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Busty blonde cougar Devon Lee gets her wet pink twat finger fucked while her clit is licked by young
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Last we left off, Todd had begun having sex with his step-daughter with the permission of his wife, but she has now started to get a little jealous about it.

Over the next couple of days, Todd stayed away from Nicole's bedroom, and Michelle seemed to settle back down. Before long, he felt horny late one night, and left Michelle sleeping next to him to make a visit to Nicole. As he opened their bedroom door, Michelle stirred. "Todd?" "It's ok, I'm just going to see Nicole. I won't be long, promise." Michelle grunted sleepily, and rolled back over. Todd padded down the hall to Nicole's room and quietly knocked on her door. "Nicole, are you awake?" She didn't answer, and Todd stood there for a moment before opening the door.

Nicole was laying in bed, fast asleep. Deciding not to wake her, he quietly closed the door behind him and went back to bed. The next morning, he awoke to the sound of breakfast being prepared. He walked into the kitchen to find Michelle making coffee.

"You certainly were quick last night." "Yeah, she was asleep and I didn't want to wake her." "Well you slept pretty well. Although it seems that you still may have an issue." Todd looked down to discover that he was at half mast. Michelle grinned at him. "Breakfast won't be ready for another 10 minutes, think you can get done by then?" "I'll try." He replied, and headed to Nicole's room. He knocked softly and opened the door. Nicole had just woken up, and was clad in her tank top and a pair of boxer shorts, standing in the middle of her room and stretching her arms towards the ceiling.

She smiled at him and glanced down at his crotch. "Need help with something?" She asked with a grin. "What do you think?" He answered. She giggled in response, and began walking towards him. She cooed softly as she ran her hand along the outline of his cock, and looked at him with half lidded eyes. She parted her lips and leaned her head back, inviting him to kiss her.

He spun her around and walked her to her bed, bending her over the top of it while he reached for a condom. "Your mom is making breakfast, so we have to be quick." He stripped her shorts down to her ankles and grabbed the bottle of lube, squirting some directly on her pussy and rubbing it in while he stroked his cock to full hardness. Once he was ready, he tore open the condom wrapper, and unrolled it down his dick. Her bed was fairly tall, so her pussy was lined up almost directly with his cock.

The lube eased his entry, and he slid right in, eliciting a groan from both of them. God, she's so tight. Todd thought to himself.

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He started pumping fast, trying to get done quickly. Nicole started groaning in time with his trusts, adding to his pleasure. He couldn't remember the last time that Michelle had seemed to enjoy sex.

Nicole pushed herself up on the bed, and Todd took advantage of her new position, fishing her breasts out of the top of her shirt, and grabbing onto them like they were handles.

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Nicole tried to turn her face to him and kiss him, but Todd pushed her back down onto the bed, and started pulling her hips back against him.

Nicole kept mewling, and Todd could feel himself getting close. He thrust a few more times before he came, and Nicole groaned. He stroked her hair and pulled his softening dick out of her, making a squishing sound as he withdrew. "Thanks, honey.

Now get washed up, breakfast will be ready soon." He patted her on the ass as he left, and headed down to his own bathroom to clean up and dispose of the condom. When he returned to the kitchen, Michelle was putting breakfast on the table. She smiled at him. "Perfect timing." Todd gave her a kiss on the cheek and sat down to eat. "Nicole, come eat before it gets cold." Michelle called.

A few moments later, Nicole emerged from her bedroom, wearing an old bathrobe. She ate her breakfast silently, staring at her plate, while occasionally glancing up at Todd, and hurriedly looking down when he looked at her. When she finished, she claimed that she wasn't feeing well, and returned to her room. Over the rest of the week, Todd fucked Nicole twice more, making sure to be done quickly. Although he enjoyed having an outlet for his morning wood, he found that he preferred to fuck her at night, so that he could go back to bed with Michelle and cuddle with her after the fact.

He noticed that Nicole seemed to be a little more withdrawn and shy around him, but wasn't quite sure why. At least she had stopped trying to kiss him while he was fucking her. Finally, after two weeks of nocturnal visits to her bedroom, Nicole couldn't take it anymore. Todd had just finished up when Nicole began crying. "Nicole?

Nicole, what's wrong honey?" She shook her head, refusing to even look at him, but he climbed on the bed and crawled around in front of her, trying to look her in the face, but she began squirming away from him. Todd gathered her in his arms and pulled her into a hug. "Nicole, please answer me, what's wrong?" She was crying so hard that she couldn't speak, rocking back and forth, sobbing and moaning loudly. "Why don't you love me??????" She finally gasped out between sobs.

