Sexy Latina BBW Sofia Rose Showers N Fucks

Sexy Latina BBW Sofia Rose Showers N Fucks
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Somali Pirates and Their Prey Introduction: A young English woman in her last year of college is recruited along with other young women into a clandestine naval intelligence program that promises technical challenges travel and adventure!

But end up seeing and experiencing several heart stopping bound sexual situations that take them to the very edge, and beyond perverse humiliating sex, much more than most women can imagine much less experience in a lifetime!

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The fact that several are drop dead gorgeous and two of them have breasts that are incredible in size and shape! Is not lost on the SAS instructors that are under a lot of political pressure to see these women succeed and become SAS team members!

They have been recruited to rescue a well to do family that has connections to the Queen, and they have been kidnapped and are being held for ransom in Somalia. The political powers that be want these young women to be the first to succeed in such a dangerous and demanding undertaking, as they want to show those who are pushing equal rights for women that the United Kingdoms government is firmly behind these women!

The Characters: Louise, a college graduate 24 years old light brown hair blue eyes and is a very attractive woman. A kind of young looking cross between Erin Gray and Farrah Fawcett, she is a very shapely woman,with a full 36" bust 24" waist an equally attractive pair of 36" hips, and of course an unused pubic area that just screams for attention!

The only wild and crazy thing she had ever done was a tattoo, and had done so after having a little to much to drink at a college graduation party! For Louise it was a most interesting experience, some of the girls had their navels pierced. But many had some sort of risque tattoo and for Louise it was a red rose, just below the waist band of her knickers and above her golden brown pubic hair of her sinful fair skinned pubic area! The buzzing of the tattoo needle so close to her privates had made her embarrassingly wet!

Vanessa, also a college graduate, 28 years old and quite a bit more experienced and worldly than Louise! She has beautiful red hair and green eyes, and is more firm full figured than most of girls. She also has an incredible set of 38" DD breasts and equally small waist, along with a bottom that most men lust after and one that is the envy of other women!

Sarah, the youngest at barely 21 is the most naive, educated but full of life and more than ready for adventure sexually or otherwise! She is the typical brown eyed long brown hair that talks with a slight lisp like that of a much younger girl and looks like a young Elizabeth Sladen AKA Sarah Jane smith in the old Doctor Who and the adventures of Sarah Jane, a kind of girl next door!

One that is so attractive and appealing to men it is a wonder she has not been drug off into the bushes and had her brains fucked out! She is an almost younger version of Vanessa, but with slightly bigger and softer 38"DD breasts! She is so ripe an appealing with a tiny waist and a bottom that easily draws attention from the most casual observer!

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Madison, nick named Corky, is a full blown lesbian bitch of a woman one that thinks looks and acts much like that of a forceful man!

The only thing she does not have is a real dick! She is a stocky plain looking woman with a foul mouth, and one that is barely able to meet the academic standards! But she is strong and tough stands a little over 5' 4", was a body builder and former erotic women's wrestling champ! Is flat chested but with gigantic nipples and a pair of thighs that could crush the life out of anyone that dared to place his or her head in between them!

But also with a very hairy pussy and gigantic clit and cunt that is also sexually insatiable, and has a double lifelike dildo that she uses on other females especially young naive innocent ones! She has also been excepted into this clandestine SAS program as she is every bit as strong as most men! Cabbas, Better known as the Black Lion King of Somali Pirates! Early on was raised by missionaries and then sent to and educated in England.

The matron that had helped him through puberty was a retired female naval officer one that had a tattoo in a most intimate place! She was the one that has schooled him, and also taught him what women want especially white women want, and had also acquired a fetish for women in uniform.

Has returned to Somali, his homeland to help this strife ridden country, one that has been plagued with civil war and corruption! He thinks that by clearing the coastal waters of foreign fishing trawlers or pirating and plundering any vessels that enter their waters abducting the crew and holding them for ransom he is helping his poor country!

The foreign commercial fishing fleets have brazenly over fished the once abundant life giving sea off the coast of his country! He considers this his duty so that the once small but profitable fishing industry can be restored! He is a big black male, one that is quite charming, and very hansom in a sinister way! He is also cunning and has little concern or regard for those who defy or tempt him!? But his other interest is, one that enjoys taunting white female flesh and loves to do more than just play with his captives!

For him, this is one of the perks that come of being a pirate, and English women in uniform, especially naval uniforms is one that makes his big black dick the hardest! The Victims Lord Vattendaul a rich pompous asshole that loved money and diamonds more than his wife and two young daughters! Lady Jane Vattendaul an attractive 41 yr old full figured woman one that had led a sheltered life in many respects and for most had wondered how that had ever conceived two pretty young daughters.

The Daughters Lindsay, the youngest at barely 18 and Paris the older more worldly was 19. Both were promiscuous and Paris was the real slut, but her younger sister was quickly following in her older sisters footsteps!

