Hot twink scene He put the prostate massager deep inside me while my

Hot twink scene He put the prostate massager deep inside me while my
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Ellen is standing in front of a full length mirror, examining how she looks in her cocktail dress. A loud knock at the bedroom door interrupted her musings. She stood nervously, feeling a twinge in her stomach as she thought for sure it would not be me.

When she opened it she nearly closed it again but instead said with a smile, " Hey John. What can I do for you, Your early? I had a cocky smile on my lips as I sized her up like she is one of my whores, rather than my date and soon to be live in girlfriend. Ellen hated that look. " Damn Ellen, you are one fine looking woman." My eyes are drinking her in with a hunger that scares her.

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Shestill can't get over the fact that she is considering living with me. I had a coldness to my eyes that bespoke of purpose but she is still puzzled what this is exactly. " Mind if I come in?" I'm a very intimidating man so when I asked, she found herself shrugging and letting me in. She isn't sure why she did, but she trusted me, even though I'm a womanizer and divorced six times. " Can't believe a pretty woman like yourself, is going to live with me." My voice is awash with emotion that she still didn't understand at this point.

I'm still looking at her with a hunger she knew is raw lust and it made her feel very uncomfortable." I have not completely decided to live with you." She replied back snappishly. " You don't like me do you?" My question is mildly put, but she still feels a chill creep up her spine.

Ellen decided at this point to level with me. As she is painting her lips a lighter shade of red lipstick, she decided it is time to level with me. " To be honest with you, no." "No? You haven't given me a chance!" I sounded upset, but she wasn't about to back down. " It's because I'm a womanizer isn't it?" " Don't be ridiculous!" Ellen snapped, although there is more truth to this question than she cared to admit.

" I don't like the way you're checking me out all the time. Even now, after getting ready for our date, you are here. That isn't very nice to John or respectable to me." " Shit! Can you blame me?" My voice is a growl, it scared her more now as she realized that she is alone with me, that she barely knew me.

" You are one of the sexiest girls I know. Shit as many girls as I've fucked, you are in my black book under a hot woman." Ellen didn't bother to turn around, just concentrated on making sure she looked sexy in the mirror.

Ellen is clearly feeling irritated as she hated that I was responsible for her having her job at my TV station.

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Not to mention how I love to lust after her, even though I had a fair share of women to pick from. With a sigh, she put the lipstick down and turned, and bit off a cry at the sight that greeted her. I'm completely nude with the exception of my socks. This is startling enough, but what kept her staring is how I'm fully hard and with a penis twice the size and three times as thick as she remembers. Far from provoking lust, she feels rage building instead. " Get dressed and get the fuck out of this room!" Ellen screams, her eyes still looking at that damn big dick that seems to hypnotized her against her will.

" Fuck no!" I growled, approaching her with a coldness that never left my eyes. She knew immediately that I meant business, this isn't the friend she is accustomed to seeing. My cock is bouncing freely around, but the sight would be nearly comical is now sheer terror for her.

She is bound and determined to get the Hell out of here. Panicked she tries to run pass me but I effortlessly captured her in my arms. Ellen isn't going to let me have her so she fought fiercely back as I proceeded to bend her over sliding her dress over her hips. I fingered the crotch of her panties lightly, causing her to whimper. " Love these panties." I grunted, before fiercely ripping them off that causes her to cry in protest.

" Quiet." She has little choice so she bites her lower lip, and closes her eyes as she feels my hands finger her pussy. It is a disgusting feeling. The fear of what I will do to her if she fought held her back from putting on much of a fight. The fear that this bastard will force her to have sex crosses her mind more than a couple of times, but she isn't going to try and run and make it worse, not yet anyway.

I expertly part her pussy lips with my finger, causing her to instinctively shudder. Ellen feels a dull ache in the pit of her stomach as she had little doubt what this bastard will do. Ellen thought I would tear off her dress, but instead I'm fine with her keeping it on. My hands feel like a monsters paws as I patted her ass, and roughly massaged it till she cries in protest.

" I- You're not going to get away with this!" She tearfully sniffles as I continue to take my time with her. " This is an introduction to living with me. 24/7 fucking when and where I want it." I chuckled as if I said something funny. " Ellen can't begin to fathom what I meant.


She didn't really care. All she cared about is getting out of this in one piece. The only thing that seems to work is conversation, so this is what she will try and do.

" Wh-What do you mean 24/7 when and where?" " It's what it means," My breath smelt like onions as I hoarsely whisper in her ear, " Every woman and my ex-wives are available 24/7 to pleasure me and to satisfy my sexual appiette, I've fucked them raw." Ellen didn't know how to respond to that.

