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Fleshly and erotic doggy style drilling
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I know that people want me to make the chapters longer, but due to college, if I did that, it would take me at least 3 weeks per chapter, so for the next month or so, smaller chapters will be coming, but don't worry, they'll be coming at a little faster pace.

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"Hi Tyson, my name's Alexis." My jaw dropped, my eyes stared, and my heart stopped. Standing just five feet in front of my hospital bed was a girl whom would be classified as a goddess. Heck, I'd worship her anyday. It took a second for me to clear my throat, and mentally tell my stomach to stop flipping around, before Natalie poked me in the arm, causing me to come back down to earth.

"Uhhhhh.he.hey" i managed to choke out, stuttering. She smiled at me, realizing I was nervous, and oh man I can't even begin to describe her smile. She had dimples and behind those red lips were a set of crystal white teeth in perfect order. "Hello Alexis, you must be the same Alexis my baby here protected?" My mom asked, before running over and giving her a hug as if SHE was the one who saved ME. Leave it to my mom to embarrass me more. "Yes Mrs. Nyugen, and I'm glad he did. I don't know what would happen if you didn't come along Tyson." She said addressing me.

She was talking to me. This girl, the girl I couldn't stop thinking about, she knew my name. What's my name.? "Psst, say something doofus." Natalie whispered.

"Oh yea, haha um it was no big. I couldn't let him hurt you." I said before realizing what I said. I started blushing, as I looked around to my mom and Natalie, who both went Awwwwwww. My sister just rolled her eyes, and Alexis blushed. "Well, are you feeling any better?

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I brought these flowers for you, and I was wondering, are you going to be coming back to school anytime soon?" "I'll have to see what the doctor says, but he said I should be ready to go home today atleast." "Alright kids, let's give Tyson some time to relax, while we wait outside." My mom said as she ushered everyone out of the ward.

In the midst of it all, I completely forgot that the other family next to me had left, and the boy was sitting there watching me. "You're an idiot." was all he said before he turned over and went to sleep. After a couple more hours of discussing my next 6 weeks of dieting and slowly gaining feeling in my left arm back, I was slowly walking out the doors of the hospital with my family. Alexis and Natalie both had to go home, and my sister Nina went to her friend's house.

I hobbled over to the backseat of my mom's van, as my parents both got in. They we're smiling to each other, and I had no idea what was up. "Alright you two, spill it. What's up?" I asked, curious. "We were just wondering if you and Alexis are getting married yet." My dad said calmly, but the same couldn't be said for me.

I nearly choked out of my skin. "WHAT!? You can't be serious! I'm not interested in her. I mean yea.she's got beautiful green eyes and her hair is beautiful and she's perfect and." My parents just stared at me smiling as I decided it was useless arguing.

"Okay.maaaaayyyybbbbeeeee I like her. But that doesn't mean we're getting married. Heck, she probably doesnt even like me back." "Actually Tyson, I gave her your phone number before she left cause she asked for it." My mom said, turning back around as my dad pulled into our driveway.

"Whatever." I said, jumping out and running inside. "I'm going to bed, night!" And before I could get an answer, I sprinted upstairs to my bedroom and opened my door.

Walking to my bed, I lay down; careful not to sleep on the side with my cast. My head felt nice against the cool pillow, because for some reason, I always preferred cold pillows over warm pillows, I dunno, is that weird of me? The next morning, I woke up to the sound of my phone ringtone. I slowly turned over and looked into the blinding screen. 5:35. Who the hell gets up at 5:30 in the morning, let alone calls a handicap.

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Fuck me.It was an unknown number too. "Hello? Who is this?" I mumbled in what appeared very grumpy and annoyed.least I hope.

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"Hello? Is this Tyson? Hey it's me Alexis haha. Wake up silly head." The soft voice replied giggling. I immediately rose up, so fast that I got dizzy. Screw sleeping in. "Yea, hey what's up Alexis?" "Are you busy right now? Is this a bad time?" She asked quietly. "No I'm good, I didn't expect anyone to call me so early but it's no biggy. Tell me, what's up?" "Well, I really don't want to take the bus to school today, and I was wondering, if you plan to go today, would you mind picking me up?" Shit I forgot about school.