"Nicole, what are you talking about? Of course I love you!" But Nicole shook her head. "No you don't! You don't!!! You don't kiss me, you don't cuddle with me, you won't even look at me during sex, you just bend me over and do me like some whore!!!" "What is going on???? Is everything all right???" Michelle had been awakened by the commotion, and appeared in the bedroom door.

As soon as she heard her mother's voice, Nicole pulled free from Todd and flung herself into her arms, sobbing. Michelle looked at Todd with a bewildered expression, and Todd held his hands up and said, "I don't know. This came out of nowhere." Michelle led Nicole down the hallway to their bedroom, and Todd went into the kitchen and grabbed a beer.

Whatever was going on, he hoped Michelle would be able to help, but he had a sinking feeling that her little experiment had backfired. Yes, it was true that he didn't kiss Nicole, but that was because of Michelle's wishes, and Nicole was aware of that.

As far as the rest, he was just trying to keep from getting too intimate with her, and confusing her in the process. Dammit, I knew this was a bad idea. He thought to himself. He sat at the table and finished his beer, brooding. After his third beer, Michelle came to get him. "What a mess." She sighed.

"This hasn't worked out the way I had hoped at all. She's convinced there's something wrong with her since you just fuck her and leave. She says that she feels like a whore." Todd stared at his beer morosely. "So what now?" Michelle sighed. "I'm going to have to alter the rules in this arrangement, obviously. Allow you two to have some more intimacy." Todd looked up. "Wouldn't it be a better idea if we just stopped doing this?" "I'm afraid not.

That would make her feel like she was thrown away." Todd nodded. "Come to bed. Nicole is sleeping with us tonight." Todd paused. "Will she want me in there?" "Yes. You need to cuddle with her, reassure her that you still love her." She looked at him with a wry smile. "By the way, I appreciate you not saying 'I told you so.'" Todd chuckled, and Michelle grinned. Nicole was already curled up in the middle of the bed when Todd and Michelle entered the bedroom.

As he climbed into bed, she opened her eyes and smiled weakly at him. "I'm sorry I went all psycho on you." "It's okay honey, I'm just glad you're feeling better.

I can't imagine how tough this has been on you, and I'm sorry for putting you through it." Michelle tossed her arm over the both of them and squeezed in. "I'm sorry for putting the two of you in that position." Nicole smiled. "I guess I didn't really know what I was getting myself into, did I?" Todd chuckled. "I don't think any of us did." And he drifted off to sleep with Nicole pressed up against him.

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Todd awoke the next morning to the smell of coffee. As he walked into the kitchen, both Michelle and Nicole were already there. "Good morning." They smiled at him. "How are you feeling this morning Nicole?" She smiled at him shyly.

"Much better." Michelle sat down across from him and took his hand. "I've decided to make some changes to our arrangement. Todd, you still have to be the one to initiate the sex, but when you're together, you can be as intimate as you want.

Kissing, cuddling afterwards, whatever Nicole needs." Nicole smiled at Todd, but he felt alarm bells going off in his head. "Look, I need to say this: I think this whole thing has 'disaster' written all over it." Nicole's face fell at that, but Todd kept going. "Nicole, you obviously have not been able to keep from getting emotionally attached during sex." He turned to face Michelle. "And how are you going to be able to deal with this without getting jealous?

You were upset when I spent too much time with Nicole on just one morning, what's going to happen when I spend half the night cuddling with her?" Michelle flushed as Nicole peered at her. "Were you really mad at me?" "No sweetie," she reassured her. "It was just &hellip. foolishness on my part." Todd just shook his head.

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"How are we supposed to maintain our marriage when we aren't intimate with one other?" Nicole stood up. "I should leave you two alone." Todd turned to her.

"Sweetie, no matter what happens, I want you to understand that I still love you, but I'm just concerned about my relationship with your mom." Nicole smiled at him. "I know that." As Nicole left the kitchen, Todd turned to see Michelle glaring at him.

"Are you trying to make this as hard as you can on purpose?" She hissed at him. "Why did you tell her that I got jealous? I wasn't jealous!!