All she knew at this point in time is that she had to find a way out of my clutches. The only idea that she had through her racing mind, is to talk me out of this. " Pl-please let me go." She wanted to run, but she is afraid. " I-I" " Shhh!" My hiss is insistent and angry.

" I know you want it baby. Just keep your mouth shut, and let me do what you've been wanting again since our last date." Ellensimply didn't know what I was talking about.

The fear at the pit of her stomach grew to fruition as I forced her on her knees, so her pussy is faced directly towards me. Ellen wanted to fight, and to this day she will never be able to explain why she gave up.

She supposed she was scared of me, afraid of my wealth, power and what that represented. It could also be that huge cock between my legs, and the fear that I would put it inside of her again, that compounded by the realization that it hurt her the last time. Her other boyfriends were way smaller than me.

She never measured it, but it always reminded her dimly of little boys. She knows such thoughts are unbecoming from a woman, but she just can't help but make those types of comparisons. Ellen never needed a huge cock, as a matter of fact she considered a big penis unrealistic. Something that adolescent boys dreamed up to compensate for something that they lacked, and equally immature girls who had complained about their significant others lack of skills.

Ellen clenched the floor, as she feels the tip of my huge cock penetrate her very tight pussy. An unwelcome jolt travels up her spine. No way this monster will fit inside of her again, and she tried once more to plead with me. " J-John please stop," She clinched the carpet harder as she feels more of this thick cock part, and sink further into her folds.

" I don't know wh-what you thought about me being interested in you, but you are just wrong. I appreciate you giving me a job." " Your pussy says other wise." My voice is thick with emotion that she can't begin to describe.

" Your wet and it wants more, I think." Ellen groans loudly in denial as I sink more of my huge cock inside of her. Her body may have betrayed her at this point, but she is determined to get me to stop. " What about my job." Her voice is shaking as she feels herself treacherously begin to adjust to my massive size.

" I'll say that you raped -" " Go ahead," I'm chuckling at her empty threat. " Tell them and I'll simply say that you tried to come on to me. they will believe me, they know my reputation and the rumors." Her mind is blank at what else to say as she feels more of my cock going inside her, the stretching of her pussy is very painful, but a sweet ache mixed with the pain that bothered her.

She can't be enjoying what I'm doing to her. I press more of myself inside of her, she feels every inch of my huge cock and it scared her when she feels my balls finally pressing against her. I'm balls deep. " Damn you took every fucking inch!" I'm stunned at how much I managed to get inside of her.

" It took me at least ten minutes but I'm all the way inside of you." " Okay!" Ellen replied with gritted teeth. " You've had your way again now stop." I responded by pulling back till only the tip is inside of her, then violently thrust forward, the sound of flesh slamming against flesh filling the room.

Ellen feels her mouth instinctively open as all she sees is stars, her fingers painfully clawing into the carpet. Ellen is thankful that I only did that once. Her head hung down hiding the look of confusion as my cock is deep inside of her.

I didn't move for a while after that first violent thrust, and she hoped I just came and would roll off of her. Instead to her horror she feels me open the back of her dress and half of it is down her shoulders, without further ado I unhook her bra. A moan of unwelcome pleasure fills her mouth as she feels my hard hands grasp her breasts.

Ellen is scared as I slowly proceed to take her.

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My huge cock slamming in and out of her pussy, every movement tormenting her with pleasure and pain as she begs me to stop. Ellen is ashamed to admit that she came more times than she can possibly count. The orgasms are massive nothing like she has ever had in her life, No previous boyfriends can compare to this larger than life man.

She has never felt such orgasms from a boyfriend, in fact she never, ever had an orgasm with her last boyfriend. It is something she would never admit to with anyone, not even her best friend.

" God you are one tight woman." I grunted savagely as I continue slamming against her. " I swear you were a virgin." Ellen feels the blood rush to her head, and she bit her bottom lip. She isn't a virgin of course, but she never had a man like this.

My cock stretched her in ways that no man, definitely not her boyfriend ever stretched her. Not to mention I touched places she never even knew existed.

" J-just stop -- OH!" She broke off whatever she is going to say as a massive orgasm wracked her body again. Ellen seeing stars as I didn't pause, just continuously pummeled her pussy without mercy. As she recover from several other massive orgasms, she found herself crying out for me to stop.

She needed to get away from this cock, so she reminded me sharply that we had a party to go to. She hated herself as she feels further stimulated as I pause my heartless fucking. Ellen half wondered if I'm ever going to finally cum. Her previous boyfriend would have been passed out, while I'm not done yet.

" We got an hour and a half to go, sweet thing." Ellen is ashamed to admit that pleasure is radiating throughout her small body, as I resume rolling those hips and continue slamming her small pussy with my big cock. She wanted to escape, run for her life if she could, but another violent orgasm wracks her body.

