Charlotte and Chanel eat each other out

Charlotte and Chanel eat each other out
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As she found the perfect glade to set up her tent for the night Luvie surveyed the area a small brook trickled down the hill about fifty yards away.

The ground was covered in soft pine needles ensuring a soft bed for her sleeping bag. She nodded to herself thinking, "Yes this is the spot, fresh water soft ground and some dry firewood for a warm soothing evening campfire and cooking." She pulled the pack off her shoulders and dropped the heavy ruck to the ground.

Then rotated her shoulders and lifted her arms for a stretch, wiggling her hips to work out the strain in her muscles. She looked back at the little spring and wondered whether it was deep enough to take a nice wilderness bath? She shrugged again then went to the ruck to set up her camp. The little dome tent popped out of its case and she laughed as it puffed up and she quickly pegged it to the soft ground.

A quick untie and roll and her sleeping bag was fluffed out in the tent ready for the night. The small camp shovel made quick work of clearing the ground and the firewood was crackling in short order. She looked back at the creek and the urge was almost too much to stand and she started to walk toward the babbling water. The heat and exertion of her hike was enough to make the cool water seem so inviting and she quickly looked around to make sure she was alone.

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As she started to unbutton her shirt she gave another quick glance around and smiled to herself at the naughty feeling that was rising up in her. She looked around and spotted a low bush that she could drape her clothes on close to the shore. The tugged the soft cotton from her shoulder and tossed it onto the bush and shrugged and rolled her shoulders the weight of her pack had made her ache and the cool water would feel so good. She reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped her jean shorts and eased them down over her taught round bottom giving a little wiggle to break the material from her sweat soaked body.

The denim feel down her muscular legs and crumpled around her ankles she lifted first one foot from them then with a quick kick she flipped them up into her hand with a giggle and tossed them onto the bush next to her shirt.

As she stood in her bra and panties the material nearly see through with perspiration. The soft breeze whisked over her skin making her shiver and she felt a little self conscious again taking another moment to look around apprehensively before reaching behind her back and her fingers worked the clasp back and forth until it broke free and the straps snapped around.

She caught the cups of the bra in her hand and pulled them away from her breasts as they bounced freely.

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Her nipples hardened almost instantly and she took a moment to cup her breasts rubbing the skin below where the material had dug in. She quickly tossed the bra onto the bush and then reached back to rub her bare breast again her fingers flicking her hard nipples a bit making her quiver and shudder in a moment of naughty pleasure. She bent down and started to work the laces of her hiking boots when she heard a rustle in the bushes down the creek from her and she stood up covering her breasts and looking fearfully in the direction of the noise.

Her eyes searched the wood line but could not make out anything threatening and she shook her head to break away the thought of some danger. She finished taking her boots and socks off and place them under the bush, her toes sank into the soft sand and she took the moment to wiggle them in the cool soil.

Another round of shy looks then her fingers slip into the waistband of her panties and peel them down over her hips and ease them down her thighs and drop like her shorts. A quick kick but this time she missed the catch and batted them around for a moment before she caught them and tossed them atop her shorts on the bush. Now completely naked she looked around again but this time there was no apprehension she just reveled in the freedom of being natural in nature.

She hadn't even realized she was lazily running her fingers over her mound fluffing the trimmed hair and rubbing gently between her legs where the seam of her jeans dug in.

She giggled again at her self love and stepped to the stream and eased a toe into the trickling water. It was cold and it sent a shiver up her spine but she needed the soothing water on her body now.

She stepped deeper and deeper until the water line was just below her ass. She slowly dipped down then stood up gasping then back down, doing this several times before she was able to sink down until her breasts began to float on the surface. She cupped the gurgling water in her hands and held it up drizzling it over her head and down her neck, the water pulling the heat from her hair and a slow steam raised from her scalp.


She lolled in the water for nearly twenty minutes until she felt her skin pruning and had finally cooled off enough. She stood and stepped to the shore giving her head a shake the wet locks spraying water in all directions. Then she stepped toward the bush where she had placed her clothes and a gasp caught in her throat, they were gone.

She looked around and under then at the other bushes and quickly realized that they were nowhere to be found. She leaned up and as if it finally dawned on her, her eyes grew wide and she quickly shot one hand down to cover her naked pussy then the other to cover her breasts, cupping one her forearm covering the other.