I was trying to keep her from getting attached to you!!!" "And we saw how well that worked out, didn't we?? Jesus Michelle, really? Having me sleep with Nicole instead of you? What were you thinking?!?!?" Michelle glared at him. "I told you, I'd rather know who you're sleeping with than wonder about it!!! At least with Nicole, I know…" "Know what?" Todd interrupted. "That I'm fucking your daughter??? Michelle, I know you, there is no way that you won't get jealous!! And what about Nicole???

Can we keep doing this without her falling in love with me?" Michelle glared at him. "Don't you mean, 'without you falling in love with her'?

You've always had a thing for her Todd, even when she was just a 14 year old, don't deny it!! This is just your fantasy come true!!!" Todd stood there, completely flabbergasted. "Michelle, this is crazy. Let's just calm down, and we'll discuss this rationally." That sent Michelle over the edge. "I am calm!!! You're just pissed because all those little girls have a crush on you, but you can't take advantage of it!!!

Well, you're getting the chance now, so you better enjoy it!!!!" And with that, she turned and stormed out of the kitchen. Todd slumped down in a chair.

What the fuck just happened? A few minutes later, Michelle stormed past him and towards the garage. "Where are you going?" He asked her. "Out!!" She snapped. "I'll be back later. Or not." And with that, she slammed the door behind her. Todd could hear the garage door open, and her car squeal into the driveway.

He flinched, expecting to hear a smash at any second, but she peeled off into the street and on her way. A few minutes later, Nicole came back into the kitchen.

"She's really mad, isn't she?" Todd nodded his head glumly, but was raging inside. Who the fuck did she think she was, talking to him like that?!!?? He changed into his workout clothes and headed to the gym to work out some anger.

"I'll be home later, honey." He said to Nicole. After an hour on the weights, he went for a long run, but he still hadn't been able to clear his head.

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He spent the rest of the day running errands, but he knew that he'd eventually have to go back home. He stopped off at a bar not far from their house and had a few drinks before finally deciding that he couldn't keep putting it off, he was eventually going to have to face Michelle. He was still angry when he returned, and knew that this conversation was not going to be good.

As far as he was concerned, their marriage was crumbling, and Michelle was busily chipping away at the foundation. When he got home, Michelle still wasn't back, but Nicole was waiting for him. "Do you feel better?" He sighed. "Not really. It's been all day and I'm still pretty upset with your mom." Nicole smiled at him, and took his hand, leading him to her bedroom. Todd began to protest, but Nicole put her finger to his lips to silence him, then she stepped into his arms and kissed him.

Todd knew that this was going to cause problems, but by this stage, he just didn't care anymore. He began stripping off his clothes, and Nicole followed suit. She fell back on her bed, pulling him down on top of her.

They kissed for several minutes before Nicole rolled him onto his back, and crouched down near his groin. She began softly rubbing on his cock and balls while looking up at him seductively. She took him in her mouth and began sucking gently, using her hand to stroke him at the same time as she bobbed her head up and down on him.

After a while, she moved her mouth down to his balls and gave them a lick before resuming her blow job. The attention that she lavished on his cock was impressive; she would suck on just the tip for a while, and then run her lips up and down the side before running her tongue along the underside of it, leading her back up to the tip where she would start the whole process over again. Nicole liked to make lots of noise with her blow jobs, and the sounds of slurping filled the room, adding to the eroticism of the experience.

She crawled up the bed and straddled him, trapping his cock between their bodies as she began kissing him again. She slowly started humping her hips up and down, rubbing his cock between the two of them, tugging on the hood of her clit. Todd rolled her over onto her back and began to trace kisses down her body as he made her his way to her pussy, but Nicole stopped him. "I want you inside of me, right now." He began to move towards her nightstand to retrieve a condom, but she reached out and stopped him.

"No. I want to feel you inside of me." Todd hesitated. "Nicole, we need to be safe." She smiled at him. "I've never had sex without a condom, and for the past few years, you've only been with my mom.

We'll be fine. Just don't cum in me." Todd laid back down between her legs and looked at her. Shit.

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No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get past the vision of her as a young teenager. He pressed his cock into her, and laid down on top of her, kissing her so that he wouldn't have to look at her.

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Todd felt guilty about using it as an escape from his own issues, because Nicole was really getting into it, wrapping her arms around his neck, and entwining her legs around his waist as he pumped into her, rolling his hips back and forth. The feel of her tight pussy on his bare dick was exquisite, and Todd soon forgot about his issues and started to enjoy himself.

