Fucking a red headed milf

Fucking a red headed milf
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This is my first post, I hope someone reads it and gives me some feedback! I have tried to write a longer story that builds - so patience and anticipation adds to the effect . You try to do your best. You try to offer professional leadership, guidance and protection. Sometimes though, it doesn't matter what you do you end up compromised. As a sports teacher at a school in leafy Buckinghamshire in the UK, I did not have to deal with many of the issues of discipline, disrespect, thuggery and thieving experienced by colleagues working in inner-city schools.

Our school intake comprised boys and girls aged between 14 and 18 from, predominantly, a middle class, market town and rural community. The kids were, on the whole, well behaved, they understood why they were at school and that the achievement of decent exam grades were important and were a motivation.

As a member of the Sports Departments, I taught PE, field hockey, basketball, volleyball, cricket, rugby and football (that's soccer if you are from the USA). Male members of the sports department were scheduled to take the girls as a normal part of the timetable although this would tend to focus on the team games like hockey, football and rugby.

The school had a fantastic reputation for putting out above average teams that competed, and "punched above our weight" in many sports. In particular, our girls' football and rugby teams have acquired a brilliant record over the years, turning out numerous schools county and national championship winning teams. My life, my career and my whole future ended up being "on the line" as the result of our under 17 girls rugby team reaching another national final.

This final was held at Twickenham, the home of English rugby and was a fantastic reward in itself for the finalists to take the pitch in a 90,000 capacity stadium where the great and the good have represented the country at rugby.

The under 17s team was made up almost exclusively of 16 year olds with a smattering of 17 year olds whose birthday fell after the academic cut off point. Rugby offers individuals of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to partake, and contribute to the team.

The heavier more muscled girls would be "forwards" the girls in the "pack" that scrimmaged and fought for the ball on the ground and at "line-outs". The faster and more athletic girls would be "backs", the girls that ran with the ball, passing along the line to create an opening to score a touchdown. The reputation of our girls' rugby team attracted girls of every type to the squad.

It was as "cool" to play for the rugby team as it was to have a boyfriend and wear mini skirts, blonde hair and painted nails. As a male teacher of a group of 16 year old girls I was of course extremely aware of their bodies, their looks and their sexuality. It was impossible not to be. But professionalism must me maintained and private, darker thoughts suppressed and ignored at all times. At the age of 35, I was still in reasonable shape.

At 6 foot 2 inches and weighing in at around 185 pounds, I still had all of my hair, kept myself fit and though single, I still had reasonable success with the ladies.

My latest relationship had finished a couple of months earlier when a female colleague that I had been seeing for about six months had taken a job abroad for a year - although we planned to get back with each other on her return. Many of the girls flirted with me and were often "suggestive" in their speech and their movement but that is to be expected with 16 year old girls and a male teacher needs to deal with these issues professionally and in the knowledge that the girls are merely exploring the boundaries, experiencing "crushes" or just displaying high spirits or responding to "dares" from their friends.

The captain of the team was Gemma. She played fly half (the rugby equivalent of a quarterback). She was the leader of the team both on and off the pitch. She was 5ft 8in, slim, but with good shoulders, a narrow waist, and extremely long and toned legs. Her breasts were 36b. She was also stunningly beautiful. Wearing a swimsuit in the school pool, she looked every inch a Vogue model. On the pitch though she was the linchpin that made the decisions as our playmaker but she was equally happy to take out an opponent running towards her at full speed and put herself and her body on the line an to take down the opposition in aggressive defence.

Her teammates were led by her example and would do anything she asked of them on the pitch. As a special treat for the team, the school had arranged for hotel accommodation the night after the game at Twickenham. Our school was about 50 miles from the ground so it was felt that after a 3.00pm kick off, and with the celebrations or commiserations to follow, the team wouldn't make it back to school until mid evening at the earliest and that they would come back in the dark to an empty school.

Better that we aim to arrive back at lunchtime the following day so that the team could, hopefully, get a rousing reception from the school as they brought home the trophy again. So we left on hired luxury coach with the team comprising 20 girls (15 starters with 5 for the bench), myself and a female member of the Sports Department, Sophie.

Sophie was short, stocky and not particularly good looking in any way. She was a lesbian and was "out". We had her met her partner at a number of school socials and many of the girls were also aware. Again, the girls, on the whole, were pretty cool with this and she didn't get too harder time. Sophie was a good friend as well as good colleague and great with the girls.

Another 50 seater coach left with our allotted number of supporters. This bus comprised kids that had done well in the year and been awarded academic or sports prizes.

This was a treat for them to be given the day off school to attend the game and support the team. They would head home straight after the game had finished We made it Twickenham in good time and were allowed to walk on the pitch and had a tour of the ground before we were shown to our meeting room and changing room. Just like the girls, I was in awe of the place, its size, its history and its facilities.

I met with the other team's coach together with other dignitaries and special guests that were attending the national final whilst Sophie took the girls to the changing rooms and then brought them out on to the pitch for the warm up. Ten minutes before kick off, the girls went back into the changing rooms to pull on their match shirts and then made there way out ready for kick off.