She bit her bottom lip again, so as not to give me satisfaction. It did no good as a moan, unwanted came from deep inside of her. " Gonna cum in that fucking' pussy." I groan with an impeding release that is undeniable, and equally dreadful.

" Noooo!" Ellen hisses, clenching her teeth. She knew that there is simply nothing she can do to stop me, I'm just too strong for her. " UHHHHHHH!" My grunt is a grunt of primal force, as with one brutal push against her, I unleashed my cum deep inside of her unwilling womb. Shecries in one last protest as she feels that hot seed pour into her. Thoughts of whether I might be pregnant already flooded my mind.


This was my most fertile time of the year, it was one of the single most important reasons that today was planned for the wedding. Me and James were planning on having a family shortly after. There was simply no way I could keep it, James would divorce me in a heart beat."Damn that was fucking good!" Isaac whispered, kissing me on the lips. I tried to pull away, but his strong hands wouldn't let me.

Every moment of having this bastard inside of me was a painful experience and I wished he would withdraw, but instead he just laid there, his cock lodged deep inside of me. I had to wonder if that was this bastard's plan, to get me pregnant before his supposed best friend, my soon to be husband would even have a chance. Finally he pulled out, chuckling openly at the crude sloshing sound his cock made as it left my pussy.

I just laid still for a long moment, trying to catch my breath. As Isaac got dressed, I brushed my dress in place. I glanced at myself carefully in the mirror to make sure no evidence of what just happened showed. As I was doing so, Isaac simply stood at my side with a nasty little leer that made me shiver.

"This is just the beginning." He was openly gloating, his beefy arm clasped me close to him. "We're gonna be doing a lot more of this for now on. After the party be ready." After an hour at the party we came back to Ellen's place. I closed the door locking it then turned towards her.

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Telling her to undress for me. My eyes blazing with lust. She feels her face flush self-concously as she tentatively, almost seductively, took her beautiful blue dress off. The appreciative whistles made her try to cover her bra- cover breasts, but thought better of it pulling them away and unhooked her bra, dropping it to the floor. Her breasts feel nice and free in the open air and her nipples are hard, like bullets from the fear and cold. A startling cry escapes her lips just before my hand pressed down against her.

She feels my weight as I mounted her. She tries to push, unsuccessfully, my hand grasps her throat. She wishes for an instant that she wasn't naked in bed. Her legs are pushed further open by my hips. A prodding sensation against her thigh confirms her thoughts. Tears well up in her eyes as she feels the violation coming for her again. My penetrating glare leaves her fumbling for words and yet submissive to my touch.

She screams a muffled cry of surprise, my hand held fast against her mouth and the grip on her throat tightens as I ram her with my swollen, blood filled lust. I push roughly against her, into her, disregarding the lack of moisture to welcome my needs.

She is helpless against my pushing and pulling. She sobs as I continue and in guilt of her secretions. Unsure if she should hate me for doing this to her again or if she should like it since it was four hours earlyer I wanted to use her body for the dance of lust.

She struggles against me, hitting me and slapping at me as I thrust into her. She feels her body being filled delightfully, despite the fact that I'm violating her sanctity against her will.


I seem to laugh in the moans I'm breathing. Tears stream down her cheek as my breath burns her skin. The sensation of being penetrated again by my big cock scared her and for some reason she can no longer find the words in her head to tell me to stop, much less attempt to speak them through my hand. Myrhythm quickens and with each of her cries she found herself moaning deeply inside.

Her hips begin to buck against me as she continues to strike at me. My thrusts seem to be urged on more furiously as she fought with me. My lips seared her skin and my teeth sank into her shoulders. Soon she feels my hand slip off of her mouth and grab her breast, harshly squeezing it.

She lets a moan slip from her lips in between her sobbing cries almost silent in the background of my huffing. I whisper into her ear as I ram her more violently, " You like it don't you, Ellen? You've been aching for this fucking cock again. As much as you hate me, you can't tell me to stop!" She lets out a cry of agony, her hips pushing against me and the clasping of her thighs around my hips told them both of how right I was.

She needs this again and she is going to take it however I wanted to give it to her. Her cock filled pussy lets out squeak after squeak of pleasure as it continuously soaks my advancing cock. I thrust harder into her until she feels the tip of my cock touching her innermost walls of her womb. She strikes at me with all of her strength, only to show me how her strength fades in the bliss of a intense orgasm thundering through her.

" Fuck Ellen," I yelled at her. " I didn't tell you, you could fucking cum on my dick!" M hand struck her face as she whimpers, but she can't help but to wrap her ankles around, trapping me between her legs. She grabs hold of the back of my head looking me in the eyes.

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The surprise in my eyes left no room for response when she growls at me bucking her hips hard against my penetrating blows, " You're the fucking bitch and you're not going anywhere until I'm done with you!" Her lips pressing against me and in that moment I lost control.

