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The Education of Heather Part 3 Heather practices her oral lessons After lying on the sofa for a few minutes, equipment noise coming from the bedroom forced Jason to stand and recover his shorts and jeans. "Let's go Heather, time to start making our film." He took her hand and pulled her up close to him. "You go change into your kimono and I'll make sure the camera and lights are ready to go.

Let me know when you are ready and I'll position the guys for the scene." Heather walked away, not even bothering to refasten her shorts, picked up a shopping bag that was sitting next to a second bedroom.

She closed the door behind her. Jason went up to the master bedroom where Mike and Anton were had finished setting up and testing the camera, lights, and recorder. "Listen guys," Jason began, "this is going to be the best fuck film we have ever made. That sweet little bitch just gave me the first blow job she has ever given and she swallowed every bit of my cum. She is hot and if we do this right, we can fuck her all weekend, as many times as we want, and in any hole we want. We have to take it slow and easy.

She is a little unsure of herself right now so the best way to move this along is to take your time and compliment her every so often to build her confidence. This movie is a test for her to prove she is capable of pleasing a man and pleasing herself. I'm telling you, she is ready to fuck and she is ready to do whatever we ask.

Anton, you're gonna get a blow job and Mike, you're gonna fuck her pussy for starters. And one more thing, make sure you try to give her an orgasm, if you can. I've got a feeling she is one of those inexperienced women that just need a match to start their fire, you know what I mean?" Mike raised his hand as if he were in school, "Do I have to use a condom? I brought some just in case." "You got any diseases?" Mike shook his head.

"Then hide the condoms. She's not on the pill, but I brought some morning after pills and told her all the cum shots were going to be internal." Mike and Anton grinned and smashed their forearms in celebration. "If this equipment is ready to go, you guys strip and get ready for the first scene. She is going to strip off a kimono for the camera then walk over to you Anton and suck your cock.

Let's go." Mike and Anton moved off to a corner of the room and began to remove their clothes. Jason made a last minute check of the camera and estimated the positions where the guys would have to stand for the opening shot.

He intended to place the camera behind the men and shoot between them at Heather, then pull the lens back to show that they were watching her. Heather was in the second bedroom, brushing her hair and evaluating herself in a full length mirror.

She was wearing the pair of white thong panties, although they barely contained enough material to qualify as an article of clothing, let alone panties. The triangle of shear nylon covering her small remaining patch of pubic hair seemed to be the size of a postage stamp and it was attached to three thin nylon strings that caressed her body.

This garment, she thought, was a joke, and for the money she paid it was an expensive joke. The thong definitely didn't hide anything, but it certainly did tease. But she had to admit, she looked sexy.

Her body was firm and taunt, and her breasts were nicely shaped, she conceded modestly.

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They were not big, but they were round, firm, and her nipples which were currently hard as stones, pointed up to the sky. Her tummy was trim all those hours of dance had seen to that.

Only the seductive swelling of her pubis interrupted the flatness of her belly. Her hips flared nicely and were complimented by her glorious ass cheeks. Again, the hours of dance and exercise had firmed and shaped her legs from her calf muscles to her ass. She twirled in front of the mirror and smiled. "I hope the guys like this," she said aloud. "I can't believe I'm doing this," she muttered.

"I have already performed oral sex on the janitor of my school, a guy I barely know, and in a few minutes I am going to walk through that door to have sex to two more guys I don't know at all in front of a camera. I must be nuts." Even as she uttered those words, Heather was aware that her body was ready and eager. She brushed her fingers across her clit and felt the wetness of her pussy. Her stomach was in turmoil, but not the sort that served to warn of danger, but turmoil that forecast anticipation and excitement.

She was ready. Heather put on her powder blue silk kimono and loosely tied the cords. The mirror told her the kimono was perfect the color dramatically brought out the blue of her eyes, but the most striking feature of the garment was that it was very short. It barely covered her ass, and as a result it really accented her legs, and she knew her legs were one of her better features.

With one last satisfying look in the mirror, she opened the door and called to Jason, "I am ready. Do you want me to come in?" Jason met her at the bedroom door and stopped dead in his tracks as he absorbed her beauty. Even though she had swallowed his cum just moments before, Jason had never seen Heather look like this. Her hair was pulled back on the sides and fastened with clips; her make up was exquisite; her kimono was breathtakingly sexy; and the smile on her face told him she was ready for sex.


When he finally found some words, he said, "Holy shit, you are an incredible sight! That kimono is great and your legs are fantastic." "You think I look ok then?" "Ok!