Nicole broke their kiss and laid her head back on the bed, gasping in time with Todd's thrusts, so he lowered his head to her neck, and began kissing her there, trying to maximize her pleasure. Nicole wrapped one hand around the back of his neck and with the other, she began stroking his back as she had her first orgasm of the night. Todd slowed down to let her recover, and she held him close, whispering "thank you" in his ear.

"For what?" He asked her. "For making my fantasy come true." She responded. "What fantasy?" He asked her. "Where you make love to me." She answered. "Nicole, we've been having sex for the past month." He replied. "Yes, but that's all it was, sex. This time, you made love to me." She pulled him close and kissed him deeply. "I've been dreaming about this since I was a kid." Todd squirmed at that, and Nicole cocked an eyebrow at him.

"It makes you uncomfortable to think about that, doesn't it?" She asked him. "Yes. It's why I couldn't look at you during sex.

I still see you as that 14 year old in my classroom, and it feels wrong." She grasped his face and kissed him tenderly. "Todd, I'm not that little girl anymore, I'm a grown woman." He shook his head. "I can still see traces of that little girl." She smiled at him. "Would that little girl have done this?" She pushed him back out of her, and rolled onto all fours, proudly thrusting her ass back towards him.

"Fuck me in my ass, Todd." "Well, I certainly hope that little girl wouldn't have done that." Todd replied with a smile.

They both laughed and he grabbed a condom and the bottle of lube from Nicole's nightstand and climbed onto the bed behind her. He opened the bottle and poured a generous dollop of lubricant directly onto her asshole and slowly pushed his finger inside. Nicole moaned and swayed her hips back and forth, so Todd pushed his middle finger into her pussy, double penetrating her with his digits.

After a short time, he bent his face down and began pushing his tongue against her asshole, while pushing his fingers into her pussy. When she looked back over her shoulder and smiled at him, Todd knelt behind her and placed his cockhead against her sphincter. Nicole took a deep breath, and Todd began to push forward. Even though Nicole was no anal virgin, it was still a tight squeeze.


She lay her face down on the bed, and reached back, pulling her ass cheeks apart with her hands. Todd poured some more lube onto his cock, and continued to press into her.

Nicole gasped and whimpered as he began making slow, shallow thrusts into her ass. "Go deeper … I can take it." She moaned.

Todd pushed her off of his cock, and down flat onto the bed. He straddled her, and tilted her hips up. In this position, he was able to get his full weight behind her, and really drive his dick into her ass.

As he re-entered her ass, she reached forward and grabbed the sheets. As Todd began bouncing up and down on her, driving the full length of his dick into her ass, he could see the tendons in her hands stand out, she was clutching the sheets so tightly. Now that he achieved full penetration, he sat back and pulled her up onto all fours, never letting his dick out of her ass. In this position, she was able to push back into him, and she took full advantage of it, amplifying the power of his thrusts.

Her loud moans and whimpers betrayed the pleasure that she was taking from this, and it wasn't long before her ass began clutching Todd's cock. She pushed herself up onto her knees and looked back over her shoulder at him. He looked into her eyes and she smiled, pursing her lips at him. He leaned forward and kissed her while still pumping his dick in and out of her butt. She reached her hand back and grasped the back of his head, holding herself against him.

He wrapped his arms around her, taking her breasts in his hands and gently pinched her nipples as he began lightly kissing her neck. Todd gave an extra hard thrust, making her shriek and forcing her back down into the doggy position, and with one more hard thrust she began cumming.

As soon as her ass began wildly gripping on Todd's cock, he gasped and shot his load. He fell forward on top of her, then rolled to the side, holding her in his arms, and enjoyed the feeling of post-coital bliss. Nicole sighed with contentment, and snuggled in close to him, enjoying the feeling of closeness, along with his softening dick pushed against her ass. "This is nice. I've never got a chance to do this before." Todd brushed the hair from the nape of her neck and kissed her lightly there, causing her to shiver.

"Never?" "Not once. In high school it was always rushed, and we had to get dressed so we didn't get caught, and in college all the guys left after they got what they wanted." "All of them?" Nicole brushed away a tear. "All of them." "Nicole, why do you let guys treat you that way?" "You mean the way that you've been treating me?" Todd flinched at that. Justify it as he might, he knew that she was right, he was no different than any of the other guys who 'hit it and quit it'. "I'm sorry." He told her as he gently stroked her hair.

