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Free download cute emo boys gay porn videos for mobile While PJ amp_
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This is my First so Please Understand if there is any mistake. My sister Lida is 34 years old. Black hair hazel eyes with a body just like a model.

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110 lb nice round breast. I have never thought about my sister in this way we have always been close friends. It all started when my girlfriend left me. I was so in love with her since i was I was 10 years. But one day she just left with nothing not even a word. Anyway I went to see my sister she was all I had.

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And I new she will help me go through this. I called her to ask if I can see her she sounded concern and asked me to come right over.


When I arrived at her place I heard noises. I rang the bell after a while Lida came and as she opened the door I saw that she was crying. She huged me and I held her close to me I could feel her body close to mine. I asked her what was going on she said that Mark her Husband was drunk as usual and that they have fought. she said she can take it no more. As I walked in I saw Mark standing " what the fuck are you doing here did she call you" he was coming closer to me.

"No I just happened to be in the neighborhood" " so what is going on" I asked. " that is none of your business " he was close to me he tryed to push me but I was stronger and much younger than him I grabed him and pushed him to the floor.

Lida was shouting and screaming " stop it please " I picked him up and said that I was sorry he just looked at both of us and walked out of the house.I tryed to calm Lida but she was so nervous that I had to take her to bed and put her to sleep.

The second morning Lida woke up and came ouot of her room I was sleeping on the coush.

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she woke me up and said that she was going to take a shower. 10 min later i walked pass her room the door was open I called her there was no response so I walked in suddenly Lida walked out of the Bathroom with nothing on she gasped and tryed to cover her body as I turned my face " Iam sorry I never knew Iam so sorry" Lida looked at me for a long time that said" Its ok.

realy " As I walked out of the room I was still trying to push her naked body out of my mind it was impossible she was so pretty. Lida came out wearing a mini skirt with a top.

I swear i could see her round breast and I knew she had no bra. Lida noticed I was looking at her body " Hey stop looking there is nothing there for you to see" My face was red " well I think I have seen enough" smiling. As I said it L turn around and said " Iam your sis you should not say that to me its wrong.

" I felt like a lil kid. " well it not that I have never seen some before" "but this time its much closer look" Lida looked at me " OMG are you serious have you been spying on me" "Oh yes for a very long time" she looked at me and said " stop that its wrong to say it, anyway it was just a mistake" "what would like for breakfast" she asked.

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hmmmm" you " As I was walking close to her. "Lida " yes " I want you I have to have you I know how mark was treating you I can take care of you much better." But Ima your sister. " so I want you I love you" as I said that I grabed her hand and pulled her close to me and kissed her on the lips. she pushed me and slaped me on my cheek.

"stop it please" But I was far away from stoping i grabed her hand and slaped her on the face she fell on the ground. I picked her up and took her to her bedroom she was crying and screaming. "stop it Lida if you dont resist I might be gentle ifyou dont I will fuck you hard like Ima fucking a whore." I pulled her top off and took her skirt off. She was fighting me but she was no match for me So i kissed her breast and sucked her nipples while my hand was running down her cunt " OHh you are wet " "Please stop I beg you Pleaseeeeeeeee" it to late Lida I am going to have you today.

I bit her nipple she screamed "ahhhhh it hurts why are you doing that to me".

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I told you do not resist I will be gentle. "OK Ok but please dont bite me again " good girl know on your knees and suck my cock you bitch. she obey like a slave I take my shorts down.

She takes my cock in her mouth mmm I herd that you were the best cock sucker in school so prove it to me.

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she start to suck my 9" cock oh fuck your are good. oh yes Lida mmmmm I love you. she take my 9" cock all down her mouth she start to enjoy it mmm.


so Lida do u like it " oh yes its very big its bigger that mark " "I wounder what it will feel like in my cunt" will you will soon know as I take my cock out of her mouth I lay her on her back open your legs for me. I start to push my cock in her cunt into her cunt " ahhhh it big I odnt thing I can take it" oh yes you will dont worry mmm your cunt is so thight it seems like a verign cunt.

I push hard she scream like an animal. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I start to ride her cunt fast with no mercy for her smalll cunt oh L you are so thight.

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oh Please fuck me harder harderrrrrrrrr oh yes more fasterrrrrr. OH Lida you love my cock in your cunt you love your bro fucking you dont you. "oh yes fuck me give me your cum" I want to taste it.

I keep on fucking her harder she moan please faster dont stop iam gonna cummmmmmmmmm" aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa of fuckkkkkkkkkkkk" yessssssssssIM CUMMMMMING, FAST ER, FASTER&hellip.OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT !" oh L I am cumming .FILL MY pussy WITH YOUR CUM BABY, OHH I WANT TO FILL IT SHOOTING UP ME&hellip.COME ON BABY,&hellip.SQUIRT ME FULLL… UUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGHHHHHHUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" oh yessssssss fuck yes.

Lida do you love me. " yes silly I love you so much"