Using a random slut and stretching her out

Using a random slut and stretching her out
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Thursday, September 2, 2005 Hunter's brother Quint was snapping pictures of us as we undressed.


I did a few poses for him before Hunter came over, his erection leading the way. "What do you say we give him a show?" he asked me. "Sounds like a plan," I responded. "Great, why don't you guys sit on that bench and stroke each other." Quint said. We sat down and took one another's cock in our hands. Quint told me to look up at Hunter. The sight of his face straining as I pleasured him was incredible. I lay my hand on his chest and felt it heaving with excitement and lust.

Eventually we kissed, our hands still pumping away. I moaned a little into Hunter's mouth. Quint had us look towards the camera as he photographed our facial expressions. Eventually we came, squirting semen onto our stomachs almost in unison.

We kissed once more and then headed down the hallway towards class. We got a somewhat strange request in the courtyard. A girl wanted to lick the cum off of our bodies. I wasn't sure if it qualified as reasonable, but Hunter didn't have a problem with it.

"Mmmm, salty," she said, and then walked away. Hunter turned to me. "You know, Quint wants to take more pictures of us in the showers after practice." "We'll have to give him another show then," I replied. Hunter continued, "So after the match tomorrow I was thinking we could go out for dinner at Zach's parents' restaurant. It's a Lebanese place, they have really good tabbouleh" "Sounds good." "Do you want to come home with me afterwards." "Yeah, I'll ask my parents." "Great." By that point, we were at the door to Ms.

Lease's room. I think a few of our classmates were disappointed that we had already given each other relief.

We sat down next to one another. We weren't sitting down long however, as Ms. Lease picked us to present our papers on the first section of Walden.

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It was the first time I had ever given a presentation naked, and it was a little intimidating. I noticed that more people were looking at my junk than paying attention to what I was saying, which actually made me a little less nervous. After English class, Hunter walked with me over to history. We got another weird request on the way over. A guy wanted to see us kiss.

I was a little worried about his reasons for making the request, but I was glad for the excuse to kiss Hunter.

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We kissed, and held each other in a long embrace, which resulted in a small crowd coming over to look at us. We made our way through the crowd and I got to class right on time. We had a substitute in German class, who apparently was much less bothered by my nakedness than Mrs. Crosby. In fact, he had me demonstrate the names of various body parts in German. I was amazed at how used to being naked I was.

There was no way I would have stood up in front of a class naked last week, let alone wiggle my cock and ass whenever somebody called out their names in German.

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I made my way over to the lunchroom, and sat down next to my friends Craig, David, and Ron. "My parents signed me up to do the program," Craig announced. "Really, do you know when you'll be doing it?" Ron asked.

"Probably pretty soon," Craig replied, "I don't think very many people have signed up to do it yet." "Why'd they sign you up?" David asked. "I told them about you being in it and coming out," Craig answered, looking at me, "and they decided that it would help me do the same." "You're gay too?" I asked. I never would have guessed it. But then, Hunter's pretty masculine too, which is part of what attracted me to him.

"Yeah," Craig replied, "but don't tell anyone else. I'm actually really nervous about it, especially after what happened to you." "Don't worry too much about that," I responded, "those kids probably won't be trying anything like that again, if they even stay at school here, and having Hunter there to support me really helped me get through it. Actually, it hurt worse not having anyone else from church willing to still talk to me." "I think a few people are still willing to, they're just afraid of getting in trouble," Ron told me, "I tried to talk about it with a couple of guys after youth group last night, and they got really nervous, like they thought I was a spy for Reverend Neale." "I wouldn't be surprised if that guy did have spies," David said, "he sounds like a total creep." I had to admit that David was right.

If you looked at it from an unbiased point of view, Reverend Neale was a creep.

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He spent so much of the church's money on himself, and so much time railing against what other people did in private. But then I remembered what Len had said last night. Maybe Reverend Neale just needed someone to show him that he didn't have to do those sorts of things.

Lunch ended and I headed to my fourth period class. I didn't pay much attention, as I was distracted by the show Hunter and I would be putting on in the showers. By the end of the period, I had acquired a full-fledged erection. When Hunter saw it, he got one of his own. Our erections disappeared however, during practice, due to a combination of the cold water and us concentrating on swimming, rather than sex.


They returned when we got out of the pool and headed for the locker rooms. When we got to the locker rooms, we were greeted by Quint Weems and Bernie Scott.

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They were both naked and holding waterproof cameras. Bernie was also holding a tube of personal lubricant, which he tossed to Zach. Quint turned to us and said: "first I want to get some shots of you guys washing each other." We followed him to the showers and began washing each other as he took pictures, paying special attention of course, to the cock and balls. Pretty soon I could feel an orgasm building in my testicles.

"I can't take much more," I warned Hunter. He responded by kneeling down and taking my cock into his mouth, which caused me to climax immediately. "That was great!" Quint yelled, as I knelt down to return the favor. I took Hunter's thick, warm cock into my mouth and began sucking.

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His moans of pleasure stimulated me to go further, and I began deep-throating him. Soon he came, filling my throat with his warm semen. I stood up, and we all turned our attention to Bernie and Zach. Bernie had his feet wrapped around Zach's head and was taking pictures as Zach fucked him in the ass. Both were loudly moaning in ecstasy.

"Oh Fuck Yes!" Bernie screamed. "Do you think you'd ever want to do that with me?" Hunter asked.

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"I don't know, it looks kind of painful," I replied. Zach continued pumping his cock furiously into Bernie's ass, until finally he stiffened and let out a soft, low moan. He then lay down on top of Bernie and they kissed as Bernie masturbated himself to orgasm. Finally, the stood up, and Zach helped wash the cum off of Bernie.


I got dressed, kissed Hunter goodbye, and headed out to the parking lot where Mom was waiting for me. "Can I spend the night at Hunter's house tomorrow?" I asked, climbing into the front seat. "Doesn't he have family over?" Mom asked in return. "Yeah, but he said it would be ok. They're going to be in town for a while, they had to evacuate from the Hurricane." "That's such a shame," Mom said, "all those people without food or shelter." "Yeah," I responded, "I wonder if we could do some sort of fundraiser." That night I wrote a long letter to Reverend Neale.

I told him how scared and guilty I had felt listening to him rail against homosexuals, and that when I finally came out, I realized that there was no reason to be scared or guilty at all. I told him that if there was something he felt scared or guilty about, it would be better to admit it, and he might find that no one else cared about it at all.

Finally, I told him that I would pray for God to help him with whatever he was scared of.

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I put the letter in an envelope, stuck it in the mailbox, and then headed off to bead.