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Kelan- 18. A new student in high school. He has red hair and deep blue eyes. Is small for his age and very thin. He has been told he actually looks like a middle schooler. He is an introvert that does his best to avoid the limelight. Kelan comes from a broken family.

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He father died when he was young, a drunken driving accident. His mother fell into depression and started drinking heavily. She moves around a lot in attempts to find jobs so Kelan doesn't have any friends. Currently he believes he is straight. *Story will be written from my (Kelan) point of view.* Langdon- 18. A senior in Highschool. He has brown hair and grey eyes.

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He is the captain of the varsity swimming team. He has the thin, yet muscular, body with very little hair. Langdon is one of the popular kids in school. He is always at every party and is always the center of attention. Langdon comes from a middle class family, his father is CPA and his mother is a nurse. Has two little brothers. Currently he is bisexual, secretly.

Setting- Fairwater High School. Student population of 1,500 and town population of 80,000.

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Takes place in the Far Water Swimming Pool area. The shrill whistle blasted through the air. Langdon pushed off the starting block and dived into the cool water. He fell into a quick pattern. Three strokes, a breath of air, three strokes, a breath of air. Again and again until he gets near to the opposite pool wall. When he gets close enough he takes a deep breath of air and he flips. He places his feet on the wall and pushes off. He comes up for air a little short of the quarter mark in the pool.

"Come on Langdon! Your flip turn needs to be faster if you want to shave off time in your 100 meter freestyle. Count how many strokes it takes from the flags to reach the wall, then just flip two strokes before." Coach Byers yelled from the deck. Langdon nodded and got ready to count. He reached the overhead flags and started to count one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Seven strokes to reach the wall. He went back to flags and counted to five strokes, then flipped underwater.

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He placed his feet on the wall and pushed off. When he came up for air he had passed the flags. "There you go!" Coach Byers yelled from the sideline, he checked his watch and then nodded to the team. "Give me a 100 cool down, then you boys are free to go." Langdon smiled at his teammates and they casually swam with each other.

Finishing their laps, they jumped out of the pool and grabbed their towel. "Think you'll beat the Damien kid, next week?" A boy named Jack said as he followed Langdon out of the pool area.

"Maybe, I just need to practice more. Although, if Damien just broke his arm. That wouldn't hurt." Langdon laughed and lead the team into the locker room.

I was in the swimming pool locker room collecting some dirty towels for laundry. I worked a few hours after school everyday to save up money for my college tuition. Being from a broken family, I needed to save every cent I could get my hands on. Sadly, moving from town to town with my mother wasn't making it easy. I couldn't hold a steady job and being a student in Far Water didn't make things any easier. Luckily Fairwater High employed me as a student janitor for the pool area.

As I did laundry for the Swim Team I could hear their practice through the hallways. Not only did I make a little side money but I got to see hot naked boys everyday. Definitely a perk of the job.

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Especially Langdon. I have had more than a few late night fantasies about what Langdon hid in his team trunks.

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The sounds of water splashing, whistles blaring, and voices bouncing off the walls returned my thoughts back to earth. I put my head down and focused on the pile of laundry in front of me. I noticed a piece of red cloth, a pair of boxers had gotten mixed up in the towels. Setting them aside, I quickly finished putting the towels into the washing machine and starting a load in the dryer.

I cleaned up a bit and grabbed the boxers on my way out.I walked into the locker that smelled of dirty guys and chlorine from the pool. When I went to set the boxers back, the swim team entered the locker room.


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Langdon, the pool boy's got your boxers!" one of the guys yelled. I looked up and saw Langdon staring at his underwear, which was in my hand. "Uh. no. This was a mistake.


I just got it mixed up in the towels." I tried to explain. Two of the bigger boys moved forward and grabbed me, pushing me to my knees. The entire team stood behind Langdon as he stepped forward and crossed his arms. "Why were you messing with my clothes?" Langdon asked staring down at my small frame. "It was an accident, a mistake!" I answered quickly. Langdon stared down at me. As I knelt before him I noticed something. I was eye level with Langdon's package.