What happened over the next 80 minutes was, to be frank, not what anybody really wanted. A final should, ideally, be a close run affair with the best team winning by a close margin. The reality was though that my school team were just better in every department of play and romped home winners by 45 points to nil. We played superbly and the opposition were outclassed. Our forwards were too powerful and aggressive and our backs were too fast, too skilled and very well drilled.

Although there was only about 200 people in the stadium, all of these people were gathered around the area where the teams walked up the steps to collect their winners and losers medals.

Gemma accepted the trophy as captain to the accompaniment of as much noise and enthusiasm as 200 people can make. After the presentations, we went back to our meeting room in the ground where, still in their playing kit, the girls had a drink and met with our supporters before retiring to the changing rooms with Sophie whilst the supporters took the bus home. After about 20 minutes, Sophie appeared at my side looking a little flustered.

After a bit of questioning she explained that the girls were in high spirits and were being very "playful". She explained that unusually, all of the girls were completely naked at the same time and they were all horsing around. After further questioning, Sophie explained more about what she meant by "horsing around".

She said she had walked into the changing room to be met by some sort of scene from a lesbian fantasy movie. Whilst there was nothing actually sexual going on, in each area of the room, there was a mini-scene of the build up to something. In the shower, one girl was stood leaning facing the wall in the police, "spread" position with hands high against the wall with her feet back and spread whilst three other girls gently soaped her back and legs. Nothing sexual but very sexy.

On the massage table in the centre of the room, one girl laid out on her back with one knee raised and leaning to one side. One girl was at her head, massaging her neck and shoulders but not quite moving on to her very ample breasts. Another girl was concentrating on her waist and hip bone area but not moving on to her shaved pubic area. Another girl was gently applying oil to the straight leg in long, accentuated strokes from top of thigh to toes. She applied oil to her inner thigh area but didn't quite touch the smooth labia area.

She was tall and sinewy and bent forward as she massaged. Her beautiful breasts gently swayed as she moved up and down sometimes "inadvertently" touching the leg of her "patient". Her legs were spread slightly and her back was arched so that her arse cheeks were open wide and her swollen slit glistened with moisture. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at Sophie while she worked. The girl attending to the bent leg stood to the side with her patient's knee against her chest and breasts.

She was a shorter more rounded figure with larger rounded arse, shorter legs with a dark and very hairy mound. Her breasts were large and the patient's knee was placed in the separation between them.

As she massage up and down the inner thigh and calf, her palms sometimes rubbed and moved over her own breasts and erect nipples.

Her head was hung back with her eyes closed and her long dark hair hanging and swaying against her back as she moved. At the far end of the room, where each player has a part of the bench and the hanging space above, a line of girls were, supposedly, doing "warming down" exercises. There were six girls of various shapes and sizes but each one had their back to the door with their feet about 18 inches apart with their arms stretched towards the ceiling.

In a synchronised manner, they slowly folded in half to reach to touch the floor keeping their backs as straight as possible as they moved with their arms straight out. Half way down they halted for a few seconds. Then moved down and with their hands holding their ankles they made sure that Sophie could see that they could see her through their legs, and held her gaze before slowly returning to the standing position again.

A group of three girls that had finished showering were each rubbing lotion on to themselves. One girl concentrated on her breasts, one her lower back and arse the other one had one foot on the bench whilst she bent over her knee to rub lotion into her calf and shins. Finally, a circle of girls were "stretching out" on the floor on the other side.

The four girls faced inward in the circle with their legs spread as wide as possible while they alternately reached down each leg to stretch their backs and hamstrings. Their cunts were rammed into the floor and rubbed the tiled floor as they rocked down each leg alternately. As the girls leant forward, their breasts touched the floor and left an image in the condensation on the colder tiles.

Again, the girls simply looked at Sophie as they moved. The room was completely quiet. Sophie told me that she was so flustered by the vista that, at first, she stood rooted to the spot, unable to move as she took in each area. After what must have been a minute, she gathered herself and quickly said something about the arrangements and backed out of the door.

After a hanging on to the closed door handle for a few seconds, she said she heard a series of loud giggles as the girls let go and reacted to the show that they had just put on for Sophie. I was surprised and shocked by these revelations and Sophie was very red in the face although definitely not with anger. Sophie was keen to make sure that I said nothing and didn't react so that girls wouldn't know that Sophie had told me what had happened. That was all well and good but it meant that we were to carry on as if nothing had happened and that nothing had changed.

I couldn't admonish or punish the girls without them knowing that Sophie had spoken to me. If I or Sophie had of spoken to the girls, what could we have said? In isolation, none of the girls had individually done anything "wrong". Each act could be explained away completely innocently and any accusations by us could simply be reversed as perverted interpretations of wholesome and innocent acts.

After the girls were changed, they returned to the meeting room as if nothing had happened. They talked between themselves about the game - and to Sophie and I about how proud they were of themselves and how grateful they were for the coaching and support they received from us. We left the room to make our way back to the bus to take us to our hotel and as the last group left, Denise, one of the wingers said something to me.