"It's not your fault. I know mom didn't want you spending that time with me. Would you have still left even if she didn't want you to?" Todd thought for a bit. "I think so. Honey, don't take this the wrong way, but I never wanted to do this in the first place. The first time, things just kind of happened, but after that &hellip.

I just didn't think that it would be a good idea." "Why?" "Because look at how things have turned out. Your mom is pissed, our marriage is in trouble, the relationship between you and I is all screwed up&hellip." "Todd, I still feel the same way about you.

I've had a crush on you forever. My girlfriends and I all used to fantasize about you. When you moved in, every girl in school was jealous of me. They all wanted to come over to the house so they could see you at the pool." Todd blushed profusely at that.

He always knew the girls thought he was cute, but it was another thing to have Nicole share that with him. But what she said next was even worse. "Janet had a hairbrush that she used to masturbate with. She named it 'Todd'." "Nicole, I don't want to know this&hellip." She rolled over and faced him. "Come on, Mr. Chandler." She noticed how he winced at that. "Why does that bother you? It's just a fantasy." "I know, but it still feels wrong." "An innocent young girl, being taken care of by a sophisticated older man, one who knows how to please her and care for her, who teaches her about love and sex.

What's wrong with that?" Oh yeah. Todd thought sarcastically. Sleeping with Nicole has definitely helped her with her daddy issues. Any other great ideas, Michelle? "Aside from the fact that it would have made me a felon?" "But it never really happened. Just a bunch of young girls and their dreams. And their hair brushes." She added with a mischievous grin as Todd laughed weakly.

She then grew serious. "Are you and my mom going to split up?" Todd sighed. "I don't want to honey, but the way she's acting right now … We have a lot of work to do with each other." Nicole nodded at him.

"I'm glad that you love her so much. And jealous at the same time. I keep wishing that someone would love me that way." Todd hugged her close. "Someone will, some day.


You just have to find the right person." And they fell asleep, wrapped in each others arms. The next thing he knew, Todd was awakened by Michelle softly shaking him. She looked down at him with red-rimmed eyes and spoke with a pleading tone in her voice.

"I am so, so sorry. Can I talk to you?" Todd bit off his response, and gently slid his arm out from under Nicole. While he was still pissed, he could tell that Michelle was genuinely contrite. As he stood up, Michelle wrapped her arms around him and leaned her head on his chest. "Please forgive me for being such a bitch.

I don't know what's wrong with me." Todd stood there silently, and Michelle took a deep breath before leading him into the hallway. She tried to lead him to their bedroom, but he leaned back against the wall and folded his arms across his chest. She stood silently looking down for a moment, before looking off in the distance, unable to face him. "Todd, I don't expect you to forget what I said this morning … but I was hoping that maybe you could forgive me … I don't have any excuse.

I'm lashing out at you, pushing you away, dragging Nicole into this …" Todd remained silent. "I went to a therapist today. I want to get help, I want to fix things between us … I'm just hoping that it's not too late, that I haven't done too much damage already &hellip." She finally looked at him with pleading eyes. "Will you please come to bed with me tonight?" Todd thought for a moment.

Down the hallway was their bedroom, and all the uncertainty that remained there. Behind him was Nicole's room, with a willing bedmate. He reached for her hand, and Michelle stifled a sob as he led her to their bedroom. As they lay next to each other, she reached out and stroked his face. "I don't want to lose you." She said with a trembling voice.

"And somehow, I thought that by having you sleep with Nicole, I was controlling the situation." "How?" "Because I didn't think that you'd leave me for her." Michelle started to cry.

"Or that she'd steal you from me." "Did it ever occur to you that she'd fall for me?" "She's already head over heels for you, Todd.

She always has been. I thought that this would let her just get it out of her system and move on." "Get it out of her system???" "Didn't you notice how she used to walk around the house in those skimpy workout outfits?

I was half afraid that she would come out of her room naked some day, trying to seduce you." Michelle leaned forward and kissed him. "I am so sorry about all of this. When Nicole goes back to college, that will make things a lot easier. She'll meet some nice boy, and forget all about this." Todd had his doubts, but chose not to voice them. If Michelle could get help in therapy, then they could move beyond this, although how it would affect Nicole, Todd hadn't a clue. The next morning, he bumped into Nicole in the hallway.

"You ran out on me last night." She told him. "I know sweetie, and I'm sorry. But your mother came home and we got to talking, and I think things are going to be okay." Nicole smiled. "I know. I've already talked to mom. And I think it's great." "Really? I was afraid that you'd be jealous." Nicole shrugged her shoulders.