You are a wonder. The guys are going to love this." He motioned her into the room. "Hey guys, check her out. Spin around Heather so they can get a 360 degree view." Heather twirled slowly while Mike and Anton whistled and clapped their approval.

As she spun, she realized both of them were naked. Her vision dropped to Anton's cock and then shifted to Mike's. My God, she thought, they are huge! "Like what you see? Jason asked. "Both these guys are bigger than average, as you might have guessed.

But don't worry, you can handle them. Now here's what I want you to do in this opening scene. The room is going to be dark except for one light that will shine right on that small piece of tape I put on the rug.

I want you to walk from the dark into that light and stop at that tape, ok?" Heather nodded. "The camera will be on the whole time, but when you get to the tape, stop, look directly at the lens, and tell the camera why you are making this movie." "What do I say? Should I talk for a long time?" "Just pretend the camera is Steve and tell him you saw him the other night.

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Tell him you are a woman and you will show him you are capable of doing everything, and even more than his little hussy. Nothing too involved and don't get angry. I don't want to see tears be determined, after all, you are going to show him for the idiot he is." "And after you are drop your kimono, walk over to Anton, kiss him, or caress him, or whatever you feel like doing.

Then kneel down in front of him like you are going to suck his cock, but don't do it until I tell you to go ahead because I have to move the camera. Jason continued. "Once I'm ready, I want you to look at the lens again, and introduce Anton. Tell the camera what you are going to do and then begin.

I am going to keep the camera in close to you so that I can see your face and his cock moving in and out of your lips. I want you to play to the camera. Don't worry about looking at it, I want you to do that the camera will be Steve's eyes, and you want him to see everything you do. Ok, you got all that? Are you ready?" Heather nodded again. "You guys ready, too?" Both men nodded.

"Ok, let's go. Heather move over there into the dark." Heather took her position and waited for Jason's signal. Her heart was pounding and her stomach was tight. She took a couple of deep breaths and slowly released them to calm herself, then Jason said, "Action." Heather walked into the light and stopped.

The effect through the camera lens was truly dramatic. Heather's beauty radiated into the camera; her sexual attitude was made overpowering by the combination of her costume that was revealing without exposing, and her pure innocence.

As she began to speak, the camera slowly traveled the length of her body capturing the beauty of her face, freshly brushed hair, the silky smooth quality of her skin, the swell of her breasts, her erect nipples poking at the kimono, and her finely shaped and smooth legs. Anton and Mike recognized Heather's attitude and as they watched her talk to the camera, both stroked their fully erect, black cocks. The strokes were slow and deliberate.

Neither man was going to rush through his turn with this fine looking white woman. A small spot light was shining directly into Heather's eyes, making it difficult for her to actually see the camera or any of the men, but she knew what she wanted to say to the camera and she began.

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"Hi Steve. It's me." That's an awkward beginning, she thought but forged on. "You are probably wondering why I am dressed this way and why I am making this video. The School Board meeting was cancelled this past week, and while you didn't know it, I came home early. When I got home I saw you and Beth in our bedroom the very room I am in right now." She gestured with her hand.

"I watched you have sex with her, and I heard you tell her that you wished I was more like her. That I didn't like to do things with you like she did and that I was not a very good lover." Heather's voice started to break, but she took a breath and gathered the will power to move forward. "I know I don't have much experience at sex and because of that, I haven't been able to do all the things you wanted me to do.

But I am a woman and I like sex. To prove that to you, I have found some new friends. They are going to help me make a movie showing you what I can do and showing you that I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to doing." Heather began to loosen the kimono belt.

She dropped the ends but held the kimono closed with her hands. "You know I am a modest person, Steve. I don't even like to undress in front of you.

But I am changing. I know I am attractive and I like people to know it." She opened the kimono, exposing her breasts. The kimono slipped off her shoulders but she kept it closed at her waist. She was removing the garment in stages like a stripper. "This is a new kimono. It is made of silk and feels really good when it slides across my skin." The kimono fell to the floor in a puddle silk at her feet.

Mike and Anton were both stroking at a more rapid rate than they realized. It had been a long time since they had seen such a sexy demonstration. Heather stood in the circle of light clad only in her very sheer thong and black spike heels.

"I paid too much for these panties and they are very delicate." She hooked her thumbs in the strings at her waist. "I better take them off before they get torn." She slowly pushed the strings down off her hips, then she stopped and looked at the camera. "I can't do this with you watching." Before Jason could be worried that she was getting cold feet, Heather turned her back to the camera, filling the lens with her beautiful ass and the thin string that disappeared into her crack.

She resumed the sensuous act of pushing the strings down her hips. She stopped again, looking over her shoulder at the camera. "Are you still watching?" she asked with a sultry smile on her face. She bent at the waist and solely pealed the thong from her body.

