Steamy porn show along schoolgirl Aya Sakuraba

Steamy porn show along schoolgirl Aya Sakuraba
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HI, my name is Amber and I'm just about 17 years old. I figured I would get this out of the way first so here goes the description. I'm about 5'4" with 34C boobs. They aren't that big but I have a flat stomach and they're perky enough that even without a bra they stood out. And I'm not afraid to say I have a nice ass because it gets slapped on a daily basis at school.

I have long brown hair that reaches my waist and ocean blue eyes. Now this is a true story, and even thinking about it sends a wave of both pain and pleasure washing over me that gets me wet. Last year my two little brothers and I started school early so to compensate we got an extra-long winter break. My mom died a few years earlier from a stroke and with my older sister in college and Christmas quickly approaching I decided to get a job to help out my dad. I started working more and more and I started making a pretty nice amount of money each week that I would put into my dad's account.

But I managed to keep a few dollars for myself, so I could get myself a Christmas gift. I got my best friend Jacqueline to drive me after school to "Priscilla's" the local "toy" store. I was a little embarrassed to be in there, and even a little afraid someone might see me, but with a little help from the cashier I managed to buy my first dildo. It was about 10" long and a nice red color. When I got home I managed to hide the bag under my shirt and skirt past my dad up to my room, quickly moving it to my dresser drawer.

I had never masturbated before but I heard from some of the older girls, at the movie theater I worked at, how great it felt and how much stress it relieved.

I couldn't bring myself to do it that night so I left it in the drawer and went to bed after a quick shower.


The last day of school before winter break I had the two biggest finals of my school life and it was only junior year. And after that I had to go straight to work, which was a disaster.

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There were four blackouts and people did nothing but complain. When I got home my Dad asked me, "How was your day sweetie??" "It was just really long Dad.

I'm gonna go take a shower and go to bed." "Alright, we'll talk in the morning." He said as I climbed the stairs to my room. I took a nice, long, hot, shower.

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Letting the day wash off of me. I started thinking of some of the cute boys at work while I washed myself and I could feel my nipples get hard. I got out of the shower and dried off pretty quick, I lightly closed my door and dropped my towel into the hamper. I went to my drawer and dug through my panties to get my dildo out. I dropped to my knees at the end of my bed with my upper body still on my bed and started to give a blowjob to the dildo like it was a real dick. It felt weird to have it in my mouth and I could only get about the first three inches in before I started gagging.

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With it nice and lubed I slowly started to slide it between my moist pussy lips. I couldn't even fit as much as was in mouth into my pussy but it felt so good. After a few minutes I got curious and pulled it back out. I slowly licked it off and tasted my own juices. This may sound kinky but I love the way I taste. Realizing it was too big I put my dildo back down and started sliding my fingers in and out.

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I buried my head in bed to muffle my moaning and my arms ended up covering my ears. As it turned out that was my big mistake.

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Because I covered my ears I didn't hear my door crack open or my full grown German Shepard, Max, come into my room. I pulled out my finger and raised my head, out of breath, and saw the sticky juice on my fingers.

I couldn't help myself, deep throating my fingers and tasting myself felt so good and so right. The second I went to get up I could feel something big and heavy on my back.

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I looked back to see max on top of me, stabbing wildly with his dick to find my pussy. "NO MAX DOWN!" I had to whisper so my dad didn't hear but I tried to be forceful. I tried again to get up and turned toward my door but Max tackled to the ground. I tried to shake him off but all I helped him do was find his mark because with his next thrust his doggy dick entered my pussy.


I went to get up once more but Max growled at and almost barked. I knew he meant business. My door was still cracked open and I was afraid someone would walk by and see me getting raped by my dog. His dick was growing inside of me and I had to bite my arm to keep from screaming as he ripped my hymen and plunged deep, still growing. I wasn't close enough to shut my door and this was getting worse and worse. I reared my head up about to let out my screams for help when I felt a hand over my mouth.

I opened my eyes to see my younger brother Brandon standing over me. He was only about a year younger than me and much taller. All the girls in his grade wanted to date him but he stayed single. He had a tan even in winter and was even a little muscular. He motioned to keep quiet and took his hand off my mouth.

Max kept going deeper and deeper and I couldn't stand it. He was hurting me, the pain was too much.

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"Please, Brandon. Help me. PLEASE!" I begged through my tears. "Don't worry, Amber, I will." He said. Then he stood up and started to unbutton his pants. "Brandon, what are you doing?" I cried. He completely stripped and it was then that I could see his fully erect 8" cock staring me straight in the face.

It had this smell that for some reason got me extremely wet, and I even licked my lips. The extra wetness on my pussy must've been a sign to Max to go harder because he started going so hard that he scratched my back with his claws. "Come on, Amber.

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You know you want too. Just put it in your mouth. It'll keep you quiet." He said coyly. "No, I won't!!" I said, crying harder. Apparently Max took this as his sign to slip his entire knot into me, and it threw me forward before I could scream into Brandon's cock. I wrapped my lips around it and to keep quiet. The tears streamed down my face, the pain and humiliation were unbearable. I was being raped my dog and my brother at the same time.

The pain was nearly unbearable and with every thrust from Max my throat just went deeper on Brandon's Cock. "Oh God, Amber. YES! I'm going to cum right in your mouth!" He said. My eyes got wide with fear, and I started to scream but the sound was only muffled by his cock. When I screamed I opened the back of my throat and Brandon shoved his entire cock down my throat. At that moment both he and Max came at the same time. Brandon pulled out but Max waited a few minutes for all of his cum to drain into me.

I started choking on his cum and spitting it back up only for it to land on my face. Brandon then flipped me upside down as the doggy cum poured out of me and down my body. Once I was covered in cum he threw me on the bed and leaned in real close.

He then whispered in my ear, "If you tell anyone about me raping you, I'll make sure they know you were Max's bitch. And that you let him cum inside of you." He walked out of my room laughing and I ended up crying myself to sleep. To be continued?