They were known on the small private college they attended as little rich bitches and prick teasers that had left more than one young college freshman humiliated naked with a hard dick and very unsatisfied with their trickery?

Chapter One Training Attractive Female Recruits ! With almost five years of college coming to an end, Louise along with other graduates in this all girls college have attended career day. This is where companies and business's have presented numerous career opportunities to these aspiring young female prospects, in hopes of recruiting them! Along with this, is of course the military, and the Royal Navy recruiting officers have presented a most appealing career path for any of these young women if they so choose.

Louise, like so many young college graduates have no real idea of what they are going to do after graduation?

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So listening to this interesting and exciting presentation, one that if selected requires language, good physical condition, technical expertise and would afford numerous exciting possibilities along with travel and adventure was of great interest! The thought of her, Louise as an aspiring young female naval officer dressed in such a striking military uniform has left Louise almost heady in anticipation, and now quite certain of the direction and purpose her life will take.

It has quickly become an obsession and is now exactly what she wants! Fortunately she has taken all the required courses of language and academics along with the physical athletic requirements! This has almost assured her of being accepted into this all female SAS team.

Now that she has decided, was determined to stay fit and in good physical shape! For Louise, being in a good physical shape was an understatement! As she not quite realizing it, was also a very attractive young woman!

This fact was not lost on any male, let alone the Naval officers that recruited her or the all male Royal Naval medical assistant's intimate physical she is required to undergo, or the training personnel that would be instrumental in her training.

What they would demand or expect of her, and the other girls would push all but Corky, to their very limit! The women's movement and political correctness along with the likes of Margaret Thatcher and women like her, hawks, and proponents of women doing all of the jobs that men can do in the military. They have championed women's rights and the use of women in all sorts of risky military clandestine missions, giving little regard as to what might happen to these attractive young women if they actually fell into the hands of these perverted lecherous and unsavory male pirates like Cabass!

With young women like Louise, the goal was to select several all female SAS teams! But their training standards and physical agility test has been lowered substantially. Much to Corky's dismay, so that their training would allow women to compete more equal with men. Again not giving any real thought as to what might happen to these young women if taken prisoner captured or abducted! For Louise all of the required applications, tests and basic physical condition have been completed, Louise has easily passed them all and been selected.

She is to report to the Maritime Naval Training Academy along with a dozen or so other young women all in their 20s, and most college educated. They like Louise have also been recruited for the same type of training, and if successful will eventually be placed into the all female SAS clandestine special boat team program! The SAS is based at Hereford, Herefordshire in the west of England. . Much of their training will be undertaken by naval training officers and drill instructors.

They will be treated exactly the same as the Special Boat Service male recruits of the Royal Marines that they will be training along side. Their training will be conducted at this normally all male naval training base where these women, especially where several of the final four will be chosen.

For Louise and the other young women their training will create all sorts of perplexing problems for the male recruits and instructors on the base! For Louise the first problem encountered after arrival at the training academy is the clothing issued to them, and training uniforms they are required to wear?

They are either a a dark gray or khaki men's wear that button up the front, and none are for women, they are either to big or to small. This is bad enough for Louise who is a shapely but normal sized woman. But for Vanessa and Sarah with their large breasts these tailored for male clothes and men's underwear are impossible!

None of this seems to matter to those in charge, they are told that the problem will eventually be taken care of, and they will have to make do! But many of the men involved in their training want to see them fail, and will do what ever it takes, to make sure they fall short of their required tasks, and denying them of the correct, and well fitting undergarments is only one way!

Those in the Admiralty are in a quandary as there is intense political pressure to both see them succeed and others that are dead set against this and are of no help at all! The first day is an intense physical preformed by Medical Assistants those that are colloquially known as "Scablifters" or "Doc" in Royal Naval JackSpeak.

These are normally horny young men that are use to preforming physicals on male recruits! But with these being the first, and no distinction provided by those in charge between male or females. The girls are required, and have no choice but to receive their physicals from these young men, and I might add that these physicals will be a most through one, along with the required vaccinations shots!

Vanessa followed by Louise, then Sarah and last Corky! All have been told to strip down to their under things, but this also has presented a big problem? The military under clothing did not provide for brasseries or nickers!

Only white, male shorts and "T" shirts so that when they stripped down have ended up in a most unusual array of miss matched underthings! Vanessa a flaming red head with a pair of knockers that would stop a clock, was the first to leave these young medical assistants drooling, and their male members twitching and coming to attention in their pants!

She has chosen to keep her bra and wear only the male shorts that were provided! But her, a shapely woman with mature full 38"DD breasts that barely fit in a well made custom over the shoulder bolder holder has left little to ones imagination!

Her fair white skin, red hair, with a liberal amount of freckles in all the right places, has added to the most appealing look and shape of her bottom! This made, and tightly filled out the white men's shorts she was wearing look like no other! The young male "Medical Assistant"s were almost licking their chops, could not wait to start poking and probing, and she was to be their first victim!

