Tiny Braces Teen Karly Baker Gets Dicked

Tiny Braces Teen Karly Baker Gets Dicked
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Please leave comment saying what you think Wei Chu's next Misadventure should be. Away from home for the first time, Jack and Peter, both 18, were watching TV in the small old house they had rented on the outskirts of town.

That's all they could afford while going to university. They had just come home from a Halloween party, Jack dressed as a pirate and Peter as a warlock. Peter was pissed off because his girlfriend was wouldn't even let him get to first base. "She just pushed me away when I tried to feel her tits.

What kind of girlfriend is that? How am I ever going to get fucked if she has that kind of stinking attitude?" "At least you have a girlfriend, Peter. I can't even get a date. All the girls I know are always too busy studying. At least that's what they tell me." "My cock is so lonely I'd fuck any cunt that came near me." "I'd settle for Cat-Woman from the Batman movie." "Yeah, that'd be funny.

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Purrr." Laughed Peter. "Let's watch Batman." "I wish I could have a real Cat-Woman. I'd do anything for a real Cat-Woman." "Yeah, right. If you get Cat-Woman, don't forget to share.

Anyway I'm hungry what's in the fridge?" "Nothing, forgot to shop. Here's a flyer from Benny's Pizza. Let's order in, it says he's open until 11:00 pm. That gives us 5 minutes" Wu Mei was so tired. Her legs felt like jelly. She'd been working at the pizza parlor since 10am all week. She was exhausted and anxious to go home to sleep. Her life was very unhappy. She came to America 3 years ago, 42 yrs old, couldn't find a good job and her husband was refused entry because he did something stupid back in Shanghai.

Wu Mei couldn't even afford airfare to visit him. Three years without a husband, Wu Mei had few friends. She was stuck in this menial job serving tables for a really mean boss. Her boss, Benny, let everyone else go home early but always made her work late. Worse, for Halloween she had to wear this silly cat costume: Black stockings (not even panty hose but actual nylon stockings and she had to buy them herself or get fired) A short black silky skirt, a sheer black blouse, a black plastic cap with cat ears and, on her face, she had to wear cat whiskers.

She had to smile and ask everyone "Do you want to play with my pussy?" Benny thought that was funny and all the customers laughed loudly every time she said it.

What was so funny about asking about her cat? Just a few more minutes and she could go home. Waiting, she remembered two terrible incidents that had happened to her over the past year. At Christmas time she had delivered pizza to a couple of college boys who had invited her in, slipped her strong wine and then violated her body. She shamefully remembered co-operating rather vigorously.

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She was too ashamed to tell anyone and blamed it on exhaustion and the booze. She had never been able to tolerate even a little booze. Later, at Easter, she had been delivering chocolate treats at a hotel in her extra part-time job and somehow woke up in the early hours of the morning naked in the hallway. She could not remember what had happened but again felt deeply shamed. She hoped nothing like these ever happened again.

"Hey Mrs. Zhou we have a delivery." Wu Mei said, "Can't. You send delivery mans all home." "Mrs. Zhou you do the delivery then." "I can't. Last bus 15 minutes. Need go home." "Do the delivery or get another job bitch. You think you can come to this country and just work when you feel like it? Take the delivery car home and bring the money in the morning." Wu Mei almost cried.

She was so tired and now this. "And don't forget to ask them about your pussy." Benny added with a mean laugh. It was a bad lightening storm and the roads were very slippery. It was hard to find the street but Wu Mei finally reached the old house. No door bell. She knocked and waited in the freezing rain. ."Hey! Jack! Pizza's here!" "Then open the door dummy." "Hi, is that our pizza?" Jack's jaw dropped. There was some Chinese woman standing there in a Cat-Woman costume!

Wu Mei said "Here is pizza. Do you want to play with my pussy?" "Huh? Pussy?

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Uhh. Uhh. Come in." Jack's head swirled. Could his wish be coming true? Wu Mei entered. There were two young men wearing costumes; a pirate and a warlock.

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She said, "Ten dollar for pizza." "Ten dollars? OK. Can we really play with your pussy?" Peter asked astonished. "Boss tell me say that." Wu Mei explained.

"Oh! We misunderstood." Peter sighed. He gave her the cash and she fumbled for a place to put the money. Peter thought fast. "Would you like a drink?" "Sorry, need go home." She shook her head and walked back to the car. "Jeez, thought we had a real Cat-Woman to fuck. Oh well. Let's eat." Jack chuckled. Wu Mei got in the car.

