Blonde sexy real cfnm bitch

Blonde sexy real cfnm bitch
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Vengeance 34 "Mmm," I moaned. Ellie and Sarah were both bound under my desk back in our apartment. They were simple ties, wrists together behind back, and ankles bound to thighs, keeping them on my knees.

I'd bound them nearly the second we got back from camping. I pushed Ellie's head all the way down. Her eyes widened with surprise at the sudden gesture, but she didn't gag or resist. I let her get some air and pulled Sarah closer. "How long are you with us?" I asked the dark haired, tan Native American. She shrugged and started sucking on my balls. "I think the answer is, 'as long as you want, sir,'" I corrected her.

"As long as you want…Master," she responded after a moment's hesitation. I grinned, and pulled her onto my cock. She drooled as her head bobbed up and down, sending a bead splashing onto my chair. "You've gotten a lot better," I commented, noting she could not take about five and a half inches.

"A bit more practice and you might eclipse Ellie in talent." Ellie scowled at that and I laughed. "Don't worry Love, you'll always be the best dick sucker I know." She grinned back at me at that comment and moved to take Sarah's place.

It was the truth, Sarah was improving, but she was nothing compared to Ellie. The girl just had a way about moving her lips and tongue and throat that drove me crazy. "You prove my point so nicely," I told her as she bobbed up and down. Despite the near infinite number of blowjobs Ellie had given me, I still could barely resist her talents.

I let her go for another few seconds, then forced her off me. I moved to the center of the room, beckoning the girls to follow. My dick dropped beads of droll on the floor, but I didn't care. Slowly but surely the girls made their way over. "Damn, I may never untie you," I said, grabbing a breast of each of the girls.

Sarah grimaced slightly, but Ellie seemed to rather enjoy the thought. "Unfortunately, I have something else planned." I took a knife and approached Ellie. She sat there perfectly calm while I brought it close and cut her bonds. She stretched and moved towards my box of toys, thinking I was about to give her free reign over Sarah.

"Not so fast," I warned her. She stopped in her tracks and placed her hands on her head as a sign of submission. I tied her hands together in front of herand tied them to a hook in the ceiling. I tightened the rope until she stood on her tiptoes, a look of concern crossed her face.

I grinned evilly, deepening the look. I took a spreader and tied it to each ankle.


It started at about a foot and a half wide, then I started cranking it wider. I took her legs as wide as they would go, about four feet apart. Her arms strained under her weight, and her toes barely touched the ground. Her pussy was completely exposed, completely bald, and dripping. "You are mine to play with however I want." I ran a finger up her spine, causing her to shudder.

Her mouth opened in a moan of nervousness and arousal.

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I took this moment to force a large red ball gag into her mouth, and fasten it around her head. Now she was plenty nervous, her eyes pleading with me. I loved playing with her mouth so I rarely gagged her, and never used a ball gag.

I walked over to Sarah and freed her as well, handing her a single tail whip. Ellie's eyes went wide as Sarah stood and sauntered over. Almost before I could blink, Sarah had wound up and cracked the whip hard across Ellie's stomach. "I picked it up before we left," I explained. "It'll hurt like a mother fucker, but leave little damage." Sarah cracked the whip again and Ellie screamed into the gag.

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She was almost in full panic mode now. Here eyes still pleaded with me. That would change. I walked around behind her. Her head swiveled, trying to follow my movements, even though it was Sarah who had the whip. I slid a blindfold over her eyes and tightened that too.

"Mmmph," she protested into the gag. Sarah whipped her again, a bit lighter this time. Ellie now sported three red stripes across her olive skinned stomach. "I'm going to fuck with you all day long," I whispered in her ear. She jumped, not realizing I was so close. She was almost trembling now, but her pussy betrayed her. I ran a finger lightly across her sopping lips.

She jumped again, and all but collapsed against the ropes. I slid a pair of ear muffs over her ears, muffling the world for her. The only sounds she would hear would be me talking into the accompanying mic. I nodded to Sarah. She moved behind Ellie and whipper her again, this time on the ass. Ellie jumped forwards and swung slightly in the air.

"Are you scared?" I said into the mic. She nodded.


"Are you turned on?" Hesitation, then another nod. "You're in for a treat then." I motioned to Sarah. Silently, she dressed and left the apartment.

It was just Ellie and I, but she had no idea. I picked up the whip and gave her a little love stripe. She jumped, but didn't whimper. "Do you like having your pussy on display?" I said, running my hand down her stomach, stopping just above it.

She nodded once more. I set the whip down and grabbed the wand vibrator. Without warning, I turned it to high and pressed it against her crotch. It was too much.

She screamed into the gag again, and orgasmed immediately. For about forty seconds she screamed as the vibrator kept raising her pleasure. Finally, her orgasm died down, and the vibrations became torture. She went from thrusting against it to trying futilely to get away. I held it there for another minute while she continued to twitch and scream.

Finally, I turned it off and moved it away, relieving her. She sagged, and panted through the gag. "Aww, you came so quickly, what am I going to do to you now?" I grabbed nipple clamps and put them on. She winced, but stayed silent. I tied a rope to the middle, and ran it across the room, pulling her breasts away from her body.

I tightened it as far as she could follow, and just a little more. I slid an asshook in her, and tied the loop end off to her hair, pulling her head back and filling her uncomfortably. I moved in behind her, wrapping my arm around her, running a hand down her stomach. She relaxed at my gentle touch, but that was soon over as my hand headed south, and I slid two fingers into her pussy. I curled them around and immediately found her g-spot. I started tickling it, hard.