Dreadful liberty was taken at Vanessa's expense, but for her she enjoyed the attention and touch that these younger men so lovingly attended to her with! She was first told, to raise her hands up over her head then slowly turn around, up on one foot, and then the other!

Followed by pull your shorts down! Stunned silence was in the air as she slowly pulled down the male shorts over her mature full figured bottom! But as the red pubic hair came into view, there was no doubt about it, she definitely was a true red head! The flaming red of her pubes matched perfectly with beautiful locks!

Then she was ordered to bend over touch her toes, and spread her cheeks! Again there was silence as she did exactly what she was told holding her cheeks apart. that perversely displayed a tight little brownie inviting pussy folds and the more than ample red pubic hair that surrounded it!

This was followed by receiving numerous vaccination shots in her beautiful unblemished soft white bottom that seemed to be used as a pin cushion! Louise was next! Almost afraid to start, she had watched in almost dazed horror as this ghastly perverse physical was preformed on Vanessa, and right in front of her very eyes!

Seeing her poked prodded and probed as male fingers lingered in some of the most sensitive and private areas a young woman possessed! This left Louise with a mixture of strange but stimulating sexual feelings? Louise had chosen to keep an wear all of her civilian undergarments. She was a perfect specimen of the female form, perky 36" breasts small waist and boyish hips!

Standing there in front of several male medical assistants in only her skimpy lacy bra and nickers! Trembling at first from the mostly unsure male touch as the other recruits looked on! Her bra was unhooked loosened and pushed up out of the way leaving her beautiful breasts bare! The cold metal stereoscope that was placed between her naked breasts confirmed her heart was pounding as her blood pressure and vitals were taken! After which fingers followed by hands softly touched then caressed and tugged at them, finally almost grudgingly they slowly slipped from her hardening nipples!

This part of the physical was certainly less that professional as more than one medical technician made sure the first had not missed a thing or any part of her most desirable and incredible shapely young female breasts! Is if this was not bad enough, the hands of first one, followed by several more Medical assistants repeated the same almost perverse erotic procedure.

But what came next was even more humiliating and what surprised Louise even more was how exciting this experience had become for her! She held her breath especially when one of the assistants so close now, had stuck his thumbs it the waist band of her nickers and slowly pulled them down.

The sight of a blood red rose tattoo for those watching her front was one thing, but the feeling for Louise as the thin white lacy fabric slid down over first one bare buttock followed by the other had easily exposed her shapely hourglass bottom! This had left her bottomless with her nicely trimmed golden brown pubic hair and red rose tattoo along with subtle hidden pussy folds beneath, fully exposed for all to see! Again the command was given to hold her hands above her head and turn around slowly?

Then bend over and touch your toes! This was followed by the required shots administered in her equally white skinned perfectly shaped posterior!

With Louise still trembling and a crimson shade of red from this sinful public embarrassment and still rubbing her stinging bottom, it was Sarah who would be next!

She had also watched first Vanessa, and then Louise experience this over exposed perverse and most humiliating examination from these male medical assistants! For Sarah being young and naive was more than ready to follow orders and do anything asked of her in order to be excepted into this program! For her what ever they asked did not seem to bother her at all as she easily stripped down to just her underthings!

She like Louise had chosen to wear the equally appealing civilian under things. But she like Vanessa also possessed an equally incredible set of younger but firmer 38"DD breasts! Looking almost like a young school girl with sparkling brown eyes and long brown hair, along with the few words she spoke with a lisp had appeared to to give the impression of a much younger girl? But she, like the women before her had no trouble at all keeping the assistants, male members at full attention!

One had taken her hand lifted her arm up almost onto her tip toes and helped turn her around like a young woman in a teenage swimsuit beauty contest! To see this young Sarah Jane Smith looking girl so ripe and so attractive in only her undies gave the word sinful a whole new meaning, and again one that was not lost on those that watched as she was so brazenly exposed for anyone to see!

Almost dead silence occurred as both the men an the women recruits watched! Madison, referred to as Corky was next and was certainly no victim.

The military clothes provided fit impeccably and the male shorts, and "T" shirts under them were no problem at all. She had easily stripped down to them and with no hesitation what so ever did exactly what the other girls had done without even being told! First she had stuck her hands straight up and slowly turned around, most of the young male medical assistants that had only moments ago poked fondled and openly played with the previous shapely young women!

Were now a bit intimidated and not quite so quick, to do the same with Corky! Finally one assistant took charge of the awkward situation, and with her incredibly large dark nipples easily seen through the white "T" shirt had pulled it up exposing them! First here was a gasp from the women and again silence as these female looking things appeared to be on someone that looked and acted more like a man!

The cold metal of the stethoscope in between her two pectoral muscles had made these most interesting looking nipples instantly erect and very hard looking.