Denise is very lithe and one of the least "developed" girls on the team. She is tall with gangly legs and is very, very slim. Her breasts are still buds and overall she still has the figure of a prepubescent 14 year old. She is an extremely fast runner though and that physical "awkwardness" disappears when she runs and is replaced with the grace and athleticism of a young mare. As I waited for Denise and her group to leave the room they stopped and Denise said, "on behalf of her team mates, that they were extremely grateful to me and that they wanted to show me their gratitude at some point" and then left.

I stood still as they walked away, looking at me over their shoulders. I was surprised by the "speech" and didn't know what to make of it. All I could say was "thank you" and that "I was pleased for them - and proud of them". The coach arrived at our small hotel just about 3 miles from the ground. It was now around 6.30pm. The hotel was a small commercial hotel with 25 rooms for paying guests.

With some single rooms and the majority being double rooms, and with Sophie and myself having two of the single rooms each, it meant that the team had the hotel to ourselves which I judged to be a good thing. There was a small bar and reasonable size dining room capable of seating around 30 people at tables of four. We had booked a three course evening meal in the hotel for everyone at 8.00pm.

I made sure that Sophie had the girls under control and that everyone knew that they had to be ready in the bar for one, celebratory, glass of wine by around 7.40pm. With an hour or so to kill before I needed to get ready, I decided to go out for a walk in the town and maybe get a coffee. I left my room key on the reception desk (although no one was on reception at the time) and had pleasant walk and sat outside at pavement café and had cappuccino and read the paper for a while.

However, I was distracted by earlier events and my mind wandered to the girls and, to my embarrassment, I found myself thinking about the girls, what Sophie had said she found in the changing rooms. I tried to imagine what Sophie had described and found myself getting aroused. My mind wandered to thinking about all of the different girls and their shapes and sizes. I wondered who shaved, who shaped, who still had a full bush and who if any had only the first soft down of pubity.

Did all the girls masturbate? Were they virgins or not? Were any of them very experienced? Did they ever masturbate with each other? Did they ever masturbate or eat each other's pussies? STOP! STOP! This was ridiculous! I am a professional teacher with a duty of care to my pupils I should not be allowing myself these thoughts let alone be aroused by them. That was all well and good but I needed to carry the newspaper strategically as I left the restaurant to hide my 8 inch cock which was tenting in my trousers.

A brisk walk back to the hotel resolved that issue and I asked for my room key. For whatever reason, my key couldn't be located quickly so they gave me one of the spares. I suppose hotels have to have spares to cover all of the occasions when guest leave the hotel forgetting to hand back their keys. I went to my room and had a shower. My mind started to wander again whilst showering and I dealt with the problem this time by jerking off with the hot water streaming over me. My cock was really hard and with thoughts of Gemma, Denise and the changing room scene described by Sophie, it didn't take long for me to shoot my load.

Standing there recovering, I switched the water to cold and stood as long as I could under the icy jets as punishment for my impure thoughts. I got dressed into a black suit and white shirt with no tie. The suit was a very sharp Armani number that was a present from my ex and I thought I looked good, even for a 35 year old. By the time I arrived in the bar area, most of the girls were already there, together with Sophie. Everyone had a glass of wine as agreed. What I wasn't prepared for though was the vision that lay before me.

I was faced with a room full of young women dressed in their very best party outfits. It seemed like the dress code was "show as much flesh as you dare get away with in public". All of the girls wore short skirts and high heels. Some had bare shoulders, some had bare midriffs - some had both.

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They had all done each others hair and make up and any man would think that they had died and gone to heaven. I got a big cheer as I entered the room with everyone standing and clapping.

I was embarrassed by the attention, touched by the gesture and gobsmacked by the view. I was sat at a table with Sophie and Gemma the captain as well as Natasha. "Sasha" as she was nicknamed by the team was the leader of the forwards. Playing at number 8, she needed to be strong, athletic, fearless and determined on the pitch.

Sat at the dinner table she was built like an Amazonian warrior and almost dressed like on. She was the tallest girl on the team at 5ft 11.

But rather than being tall and gawky she had every curve in exactly the right place. She wore a tight, white shirt top unbuttoned enough to reveal a small about of her bra and a very large amount of heaving cleavage. The rest of the bra was on view through her sheer linen top. Her tight black mini skirt was even shorter when she was sat with her legs crossed gently kicking her high black peep toed court shoes that revealed red painted toes to go with her red painted nails.

Her long blonde hair was pinned up and the fell in loose tresses back to her shoulders. Hair make up accentuated her high cheekbones and full lips. With Gemma wearing a short dress with spaghetti straps cut low to show her cleavage, the heavy weight of the detailing seemed to allow her body to move underneath without moving the fabric.

Again, beautiful, tall, slender, high heels hair and make up but with something else! There was a look, a confidence, an awareness that let me know she knew something that I didn't or was I just imagining it? As we had dinner, and between courses, various girls would arrive at the table to chat with me, Sophie, Gemma or Natasha. Each time, they would crowd around gently brushing me, touching me whilst they talked.

