could see her body shaking with the movements she was making and the horny teacher looked aside slightly to see where the end of his cock was in relation to her mouth.

It was still much too low. As a result, he moved the chair over and stood on it so that his cock was inches from her pink lips. She held his shaft just off to the side, but he knew if he moved the shaft slightly. . it might graze her lips. "Rachel have you been thinking about kissing it. . KISSING my COCK? Tell me, does it make your pussy tingle really strong right now.

. maybe make you feel all dirty and naughty because you're wishing you could kiss and lick my shaft and not just touch it? Are you thinking those nasty, very naughty thoughts Rachel?" His voice was lusty and low, loving but grating, tantalizing her. "I DO want to kiss this COCK," she said inspecting the purple head and the long shaft. She had never even imagined that a boys' cock could get like this one. "Kiss the end NOW.

. kiss it and then cover your teeth with your lips and suck the end. Do it NOW Rachel, kiss it and suck it, feel how nasty and naughty you feel inside while you are doing this lewd act." He watched her reach out and kiss the tip, as she swung it back towards her face. She kissed down the sides, licking and tasting the skin then kissing it all over again, frenching and kissing the end at last, hesitating slightly scared to place it in her mouth. "Suck my cock Rachel. . feel the tingles it gives you in your pussy.

Feel it with your tongue and lips all over. . you nasty girl." "Mmmhmmmfff," she gasped, kissing the end then finally sliding her mouth over the tip and enclosing the thick crown inside her mouth. "Good girl Rachel, SUCK me now, see how nasty you are, how much you love being a naughty tingly girl. Good. . now take a bit more inside. Suck more of my cock. Very good. . just move your head up and down, oh yes, that's so nasty. Suck me harder and move just like that." Soon all he could do was focus on her small mouth sucking the entire purple knob of his cock.

Then it began to happen, and he knew he could not stop it. His thick cum had left his dangling balls and within a few seconds it shot right out the tip and into her unexpected mouth. The flow was so intense that she had to close off the path down her throat or she might gag. Mr. Davis grasped his cock and began to paint her face with it. This was having a passionate impact on the young girl.

He began to notice her hips starting to wiggle and bob around. He could tell she wished her pussy could get rubbed while she was servicing him. After a few minutes of getting himself together he said: "Rachel. . you need your PUSSY touched don't you?

Are you thinking of touching your pussy. . .making it tingle so good and strong? Tell me if you need your pussy touched." He kept asking as she began to clean his cum off of his fuck stick. . bobbing her head, hoping she could just suck all of it off and make her hunger to have her pussy touched go away. He felt her pull off his cock, "Oh PLEASE touch my pussy," she begged in a breathy, sexy voice then dove back down on my cock. He moved quickly before she changed her mind.

He pushed her lengthwise onto the table and moved one leg over hers so that they were in a 69 position.

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Next, he quickly grabbed her panties by the waistband and slid them down her legs and off her feet. He put her leg over his chest again and then slowly pulled her pussy lips down to his face.

"Oh Mr. Davis. . stop," she said feeling his hot breath on her pussy. She kept her hand on his cock throughout this, rubbing it slowly as she looked back in shock.

He kissed her pussy then stared licking her clit. It was swollen, like her nipples, but not as long. She bucked and fought him for a few seconds, trying to get her pussy away from his mouth until she just froze, trembling, shaking, and quivering. He felt down with his tongue into her tiny pussy hole and it was squeezing, pulsing with her first orgasm of the day.

He let her silently rejoice in the last few moments of her climax. Her pussy smelled sweet, aromatic and clean, like some exotic flower. He kept his nose close enough to sniff her alluring scent as she slowly recovered. After a few minutes she said: "Does me LIKING to suck your cock mean I'm nasty? Like forever?" her face tensed, worried that the answer would condemn her to a life of these exciting but cursed desires.

"Why? Do you feel like SUCKING MY COCK again. . and finishing me off right now?" he suggested. She wondered for a bit. . having just had her first massive climax whether she was up for it or not. "Yes. . and I want you to spray your cum right into my mouth and all over my face!" she answered, smiling in relief. "But I want to officially SUCK my teacher's cock while he sits in his regular seat. That way we can always remember what I did to you this afternoon. Now, skedaddle up there this minute." Mr.

Davis laughed and headed to the front of the room, with his long pole waving back and forth. He sat down and tilted the seat somewhat sideways and then looked up. The tempting vixen had stripped naked and placed her top on the floor so that she could knee on it. She was quickly pinching her nipples, wanting to appear desirable to the man whose COCK she was about to consume.


"Let's see. . where was I?" she asked rhetorically with a sly smirk on her face. "Oh yes. . I had my mouth open and this fantastic COCK inside." She bent over and for a moment wiggled her tongue over the glans and after making the tip all slippery with her spit, she repositioned herself and began to devour his rod, inside her mouth.

She pushed her lips down his shaft two inches. "Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhhn! Ahhhhn! Oh, Rachel, oh Rachel!" Sounded like he really liked that.

. she thought. She kept doing it and her teacher's moans got louder and longer. This time she put her two hands around the base of his cock, cradling his balls with her left.

She ran her tongue around the rim a few times before she placed it back in her warm mouth. Then she pushed her mouth over and rubbed the rim with her tongue awhile and listened to Mr. Davis moan, and then she pushed her mouth down his shaft and back up but made sure the roof of her mouth rubbed the head of his cock lightly. He had told her earlier that part was really sensitive. She took his cock head in her mouth then sucked her mouth back off it, keeping her lips tight as they slid over the top.

Then she pushed them down over the head. She soon did it faster and faster and he moaned, almost yelled.

"Rachel. . .Oh god, I'm gonna cum VERY soon." She said, "I love you so much. . my Teacher. Is it okay if I make you cum for me right now?" "Yes, PLEASE make me cum right in your mouth." She put her hands back around his shaft cradling his balls, then took his cock head back in her mouth pulling her lips tightly off, then pushing back on. She did it again. And again. Then one more time. . only pushing a half inch further. Now she was pushing on and off his cock in a rhythm that got a little faster and pushing her mouth down a little further each time.

Her mouth pushed further and she moved up and down faster. Mr. Davis' hips were helping now, as he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. She suddenly wanted him to FUCK HER MOUTH just like one day he would fuck her teen pussy.

His cock started to hit the back of her mouth and she had to try her best to not give into the gag reflex. "Rachel. . I love you, oh I love you oh. . oh. . oh. . ohhhhh, oh Rachel I'm going to cum, god I'm going to cum. . I'm almost there!" His voice was getting louder. "Ahhh Rachel!" He gave one huge push into her mouth and shouted, "OH GOD, I'M CUMMING!" And she immediately tasted a long stream of salty goo and felt that slippery stuff in her mouth and was absolutely on fire.

The horny man continued to fuck her face until he finally sunk to the floor. She soon realized she had swallowed it all and could not wait for after school the next day when both Mr. Davis and her boyfriend would use their cocks on her again!