When it was completely off, she turned back to face the camera. "I want you to meet someone," she said as she moved toward the camera. Jason moved slightly so that he could capture her walking up to Anton. Heather stepped up very close to Anton.


She could feel his dick poke at her stomach. She moved her thighs up tight against him, trapping the rock hard organ between their bodies. Her abdomen pressed hard against his cock and she could feel its firmness and its heat. Her eyes opened with surprise as measured his length against her. It was easily seven or eight inches long. It seemed as if she could feel him stretching from her navel all the way up to her sternum.

He was huge! Anton wrapped his arms around Heather, trapping her but not forcing her. She leaned back slightly and began to draw her hands over his face. For the first time, she looked closely. She saw a handsome black man with a strong jaw. His hair was cut very short, almost shaved. His eyes were deep brown and he had a pleasant smile.

Her hands moved down his neck to his shoulders which were well muscled and strong. His arms were heavily veined and corded with muscle. He relaxed his grip allowing her to step back and look at his chest and belly. Both were lean and dark with short black hairs. Her gaze fell to his groin and specifically his cock.

As her eyes moved down, so did her hand, and in an instant, she had his cock in her hand feeling its heft and its heat. She gripped the organ with one hand, and just like Jason's, it was too thick to encircle. Looking deep into his eyes, Heather began to slowly stroke the black rod. Anton closed his eyes in pleasure and moving one hand to her breast. He began to gently roll her nipple between his thumb and first finger.

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The nipple responded immediately, turning as hard as a stone and pointing straight out. It was Heather's turn to close her eyes and moan. After a few seconds of mutual manipulation, Heather remembered that she had to finish the scene. Releasing Anton's cock, she moved her hand to the back of his neck and pulled his head toward her face.

As his heavy lips approached hers, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Anton's thick tongue rushed between her lips. She captured it with her mouth and began to suck the fleshy member. Anton crushed her white body against his blackness and kissed her more deeply than he had ever kissed any woman.

Heather broke the kiss and slowly began to tongue her way down his neck, to his chest, and down to his abdomen. Using her eyes as an invitation, she slowly kneeled in front of him, her hand holding his cock straight out from his body, pointing straight at her mouth. "Jesus, what a scene! Hold it, right there while I move the camera.

Mike back up so you are not in the shot.

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Ok, that's good. All right, I'm ready. Remember Heather, you need to introduce Anton and tell the camera what you are going to do. Begin whenever you are ready, I'm rolling." Heather had slowly stroked Anton's cock while Jason was changing positions, and she had held intense eye contact with Anton the whole time to measure his level of excitement.

She could feel the pulsing of his cock and knew that even without any oral contact on her part, Anton was already close to release. She didn't really know how to delay the impending explosion, but she knew she wanted to make the experience last as long as she could.

"Will you cum if I keep stroking you like this, or will you be ok?" she asked him. Anton was struggling, but he thought he had the control to allow her to slowly jack him off. "I should be ok," he said in a strained voice. "Just don't take too long." Heather smiled and turned toward the camera. "This is Anton." She brushed his cockhead with her lips. "He really wants me to suck his cock." Jason was surprised at her language and the incredible change in her personality. She had transformed from a goody two-shoes school teacher to a sultry hooker all in the time it took her to walk into camera view.

He smiled and took it as another sign that she was getting into the moment. "You know Steve," she continued looking at the camera, "I never took you in my mouth even though you asked me to do it several times. I just couldn't do it then because I didn't think it was right." She kissed the rock hard member again and licked slowly from the base to the tip.

"I have a little more experience now, and I think I like it." Heather opened her mouth and took the tip of Anton's cock between her lips. She held her mouth in place and sucked for a moment, deflating her cheeks with the effort.

"A penis is a funny thing," she reported to the camera, "it looks hard, but it is really soft. And the head is so smooth.

I love the way it feels on my lips." She opened her mouth again and moved to take in the whole head. Her head bobbed back and forth several times allowing the head to move in and out of her lips. Her mouth came off his cock and she backed away so she could look at it from a different angle. Her hand continued to slowly stroke the shaft. Anton was breathing heavily and his legs would twitch periodically.

"Look here," Heather said, pointing to the tiny slit. "I don't know for sure what this liquid is, but I want to taste it." She quickly licked at the drop of pre-cum that had formed in response to her manipulations.

Again she looked at the camera, "It tastes a little salty, but I like it. In fact I learned today that I kind 'a like the taste of sperm. Can you believe that Steve? Just days ago I would not even take your penis into my mouth and here I am talking about the taste of sperm. I wonder what Anton's sperm tastes like?" She raised her eyes to look at Anton. "Anton, would you let me taste your sperm?" A hum reverberated from deep within Anton as he began to pump his cock into Heather's hand, "Oh yeah.