"I've always been jealous of her, she married my crush. But after last night &hellip. I don't know, I guess now that I got to have you too, really have you, it's just … different. I can't explain it." Todd nodded. She got me out of her system.

He thought. Over the next week, things returned to a happy state. Michelle was seeing her therapist, and making progress, and Nicole had returned to her old self.

Todd was concentrating on helping Michelle work through her issues, although he didn't really know what they were, so he spent his time working around the house, tackling things that had been on the "Honey do" list forever, but had never got around to actually doing. That left him pretty tired, and he would fall into bed at night with Michelle, exhausted.

Michelle appreciated his work, and would often kiss and cuddle with him at night, but he was too tired to do much of anything, so the light kissing and cuddling sessions suited him just fine. Finally, he started feeling the need for some sex, and visited Nicole one night.

Somehow, this time it was different. Nicole seemed more assertive about what she wanted, and it occurred to Todd that she was acting like his equal now.

She wasn't just there for his pleasure any more, but she was making sure to get what she wanted as well. The change was subtle, but there nonetheless. Nicole had finally managed to separate her emotions from sex.

She was just having fun. One morning she brazenly marched into their bedroom and looked at Michelle.

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"Mom, I've got the urge. Do you mind?" Michelle smiled at her. "Just don't do it in here." Todd looked back and forth between the two of them. "Do I get a say in this?" Nicole smiled at him.

"Nope." "Since when did you start initiating sex?" "Since now." And she took him by the hand and led him to her bedroom, where she pushed him back on her bed, peeled off her panties, and straddled his face.

"Make me cum, Todd." She instructed him. Todd got to work, and once she had her orgasm, she hopped off the bed and got dressed. "Thanks, I really needed that." She said as she left him with a hard on. As Todd exited her bedroom, he looked around for her, only to have Michelle inform him that she had already left for the day.

When she returned that night, Todd pulled her into her bedroom. "You left some unfinished business this morning." He told her.

"Yes, Mr. Chandler." Nicole giggled as she dropped to her knees. Somehow, hearing that didn't make Todd uneasy any more. As the summer drew to a close, Todd was apprehensive.

Sure, Michelle was making progress with her therapist, but with Nicole going back to college, he would no longer have an outlet for his sexual needs. Nicole pointed out that she was just a couple of hours away, and it would be easy for her to come home on the weekends, but Todd didn't want to burden her.

School had started again, so he was hoping that he would be able to throw himself into his work as a distraction while Michelle worked through her problems in therapy. Nicole was returning to college after the Labor Day weekend, and had already begun packing when Todd came home that Friday. He had volunteered to monitor the after school detention that Friday, and didn't get in till about 8 o'clock.

As he walked in the house, Michelle was lounging in front of the tv with a bottle of wine. He kissed her in greeting, and asked if she would mind if he joined her. Michelle smiled at him with a gleam in her eye. "I would love that, but Nicole has something special in store for you tonight." "Really?" Michelle never seemed to take much interest in what he and Nicole got up to, so this piqued Todd's curiosity.

"Yes. When she brought it up to me, I was quite surprised, but I think it will be a good send off for the summer. Enjoy." Todd shrugged and headed to Nicole's room, wondering what awaited him. He knocked on her door, and she told him to come in. Oh my God.

Something special was right. Todd thought to himself. Nicole was wearing a schoolgirl outfit that looked like it had been designed by a porn star. The white knee socks were respectable enough, and her long blond hair was pulled into two free flowing pigtails on the top of her head for a traditional look. But in place of the standard black patent leather shoes she wore a pair of black stiletto heels, and her plaid skirt looked more like a plaid belt.

It was slung low on her hips, and barely covered her pussy. The white shirt was several sizes too small, unbuttoned, and tied beneath her breasts, exposing her flat stomach. Her breasts were pushed together by a black lace bra. And she wasn't alone. Dressed in a matching outfit, right down to the pigtails, was her best friend Janet.

Where Nicole had classic Nordic features, complete with blue eyes and blonde hair, Janet was a Raven haired beauty with vaguely Mediterranean features, and a large bubble butt that seemed to defy gravity. While Nicole was certainly well built, Janet was the very definition of voluptuous, without spilling over into 'fat'. Both girls were kneeling on the bed, holding hands.

"Hello Mr. Chandler." They chorused in a sing-song voice.