Corky was not all that unattractive and if made up and dressed as a woman may have been attractive to some men? Then with what sounded almost as a plea, said well.well aren't you going to squeeze them? She sounded almost disappointed as the one who had first taken the initiative, hesitantly at first barely touched them? Corky in disgust growled at him harder, dammit you can squeeze the shit out of them and it won't bother me a dam bit! Believe me others have tried, referring to her days as a professional women's wrestler where they had been harshly pulled and twisted!

He not wanting to be viewed as giving this bitch of a female a pass did his best to inflect some painful abuse, but this had only brought a wry smile to Corky's lips, something she did not often do! She stood there and let him do his damnedest in order to get a rise out of her, but to no avail!

Then with out being told she turned around bent over and dropped her shorts! This had exposed he muscular buttocks and of course her wild hairy pubic folds that were invisible in the thick matted growth, but did leave her gigantic clitoris showing through the pubic hair, almost like a small dick head!

This was followed by the comment make my ass into a pin cushion and don't hold anything back as she wiggled her ass trying to make it more appealing! After this they were excused, and told to be ready the following morning for their first day of this grueling and demanding training that awaits them. Of the twelve women selected into the program they have been broken down into three training squads of four each!

Louise Vanessa Sarah and Corky are one. After the first fitful uniform quandary they along with the two other squads are told to be standing tall at 0400 the following morning dressed and ready for the start of their arduous physical training! Physical agility to the limit, obstacle course, deep water training hand to hand combat training, small arms automatic weapon explosives capture of enemy prisoners and being captured and taken hostage as enemy combatants!

Along with special ops night vision training will be the order of the day and for the next 8 weeks! The training for royal marines and Naval officers is normally a 32 week or more affair, but has been cut short in order to expedite the rescue of this family that has fallen into the hands of Somali pirates!

As the powers that be want their rescue to be by women trained as special SAS agents for this specific and very dangerous mission! After awakening early and chow at the mess hall all four seem to be ready!

Their training officers and drill instructors are all seasoned officers and enlisted combat veterans. This normally all male Royal Naval Training base is in for a most perplexing next several weeks? Ones that will shake and upset the normal routine in a stimulating and erotic way.women especially shapely attractive women dressed in plain military attire have a most interesting way of effecting men, especially those that have an interest in the female form!

But one is a big black mean bastard that does not want these women to succeed and is also in charge of them! It the dark of the early morning the training officer assigned to them is him! The only one that can appreciate watching these women running in place,doing jumping jacks, deep knee bends, toe touching, press ups and setups that are commanded and required of the girls!

To see tits and full female bottoms jiggling obscenely during this is training exercise is most rewarding! But to see these pretty young white women being ordered around and told what to do by a big black drill instructor is most interesting! This is followed by a short march to the armory where field packs and weapons are assigned.

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A Glock side arm and the SA80 assault rifle are issued! Corky is the only one of the four that has actually fired a weapon. From their it is a mile run to the obstacle course with all of their new gear. As the dawn breaks the sight of four women running with packs assault rifle and their black male drill instructor causes quite a stir, and is the first of numerous problems for the Royal Marines that are also training at this base, who cannot believe their eyes?

Attractive women with curves in the right places are difficult to hide even dressed in plain military khaki as they run by! The obstacle course is designed for young strong men but will push all of these pretty pampered young women to the breaking point, that are now a bit unsure of what they have gotten themselves into, all that is except Corky!

The first demand of the day is the high obstacle course, the death-slide and the assault course, followed by hand it hand combat and a "Tug A War" against one of the other female squads, then the taking and securing of prisoner's in the afternoon.

All have made their way through this demanding part of the course, but Sarah although successful was barely able to do so! After completing the death-slide, a thorough warm-up has begun consisting of sprints to obstacles, squat thrusts and star jumps, followed by crawling uphill through wet mud on the "take cover" commands and pyramid exercises.

Corky has taken more than just an interest in Sarah, and has been coaching and trying to help her. The girls then have to demonstrate confidence at height, by completing the had over hand high-ropes obstacles, before being shown and practicing how to complete and over come the obstacles 2 &3 at a time. Louise Vanessa and Corky have done well but Sarah has not! She was terrified the entire time! Throughout this morning, the expression "You're only as strong as your weakest link" has been shouted at Sarah, who is now almost in tears!

This comment is very much in force, meaning there are consequences for the entire squad if a recruit is not able to do as she is told. Any of the recruits lagging behind the others in particular will be made an example of, and Sarah who is failing will be the first!

The big black drill instructor in order to humiliate and intimidate Sarah, who is now cold wet and covered in mud has been ordered to fall in behind the others and march back to the combat training area holding her SA80 assault rifle over her head!

The fact that her khaki shirt already wet overly tight, and straining from the overhead rope repel has popped several of the buttons off! This only adds to her partially exposed humiliation, and with her hands over her head has made her big incredible breasts even more appealing! There is just something about a young looking cute as hell girl with her arms over her head, and one with gigantic breasts, that has left the bra and white of her cleavage ever so exposed and sinfully appealing!

