Real milf gets banged and facialized

Real milf gets banged and facialized
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(Sex Therapist Confidential Story) Ron…… __I hooked up with new girlfriend Ava. She was a professional licensed sex therapist. As time went by she told me how these women just need to get things off their mind and then she can get to any problems after that.

I said: "I bet you have a lot of stories you could tell". She said she couldn't tell any of them because of legal confidentiality rules, like a priest will never reveal anything said in a confessional.

No law can force him to. I like to write porn stories, and it hounded me that all these stories were out there and couldn't be told. I came up with a idea. I said to Ava: How about I put a security camera in your office&hellip.just in case some bad person came in to harm or rob you?" She smiled at me and said: "Don't tell me anymore, just install it.

You handle the security in my office and the video recordings are your responsibility. Your hired". She already knew I owned a security camera business.

The latest new cameras are undetectable to the human eye. They record video and sound. She also knew that I wrote porn stories and never used real names or places. That evening I had it all set up in an hour. Everything was remotely sent to my computer at home. The next day I checked it and everything worked proper.

After the first week, I was zipping thru the women talking when I saw something. A stunningly beautiful woman. I had seen her before&hellip.oh yes… I had installed a security system in her home recently.

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Her name was Julie. She began to talk quietly to Ava about a problem she had for a long time. She reminded Ava how it all started and how her urge never went away.

She just tried to control it. Ava told her she was doing fine, but just to keep away from young teen guys and that would make it easier for her to handle it. I wondered what her pushing urge was and had to do with young teen guys. She said a young boy had moved in next door now, and he was so sexy.

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Ava advised her to ignore him and go on with her life. She said It was so hard to do that. He had come over and ask if he could do anything to earn some money. She said she tried not to invite him in but the words just came out.

Now she was alone with him and she put her arm around him and started getting friendly. "I could tell he liked me right away.

I had on my robe and I watched his eyes look at my cleavage, many times. As you know, I get hot when young boys do that. I tried to find a reason to send him away, but he put his arm around my waist and said he thought I was very pretty.

I was a goner at that point. The words just came out of my mouth: "…a…Danny…a… you could earn some money but It must be kept…a& secret always.

Can you do that?" He smiled and said quietly "Sure". My hand around him began to move up and down his back by itself it seemed. He started moving his hand up and down my waist.

I was panting and leaned down and whispered: ("…I have a bad back&hellip.would you rub it for me maybe? I'll pay you real good.") He turned to face me staring right at my cleavage.

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He was going to rub my back right while we stood there. He stepped in close to me and I felt his breath on my cleavage as he put both his hands around me and started to rub my back. My urge fighting was not there.

I just plain wanted him so bad. He was getting turned on too as his breathing gave it away. My hands automatically pulled him tight to me. When I felt a lump on the inside of my leg, I moaned quietly.

I tried not to, but that feeling of his erection took away all my resistance. He was now rubbing my lower back just above my ass. My shaky voice whispered and told him how good he was at massaging my back. Again the words just came out as I said in his ear: ("…I…think we …we better go in here incase anyone sees us.") It was my favorite place to take a young man for my problem desire.

I didn't seem to care about anything else but to feel him and I together, in my dark closet with our bare skin touching. He was so sexy as I held his hand and led him into my secret hallway closet.

The front was just coats, but there was another door at the side. I led us back into it and closed that door and locked it.

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At last I had him in my special place. I turned on a tiny light. I had him put his arms around my waist. I took off his T-shirt and dropped my robe on the floor. I was naked now. I leaned over and pulled his shorts down and off. I pulled him in so he was touching my naked stomach. I whispered: ("…just feel my skin…feel anywhere you want to&'s ok.") He whispered: ("Anywhere?") I said: ("Yes".) His hands went right for my tits.

I loved the feeling of a young guy feeling an adult woman's tits for the first time.


There is no other feeling like it. They feel all around carefully and then the nipples. They feel them and twist them slightly. Next, they always have to suck on them. I pulled his warm face in tight and let him suck away, playing with my nipples with his tongue. I get chills on top of chills when they do that. While he was doing that I was rubbing his naked back and feeling his smooth butt.

I felt his erection grow on the inside of my leg. I felt that special wetness I get when this happens. His hand began to drift downward, feeling my stomach. He whispered: ("…you have warm skin. I like to feel it.") I told him he did to and to keep going.

It was almost like he was sneaking his hand down to touch my pubic hair. I let him feel it all he wanted. He was very excited and breathing fast. He stopped. He turned his head as if he heard something. He looked at me with a scared look and said: ("My dad's home!") He quick put his shorts on and his shirt, he went out the door in a flash. He stopped. He said: (".can I come back tomorrow?.") I said: ("Yes").

I put my robe on and went out and sat on my couch. I leaned my head back and tried to think of the advice you've given me but I was to hyper to think correctly." Ava……"Did you go masturbate then?" "I tried not to but I had this throbbing in my vagina that I had to rub to stop it from throbbing, you're a woman, you know what I mean, right?" Ava…"Yes Julie, I know what you mean.