She started to walk backwards toward her campsite when all of a sudden she felt herself engulfed in a warm woolen coat and two strong arms. She jumped with a start and whipped her head around and found herself staring into the deepest darkest blue eyes she had ever seen. She felt like she should scream but knowing how far out she was there would be no one to hear her.

She gasped as if to speak when the stranger shushed her and said, "I am not here to hurt you, I was across the creek fishing when I saw you, I watched you the whole time and I just had to come over." She didn't feel threatened by his words but felt a sense of sincerity as he spoke that seemed to ease her tense feelings and with a quivering voice she asked about her clothes?

She watched as his muscular arm raised and pointed to her clothes neatly hung on a line near the fire and he said, "The were wet you don't want to put on wet clothes after the swim, I hung them to dry!" She was nodding as she stared at his features he was rugged a short growth of beard trimmed neatly was on his face, he was strong jawed and had a rugged handsomeness that seemed to make her melt in his arms.

He slipped her from his grasp and wrapped an arm around her shoulders leading her to the camp, she felt confused why was she just going along with this stranger? As her legs swished she could feel the heat that had been building since before she climbed in the water was still growing, something about this big rugged man watching her as she frolicked naked was exciting.

When they arrived by the fire her released her and reached into the tent and tugged her sleeping bag out next to the fire and motioned for her to sit down.


She looked up at him as she knelt then eased her bare ass onto the soft nylon. Her eyes were big and soft almost innocent as she looked up at him and asked, "You watched me get undressed and get in the water?" He simply nodded staring at the fire as he sat down next to her now that he was beside her she felt free to open the coat some to allow the heat of the fire in to dry her skin.

She glanced over at the stranger his gaze seemed mesmerized by the flickering flames of the fire, she don't know why she did it but she shrugged the jacket from her shoulders and sat before the fire naked next to a stranger. She looked out of the corner of her eye glancing to see if he was looking and she felt her heart skip a beat as his head gently turned and his eyes surveyed her naked body, she watched feeling her skin tingle as if his eyes were caressing every inch they came across.

The dusk was slowly creeping in the shadows growing so that now his face was glimmering in the flickering light of the fire and she could see the flames in the reflection of his eyes. She felt her breath quicken as his face leaned into hers and she couldn't help but lean her head back and purse her lips for the kiss that was about to happen.

Her mind was a whirl, what was she doing, this was totally against everything in her life but somewhere deep in her mind she had always dreamed of this. His lips touched hers lightly and it was as if static electricity was being shot between them and she pushed into him lustfully her lips working on his her tongue seeking his. She was taken with a heat that she had not known before and she tore at his clothes with a madness born of lust taking over her sensibilities.

She threw his shirt off his broad shoulders and onto the ground and she tore at his belt and trousers as he knelt and she pushed them down of his hips she didn't stop kissing as she tugged them down to his ankles. He finally broke away and started to take off his own boots.

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She took a moment to glance over to see what she had exposed and gasped and turned her head. His cock was fully engorged and stood out thick and long, thicker than any she had ever seen before let alone experienced. Her mind was cranking out the thoughts could she take him inside her, did she want to try, once this started he wouldn't want to stop, all the answers came up yes.

She glanced back as the thick hard member bobbed with the stranger's motions to frantically remove his shoes, tossing them back bouncing them off the tent tumbling down with a thud that broke her concentration. She looked up at him and now that flame dancing in his eyes was not just from the fire it was pure lust a lust for her. She felt her heart palpate and her breath quicken as he pounced on her his kisses raining down from her lips along her neck to her chest then to her breast.

She dropped her head back gasping as a nipple was sucked in between his lips and gently suckled.

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Her eyes searched the night sky, the dark canopy of tree tops and between the leaves the flickering of stars. The emotion and lust had welled up in her so far that as he kissed down her ribs to her belly she could feel it heaving to meet his lips.

She had been leaning back on her elbows and dropped to her shoulders when his kisses met her soft pubic hair. Her breaths rattling in her throat the crickets chirping in the darkness beyond the campsite the only sounds until she heard his kissing lips start to trail down her pussy lips and suckle. Her hand flew up over her eyes then rub up her forehead into her hair her fingers massaging her scalp as her lover worked her closer and closer to orgasm.