Some would crouch on their high heels whilst they talked giving me nowhere to look other than down their fronts or up their skirts. I kept reminding myself that these were the actions of totally innocent girls that had no idea of the effect they were having on me or Sophie for that matter. They couldn't possibly understand the impact of their appearance and manner. They were just dressing in the current fashion and behaving in a way that showed they were happy, innocent and at ease with the adults and their surroundings.

I needed to pee badly but there was no opportunity for me to get up from the table without revealing, once again, my aching cock straining at the leash in my pants. At one point, Denise came over and sat on Gemma's lap right next to me.

She had an arm round Gemma's neck and her hand "dangled" over Gemma's right breast. I swear she was gently brushing across Gemma's nipple whilst she talked. Her skirt was short but I was not prepared for the moment when Denise re-crossed her legs giving a momentary glimpse of her white underwear as she moved. I looked, she saw me look, and Gemma saw me look.

They both smiled, Denise got up and moved away only to be replaced by Samantha, our little scrum half. Samantha was the smallest in the team. Smallest in height - but not in boobs. She leaned over the table, supposedly to reach the menu card to see what was coming next and gave me a sideways view of her abdomen, complete with six-pack, her small bicep guns and her tits almost falling out of her boob tube.

I swear her nipple could have only been a millimetre from popping out. Again, when she was at full reach, she turned her head to me and gave me a big smile. Somehow, I got through the meal and managed to carry my jacket in front of me when I left to go for a piss to hide my embarrassment. When I returned, the room went quiet and Gemma stood and asked me to take my seat whilst she said a few words. When I sat, Gemma stood behind me and as she spoke she rested her hands on my shoulders.

I felt electricity shoot through me as I felt her fingers move to punctuate her speech. At the end of her very eloquent and warm speech of thanks to her team to Sophie and me, she asked the girls to form a line to shake hands with Sophie and myself and for them to each give us a peck on the cheek in turn.

By the time all 20 girls had said their thank you, I head been kissed on the cheek, the ear, my forehead and very close to my lips. Those that passed me didn't move away but stayed close which meant I was crammed between the other tables and 20 girls all close enough to accidentally bump or press against various parts of my anatomy. It was now around 10.00pm and I thanked the girls for all of their efforts but it was now time to close the evening and make our way to our rooms. I told them breakfast would be from 8.00am with the coach ready to depart for school at 10.00am.

I made my way back to my room and closed the door. I leant back on the door grateful that I had come through the evening unscathed. Now I was on my own I could vent my frustration by jerking off whilst imagining each of the girls again.

I had been fed, I had had a couple of glasses of wine, I had jerked off and sleep soon overwhelmed me. I awoke not knowing what was happening.

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I startled awake conscious of many bodies on top of me. There was something over my eyes and face, something was pushed into my mouth and each of my limbs was held down such that I couldn't wriggle let alone move. As I gathered my senses, I tried to work out how many people were holding me down. There were four or five people sat straddling my body with more and more hands holding down my arms and legs.

They were on top of the covers with me wearing just a pair of boxer shorts underneath. There were no voices and no audible communication of any type. If I moved, the area I moved was pressed firmer until I couldn't move. After what seemed like 5 minutes but could have been 30 seconds I felt hair brushing across my face to my ear. Then, a female whispered voice, with a "put on" French accent said "Don't fight, do not resist, and do exactly as I you are told and everything will be good".

Because of the whispered voice and the put on accent it was impossible to detect who was communicating. I knew it was a female, I had to assume it was one of the girls from the team but I couldn't "know" who it was. I was blind folded, gagged and pinned down. I was told, very gently to start moving my right arm outwards and then upwards whilst the pressure of an untold number of hands prevented me from doing anything other than instructed.

I heard the sound of tape being unwound gaffer or sports wrap. I felt the tape being wound around my wrist then felt the pressure as the tape was wrapped around something else. The process was repeated several times on the same wrist. Then I felt the brush of lips against my ear again as I was told to now move my other arm to a similar position. Again, the pressure was maintained giving me no option but to comply. The sound of tape, the wrapping round my wrist and to something else repeated several time as before.

Next, I felt the covers from the bottom of the bed being pulled out and then inch by inch the covers were pulled up with those on top of me, and holding me down, taking it in turns to let go as the covers went under them.

The whispered voice with the fake French accent came again in my ear. "Don't fight, don't resist, move your right leg outward". Again, I could do nothing but comply. Again the sound of the tape and this time my ankle was wound and then tied to something repeatedly.

The process was repeated for my other ankle. It went quiet and any noise associated with movement stopped. The whispered voice spoke again.

"We are going to get off you now. Don't try to struggle, you are wasting your time". One by one I felt the body weight lifted as those that had sat astride me moved off me and off the bed.

Then, one by one, I felt individual hands lift from my outstretched limbs. When, the last hand was removed, I immediately set about wriggling and fighting to free myself. It was hopeless. I was tied and trussed so strongly that there was no way that I would get free. I felt the bed covers being removed completely leaving me totally vulnerable. The struggling left me breathless but the gag remained so I had to breathe heavily through my nostrils.