It started but wouldn't go forward. She burst out crying. Then decided to knock on the customer's door and ask for help. "Hey Peter someone's at the door. Go see. I'm busy opening some beer." Peter went to look; the delivery woman. She was crying, saying something about the car not working. He said "You wait here I'll take a look." When he came back in he whispered to Jack "She just had it stuck in neutral, no problem. Let's see if we can get play with Cat-Woman's pussy after all." "How're we gonna do that?

Besides she's old and Chinese." Jack replied.

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"Neither of us ever got a pussy before. A pussy is a pussy. I just have to get fucked. I'll think of something." "OK, you're on." "I'm sorry" Peter told Wu Mei, "I checked everything and the car needs repair. But I'll try again later. Why don't you come in and stay warm?" "Need repair? Can call fixer man?" "Sorry, they don't work this late at night; can't get a repair man now.

Wait inside, we'll try again later." "No fix? What I do?" "Just come on in and get dry." "OK, I cold and wet." Her sheer black, sheer blouse clung wetly to her skin, accentuating her well-preserved figure and revealing the black bra underneath.

Peter and Jack chatted with Wu Mei to make her comfortable. She talked of the troubles she was having since coming to America but they didn't understand her broken English.

They offered her a soda (laced with a generous dose of vodka) which Wu Mei knocked it back before remarking on the odd taste. The boys explained it was a new brand of cola and went to the kitchen to get her another one. In the kitchen Peter said, "How much booze did you put it in it?" "Lot's. Let's load this one up too." "Slime ball. That's not fair." "So I'm a slime ball. And who said I had to play fair? There's a real live cunt at stake here!" Wu Mei, sat on the sofa, exhausted and now the drink made her woozy.

Her eyes slowly closed. Peter and Jack watched her slump onto her side. Her short black skirt rode up and they saw the tops of the black stockings and a hint of black panties. "Hey, lady? Lady? OK, she's out. "Let's check her out." They took a few pictures of her legs, skirt riding up, breasts pushing against her sheer, wet blouse. Jack started unbuttoning her blouse.

Her eyes opened and closed again. She dreamed that her husband had come and was undressing her. Blouse unbuttoned, her black bra was fully revealed. "Peter, how bit do you think her tits are?" "I'd guess 36 maybe B-cup." "My cock is hard." "No kidding. Now pull her up so I can undo the tit-holders." Peter pulled Wu Mei forward so Jack could slip her blouse off revealing her mature but still firm bosom slowly rising and falling in her soft black bra.

Jack reached around back and unhooked her bra strap letting it fall from her light-gold boobs. "Here's the label, 36B indeed." They stared at her full breasts as they rose and fell with her breathing.

The nipples were hard, probably from the cold rain. Neither had ever before seen a real-live naked woman. Wu Mei dreamed her husband was there and she wanted him so bad. "OK, pull the skirt off." Peter slid her black, silky mini-skirt down her well-toned legs, tossing it across the room. "She looks delicious in black panties and stockings! And those Cat-Woman whiskers really turn me on!" Peter took hold of the black cotton panties and slowly slipped them off while his heart pounded with excitement.

His jaw almost dropped as he stared at the dark, straight hair covering Wu Mei's pussy thatch. "I can't believe I'm seeing a real cunt.


Not a picture even. Jeez my cock is so hard." They left the black stockings and Cat-Woman cap on her because she looked so sexy that way. Standing back they looked at the near naked, middle-aged Chinese woman sleeping on their sofa. Her firm boobs pointed up at them. Her smooth, pale yellow tummy with the large belly button looked so inviting. Her legs, spread slightly apart, revealed her hot, inviting, sexy pussy. Jack remarked, "Shit, she looks just like I always imagined my 11th grade teacher would look like naked 'cepting she wasn't Chinese.

I really had the hots for her." "Remember, she asked if we wanted to play with her pussy. So, lets." Peter giggled. They stripped and looked uncertain as to what to do. Just then Wu Mei reached out, eyes still closed and bumped into Peter's long stiff cock. Her hand closed on it and pulled. In her mind she was rubbing her husband's cock.

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Peter went closer and started thrusting in her hand; his balls bumping her hand each time he pushed. Jack stared at her wet pussy wondering how they managed to get such a treat. His cock throbbed and his balls hardened. His fingers found her cunt and started exploring the wetness. In and out, up and down he rubbed. He found a pink button and started squeezing. Wu Mei breathed faster. Her dreams seemed so real. Her hips rocked up and down.