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Her head was rolling from side to side as she gasped and moaned in near ecstasy she could feel the moisture lathering with his tongue and the heat radiating out and up her body. She wanted him she needed him she had to have him, then as if he had read her mind he pulled away and crawled slowly up her body the anticipation of it was making Luvie undulate her hips and whimper.

She was now tugging on his shoulders urging him onto her, into her as his face came in front hers she could see his eyes now locked on hers he was going to take her now and she could see that it wasn't going to be soft and sweet but urgent and needy.

She was ready for that she needed it, to be taken in the wild, her legs went up and around his hips her heels digging into his taught ass muscles and her hand reached between them searching for the object of her desire. After groping for a moment she found it her tiny hand trying to grip the massive girth and nudge it toward her opening. She swabbed the thick head of his cock up and down her moist lips swirling it over her clit making her coo softly and him grunt deeply. He started to push no longer wanting to be teased and she lowered him into line.

She was expecting him to try and thrust that monster into her tiny pussy but once he was nestled between her wet lips he just leaned into her pushing slowly. She gasped as the bulbous head breached her and was nestled just inside the thickness of it was stretching and teasing her pussy to new heights.

He now had the heat of her surrounding him and it was more than he could stand and he thrust hard. Luvie arched her back and howled as several inches penetrated her tiny opening. He pulled back and thrust again and the same reaction but with her wetness he was now fully inside her his heavy balls resting on her upturned ass.

From then on it was not love making but pure animalistic lust, she grabbed him by the hair forcing his face to hers kissing him madly as he thrust into her the thick shaft spreading her as it speared to her depths.

He was grunting and gasping for air in the kisses and she held him by the hair on the back of his head and pulled his face away. He was gasping as she pushed his face to her firm tits and he instantly sought out her hard nipple. She gasped as his teeth scraped then his lips suckled the hard knot of her erect nipple.

The crickets stopped chirping at the slap of flesh against flesh as his hips pounded into her pelvis and his balls swung wildly smacking her puckered anus. Her hips were rising off the ground to meet his thrusts and she was now the one grunting, her body aching for that orgasm that had been denied. She was rolling her head from side to side and on one turn she noticed the tent and the shadow being projected form the fire light.

This hulking beast of a man atop her small frame madly powering himself into her, the sight seeming almost surreal in its wild beauty.

Whimpering and moaning as he thrust every inch into Luvie, her hands roaming down his strong back, squeezing his hard flexing buttocks pushing him deeper inside her.

She begins to rock and sway her hips from side to side back and forth feeling his thickness twitch and pulsate inside her as her inner walls clinch and spasm tightly around his cock. He thrust hard into her pushing her body along the sleeping bag as she clawed at his back; he let out a loud rattling growl as the hot cum started gushing out into her in huge spurts. Luvie moaning and grunting like a beautiful beast in the wild her inner walls getting tighter now as she was on the brink of sheer ecstasy and the most intense climax she has in great need and hungry for so long now.

Her moans stop as she takes gasps more intensely she is in the first stage of her long awaited climax.

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Hearing his grunts of passion she can hold out no longer. She could feel the sperm splattering and pooling deep inside her as her own orgasm crested like lightning bolts through her body. He slumped atop her both gasping for air their breaths whisping out in steamy vapors floating in the cool night. Her hands caresses the scratch marks on his back as he quivered atop her still feeling the heightened pleasure pulse through his veins.

Luvie gasped when he lifted her in on arm and with the other grasped the sleeping bag in the other hand dragging it and her into the tent. The rest of the night was a blur though that sense of urgency was no longer there the love making now became soft and sensual his strong hands caressing every inch of her body as she kissed him tenderly. She couldn't count the number of times they made love/ fucked that night she just seemed to be rolled around like a rag doll in his arms.

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First she was on her back then on her hands and knees then on top of him all the while the wet slapping sounds ringing throughout the night. In the morning Luvie awoke to the soft sway and rustling of the tent from the wind outside she looked around and the stranger was gone.

She could smell the coffee on the campfire and slowly with aching limbs crawled toward the outside world, she poked her head out the tent flap and looked around for him but he had disappeared. As she tugged on her panties and shirt she noticed a scrap of paper in the pocket.

Unfolding it she read what was written, "If you come camping in these woods again don't be surprised to see me at your fire one night!" There was no name the stranger would remain a mystery to her but the campsite would not for sure.

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