Trainer gets lucky with stunning brunette babe

Trainer gets lucky with stunning brunette babe
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"Hello?" "Hey babe, my brother went out so I have the house to myself. Come over?" "Ok baby I'll be right over." I hung up the phone and raced to my closet. 'What can I wear? Can't be too sexy' After a few minutes I finally picked out short shorts that complimented my long tan legs with no panties and a tank top with no bra for easy access. The drive to my boyfriend's house almost seemed like forever but I finally arrived. I basically hopped out the car and skipped to his the front door.

My boyfriend opened the door, looking me up and down. "You might want to pick your mouth off the floor David." I walked past him making my way to the living room. Of course he followed behind me. I stopped in front of the couch to take my shoes off and I felt his muscular arms wrap around my waist while he sensually kissed from my neck to my ear.


He led me to the couch and sat me down on his lap. His hard on felt so good on my ass. He pulled down my tank top revealing my perky 36C breast. My pussy started tingling when he sucked on my nipples.

His tongue felt so good tracing little circles around it, just teasing me like the jerk he is. Just as I was getting into it, I heard the door slam shut. I jumped up off his lap and sat next to him. He gave me the most devious smile knowing he turned me on. A guy and a girl walked into the living room. The guy was about 6" with muscles that you could just drool over for days. His blue eyes and brown hair just added on to everything.

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The girl was so small and petite. I would say about 5'4. She was Asian and had long flowing black hair. She was only wearing a mini dress and heels. My boyfriend got up and gave the hot guy a handshake. "Oh bro, this is my girlfriend Heather, Heather this is my brother Kevin and his girlfriend Gina." They both smiled and waved and I just awkwardly smiled and waved back. They sat on the other side of the couch and there was nothing but silence until David put his arm around me and gave me the most passionate kiss I've ever experienced.

The kind of kiss that sends shivers down your spine. David's tongue reached for mine and soon we were dancing with our tongues. His fingers went down for my shorts and I thought he would stop since his brother was there but he unbuttoned my jean shorts and reached into my shorts. Soft moans came out my mouth when he started rubbing my clit in circles. As his kisses were traveling down my neck, his fingers were sliding down my slit. He kissed up to my neck and whispered, "Damn you're so wet." I opened my eyes and saw David's brother's hand in Gina's panties while she watched my boyfriends fingers slide inside my wet cunt.

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I can't explain it but it turned me on even more. Seeing someone get pleasure from me getting pleasure. Gina moved Kevin's hand out of her panties and moved over to me.

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"Hey David do you think I can try?" He smiled and asked me, "Is it ok baby? It'll be so hot." I nodded and took a seat by his brother. Gina got behind me and I felt her small hands lift my tank top revealing my tits.

This is twice tonight. She grabbed one and started rubbing down my body to my unbuttoned shorts.

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Next thing I know, she has two fingers deep in my wet pussy while squeezing one of my nipples. I've never been with a girl but this was so amazing. "Have you ever ate pussy baby?" She asked. I shook my head no. She stopped her amazing treatment and slipped out of her panties and tight dress.

David and Kevin's shorts and boxers were on the floor and they were playing with their dicks. I crawled over to my boyfriend and swirled my tongue around the head of his dick.

He sat back and just enjoyed the show. Gina got under me and took off my shorts while spreading my legs. Her soft lips started sucking on my clit and I almost lost it.


I loved sucking my boyfriend while having a gorgeous girl eat my tight pussy. I took half of David's 8" cock into my mouth and sucked as if it was a lollipop. I couldn't help but moan. Kevin got up and took a position between Gina's legs. I felt her inch back a little but she was back to licking and sucking in no time. David's hot cum shot all the way back to my throat.

I got up and sat on his lap. Watching Gina get fucked was so hot. she moaned and groaned but he just plowed her. I sat over her face again but this time facing Kevin.

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I leaned over and started licking her clit sometimes getting a lick of Kevin's dick. David got behind me shoved his big dick up my pussy. It took me by surprise so I let out a loud moan. He grabbed my waist and kept fucking me harder and harder. I wanted more, I needed more.

Kevin gave one last thrust until he pulled out his cock and squirted his cum all over my face and Gina's pussy. I didn't mind. My boyfriend and I came at the same time and all his cum dripped on to Gina's face. We all laughed and giggled. I wanted to clean up the cum so I started licking it off her pussy. Their juices mixed together was almost heavenly. I grabbed his cock and licked it clean and Gina did the same for my boyfriend. That night there was nothing but cum stains on the couch, clothes on the floor and four satisfied people.

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