Her hand felt Peter's balls swinging back and forth. She had never had such a realistic dream. Jack's fingers rubbed her clit with one hand and her tits with the other. Squeezing the erect brown nipples and seeing them getting bigger. His cock ached. His balls ached. He had to do something to relieve them. Wu Mei gasped and opened her mouth. Peter moved his cock to Wu Mei's mouth and rubbed it on her lips. Such a real dream, her husband never put his cock there! She felt as if the dream would go away if she opened her eyes.

It was as if she was not really dreaming. Peter slowly slid his throbbing cock into her warm mouth and felt it close.

Tongue on his cock! The tongue licked it all over. Wu Mei's dream was so real. How could she dream of a cock in her mouth when it had never happened before? How could her dream have a salty taste? Jack, staring at her pussy, leaned down, draped her legs over his shoulders, stuck his tongue out and, tentatively, ran his tongue along her pussy lips. Wu Mei felt a tongue touch her between the legs. She was so startled that she almost awoke from her dream.

Her husband had never touched her cunt with his tongue. Never! How could she dream something impossible like this?? The tongue slipped between her pussy lips.

Inside! It rubbed against her love button! A thrill raced through her body and she writhed with incredible pleasure. Never before had her husband done this. None of her friends had ever mentioned their husbands making love this way though one had told her once that white guys licked women between the legs.

She hadn't believed it. Her amazing dream continued with the tongue delving into her hot cunt, the cock inside her mouth rubbing against her tongue, the other cock rubbing on her leg.

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Cock in mouth? Cock on leg? Two cocks?? Real dream? Her eyes popped open wide. No dream! Two boys fucking her! Stranger's tongue in cunt. Can't scream, cock in mouth choking, hot, salty. She tried to push back but that just made the cock in her mouth thrust harder. She twisted to dislodge the tongue but the stranger just held on harder and forced his tongue in farther. Peter noticed her struggles but kept his cock in her mouth, his balls banging on her chin.

Jack felt her hips pushing and stuck his tongue in further enjoying all the pussy juices he could find. She struggled but no use. She gave up and went limp. The tongue in her pussy kept licking, pushing, flicking her love button, tasting her. Her body shuddered at this new experience. It felt good! So good!


Wu Mei knew she was wet from the dream and felt pleasure from the two young men. First time in 3 years. She needed it. No worry about job. Just feel cock in mouth. Lick cock in mouth. Hips pushing.

Mouth going back and forth. Taste that cock. Young cock. Good. She spasmed as Peter thrust his cock harder into her mouth, his balls slapping her chin. She raised her legs to clamp on to Jack so that he wouldn't stop licking. When he stopped for a rest, Wu Mei grabbed his head and pushed back down to her pussy. She couldn't believe how much pleasure his tongue gave her.

She couldn't let him stop! She raised her hips to force her wet pussy against his tongue. She just wanted to enjoy the pleasure and escape from her dead-end job and her troubles for just a few moments.

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Just enjoy! Just feel pleasure! As she rocked her hips and pulled Jack closer she jerked and gasped as her body finally could take no more.

She shuddered over and over with incredible pleasure as the continued lapping at her hot pussy hole. At almost the same time, the cock she was greedily sucking abruptly shot a hot gooey salty stuff in her mouth. She swallowed eagerly. Never before had she imagined a cock in her mouth. She refused to let the boy exit her mouth until she was sure there was no more to cum.

As her body's spasms slowed, Jack started rubbing his cock on her wet pussy. His hard cock rubbed her pussy back and forth, up and down. He was ready to burst as he slowly slid it in. Her pussy was tight on his thick cock. It was so wet and his balls were ready to explode. He shoved his cock all the way in, pushing farther.


He squeezed his eyes shut. It was so good! At last his cock had a real woman! Feeling the cock enter her pussy, Wu Mei arched to force it deep inside. Such a big cock! So thick! Would it fit? The hard cock thrust deep inside her now willing, uncontrollable body as she continued to thrust back with her hips, her legs wrapped tightly around Jack's waist to hold him there, force him to stay inside her so she could feel his manhood probing her depths.

Her hips pushed back and forth rapidly so she could feel his shaft rub inside her hot, wet, needy hole. Feeling Jack's spasms, Wu Mei knew he had shot his man juices into her eager cunt. Still her legs wrapped around him holding him in so she could keep feeling his hard cock deep inside. She refused to let go until his cock had completely softened. As they pulled off her, Wu Mei closed her eyes dreamily and slept. In the morning, when she woke, she suddenly realized that once again she had been terribly shamed.

Softly crying, she looked up. Two erect cocks stared her in the face. Her mouth dropped open. Breakfast! Two sausages and some nuts!!