Begged me to fuck her

Begged me to fuck her
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My name is Susan. I am a junior in college. I am a Caucasian female, 22 years old, with blond hair and blue eyes. I stand 5'7" tall and I weigh 123 lbs.

My breasts are near perfect 36 c's with very pink thimble-like nipples and small areolae. My pussy is completely shaved. I have a relatively big clit and large thick pussy lips.

I lost my virginity when I was 14 to a guy who was 20. I have had about 30 lovers over the years and 7 of those with women. I am constantly horny and my pussy needs lots of attention. I tend to masturbate 7-8 times a day everyday. My current boyfriend is this wonderful man named John. We have been together for over a year now and I am deeply in love with him. He is the same age as I am and he loves sex as much as I do.

He is 6'5" tall and 225 lbs. with dark brown hair and deep brown eyes.

He has a magnificent cock. It is 7 inches long and very thick. I love the way his cock feels inside my pussy. I love how it stretches my pussy wide as he plows his cock in and out of my very wet cunt hole. John has been busy with his art projects and I haven't seen him in 2 days. We talk on the phone 2-3 times a day, but I miss him. I miss kissing his lips. I miss feeling him deep inside me.

I miss feeling his cock erupt inside my vagina and fill me with his cum. My pussy is in a constant state of horniness since we are apart. Just thinking about him gets my pussy sopping wet. I have to wear maxipads in my panties just to keep my pussy juices from soaking thru my panties.

I masturbate as soon as I get home from classes. I strip down to my panties and remove the maxipad and toss it in the waste basket beside my bed. My clitoris is super swollen and my pussy is dripping wet within seconds. My nipples are so erect that they tingle as my fingers lightly pluck them. My plucking becomes pinching and the pinching becomes twisting really hard. My face is flushed and when my hands finally reach my panty clad pussy, they find it is a soaking wet mess.

I haven't even started rubbing my clit and already there is a huge wet spot on the mattress. Immediately I remove my panties and bring them up to my face to smell and taste.

Some of my juices are milky white and are clinging to the panties.

This I hurriedly suck off. I then rub the wet material all over my face. I suck the wet crotch into my mouth and then proceed to masturbate with my fingers.

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With experienced skill, the fingers of my left hand rub my clit, while 2 fingers from my right hand enter my wet vagina. My back arches and the orgasm that grips my body is so intense that it takes my breath away. I grunt through the panties in my mouth as my orgasm runs its course.

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I can feel my creamy juices spill over my fingers and run down the crack of my ass to puddle on the bed. After the convulsions cease, I bring the hand that was inside my vagina up to my mouth and suck all the pussy juices from my fingers. I move my left hand to the opening of my vagina and scoop up more of my cum and lick the juices from that hand. I alternate hands down to my vagina and back up to my mouth until I am satisfied that all of the cum is cleaned up. I then relax a bit in the afterglow of orgasm.

I then slowly tease my nipples until they are erect and I begin to masturbate once again. I usually masturbate 7-8 times in a row, but recently it has been closer to 12 times in a row before I pass out from exhaustion. And still I can't seem to scratch that itch that is deep inside my pussy. So it was on this next morning that I awoke with a start. If I didn't hurry, I was going to be late for my sociology class. I quickly showered and dressed and hurried out the door to my class.

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I was wearing a pair of very tight jeans and a pink t-shirt. I got to class just in time and sat next to my friend Samantha. For some strange reason, I was hornier than usual and unable to concentrate on what the professor was saying.

I crossed and uncrossed my legs several times and each time I did this, my engorged clitoris would rub against the seam at my crotch. I was so into the friction that I lost control and immediately started cumming.

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The orgasm was incredible and it took every ounce of strength not to make a single sound. My face was flushed and I was just coming down from the high when I noticed a wetness spreading out from my crotch and soaking thru my jeans.

It was then that I remembered that I was in such a hurry to get to class that I forgot to add a maxi pad to my panties before leaving the house. My pussy was in such a high state of arousal because of my exposed clit rubbing inside my jeans as I walked to class. Class had ended and I was still sitting there in shock at the blunder of my morning, when Samantha tapped me on the shoulder.

She was grinning and then whispered in my ear that everything was going to be all right and that I could get cleaned up in her room which was just 2 buildings over. She offered her assistance to come to her dorm room and give me a change of clothes, so I followed her to her dorm room.

Once inside her room, Samantha found some pants and put them on the bed while I struggled to get the jeans that were way too tight off of me. The added wetness didn't help any. Samantha saw my predicament and giggling, she walked over to me and offered her assistance to help me off with my jeans.

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I was so embarrassed and Samantha said not to worry.that she has had a peeing accident or two in her pants before and was glad to help me out, and not to feel bad about it.

It happens she said. (God, if she only knew the truth.) We both struggled to no avail. Samantha then got on her knees in front of me.

Her face mere inches from my wet crotch as her hands grabbed the material at my calves and started to yank them down. The process was very slow but eventually the jeans started to come off.

The pulling off of the skin tight jeans removed my panties as well. I was not aware of this until I felt something slippery along my clitoris. I looked down and was amazed to find that Samantha had her mouth covering my clit and her tongue was working overtime to get me off. I was so caught up in what Samantha was doing that reflexively I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride. Well it didn't take long until I was cumming and cumming hard! I pulled Samantha's face hard into my pussy as my orgasm swept over me.

I cried out that I was cumming! My orgasm was fierce and I came and came and came.

When Samantha finally pulled free from my pussy, her eyes were glassy and her lips, chin and neck were visibly wet with my pussy juices. She smiled up at me before inserting 3 fingers forcefully inside my still very wet and very horny vagina. My juices dripped down her arm as she reamed out my cunt with her fingers until I was at the point of cumming a second time. Samantha sensed this and with her other hand she started rubbing my clit. I came so hard this time that my knees gave way and I landed on top of Samantha's stomach.

Samantha had just removed her fingers from my cunt when my orgasm came splashing forth. To be continued.