Next I felt movement on one side of the bed as someone knelt on the mattress. I felt a touch on my boxer shorts and tried to struggle again. The whispered voice came again in my ear "if you struggle you may be hurt by the scissors cutting your shorts". That was enough of a warning to me and I laid still and held my breath.

I felt the brush of a knuckle and cold metal against the leg of my shorts as the material was slowly cut up the front to the waist band. Then the same process on the other side. Then, ever so slowly, the waist band at the centre of my shorts was slowly peeled down to reveal my flaccid cock. My shorts when then pulled away entirely from underneath me with various other cuts allowing the removal.

I then felt, from both sides of the bed, many hands start to touch my arms, shoulders, chest, stomach, hips thighs, calves and feet. Each hand barely touched me but moved in small circles or strokes. I couldn't believe but my body reacted immediately. I felt the blood start to engorge my cock and it start to move from the side to finish erect pointing straight up my belly.

Lifting on and off as I pulsed. My ball sack tightened up. Suddenly, on some unspoken command, all the hands were removed.

There was a pause, my senses were all working overtime to work out what was happening or what was to happen next. I felt a knee being once again pressed into the mattress beside me and then something brushed the bulbous head of my penis. It reacted and I tried to pull my hips back in a vain attempt to move away. The finger brushed again and again. Then the finger made small circles on the split at the head of my cock. It spread the pre cum around the helmet.

I could do nothing other than make muffled groans through the fabric in my mouth. Next I felt fingers gently brushing around by scrotum.

They moved and then lifted and very gently, massaged each ball. The whispered voice came again my ear. "Very gently, open the palm of your right hand" it said. I did as instructed. I felt movement of someone getting on the bed.

A heavy impression either side of my arm and then &hellip. Something warm and moist lowered on to my outstretched hand. "Don't hurt her" said the voice. "Move your fingers and feel her". I could feel a pussy just above my fingers.

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It wasn't sitting on my hand - it was an inch above. I did the best could and then the voice said "Slide a finger inside of her". I couldn't believe this was happening. I couldn't believe the girls were capable of this. I couldn't believe my reaction of getting a hard on and I couldn't believe I now wanted to feel that pussy.

The pussy gently lowered onto my index finger then lifted slowly and then down again. "Feel her clit'" said the voice. In the position I was in with the girl knelt on me facing in to me, my thumb soon found the sweet spot and a gently rubbed the hot, firm clitoris.

For the first time, I heard a gasp. The voice appeared again. "The same thing is going to happen on the other hand now". I felt the person climb to kneel on the bed over my arm and kissed my hand with their pussy. "Give her the finger" said the voice. "Now find her clit'". "Make them both cum" said the voice I felt other bodies moving closer in and I assumed that the person was getting attention from others in the room as well. I thrust my fingers in and out on both sides and rubbed the two clits' for only 30 seconds before I felt an urgency and more pressure coming from the two pussies then I felt them both press down on me at the same time.

It was hard to keep my fingers moving but, by now, I was into this game and wanted to play my part. I sensed the moment coming and fought to keep things going whilst their pussies ground into my hand. I felt their juices gush down on to my hands and their weight slide across my fingers as they elongated their after pleasure.

The voice again "They are going to move away now. But we have only just started" I felt the two bodies move off from the bed. The voice whispered again "Stick out your index finger on each hand".

I obeyed. I felt hands touch my hands and apply some sort of lotion or lubrication. "You will feel the tight rim of arse hole on each finger. I want you to gently rub on the outside and then slowly try to insert your fingers" I was waiting for the contact, expecting to feel butt cheeks or something.

But the first contact was indeed the rippled rim of an arse hole on each finger. The must be bent over with their backs to the bed and gently and gradually impaling themselves on my outstretched digits.

The anus on my right hand was the first to make progress. The girl (I hope it was a girl) was more urgent and pressed back harder to receive my finger more quickly. Nevertheless, she was very, very tight and only after a number of gentle "rockings" did my finger start to make progress. She pulled away again and then pushed back. Each time pushing further. Eventually, she made it to the knuckles of my other fingers.

I was able to concentrate more on my other hand now where the contact around my finger was vice like.

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More lubrication was added, more pressure pushing back and then it gave and suddenly a whole inch went in at once. There was a gasp and a pause. Then a retreat before more pressure was applied pushing again down to the hilt this time. Lips touched my ear again and whispered "Add another finger now".

I started back on the other side. The arse had withdrawn to free my single finger completely.

Then, as I added a second, she started to push again and this time entry was gained quickly and she pushed the whole back in one in one gentle and continuing thrust until she had both fingers all of the way. I don't know how she was able to move. Maybe she was being supported and helped by others but she started to move faster back and forth. I could hear muffled noises. Maybe she had something in her mouth to stop any sounds leaving it.

"Now the other hand" I didn't think that the tighter anus could take another finger but the arsehole had relaxed more now and again, with my second finger added, progress was made quickly this time and soon the owner was rocking back and fore in time with the girl on the opposite side. As the bodies moved rhythmically back and forth, I occasionally felt the presence of other hands and fingers in the area. I didn't know whether these were the girls' hands or those of other girls present.

