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Busty attractive milf with hairy bush posing boobs upskirt and stripping
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Thank you for hanging in there with me, guys. Two more parts to go after this one, though it may be a few days before I can post them on here. If you are not into gay or b/b sex, please don't bother reading this. I can promise that you'll be disappointed. *** Tyler and I pulled on our swimsuits.

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I needed to work off my agitation from another confrontation with Jason, so I took Tyler to the small gym dad had built for me in the garage. We worked out in our swim briefs and since we were young and recovered quickly, and since workouts tended to get me horny anyway, my dick began to thicken again. When I lay back on the weight bench for presses, it showed. Tyler pulled my swim briefs aside and fished out my dick. I had him reverse over me. When I pulled his swim briefs aside, his balls fell out, but I had to fish his cock out.

We sixty-nined on the weight bench, and one of those things that seem to simply happen when you're learning about sex, happened to me. When I sucked in Tyler's dick it started to go into the back of my throat and my swallowing reflex kicked in. I didn't gag. That may not have been all I did to relax my throat, but suddenly I was deep throating Tyler.

Admittedly, that's not as difficult to do with a fourteen-year-old, even one with a thick dick. But what was excellent about my discovery that afternoon was that I was completely relaxed -- no gagging, no trouble breathing. His balls draped my upper lip and the soft skin inside his thighs pressed the sides of my face, and I wrapped my arms around his waist and sucked as he pumped.

It was mellow. We ate supper, then lay around watching TV and talking. We had sexed ourselves out. When Jason came home, he went to his room. We headed to bed as well. Tyler nestled into my arms for sleep, and we had planned to simply sleep, but naked body on naked body -- we sexed again. Then we did sleep. In the morning, recharged, we tried more sex positions before coming again. I was grateful to Carolyn for teaching me that there were a lot of ways to have sex. Tyler had to go home that afternoon.

We talked over the phone that night, but not for long. We'd had a good weekend together, and we were tired. Jason was gone for his swim team workout by the time I got up Monday morning. I wondered if he was going to still be pissed when he saw Tyler. Maybe they'd be friends again.

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Maybe Jason would blame only me for what happened. "Good morning, mister Brock," Alexander's deep voice rang out when he saw me come into the kitchen. I groaned and took a seat at the kitchen island. "Wear yourselves out this weekend?" he asked with that Jamaican belly-laugh of his. "I got a good breakfast for you here." I cocked one eye open -- I didn't always wake easy in the morning. Alexander chuckled and quickly assembled a plate for me. He came around the island to set the plate and juice in front of me and gave my back a rub.

He leaned close to my ear. "You want me to help you wake up? I got a couple more BIG eggs and a BIG sausage for you." I groaned. "I can show you things," he whispered.

"Alexander," I complained. "I just woke up. Go seduce the housekeeper." Alexander laughed and patted my leg. "I like my ladies young and pretty, but I've thought about it." He returned around the island. "I saw my nephew, Elias, yesterday," he said. "I told him about you. He says, sure he wanna meet you." "Why?" I asked. "Aren't you two happy together?" Alexander belly-laughed. "We get very happy together," he said.

"That boy could teach you things, too." "I'm surprised you didn't go see the Yankee's game." "We did," he said. He then proceeded to tell me about the game.

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Alexander was twenty-six at the time -- I know because he's ten years older than me -- and he was really into sports. I stayed away from Alexander's kitchen for the rest of the morning, waiting for Tyler to call after swim practice.

Jason came home, avoided me, and left. Tyler didn't call, and I supposed he was still tired. I finally tried calling him, but his mom said Tyler was helping his aunt with some moving. Alexander fixed my favorite dessert that night and tried serving seduction with my breakfast again the next morning. Without really thinking -- slow at waking up, remember -- I went down there in nothing but sleep shorts, which wasn't all that unusual for me.

When you sleep naked, pulling on sleep shorts is like dressing up. Alexander evidently got an eyeful. He was in loose shorts and an island shirt -- he didn't always dress in much of a uniform until supper time. Anyway, he got a boner, clearly visible through his shorts.