His skin tight suit gave him an obvious outline. I gulped and looked back up at Langdon. Too late, the swim team noticed my staring. "Hey Langdon. I think the pool boy is a fag." a boy near the back yelled. I felt my face go blood red as I see Langdon stare at me. "Hey guys, I think I just found us a new way to cool down." Langdon smiled at me.

I stared at him as his hand slid along his waistline and pulled his trunks off. I was kneeling before Langdon's flaccid dick. I looked behind him to see the entire Swim Team smile and rub their own crotches.

"Suck it pool boy." Langdon said.


I just stared at his limp tool. It was one of my deepest fantasies come true yet I never envisioned the entire team. It was making me a little uncomfortable. "No." I struggled against the two boys holding me, but to no avail. Langdon just smiled and moved closer until his cock touched my lips.

"Suck it. You know you want to." He smirked. I couldn't deny the fact that I did. But here? With his entire team watching? "Fine." Langdon grabbed his dick, which had gotten a little hard, and pushed it into my mouth. He grabbed the side of my head and started to face fuck me. I was in Heaven. He quickly grew to full length, maybe 8 or so inches. He pulled out, leaving a trail of spit from my lip to his swollen head. "Since you won't do this willingly. We won't go gentle. Have fun boys." Langdon said, stepping away.

I saw that by now the entire team had stripped and were jerking themselves off. I saw cocks of all different sizes and color. I won't lie, it was fucking HOT! I quickly got over the fear of doing stuff for this group as they quickly surrounded me and held their cocks out for me to suck.

After my initial refusal with Langdon, many just shoved their dicks into my mouth and face fucked me. Soon they didn't need to do that, I found myself eagerly sucking away. The two boys even let me go, to have their rods sucked too. I found myself getting hard as I sucked away. While my right hand would grab the base of their cocks, my left hand rubbed my own bulge. I could tell that these hard boys were wanting more.

After a brief internal debate I gave in. I rose from my spot on the ground and tugged at my pants slipping them off. I had just gotten them off when I was roughly pushed over a bench and felt my hole being poked by a hard dick.

"Fuck. He's a virgin." The boy said, followed by laughter and cheers. I felt cold liquid get poured on my hole and knew it was lube.

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After many attempts I felt pain explode from my backside as he managed to get his cock past my ring. I let out a cry of pain and instantly had my mouth filled with another guy's cock. My screams were muffled by his thick meat. I was being spit roasted! Everybody cheered as they went to town on me. I could feel the boy's hard cock max out in my ass as pain traveled through my body. My muscles tightened which just pushed the body to move faster. "Fuck. I'm. gonna." The boy started to grunt. He couldn't even finish before he started to pump his cum into my backside.

The guy at my mouth was quick to follow, he pushed deep inside and I felt warm liquid hit my throat. As they both pulled out, I was quickly filled back up by another team. I didn't have time to catch my breath. The more this pair worked on me, the less pain I felt. Soon pleasure started to take over and my moans of pain turned into ones of pleasure.

The quickly dumped their loads and were replaced by yet another team. Over and over again. This horny boys would fuck me, cum in me, and let another two guys work on me.

At one point they move me from my bent over position to me laying on my back. A hour or so must have passed before most of the boys had their turn and left to go home. After the last pair creamed my insides I noticed one person remained.

Langdon. He was sitting across for me slowly jerking himself with a cocky grin on his face. I knew exactly what he wanted. I lifted my legs up and exposed my used hole to him.

He smiled and got behind me. With everyone's cum already inside of me, he slipped right in. He was one of the bigger boys, if you know what I mean, and having him inside was a dream come true. He bent low over me and started to pound away. I gasped and wrapped my arms around his shoulders as he made me his toy. Sadly, he didn't last very long. His thrusts got deeper and harder and soon he shoved as far as he could into me.

I felt him add his baby batter to the pool I already had inside of me. He stayed inside of me and smiled at me. Once he started to go soft he pulled out and grabbed his clothes. "See you tomorrow. Kelan." He said with a smile. Thanks for reading guys, please let me know what you think.