In the afternoon their instructor has demonstrated a number of had to hand forceful holds and ways to overpower ones opponents Then has paired Louise and Vanessa! Ordering them to try and gain the upper hand over the other! Vanessa is a bit stronger, but Louise is quicker to see women especially attractive women fight wrestle and try to over power the other is a very erotic thing to watch.

Finally Louise is able to over power, and ends up on top of Vanessa leaving this red head struggling and her big breasts heaving, and for Louise she is quite proud of herself! The black instructor then takes on each of the women one at a time and both are quickly and helplessly dispatched, leaving them flat on their backs, tightly held down and barely able to struggle in order to move at all! Leaving their breasts so incredibly vulnerable. For Louise it is a stark reality of a mans physical ability over a woman!

But she thinks that being a smart woman can use this intellect to her advantage, and with men that might easily be the case. But how about being captured and taken prisoners by other women? Next it is Sarah and Corky, this match up is no contest at all, as Corky a formerly professional wrestler, has quickly grabbed Sarah and with little effort flipped her over on her back and has ended up setting on her face! This has left her pinned and totally helpless with Sarah's pretty little brown haired head between Corky's firm thighs and her sweet pouting lips tight against this lesbian butch of a woman's most intimate shemale place!

For Corky to have Sarah this young innocent looking female helplessly sprawled out in this most uncompromising position is a most delightful thing. As Sarah is fast becoming the object of Corky's lustful affection! After seeing this, several of the male instructors want to try their hand against this man like woman!

For them it is a rude awakening as she wins three out of four and is quite a match, even for the big male instructor that wins only one, and it is against their black training instructor! After a grueling morning, and the afternoon hand to hand combat training a Tug-of- War between them and one of the other female training squads is the next order of business. The losers will then submit to a humiliating session as enemy prisoners and allow themselves to be bound tightly and interrogated mercifully!

The Tug of War is set up with the win point over a deep mud hole and Louise has been given charge of the squad, and wants to give Sara a chance. In so doing has assigned her tail end charlie as the anchor man much to Corky's dismay? Louise is first, followed by Vanessa, then Corky and last Louise, which will turn out to be a big mistake! With all ready and pulling, the whistle is blown and the war begins. It is a subtle exercise in strength and stamina and at first is even.

then one side followed by the other gains, and then looses the advantage. But as Corky suspected making Sarah the anchor has turned out to be a big mistake as the advantage has slowly gone to the opposing female squad! With their black drill instructor and Corky screaming at them to hold and pull, they are slowly dragged into, then through the cold deep mud hole one at a time! With Louise wet covered in mud is the first that has emerged and popped to the surface, then as she looses her strength it becomes a wrought!

This was quickly followed by Vanessa, and then Corky who is cussing and bitching the entire time until she is pulled into the cold muddy water! But the most humiliating is yet to come as Sarah some how trying to arrest their losing battle has wrapped the knotted brown hemp rope around her upper thigh through her crotch and around her waist? This will become her soon to be, exposed undoing as she now the last, to be pulled into the muddy water has finally emerged on the other side.

This has added even more humiliating and insult to their injured pride as the other female squad members continue to pull! The results ends with the tangled knotted rope first pulling her already button less shirt off! Followed by her loose fitting men's trousers leaving her in only the wet mud soaked clinging female nickers and well constructed brassier! Being a fair skinned young woman has left her nipples and obvious pubic folds and the golden brown pubic hair showing clearly and sinfully through this wet muddy tight fitting female under garment!

Sarah looks and feels like a drowned rat, shuddering from the cold convulsing and spitting up muddy water! But even this brassier has trouble holding her voluptuous melons as they obscenely jiggle around as she lays there coughing up muddy water in between convulsions! The winning female training squad now victors are holding up her clothes gleefully, and at least five other male training instructors watch this most delightful erotic display of a sinfully exposed female flesh!.

But for some reason being half naked and humiliated in front of others although being a horrible experience has also been quite sexually stimulating, for Sarah?. It is decided that after a break, and Sarah,s clothes returned they will have another go at it and this time with Corky as the anchorman, it is they that are the victors! Because Corky, a female? Is so good at hand to hand and her expertise as an anchor in the Tug A War, several of the instructors want to take her over to the Royal Marines so she can try her hand against their best!

Their instructors do to Sarah's less than stellar performance earlier, and his comment, that has consequences for all, has given them over to female training officers. That are specially trained in intimidating interrogation and they will now become the prisoners and enemy combatants. For these female MI5 interrogators, it is their job to see if they can get them to crack, by securely tying them up mercifully interrogating and threatening them, and to make it as realistic as possible!