I'll let you taste my cum, but on one condition." Heather was confused, "What's that?" "I will shoot my cum into your mouth if you promise not to spill a drop. You have to swallow everything. Is that a deal?" Heather smiled, "I think I can do that. But what happens if some leaks out and I can't swallow it all?" Anton thought for a quick second and replied, "I guess we'll have to keep doing it until you learn to swallow it all." "That sounds like fun.

Maybe I'll drop some on purpose. . ." She grinned slyly. Turning back to the camera, "Well, I think Anton is getting ready, so I am going to concentrate on him for couple of minutes. You keep watching, I'll tell you all about it when he is done." Repositioning herself in from of Anton, Heather opened her mouth to receive his dick.

Anton thrust forward pushing a third of the thick fuck sausage into her oral cavity.

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Heather began to suck and stroke with an unexpected ferocity. Anton found her rhythm and pumped into her with equal vigor. This continued for a few minutes, then Anton stopped and pulled her mouth from his cock. "I want you to put your hands on my thighs, and hold your head still.

I am going to fuck your mouth." Heather grinned at him, knowing exactly what he wanted.

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She moved both her hands to his legs and opened her mouth. Anton used his hand to direct his cock back into her orifice. He then placed both his hands on her head and began to thrust slowly in and out of her mouth.

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He did not try to go too deep because he knew he was too big for this petite woman, but he was able to sink five inches of his cock into her throat with every stroke. He tried to take his time, but sperm was already boiling up in his balls. He was aching for release and began to increase the speed of his thrusts. Heather sensed his urgency and began to pull his legs toward her with every thrust, matching his rhythm. His hands held her mouth in place but she had no intention of moving away.

She knew his orgasm was coming and she wanted to drink all of his sperm. She tightened her lips around the thrusting cock and pushed her tongue against his shaft for more friction. Anton exploded. With a loud groan, he thrust fully into her mouth, crushing his pubic hair against her nose and chin, a thick glob of sperm shot into her throat.

Luckily he did not hold her there too long or she would have surely gagged. The next shot splashed against the roof of her mouth as did the succeeding two jets. More sperm flooded into her mouth and Heather swallowed repeatedly. All the while, Anton had her head clasped tightly in his hands and his cock continued to pump in and out of her mouth.

Finally the intensity of his orgasm diminished and Heather was able to regain control of his cock, taking it in her hand. She kept him firmly between her lips as she pumped her hand up and down the length to milk the last remaining drops of sperm. She licked and swallowed each one, her mouth never leaving his cock.

In minutes, his dick softened in her mouth and Anton withdrew. "Oh my God that was good," said Anton. "You are a natural born cocksucker, girl. We are going to have to do that again. I have not shot that much cum in years!" Heather continued to lick and suck the wet, flaccid dick as she looked at the camera. "Yep, Steve. I do like the taste of sperm. I mean, I liked Anton's sperm, and I bet I have the chance to taste it again this weekend. Maybe I will try yours someday, too" "Cut," yelled Jason.

"That was great Heather. Anton, go clean up and reset the lights over the bed, would you?" Jason looked at Heather as she stood up, scooped up her kimono, slipped it over her shoulders, and fastened it in place with the belts.

"Did you really mean that about liking cum or did you just say that to torment your husband?" Heather looked at him and then answered, "Jason, I have had two oral sex experiences in my entire life both of them within the past two hours. When I did it with you, I did not know what to expect, but in the end I liked the experience and was not totally repulsed by the taste or texture of your sperm.

"With Anton, it was a different experience. It was totally sexual. I controlled his body in ways I never realized a woman could control a man. Because of that feeling, I really wanted to swallow his sperm. I needed it! And when he came in my mouth, it tasted great and was pure pleasure for both of us.

I really enjoyed giving him pleasure, and I got turned on by the whole scene, too. I am so wet now I probably squish when I walk." "Well, that's good news because Mike is going to fuck your pussy in this next scene and he's a big boy.

You will need lots of lubrication with him.


We need to set up the light and get ready. Why don't you go rest for a few minutes, maybe fix your makeup a little ah, you've got something smeary at the corners of your mouth." Heather laughed and licked her lips, tasting the remnants of Anton's sperm.

As she turned and walked toward the bathroom, she paused, recognizing how much she had changed in the past two hours. Before all this, she was a fairly shy, sexually conservative woman.

She chuckled, "all it took was two blow jobs to transform me into a slut."