Roles have been reversed and my body shudders in her grasp. She grips me tightly as she feels my warm sperm spurting inside her body so deliciously naughty. My moans of pleasure match my finishing thrusts and I soon let my weight collapse upon her petite figure.

She pushes into me, slowly stroking my impregnating form inside of her now welcoming a river of lust. She will wait patiently for my return. She will wait patiently for me to give her all I had now that I disturbed her peace, now that I had awoken her soul. The blissful moment washed away from my confused mind. Regaining control of my body, my hard cock remained steadfast for the thievery I intended. Withdrawing from her body, silken moisture dripping from the tip of my marauding snake. She clung to me as I lifted myself from her.

Placing a hand upon her chest, I push her down against the bed as I bucked my hips forcefully from her clasping thighs. A gentle groan of exasperation escapes her lips before she regains her protest of my evil deeds. A crack broke the near silence in the room as she feels the sting against her thigh. Again the crack resounded in the room with the teasing sting burning her leg.

She feels my hands grab her roughly, pushing her against her will. She found herself laying face down and before she can push herself up, my naked warmth presses against her back. I pin her down and the hardness of my body poking at her should have disgusted her. However, she finds herself secretly wanting to feel it pressing against her as hard as I can, as hard as my strength will permit.

" Be careful what you wish for, pretty little thing. I might just give it to you again," I say softly. At that moment she feels her lips part at the command of my lust.

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She cries out into the pillow beneath her face as my weapon of choice pierces her, wounding her dripping pussy with a deep thrust that sends chills up her spine. I shift my hips into place as my face caresses her soft, blonde hair. Lips touching against her head as I move to take her more fully and deeply from behind. Bellowing a moaning sound of pleasure as my cock fills her with blood warmth, heated by my very aggressive passion. Thoughts freely floating in her mind mixed with guilty emotions.

Confused as I was when she grabbed hold of me, she has no time to debate that this evil is somehow justified and deserved; craved. Her hand presses at my face, attempting to push me away.

Responding to her now feeble attempt at defiance by grabbing a hold of her wrist, pinning it down. My motions slow and steady, she continues to struggle. Soon she finds both of her wrists locked down as her body lays pinned beneath my weight. A pleasant crushing as I force my desires on her again; inside of her, leaving her no choice but to be my toy.

Still, she fought with me, speaking out in anger, " Get the fuck off me!" Attempting to escape this wonderful nightmare, she kicks her legs and jerks her hips, but my pace seems to gain momentum the more she struggles. Heated breaths splashing against her body with each hard rough penetrating blow. Sobbing into the pillow, still unsure why she keeps pace with me.

The struggling did nothing but allow me deeper inside of her. The hands that held her wrists in place quickly move to her back. I push down on her with the weight of my upper body, pressing a gasp of air out from her as my cock presses a gasp of emptiness out from her sweet canal.

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Anger is welling up inside of her. The kind of anger that is beginning to make her mad. Her thoughts are turning into emotions and her emotions are running more wild than any thought she has ever had from birth to that moment. With her hands free, she again tries to reach my face, but to no avail. Instead she grabs a hold of my flexing thighs and dug her nails into me. I let out a groan at the pain she gives to me, causing me to slam her body with the hard steel spear, impaling her more violently then before.

She groans at my increasing rough aggression and she caught me moaning at her voice. Grunting again, she grips me hard, trying to draw blood with her nails. I grunted aloud ramming her at a blazing rhythm. She prepares for my orgasm, awaiting the sensation of my semen splashing inside of her, warmly again.

This time when I collapse, she will leave. Struggling against my movements, she bits down into the pillow, muffling grunts mixed with moans. Her grip on my thighs rose to her consciousness as her hands begin to feel the need for rest. Trying to match my hard forceful pace, her hope is to bring me to that moment of calm.

Suddenly she feels the sensation between her legs bursting inside of her. Loud moans fills the room, followed by my grunting approval of her pleasure. Exploding into a blissful storm, sending out shrieking cries of wild passion. Her flesh wraps tightly around me, milking me as my hard forceful thrusts continue in their quickened pace.

She shudders beneath mequivering as her body shakes with each pummeling blow. My moans change, such pleasure I feel in her contradictory torture! Devoid of any thought, her emotions fail her in preventing the moans of delight from rewarding me. Her anger guides her to wanting more as she feels her pussy tingling in the moment before another orgasm strips her of any ruse of defiance.

Her anger fuels her fight, but they both know fully well that there is no turning back. I'm breaking her in and regrets this night may no longer be possible. Her spirit has approached closer than ever before; the summit of knowing nothing beyond her own wants laid before her eyes like sunset upon the lake. In this tumultuous night, she has never before felt such need to be needed as she had felt now.