How did you do the next day when he returned?" "I thought about all the thing you've told me and I was all ready to send him away when he rang the door bell. There he stood smiling so cute at me. I just had to let him in. He had no shirt or shoes on.


As soon as the door closed his arms were around me. I was a goner. He whispered: ("…can we go in that closet again?") Ava&hellip. "At that point, what could put you back in control again?" Julie&hellip. "I don't know. I'll have to try some things, I just wanted him so bad this time, my vagina was twitching inside.

He led me into the closet all excited and there we were again. He took my robe off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. He held me tight and went right to sucking on my tits.

My arms went around him and I felt that warm body of his and I got that warm glow inside me. His one hand went for my pubic hair to feel it. I parted my legs and let him play with my vagina. His finger went inside me and felt the wetness. He dropped to his knees and began to kiss my vagina. My poor legs were trembling as his little tongue licked my clit. This was my ultimate. I held his head and started moving my hips to work up a orgasm I knew was coming.

He held my legs and licked me so heavenly. I felt my orgasm coming and held his head tight. I squirmed and that glorious feeling shot thru my vagina. I almost lost my balance. That is what I craved so much. It's hard to explain as I orgasmed several times. He stood up and kissed my tits and then my neck.

I felt his hardon on my leg. I wanted him to feel the pleasure I was feeling too. I dropped to my knees and felt his hardon. He now held my head and I just had to suck his cock." Ava&hellip. "What could you have done to stop yourself at this point, think about it, think back about how you could have stopped all this." Julie…… "You don't understand. The excitement had taken me over. He was fucking my mouth and I was in a trance of enjoyment…more thrilling that anything in my life.

I squeezed his butt cheeks and moaned. You see I wanted to feel his cum shoot in my mouth. I craved it and I was going to get it. He played with my hair and I heard him groan.

I held his balls to feel the action. He held my head tight and his cum started shooting in. How can I describe it. Warm cum in my mouth made me orgasm in my vagina. It's the only thing that gives me that ultimate high I have to have. My hands felt his legs as he shot the last shots of cum in my mouth.

His breathing and mine were awesome together. I held his hardon in my mouth as I swallowed every last drop. He jolted as I lick the end of his hardon. He panted for air and then he said: "I love you Julie, you make me feel so good." I orgasmed again when he said that. I'll just have to find a way to keep young guys away from me to stop it." Ava…… "So to pinpoint this, your ultimate thrill is to have a young guy lick your vagina, and then you have oral sex with him.

Correct?" Julie said: "Oh Yes." "You have the right attitude Julie, I'm proud of your trying to control this. I'll see you in two weeks. I have some pills that will help you." I stopped the playback and smiled.

I thought&hellip.who would ever guess this woman had this going on in her house. I went to work and decided not to discuss this with Ava about what I'd seen. She let me know she really didn't want to know about anything I'd seen, but I could tell she was very curious.

This Julie was on my mind all day. She was so good looking and now so hot in the sex department.

Then an idea hit me. I should call and say there is a problem with her security system, and I need to come out and fix it. While I was there I could fix an undetectable camera in her secret closet and send the feed to my home computer. ---------- "Hi, I'm here to fix the security system." She was so hot looking and in her usual robe.

I fiddled with the main control and then told her I need to go up in the attic. I measured first to find the secret closet. I installed the pin hole camera and wired it in. It was hot up there and when I came down I took off my shirt and finished up. Here she came with a towel for me, and started right in rubbing me with it. She ask if I was thirsty. I said yes. She told me to wait in the hallway.

She came back with some kind of mixed drink. I gulped it down as she began to rub the towel on me again. I leaned forward on the wall and let her keep that up. That drink was strong and I hit me real good. I said: "Miss. …" She interrupted me and said: "Julie, just Julie." "You don't know how good that feels on my sore back, 'Julie',". I felt her getting real close to my back. I could hear her heavy breathing and felt her breath on my neck. She said softly " I have a sore back too, maybe we could …a…do…a mutual back massage on each other?" The towel dropped to the floor as her bare hands took over rubbing on my back.

She quietly moaned with pleasure. I slowly turned around and put my arms around her and started massaging her back. She already had her eyes closed and we got closer and closer together. She must have just put on an intoxicating perfume.

It smelled so sexy and I was getting a hardon fast. She was panting and looked around. She said: "I think we better go in here in case some one walking by sees us. There it was&hellip.her closet.

She slowly walked us to it and opened the door. She moved us in and closed the door. Now her hands weren't massaging my back, but feeling it very sexy like. I returned the favor and she pulled her pussy gently to me. She was out of breath as she reached for the hidden door knob. She whispered in my ear: ("…this is more private in here.") In we went as she closed that door.

She immediately dropped her robe. Even with the tiny light, I could see she was built nice. She moaned in my ear and her hand started down my short pants. She squeezed my hardon tight and gave out a big sigh. She worked my pants down and helped me take them off. She had me get on my knees and I knew what was next. She pulled my mouth right into her wet pubic hair. Her weakness was to have a young guy lick her pussy.