Their black instructor has told these older more experienced female interrogators to treat Louise Vanessa and especially Sarah as harsh abusive, and realistic as possible, wanting them all to fail! He knowing full well that one of these women interrogator's has been disciplined numerous times,for over zealous treatment of recruits, is "Sadistic"bitch and will have no trouble treating them accordingly!

Then have left, telling the interrogator's to make sure that these three young women recruits will say give up, or do anything that they are told to do. anything? The fact that both groups are women, those doing the tying binding and mock interrogation, and Louise Vanessa and Sarah supposedly acting the part of prisoners and enemy combatants, this submissive consequences will allow these female MI5 training officers to take dreadful liberties, and realistically treat them as harsh and abusive as they wish!

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Where they will take them, will also allow this to happen with no hindrance at all from anyone! They too are not happy about these pretty young things being trained to do a job, that should have been theirs! These female MI5 training officers have first bound their wrists behind their backs then blindfolded them and have then turned them this way and that, in order to confuse them! Then are led along a little used path and are taken down steps deep into a concrete underground bunker at the training facility that most do not know exists and made just for this particular purpose.

This harsh interrogation is suppose to be only an exercise. For Louise and Vanessa at least for the moment, they have taken it well, and it has not been all that intimidating?

But for Sarah after her half naked stimulating and humiliating experience on the obstacle course, and the Tug A War, this strange feeling at the apex of her pubic mound, has returned with a vengeance?.

Being helpless with her hands bound tightly behind her back is bad enough, but being unable to see or where she has been taken, for her this experience along with her nipples becoming hard and the sensation of wet female ambiance in her female folds has left Sarah with mixed unsure and even more unsettling emotions?. Three old sturdy maple chairs have been brought in and the girls are quickly made to sit down!


No words have been spoken since they have descended the stairs. Louise to her surprise hears voices in an east African Somalia dialect, one she is somewhat familiar with, one she has studied and mostly understands !

Vanessa on the other hand has not taken any language courses and is unsure about the voices or what is being said ? But Sarah already stimulated distraught and understanding nothing of what was said is becoming ever more terrified! Then she feels her wet button less shirt torn into shreds of balled up cloth, wadded up and forcefully shoved through her pretty young lips!

Then her lips are forced closed, and a large rectangular strip of sticky black tape is tightly pulled over them sealing it tight! At almost the same time a similar thing has happened to Vanessa who objects vocally as wadded fabric and then the black tape renders her speechless? This is followed by first Sarah then Vanessa and finally all three being tightly bound to the chairs! It has been done with strong brown hemp ropes, below the knee around their ankles and finally three wraps of this rope above, and then below that squeeze their breasts out vulgarly!

For Vanessa and especially Sarah, this treatment has left both with their large tits almost ready to burst out, and them helplessly bound unable to speak and barely able to breathe! Louise then hears, Vanessa's muffled groan followed by Sarah who is struggling to breathe?

Then a finger is placed under Louise's chin and in this strange tongue she is told that if she does not cooperate Sarah's perversely hard and stimulated nipples will be cut off!. Louise cannot believe what has just been said.

they are recruits on a Royal Naval training base in the west of England and. that this comment could only be a harmless threat for training purpose only! Or could it?.She the only one un gagged is now the center of their attention! Then with a hand under her chin she feels cold steel against her lovely lips. Cold razor sharp steel, that is slowly moving and barely cuts the skin.and the taste of salty blood, hers is now apparent!. OMG!

Her mind races as she hears Sarah who is well gagged try to speak again with a terrified muffled moan, OMG? What are they doing to her? Apparently they have carefully cut her bra loose in between her big beautiful breasts, this has released these incredible restricted gems, and have pulled the brassier off exposing these totally unencumbered virgin breasts, and have placed the same sharp cold steel against one of her nipples!

Then in broken Arab and Somalia English, enough to where Sarah now understands exactly what has been said, hears the words directed at Louise, talk you white English bitch or we will cut the girls perked nipples off!. Sarah, now terrified securely bound and unable to move tries with all her might to pull away, but is hardly able to move at all! This time a low bloodcurdling squeal is barely heard through the tight gag, as she feels the sharp point of steel first poke against one her beautiful soft breasts and then this sadistic woman with a good hold on one of Sarah's nipples, can feel the cold steel move!

Sarah more terrified than ever, has easily passed out from only the thought, and dreadful fright of it all! Louise not sure of what has happened, and before she can say anything the next victim is Vanessa? Her shirt is ripped open with buttons flying off in all directions. then pulled wide open exposing her bra and equally large breasts! She is also tightly bound, but her nipples are easily silhouetted through the sheer feminine material, as holes are cut in just the right place's that allow just her nipples to be sinfully exposed!

Again the order is given. for Louise to talk, a question she cannot answer as her shirt is next to be ripped open exposing her cleavage modest bra and both of her well shaped but much smaller pointy breasts! Still wearing the bra, her breasts have first been roughly squeezed so hard it hurts, followed by her nipples being harshly grabbed pulled and then twisted viciously through the thin fabric! This has brought tears to her eyes as scream after painful scream escapes her salty tasting lips!