The whispered voice again "I am going to remove your gag now. Don't make a sound or you will only suffer". I felt the gag being untied and the lower part of my face now free. Then came a different movement. I could tell that someone had got on at foot the end of the bed and was now walking up the bed with their feet either side of me.

The feet stepped over my spread legs and then stopped just below my armpits I couldn't believe this was happening to me. What am I supposed to do? Exactly what is a professional teacher supposed to do when he is bound and tied and held hostage by an unknown number of girls committing all sorts of sex acts upon him? I felt the bed move as the person that was previously standing over me now lowered themselves. I felt her knees land above my outstretched arms with her shins over my biceps.

"Stick out your tongue said the voice" As I did I could sense and smell the unmistakable aroma of a hot wet pussy. My tongue met with the smoothness and I flicked my tongue to taste the owner. There was a jerk and a shudder on first contact but the pussy soon returned to receive more.

Soon the pussy was sliding over my mouth and chin I used my chin to push against the now wide parted lips. She used my chin, tongue, nose and face to bring herself to a climax and ground her pelvis down on my as she shuddered and thrust herself down as she came. She continued to writhe and thrust through a very long orgasm and I was soon getting short of air as her arse covered my mouth and her vagina was over my nose making it difficult to breathe for a second or two. I felt her weight lift off me all at once.

She wasn't walking or crawling off the bed she was being lifted off by others and moved away. I became conscious again of the two arses still rocking back and forth on my fingers. I felt their movements quicken and become more urgent and powerful. I felt more hands moving furiously at their pussies and then they both came at the same time, both pushing back along my fingers. I tried to curl and rub inside with my fingers as they sat back on to my otherwise open palms. Slowly, the girls gradually pulled away and I felt their arseholes close, almost snap shut, against the tips of my fingers.

"What happens next is just for starters. Don't cum" said the whispered voice. I felt numerous bodies get on the bed either sitting or kneeling on the sides. I felt very light fingers start to touch my all over. My whole body seemed to be touched at the same time. Now my cock stood to attention aching for contact. I felt something touch my helmet again and start to spread my pre cum around the helmet and down the shaft. Then a lubricated hand gently wrapped itself around the base of the shaft and then started to slowly move up, circle my helmet then squeeze down.

Whilst this process started, another hand (or hands, I couldn't tell) massaged my ball sack. This soon had me feeling the onset of an explosion. I started to move my hips in time with the strokes and made my movements more and more urgent.

"I want to cum" I gurgled through the gag. No sooner had the words almost left my mouth, all contact stopped.

All hands were removed. I was left stranded aching to be finished off with my cock lifting and falling back on to my belly as I pulsed. The accented, whispered voice reappeared "I said don't cum not yet!" The words left me both sorry and hopeful at the same time. "Keep still now. Keep your feet still. Keep your hands still and be ready with your tongue" she went on.

I felt movement at the foot of the bed. Someone had got on and was manoeuvring them selves to kneel over my right foot. I felt hands keep my foot still whilst a very sloppy and wet pussy lowered itself and rubbed itself against my toes. Downward pressure meant that a number of my toes were now inside the vagina.

I felt more movement now around my other foot. Hands held my foot whilst another body knelt over it, then touched, rubbed and then seemed to start to nibble at my toes.

I wiggled my toes and prompted down ward pressure from the owner - I swear half my foot was inside a cunt. Next came movement at the side of the bed again level with my head. Knees were placed either side of my outstretched arms and I soon felt hot pussies being lowered on to my hands and fingers as before.

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Someone got on the foot end of the bed again and walked up and then lowered themselves to squat over my face. I reached out with my tongue and chin to seek whatever was above me. Another dripping, warm, wet pussy lowered itself on to my face and stated to move.

I felt hands take hold of my cock and my balls and start to move in time with all of the other girls movements. My whole world seemed to be moving at once.

I tried to wiggle my toes, move my hands and fingers, lick the cunt and concentrate on the action around my cock all at the same time. It's just not possible. My cock was my main focus and I quickly felt the building again and moved my hips to encourage more and faster movement from the hands. Just as I was almost ready everything stopped again all at the same time. The voice brushed my ear, again and whispered "Not yet" and then went on "I want your mind to remember this scene. You had each of your feet in a cunt.

You had each hand and your fingers in a cunt. You had your face buried in a cunt and you had two sets of hands working your cock and balls. Picture that scene in your mind.

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Take a photograph in your mind and keep it with you forever" The voice gave me a moment to draw the mental images and then whispered "Now we offer you a sacrifice. We are going to show you our gratitude by giving you the most precious gift a man can be given a virgin! I couldn't and didn't speak. "Use your right hand to touch and feel what you are offered" said the whispered voice. The anticipation was enormous as I sensed movement at the right hand side of the bed.

I felt the feint brush of hair over my hand. I held the hair I rubbed it and then felt a face drop into my hand. The face moved over my hand allowing my fingers to follow the features of the owner's forehead, eye brows, cheek bones, nose, lips chin and neck. I felt her mouth take three of my fingers and gently move them in and out.