She started screaming again both at the pleasure, and the movement that made the hook and clamps all that more uncomfortable. I put my thumb on her clit and assaulted both spots at once.

She'd only just cum, but already her moans and screams, and the way she ground her pussy into my hand begged for more. Ellie was not the only one who'd learned extensively about her partner's body.

I flattened my hand with my fingers still in her so that it covered her clit and much of her lips and started rubbing in slow circles.

Ellie's hips gyrated with my moments, and squeals of pleasure came out each time I hit the bottom of my circle and rose again.

"Ready to cum again?" She nodded. I quickened the pace, turning slow circles into a blur of hand movement. She wasn't far away, and I knew it. I lightened my touch slightly to torture her, prolonging her agony. It worked…for mere minutes, as her pussy started its death grip on my hand.

Her vaginal muscles tightened and her body was wracked with spasms. I counted one, two, three, four&hellip.five……&hellip.six………………seven orgasms before her screams slowed to a dull moan.

Matching her tempo, I slowed my hand once more, bringing the circles to a halt. Her chest heaved, the ropes were the only thing holding her up now. I loosened the rope that bound her wrists to the ceiling, taking some of the pressure off her tired arms. "Do you want to be fucked now?" As the words went from my mouth to Ellie's ears, someone knocked on the door. Ellie stiffened immediately, and I knew she'd heard it.

I removed the clamps, and asshook, taking the time to lift her headphones. "Someone's here," I whispered directly into her ear. "Should I let them in?" Ellie shook her head, even though she knew what the answer was going to be. "Present your pussy so they can get a nice view. Her hips thrust out what little they could, and I deafened Ellie once more. I pressed the button on the walkie talkie so she could hear the door open. Her whole body shook as I let the visitor in. Ellie was both aroused and completely humiliated at the possibility of a stranger seeing her naked.

I let the button go and nodded to Sarah. "You can start setting things up." "Time to let you scream," I told Ellie. I removed the ball gag.

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She breathed a sigh of relief, stretching her tired lips and jaw. I traced them lightly. "Do you want me to fuck you?" "Yes Master," she breathed, exhausted, but totally willing. "If you do a good job, I'll let you swallow my cum again." I undid the spreader bar, and stripped. Running both hands up Ellie's firm legs to her ass, I grabbed her and pulled her close. "Oh God," she moaned as I let the tip rest softly in between her lips. Slowly, tortuously, I entered her.

Her mouth kept getting wider and wider until I thought for sure her jaw was going to fall off. I plunged my cock deep into her, and started slowly moving in and out. Her lips stayed parted, but no sound came out. In spite of her stringent position, she still managed to gyrate her hips, causing waves of pleasure to wash over me.

"Good god, you give 110%, I breathed into the mic. I love you." She grinned and raised her intensity. I knew she must be raw, knew I was treading the fine line between pleasure and agony, but here she was, still trying her hardest to give me the fuck of a life time. Still, I could tell all the action was taking its toll. I ripped off the headphones and grabbed her hips, guiding her in a slower ribbon. "I'll fuck you later Babe," I told her.

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"Right now, let's make love." She grinned in spite of, or perhaps because of the vulgarity and cheesiness.

I kissed her on the lips, sliding my tongue between them. Hers tangles with mine for a few seconds then pushed it out, taking the battle into my mouth. "Mmf," I moaned as something, perhaps the way she was strung up so nicely, perhaps the slow inexorable touch of her pussy, perhaps just the kiss took control of my body.

I started to pull out to give her the facial she was longing for, but she shook her head. Grabbing her ass, I kept at it, nearly screaming in ecstasy as my orgasm made every effort to match hers in both length and intensity. Rope after rope shot into her pussy, dribbling back down my dick and onto the floor.

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I was halfway done, I felt her pussy clench in a long, soft orgasm of her own, continuing my pleasure, and squeezing every last drop of cum out of me. I was halfway soft by the time I finally slid out of her. Sarah was just finishing up.

I removed the blindfold and let Ellie survey the scene. Sarah stood, smiling, hands behind her back in a black thong with a white bowtie around her neck. The room was a menagerie of red candles, rose petals.

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The dress, the wedding dress was draped over a plain white mannequin. Night had fallen quickly over the hours we'd played, the candles now giving off the only light. "But, but…" she trailed off. "Before, it was an implication, a sign of what I see in our future, a sight you obviously share." By the time her eyes wandered back to me, I was down on one knee.

"Now the implication is gone, and reality is sinking in. It's no longer an implication, no longer some impending fairy tale. It's now a question. She was sobbing at this point. Sarah moved around, unnoticed by Ellie. "It is now a question. Ellie…" the words themselves were easy, the order to put them in was difficult, "Marry me Ellie. Two months from today. Our Anniversary.

I produced the ring. It was small by most people's standards, but neither I nor Ellie were one for the garish or gaudy. It was two small ruby hearts with a diamond chain encircling and connecting them. The perfect ring for my bondage lover." At this signal, Sarah cut Ellie free. She fell into my arms, wrapping her around me, bawling into my shoulder. She pulled back and looked me in the eye and nodded. "Of course." We sat on the couch tire and exhausted to enjoy the Champagne I'd had Sarah bring.

"You'll be my maid of honor?" Ellie blurted. Sarah smiled and nodded. Ellie grinned evilly. "And you'll wear that."