This sadistic MI5 instructor yells at her a question that this sadistic bitch knows cannot be answered?.Then a most unusual smell has turned her, Vanessa and Sarah's lights out, unknown to her a gray haze takes effect, they have all been drugged rendering them totally helplessly and immobile. All of this that has been done to physiologically intimidate these impressionable young women! Later, Louise is finally awaken by Corky, she and the other girls have been dumped unceremoniously out behind their barracks and are still tightly bound!

They have been stripped of their clothes leaving them totally helpless unconscious and in only their bra and knickers, all but Sarah that is! Who is topless wearing only wet knickers as her brasserie is no where to be found! For Corky not knowing, at first and wondering what had happened? As she had been returned to their training barracks earlier only to receive a mysterious call that the young women in her training squad were out back, and in need of her help!

Corky leaving Sarah for last who seemed to be blissfully asleep in the half light of the late afternoon, first helped Louise who could barely walk and and then Vanessa untying them and assisting them into their bunks. Then with Sarah still tightly bound and out of it Corky has carefully picked her up and carried her into their barracks and laid her down, but it is on Corky's bunk in a more secluded area of the large mostly empty barracks!

For Corky it is almost to much for her to imagine! To see not only Sarah this beautiful shapely young childlike woman, one she has lusted after. almost naked, and totally helpless, and in only her undies! With Louise and Vanessa woozy and recovering slowly will take till morning for them to fully recover and to be in an aware and alert state!

This has allowed Corky the luxury of taking her time untying Sarah and even more time inspecting not only her beautiful and totally unencumbered breasts nipples, and the ambiance of her truly golden brown female pubic hair and almost hidden pink pussy folds! But also is a bonus to fondle and squeeze quite harshly Louise and Vanessa's breasts!

For a true lesbian like Corky, it is like having beautiful young bisexual virgins that are naked and asleep in her flat, ones that have come for their first bisexual experience! Sarah still out of it. has allowed Corky to slowly work the moist Knickers down and around her shapely buttocks and past her pubic "V"! All the way down pulling them off and sticking them in her pocket?

She was now able to view Sarah's tender succulent female treasure, up close and very personal! Hesitant, at first but with no one watching, and no one to stop her was overcome with horny lust! Corky unable to stop herself easily went down on Sarah, burying her face in this attractive young woman's so appealing bush and pussy folds!.

For her this wet sweet slit and incredible tender pussy allowed Corky to gorge herself on the most intimate part of a young woman's female anatomy, and gorge herself she did! Sarah still out of it only moaning from time to time, and after all that had happened, this to her was a most enjoyable and pleasurable dream! But is was half slumber and half reality as she experienced one unrestricted sexual orgasm after another! The next day all had recalled this most terrifying ordeal, but it was Louise who had calmed their fears and put them to rest by passing their ordeal off, and the fact that all had been found almost naked and helplessly bound, as just part of their training, giving the impression that it was no big deal and was nothing for them to worry about!

But in Louise's mind it was, a real possibility and one of being captured raped and tortured that would haunt her off, and on over the next several weeks? "Endurance Course." With the third day starting Corky had asked Sarah if she slept okay last evening and was pleasantly surprised, as she confided that she had one of the most realistic dreams of someone orally pleasuring her to orgasm numerous times, and was the best dream she had ever had, and that the experience was wonderful!

The Endurance Course consisted of a different obstacle route across rough and hilly terrain in boots bergan packs and combat gear. Obstacles again include chest deep pools and muddy tunnels, some of which were completely underwater, thus making clothing heavy and ensuring that the recruit trainees were again cold and wet from the onset.

But wet clothing on shapely young large breasted women have a most unusual effect on them, and any of the men watching! After the obstacle course there is a run back to the training center, any candidates who fall or finish behind the last instructor would normally be failed.

But again concessions have been made just for women like Sarah! But for her, struggling to just pass this strenuous course, and at least unknowingly being sexually pleasured had left her with a more positive feeling that she might actually be able to complete the required tasks?

Immediately after the endurance course they return and collect their gear which had been prepared for the night and in groups of two travel to either the hilly or a flat section of the Bottom Field where they will spend the rest of night on a field craft exercise! The next day is a repeat of the first three with exception of the prisoner interrogation which has not been mentioned again at all!

It is as if it never happened? Then there is a swimming assessment. The girls are required to swim the perimeter of the pool using the breaststroke which for Sarah and Vanessa gives a whole new meaning to the words breaststroke! It will be a swim unaided after jumping off of a 6 metre and 10 metre diving tower. They will also have to get out of the pool unaided (without using the ladders) It is a test. But trainees who are deemed weak swimmers will have to take extra swimming sessions in order to make it through recruit training.

