Cute young amateur CFNM babes measure and jerk off guy

Cute young amateur CFNM babes measure and jerk off guy
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DONNIE'S STORY, PART 1 When I was fourteen, I had plenty of friends but sometimes none of them would be around, so there was this kid named Kyle, about 12 years old, who lived two buildings down the street from me, and if he was around, I'd sit on his steps and talk to him. I didn't really think of him as my friend, but he didn't seem to have any friends, and he was rather slow.

We were sitting on his steps one day just talking, and I noticed that I could see the tip of his penis sticking out of the bottom of his shorts. I kept looking at it as it seemed big for a kid his age.

He told me that his older brother (in his 20's) had some of those little dirty comic books, "eight pagers," they call them.

Dick Tracy, Popeye, Little Orphan Annie, Superman, etc.

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As soon as I heard that I all but begged him to let me see them. He agreed, and we went upstairs to his apartment, and then to his room. His room was a typical boy's room, clothes all over the floor, and no shades on the windows. He went to a chest-of-drawers and got out several of those little comic books, and we sat together on the bed. Naturally, looking at the pictures of giant cocks going into juicy cunts, and also being sucked, got me stiff as a board. I looked over at Kyle's crotch and could see almost half of his now stiffened cock.

I was so hot and horny, I reached over and touched the end of his cock.

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It was very hot and hard, yet smooth to the touch. I asked him if he wanted to feel my cock, and he gladly agreed.

None of that "through the pants" stuff though. I dropped my shorts and underwear to the floor and he did likewise. He had no underwear on. His cock was as hard as mine was, and I just had to play with it.

My hand actually trembled as I stroked it up and down slowly.

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I couldn't stand it anymore, I dropped to my knees and gulped Kyle's cock into my mouth. The randy smell of his cock and balls turned me on, and I kept sucking his cock as he started to push it into my mouth and pull back slowly. While I was sucking his cock, I was pulling my own cock faster and faster, and just before I was going to cum, he unloaded several spurts of hot creamy cum into my mouth.

It wasn't enough to fill my mouth so I swallowed it a little at a time to see what it tasted like.

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It wasn't bad at all, it kinda turned me on even more, knowing that I had just sucked my first cock and swallowed my first mouthful of cum. Just thinking about it put me over the edge, I shot my cum all over his floor.

After we sat down for a while, and that first guilty feeling had passed, I asked him if he'd like to do this again.


He happily agreed and said that he wanted to suck me off next time. He also asked if his older brother could join us next time, since they had been touching each other's cocks through their clothes for a while now. I told him to let me think about doing that next time. Actually, that was ALL I could think about over the next few days. I had seen Kyle's brother Kit before, and he was a handsome dude, already an adult, I suppose at least eighteen years old.

His body was well developed, and he had muscles that showed when he stretched or bent. Finally the day came when Kyle's parents were away from home and his brother, Kit, was home as well.

Kyle told me that he had told Kit what we had done, and that Kit seemed pleased and wanted to join the fun.

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When I got to their house, both were almost nude, wearing only running shorts that left little to be imagined. If I thought Kyle's cock was big, I was amazed to see that Kit's cock was even bigger: longer and thicker than either mine or Kyle's.


He sat on the couch playing with himself as Kyle showed me into the living room. His cock was sticking out of his shorts and I could see his balls hanging between his outstretched thighs.

My mouth watered and my own cock began to harden in anticipation of getting to play with that almost man-sized mountain of meat. Kit told us to stand in front of him, and when we did, he proceeded to jerk our shorts down to reveal our kiddy cocks to his gaze. Both Kyle and I were hard, but our little dongs could not compare with Kit's penile pole. Kit reached up and took a cock in each hand, and manipulated them for a few minutes until they were as hard as they could get.

"I hear you boys like to suck cock," he said, reaching in and pulling his own cock out and pointing it up at us. Then he pulled our hands and made us kneel down in front of him while he took off his shorts and spread his legs as far apart as he could, his bottom scooting to the edge of the couch cushion.

"Here, boys, have a taste of a real man's cock," he instructed, as we eagerly bent and both began to lick his penis with our tongues.

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I found his balls with one hand and let Kyle suck the head of his brother's cock while I licked up and down the side from his balls up to where I met Kyle's mouth. Our saliva mixed as we slathered Kit's cock with our spit. Soon Kit began to shake and moan, and before we could stop what we were doing his cum cream splashed onto both of our faces, some of it getting into our mouths.

His cum tasted stronger than Kyle's had, but I knew I would be a lover of cum from then on, whatever the flavor. When Kit finished cumming, he had us lick up the extra honey and share it in a boyishly clumsy kiss, our tongues licking and sucking up the cream from each other's face.

Then he showed us how to lie in the classic "69" position with me on top of his brother, and we proceeded to suck each other's cock until we came in each other's mouth. To say that Kyle became my best friend at that time in my life would be a gross understatement.

I have been a devoted cocksucker ever since. I especially enjoy sucking a cut cock, and getting the head all the way down my throat so that I massage it just like a woman's pussy would. And I love cock cream in my mouth and all over my face. Kyle, Kit, and I had many sessions like the one I just described, but they tended to be very similar, so I won't bore you with them.

By the way, Kit never sucked our cocks, but we didn't mind. We were a couple of "happy campers" just to be able to service him and each other. We enjoyed our sex play for the next three years, but then I got a job at Kit moved away, so we didn't get together much after that.

However, my job turned out to be quite an adventure.

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I'll tell about that in Part 2 of my story.