But she wanted a ride! I swear I hit my head on the ceiling I jumped up so high. I couldn't believe it! I was so excited.

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"Um yea, sure, yes, totally! I'll definitely pick you up today. Is one hour enough time?" I asked nervously, breathing very slowly. "Yea sure thats perfect. I'll text you my address, k bye!" She said as she hung up. I slowly placed my phone down as I looked into my mirror at myself.

I was on cloud nine. Man this too much. I all but sprinted into the bathroom, brushing my teeth and taking a shower as fast as I could. When I was done, I ran back to my room, nearly slipping on the wooden floor. I opened closet door and freaked out. I had no idea what to wear.suit and tie? Nah.too business like. SnapBack, Jordan's, and basketball shorts?

Nah don't want to look like a faggot. Pants, button shirt and cardigan? Yessssss. After about 20 minutes of getting ready (get off my ass, I had a girl on the line. IM TAKING MY TIME), I jumped down the stairs and walked into the kitchen, not surprised to see my dad sitting there reading the newspaper, not even noticing me. My mom was at the sink washing dishes and Nina was nowhere to be found; that brat.

"Morning mom, hey dad!" I said cheerfully as I opened the fridge and looked around for something to drink. "Honey, do you mind taking the bus today?


I don't feel comfortable with you driving to school with one hand." My mom said turning around to face me. "I can't mom! I already promised Alexis I'd give her a ride, and besides, it's not like the car's a manual.

I'll be fine." I said annoyed.

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My mom just haaaad to find a way to try to ruin this for me. "But sweetie.you just got-" "Let him go Linda, he'll be fine, and of course you can't deny a lady." My dad argued, smiling cheekily.

"Oh alright, guess I'm overruled. But BE SAFE Tyson." "I will mom." I grabbed some toast, put it in my mouth like a dog, grabbed my backpack and headed out the door. As I walked out to the cold freezing morning, I noticed Alex sitting outside on the sidewalk alone. Alex was my neighbor's son who was 7 years old. He looked lonely sitting there so I walked over. "Hey bud, what are you doing up so early?" I asked. "Mommy and daddy are fighting again, so I left the house." He said quietly, clearly embarrassed.

I noticed him tense up, so I patted him on the back and said," don't worry kiddo, tell you what," I said leaning down close to him to whisper," how's your throwing arm been lately?

Why don't you go grab your football, and I'll play catch with you for a bit?" The offer was taken up happily as his face lit up, but he looked down nervously at my cast. Shoot.I realized I couldn't play with a broken arm.

"Oh dang, whoops.


I forgot I can't catch haha. That's okay, I can still throw with my left hand. Go grab your ball, and we'll practice some passing plays with ya. Gotta get you ready for the NFL right?" He lit up again and ran to his garage.

When he came back out, he ran towards me and gave me the football. "Will I grow up to catch like Peyton Manning?" I chuckled at his comment," Peyton Manning's a quarterback. He throws the ball like I do. But you CAN be like Calvin Johnson and catch the football." "Okay, let's go!" I checked my phone, and figured I had about 20 minutes to cheer him up, so we walked onto the street, as Alex lined up next to me, ready to run.

"Alright ready Alex? Get set.hike!" He sprinted down the street, looking back at me every other second. As soon as he passed the blue honda civic on the street, I threw the ball downfield, landing it directly in his arms, but the speed of the ball took the wind out of him, as he sat down in the middle of the street panting.

I ran over worried. "You okay Alex? Sorry if I threw it too hard man." "He looked up smiling," that was awesome! Did you see me catch it in my fingers? Let's do it again!" So after about another 15 minutes, in which afterwards he decided he could go back inside; Alex trudged back inside panting and sweating, as I got inside my car. I checked my phone for Alexis's adress, and inputed it into my car'a GPS navigation device. Then backed out and drove off. Finally, I'm here. Man I hate the stupid GPS directions.