I could feel the wetness from her mouth on my hand. By sliding her body forward, she slowly allowed my hand to trace a line from under her chin, down her neck to the centre of her chest. Then she slowly moved sideways and I felt a gentle swelling before the firmer feel of an erect nipple. This was the breast of a girl that was only just budding into womanhood.

It was small and firm and barely a hand full. I gently held the nipple between my thumb and forefinger and applied very subtle pressure and release. She moved again to give me her other breast. Again, I held and rubbed the nipple all the time trying to imagine who the owner might be. She moved again so that her body slid up whilst my fingers touched a taught, and very slim abdomen and lower stomach. She moved slightly to one side allowing access to a sharp and protruding hip bone and the across to the other side and her other hip bone.

She moved a lot this time and was turning so that I could feel her butt and I squeezed it gently. She sat facing away from me so that my hand was underneath her coccyx but not near her arsehole or pussy. Then she got up, turned round and knelt over my arm. "You can touch, you can feel her, you can rub her but do not insert a finger" said the voice I gently moved my fingers up and down her outer lips. I used my thumb to gently find her nub and then softly squeezed and released between my thumb and forefinger.

She was very wet. I used my knuckles to rub her up and down her slit and over her clitoris. Her moisture soon covered my hand. I could feel only the hint of very downy pubic hair and could feel the tight sinews leaving her groin to go down her leg. This was definitely the pussy of a girl not yet full matured. I was so turned on by this time I felt like I could explode. "Now, very gently, start to move a finger in and through her entrance.

Do not push or be rough with her. Do not break her hymen" said the whispered voice against my ear. The girl groaned as I gently inserted a part of my finger and gently moved in and out and around. I pushed just a little further until I felt the membrane that kept her a girl and pulled back. "Keep very still now. Do not move any part of you one inch unless I tell you to" said the whisperer The girl on my hand got up and moved away and heard her move to the foot of the bed.

Other bodies moved to the side of the bed. I felt their presence. I imagined that they were holding her hands as she walked up the bed over me and stopped with her feet either side of my hips. "Don't move" came he whispered voice again I didn't feel her knees make contact with the bed so I imagined that was lowering herself straight down.

I felt two hands take my cock and hold it so that it pointed upwards. Then I felt the first contact on the tip of my erection and a shudder went through me - and the girl.

My cock was moved back and forth across the girls slit and rubbed against her nub. I could feel and smell combination of female juices and lubrication lotion. Then my cock was held still. I held my breath as her lips were parted and the head of my cock pushed in through the slippery but tight opening. She was raised and gently lowered numerous times each time moving down a fraction of inch further until we both felt the resistance of the hymen.

She gently pushed down against the resistance until there was an instantaneous "give". She moaned and the bodies alongside me moved in closer. After a few seconds she withdrew and then lowered again past the previous obstruction. Then back and down again and then all the way down until I could feel the bones of her immature pelvis grind against my pubic bone.

She stayed there and ground for a minute or so and then started back up and then down. Up and then down. I could feel her tight pussy clawing at my cock as she moved in protest at this new invader. Soon the movements started to increase in speed. My cock was so sensitive I thought I would come before her if things didn't progress quickly.

Lips spoke into my ear. "Help her now. Move your hips to meet her" At last I was allowed to move and it was all we both needed to feel the build of an explosion of mind and body.

She bore down and I thrust up repeatedly and we met with a slap of flesh in the middle.


Her movements almost came to a halt as mine increased as we both reached a climax at the same time. My mind was blowing! She dropped from the squat position on to her knees and ground her pussy into me while I spurted load after load into her newly available body part. I have never cum for so long, or so hard. She collapsed onto my chest and lay there. The room was silent and I could feel her juices and my seed flow down on to me and trickle down through my legs.

Despite the fact that I was taped and tied in a spread eagle position, I was blind folded, naked and totally vulnerable I have never felt so spent and satisfied, ecstatic and fulfilled all at once - and I doubt that I ever will again. The girl was lifted off me in one.

I assumed that arms from the side lifted her straight up and then back along the bed and away. I laid there spent and exhausted for at least 5 minutes with no other sound in the room other than the occasional movement.


"It is time to kiss goodnight now" whispered the fake French accent. I felt someone stand on the end of the bed and take two small steps forward. Then another person got on. The two pairs of feet moved forward and then a third body got on to the bed. By the time a fourth body got on, the first pair of feet were level with my armpits. Then I felt all four bodies move down to kneel astride me with the first girl on my face, the second across my chest, the third across my belly and the fourth straddling my reawakening cock.

They all started to move at once. The girl over my face held her weight off me and moved her pelvis so that all my face and hair was smeared with her juices.

The two girls on my chest and stomach writhed around across me spreading their wetness. The girl across my cock rubbed herself up and down the length of its shaft. The girl over my face then lifted herself off me and stepped off the bed to the side whilst the three others shuffled up so that the girl that was over my chest was now over my face.

Someone got on at the end of the bed. The walked forward and lowered themselves to again straddle my cock and start to rub them selves. I kissed and licked and swallowed the new pussy and her wetness.

After 30 seconds or so, I was starting to feel the build again when once again the pussy over my face lifted of and got off the bed.