I was a little older but that didn't seem to stop her at all. She was a tall woman, and I was shorter than her. She began to face fuck me real good and firm. I felt her body as she liked that and moaned as my hands felt her tits, ass and long legs. She fucked my tongue like it was a dick. Moaning and getting very hyper. She began to fast hump me as I sucked her clit hard.

She said: "oh god&hellip.oh god"…and started to shake. She twitched and moaned as I guess she was having a climax on my tongue. Her pussy was gushing with juice as she leaned down and started kissing the top of my head.

Her hands were trembling as he gasp for breath. She pulled me up and got on her knees. She quickly put my cock in her mouth…all the way in. I felt her wonderful tits as I was going to cum a big one. She began moans of pleasure as she jacked me and waited for &hellip. oh damn…I bucked as she dug her fingers into my butt cheeks.

I shot big multi loads filling in her mouth. She whimpered, squirmed and swallowed as I kept pumping more in her. She sounded so satisfied as her moans told me. I ran my fingers thru her beautiful long hair as she gave out sexy pleasure moans, over and over again. This is what she craved so bad. It was the most intense hot blow job I'd ever had. I got home and checked the camera I had set up in her secret closet.

I backed the feed up in the chip. There is all was&hellip. recorded. I could now relive that event forever. I found a note in my pants pocket. It said: "Please check my security system any time you want." - 'Julie' Ava&hellip. Rules or no rules, I found myself wanting to know what Ron was up to. All he seemed to talked about was this Julie. My personal life was my own and I began to pry into Ron's now sexual interest in Julie.

With him naked in bed with me I found him eager to talk. He told me everything. Now I had to see that closet tape. The separation between my profession and my personal life was running together, and I found myself getting aroused by Ron's venture. You hear women talk about many things they do, but this would be the first time to actually see it.

To watch a young guy lick a woman and she having oral sex with him was to good to pass up. As a woman I had to deal with getting all aroused wanting to see my boyfriend having oral sex with her. He was so good at it on me, I wanted to see her reaction to that talented tongue of his. I cozied up to Ron and said very sexy: "Ron.I want to see that closet recording. It's kind of making me horny thinking about it." How could he turn that down. Something that made his girlfriend horny?

He headed for his laptop. We snuggle together and watched the recording. Her moans got to me. I had felt Ron's tongue in me and I knew what she was feeling.

We left the recording repeat itself as we had the most intense sex that night we'd ever had. I ask him if he was going back? He was silent. I said: "Oh Ron,&hellip.please do, these recordings are providing us with a great sex turn on. Did you know she has never had sex with an adult male before?, she just gets off on having oral sex with young guys. I would love to see her have full sex with a guy like you. That may snap her out of her obsession and go for regular adult guys".

Ron smiled. I had just given him my 'ok' to go and have sex with Julie with the intent of helping her with her problem. I got on top of his naked body, I put my hands around his throat and said: "…You better not enjoy it!"&hellip. we both smiled as I slipped his erection in my pussy.

It was one glorious night continuing. Ron&hellip. I called Julie to set a time to 'check out' her security system. She let me in and we wasted no time. Our arms clamped around us and our tongues went wild. I had on coveralls and she had on a bright red robe. She pulled me in the closet fast as she was very hyper. We were naked in minutes as we never stopped kissing and feeling our bodies. I went down to lick her pussy to start. She was already moaning and humping my face with her wet pussy.

I felt her sweet tits as she felt my body. I stood up as she went down to suck on my hardon. I pushed her on her back and kissed her long legs. I slowly crawled on top of her. She tried to talk but was panting to much. I eased my hardon head in her some.


Up came her legs and wide open. She managed to whisper: ("&hellip.I have dreamed&hellip. about you&hellip. being the first guy to have sex with&hellip.oh Ron&hellip.

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I'm so excited …my heart might explode…I've wanted this with you so bad…") My hardon slipped right in but very tight. She liked it rough and pulled on my butt cheeks and her legs wrapped around me like a vise. She was finally getting with the right guy she was looking for. Ava had told me she was waiting for just the 'right' guy to have sex with but had to hang on to her young guy oral sex obsession. Now she could have both.

What a wild fuck she was. She was noisy and let go with all she had. She locked me up tight in her grip and fucked hard. She kept saying: "Cum in me&hellip.cum in me now…oh yessss do it!" Her pussy squeezed my hardon so tight I had to cum.

It was like a bomb went off in both of us. She pulled my hair hard and shook. She bit her lips and then mine.

I was in her world and loving it. I was her first climax and she didn't want it to ever end. She kept fucking, shaking, squirming and lightly biting me.

She was the wildest girl I had ever fucked. ----- "Hi, my name is Julie, I will be your camp counselor for any problems you boys may have. This is Ron, he is head of surveillance security. We'd just like to welcome you to… "Camp Pussy Willow."