I pulled next to her house, and walked out or her front door. As I made my way to the door and rang the doorbell, I heard someone walking up to the door.

A woman in her early 30's opened the door smiling at me sweetly. "Hello, you must be Tyson correct?" She asked, and I nodded a yes. And of course, like all mothers, she pulled me into a hug, not caring that I had a broken arm. "Oh thank you thank you thank you for protecting our daughter! You're a true gentleman. Come inside." Note to self; be wary of a mother's hug. No matter who it is, she will all but crush your bones. "Alexis is just getting ready, would you like some breakfast dear?" I tried to politely say no but she dragged me to the kitchen table and sat me down.

"When Alexis told us that a boy got shot saving her from a lunatic, her dad all but wanted to come to the hospital himself to thank you, but we heard you were out for a couple weeks.

How are you feeling now?" She asked placing a large stack of pancakes, a plate of bacon, and a plate of waffles in front of me complete with orange and apple juice. "Seeing as how you are her mother and all, can I ask you a question Mrs.um?" "That's Mrs. Crawford dear, and go for it. No need to feel shy here." "Okay well, um Mrs. Crawford, I wanted to ask your permission to possibly take her to dinner tonight?" "YES!!!!" Someone's gonna give me heart attack, I figured as the squeal came from the other end of the kitchen.

I saw Alexis standing there blushing broadly, wearing a light pink hoodie with her brown hair flowing down her shoulders and tight pants. "Of course we can go to dinner," she said running up to me, giving me a hug," so is this our first date?" Guys, here's a tip on how to get girls: take a bullet for them.caution: death my occur, do not try at home.

"If it's okay with your mom, than I'd love for it or be." I said, as Alexis sat down next to me, piling food on her plate.


"Aww, I'm so happy you came along Tyson. Of course you can take my daughter on a date, ahh Steve, there you are! We have a visitor this morning." She said, turning her attention to the door.

I spun around for the second time, this time seeing a big man with short blonde hair, a straight jaw, and an intimidating figure. The thing that was so calming about him was that he had a sincere smile, and was wearing a T-shirt and board shorts.

"Hey honey, and well well well, if it isn't Mr. Hero himself." He walked over, patted me on the back and sat down on my right. "Morning sweetie, so are you going to introduce me to your new boyfriend?" He asked. Wait.boyfriend?

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"He's not my boyfriend daddy, he's just driving me to school and we're going to dinner later." Fuck my luck. "Sounds like a date to me, either way, I need to talk to you boy.

Tyson is it?" I nodded. "What do you intend to do to my daughter?" I wasn't exactly ready for this.but figured it was now or never. " What I intend to do sir, is keep her happy. Whether or not we end up together, I care about her sir, and will do my best to protect her and keep her happy." He was clearly impressed, but kept going.

"And how do you plan to keep her happy?" This was the question I felt comfortable answering. "I plan to go the University of Washington after high school, go into Computer Software Engineering, and work at Microsoft. Over the summer I did an internship there, and have a two year scholarship to attend UW.

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I plan to buy a nice two story home, and start a family once my career is started, and hopefully start it with your daughter sir." I think my answer was correct, because all three Crawford's were shocked, staring at me. After a second, her dad finally answered me," well then Tyson, I'm impressed. Most kids your age don't know what to do with their lives, but you're clearly on your way to success, and seem to be doing well.

Well you have my approval, oh but I need Alexis home by 10:30, we have a wedding to attend tomorrow." "No sweat Mr. Crawford, dinner will be around 7:30, so we'll be back by 9:30." Smiling, Alexis grabbed my hard under the table and held on tightly.

"We should get going, or we'll be late. I had barely touched my food, so I hurriedly scarfed down my food. Thanking her parents, we both got up, and she led me out the door. "I think daddy really likes you Tyson!" She said happily, as she walked over to the drivers seat of my car.

"Hand over the keys mister, I'm not letting you drive like this." I laughed, but couldn't argue with her beautiful smile, so I just tossed my keys to her and sat down. Man.life was amazing.

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