The other pussies smeared themselves forward spreading their wetness as they moved and another pussy arrived over my face and another pair of feet got on the bed and moved to straddle and then rub themselves against my cock. Finally, no one got on the bed when a pussy lifted of me. My cock ached for contact but none came. The other bodies moved forward in turn until there was just one girl spreading her pelvis on my face, chin, and hair.

I was absolutely soaked all over and I could feel trickles of their cum running off my body and face. If all of the girls present in the room were involved in this process then I counted nine.

Nine girls out of twenty were involved in this! "And now for the finale" whispered the voice. First I felt someone kneel on the bed from my left hand side. I felt their hands find my shaft and then the unmistakable kiss of lips on my bulbous end.

Their tongue circled the end, pushed into my slit and the engulfed more and more using their mouth to move up and down my shaft. I felt numerous bodies sit on the bed around me. The must have been facing outwards because I felt hair hanging all over my body and gently brushing me as they swayed. Then the bodies all lay back so that each one was in contact with me somehow. The bed was starting to move ever more vigorously as it became apparent that they were all masturbating.

Each one of them was using their hands to induce a final orgasm whilst one of them increased their urgency with their mouth on my cock. I once again imagined the scene. I am laid out blind folded and tied. There are (possibly) eight; young, naked girls laid across me on their backs all masturbating. Another girl is kneeling on the bed sucking and moving on my cock. The imagined vision was all I needed and I knew the moment was coming.

I couldn't stop myself, I spoke for the first time during the ordeal (ordeal?) and grunted lowly that I was going to cum. I felt urgency all around me as all of the girls increased their urgency on cue. The bed rocked and vibrated at their thrashings and this was too much. I exploded. I shot a stream of seed into some girl's mouth. She gagged but tried to swallow each spurt whilst the rest ran down my shaft. She sucked and drained and squeezed out each spurt and kept sucking and swallowing until there was nothing left.

All of the girls were cumming at the same time and I felt them wriggling and thrashing their heads back across me. Ieven heard an occasional muffled groan or snort as they tried to suppress the sounds they wanted to let go. Eventually, all of the urgent movement subsided and was replaced by slow movements around me as I imagined the girls were gently stroking themselves in their after pleasure. I felt an arm move and tap another body nearby.

Suddenly, all of the girls got off the bed and the room went silent. I felt the bed covers being gently replaced over me. I lay for minute after minute straining to hear further movement but there was none.

Maybe fifteen minutes past before my concentration waned and I felt myself starting to drift. Unbelievably, I fell asleep. When I awoke, I immediately remembered the circumstance of the night but I was lying on my side. I was still blind folded but I could obviously move my arms and legs. I quickly felt the tape that was still round my wrists and ankles. I ripped off the blind fold. Each of my bindings had a length of tape around 18 to 24 inches trailing and I quickly moved to establish that I had been attached to the legs of the bed underneath as the rest of the tape was still wrapped round each leg.

The bindings had been cut to free me at some point in my sleep when they calculated that I wouldn't wake up and react. I slowly gathered my senses and got out of bed. I was naked and my cut up shorts were folded and placed across the back of a chair.

My skin felt like there was a crust all over it. As I rubbed, a fine powder of the cum crust fell in a cloud to the floor. I examined my self all over and saw the dried smears of blood in my pubic hair and pelvic mound.

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I desperately needed to piss and went into the en suite. As I turned on the light there was an A4 piece of paper on the side next to the basin and a big heart and a "kiss" drawn on the mirror. I sat in the bathroom and read the typed paper "Dear Sir We hope you had a good day yesterday and we hope you had a very good night.

With respect to the night's events, those of us present had a fantastic and memorable evening and we would like to think that you did too. You now need to think carefully and clearly! Currently nine girls, and you, know what happened. Eleven girls, and Sophie, don't. It should be kept that way. You did nothing wrong. All the girl's involved were over the legal age and were clearly willing participants.

You had no choice in the matter you were, if you like, the unwilling (at least initially!) victim of a sex attack!

You could contact the police and tell them your story. The police could take DNA samples from you and around the bed. They would then need to match them to members of the team.

To do this they would need DNA samples from each of the girls to establish who was involved. To do that there would need to be arrests and the whole story would gradually come out. The girls that were not involved would become aware of the story - as would Sophie, all of the other teachers, the head master, the parents, your family and friends, the press and then the general public.

None of the girls involved want anyone else to know what happened - so you know that it will always be our secret You don't know who was involved so when you meet or talk to any of the team you must assume that particular individual knows nothing and therefore act and speak to them accordingly.

You need to carry on exactly as if nothing has happened. If, when you see us all again, you have wet hair, we will know that you have showered and that all DNA evidence has been removed and that will be your signal to those of us that are keen to know your thoughts! See you at breakfast. Love XXX ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I sat in the bathroom reading - and rereading - the typed letter. What I would do next has implications for my whole future and the decision is distilled into one simple question.

Do I turn on the shower or not? I tore up the paper into tiny pieces and flushed them down the loo. I ran the shower, got in, dried, dressed and made my way to breakfast - with wet hair.