There is also escape underwater practice from an overturned boat! Again for Louise it is no problem as she in college, was a good swimmer and had competed in the high dive competition from both the 6 metre and 10 metre platform. None were required to dive only jump into the water from these two heights, but Louise had kept her competition swim suit, one of those incredible slick skin tight form fitting suits that showed every bit of her female form and in vivid detail!

OMG! You could see her beautiful breasts and nipples along with her equally incredible heart shaped bottom as if she was wearing nothing at all! But what was of most interest even to Corky was her flat tummy naval and pubic mound that one could actually count each and every one of golden brown pussy hairs!

She had worn this stunning light blue skin tight, better known as a skin suit under her Khaki uniform for the 6 metre jump.

But up on the 10 metre platform had stripped down to only it, and with everyone watching in awe, took her time making several mock attempts and then with little effort did a one and a half reverse, and perfectly entered the water with almost no splash at all! If it would have been an Olympic event she would have received a perfect score of 10! Then with even less effort had swam the entire perimeter of the pool, and easily with ho help from anyone pulled herself up, and out of the pool.

This left her standing next to the pool with her hands over her head turning to let everyone view her incredible body! Just like an Olympic swimmer who had, successfully completed a most difficult dive for the more than impressed judges!

This was met by all who had witnessed it, in stunned silence! But it was not only this most demanding requirement that left them stunned, it was the overly tight light blue skintight Olympic swimming suit, one like I said that left nothing to anyone's imagination? There was no doubt none at all. about Louise as she was all female, and a most perfectly specimen of one at that! Next was Vanessa who successfully was able to meet the requirements from both the 6 and the 10 metre height followed by her required swim!

But again it was more that a challenge for Sarah who was, with Corky's help and encouragement barely able to jump from the 6 metre platform. As Corky up on the platform with her and trying to help, had actually by mistake pushed her off!

Every one thought she would never be able to meet the 10 metre requirement and the instructors would not let Corky go up and help her, push her!

But Corky had coached and encouraged Sarah from the base of the tower telling her not to look down, and to just look forward and walk off the end!.It was all Sarah could do just to climb the tower and during the climb most thought she would never make it to the top!

But some how she did, only to freeze while standing on the very edge of the 10 metre platform, when finally up there! All. after shouting and with much encouragement were ready to give up and help her down.


But not Corky, who had at the last, in desperation hollered up remember the other night! The wonderful dream, would you like to have another one just like it?

As she held up Sarah's lacy Knickers that had been missing for several days? The shock and realization for Sarah of this wonderful dream. not being a dream at all, and in dazed wonder had lost her balance and helplessly tumbled off of the 10 metre platform head first, hitting the water with a big splash! But her big breasts had quickly brought her to the surface, and no one had noticed that her loose fitting khaki male trousers were now floating in the pool some distance away as she, again with Corky's encouragement started to swim along the perimeter of the pool!

There was no way this young woman could drown, big breasts like these were built in floatation devices and easily kept her head above water allowing her to swim the required distance! Every one except their black training instructor was happy and relieved that Sarah had finally made it. But the real surprise and humiliation came when Corky was allowed to help Sarah out of the pool, and in doing so had left her standing there bottomless with her bare assed, and it sinfully exposed for all to see, as she had worn nothing under her trousers!

It took several minutes for her to realize she was bare below the waist and several more for someone to fish out her trousers as a towel was finally wrapped around her naked and most attractive young bottom!

This had left her crimson and horribly embarrassed! Over the next several weeks small arms training were conducted, where all did well. Sarah who every one thought would never be a competitive marksman, let alone good at it had astonished her instructors, and the girls in her squad by scoring well with not only the Glock, but exceptionally well with the SA80 assault rifle!

She also amazed her instructors in explosive training by quickly and efficiently making shape charges and numerous explosive devices.

ones that required precise amounts of C4 and delicate set ups with steady hands, both had reversed her failing performance to a passing one! Apparently Corky with Sarah's less than hesitant approval had been orally pleasuring her on a regular basis since the pool experience, and this had given her a renewed confidence along with the interest and burning desire to achieve! Classes on Arabic and Somalia languages was an almost every day thing as both Louise and Vanessa could soon actually carry on conversations in either language, but Sarah and Corky never seemed to master or even understand any, but the most basic phrases?

The last several weeks of their training was intense a rescue boat like the one they were to use and similar to it, was provided for this special training. It was a clandestine thing made to look like a naval oceanographers fishing vessel, that all were required to master!

Louise was assigned the Capt Vanessa the first officer and Corky as the engineering officer, and of course Sarah was to be the go to deck officer! At graduation with all of them standing tall in their incredibly well tailored tight Royal naval female officers uniforms and their chests pounding and breasts almost ready to burst from their uniforms with the pride of successfully completing such a most rigid arduous and challenging training regime, even if it was a watered down one!

They were so proud and ready as their names were called and their graduation certificates and commissions were handed out! Continued in Chapter two