He had a big one. If you ever want to get into a gay boy's pants, showing him a big boner can be almost as effective as getting your hand on his. I'd never seen an adult male erection before and certainly not a black man's erection. Alexander wasn't hung like some of the black guys I've seen in porn, but he was well equipped. Despite springing a boner of my own, I pretended no interest. I missed Tyler, and he was my boyfriend.

I wasn't about to go screwing around.

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When Jason came home from swim practice that afternoon, I asked him if Tyler seemed okay. "Yep." "Is he going to come over today?" "How should I know? He's your friend now," Jason said, and left for his room. I went to my room and called Tyler's house. "Jason's really pissed," Tyler told me. "We almost got into a fist fight today. He REALLY doesn't want me around." "But I do." "Look, Brock, maybe we oughta wait until he cools down, or wait until he's not around.

I gotta help my aunt again today, anyway. She's moving this week.


We quit late last night but hadn't finished. There's a lot left to do." "You aren't having any regrets about us, are you?" I asked. "No!" he said emphatically. "Hell, no!" I smiled. "I miss you," I told him. "Yeah, me, too." And," I added truthfully, "I want your body." Tyler chuckled, then said, "Yeah!

Maybe I can come over tonight when we're done." "I can help you guys," I offered. "Sure!" Tyler quickly agreed. "But we can't make out with my aunt around." "Of course not." "And, Brock," He said, " If we work late again tonight, well, I've got swim team in the morning and we've got a meet coming up." "I understand." "Brock," he said, lowering his voice.

"My mom asked me Monday why I was smiling so much." "You smiled a lot?" "Yeah," he said happily. I sat back and smiled myself. I was headed downstairs and out the door when I caught the aroma from the kitchen and turned for it instead. "Alexander," I said, leaning in, "if you're baking your Rum Cookies for supper, set aside some for me. You know how much I like those, and I might not be around for supper." Alexander turned from his work counter with a disappointed frown.

"I'm fixin' ribs the way you like. Where you gonna be, man?" "Tyler's helping his aunt move. I'm going to go help. We may work late." Alexander's frown became a smile. "Helpin' your boyfriend, huh? That's okay, man.

I'll save you some ribs." He held up a hand. "But wait. I'll send some of my rum cookies with you. They're coolin' on a rack." "That'd be great!" I said, and I meant it. Alexander's rum cookies were amazing. He bagged some up and brought them to me. "You kiss your boyfriend for me," he said, handing me the bag and grabbing a feel of my butt at the same time. "Probably can't," I said, turning to leave. "His aunt is gonna be there." "Then kiss his aunt!" Alexander called after me.

"Always get the family to like ya, man!" In my opinion, Tyler's aunt was a hoarder. She had more junk in her house than most people have in two or three houses. Stuff was piled everywhere, and she didn't want us to simply pack it up in boxes. She had to organize and supervise everything. She was a nice lady, though, and when she raved about Alexander's cookies, I gave her cheek a kiss and told her it was from Alexander.

She blushed, but was in a great mood after that. Tyler and I didn't have time alone, but we worked together, and that wasn't bad at all.

We finished late and I drove him home. We held hands on the way and we kissed before he got out. But we were tired and he had swim team in the morning, so that was all we did. He called after swim practice the next day. "You may not want to come today," he said.

"My mom's helping." "Sure, I'll help," I said. "I'll get to meet your mom, and Alexander's got more cookies ready." "Rum cookies?" "Chocolate coconut. Alexander says all women like chocolate. I think he's trying to seduce your aunt through me and his cookies." "He can have my aunt, but tell him to keep his hands off my mom," Tyler said, then laughed.

Turned out, I liked his mom a lot, and she seemed to like me. I gave both her and her sister kisses on the cheek and told them that Alexander sent them, because he had. It was another hard day of work, though we almost finished. I didn't get to drive Tyler home that evening because his mom did. Jason was in the den by himself when I got home that night. "Where have you been?" he asked sullenly.

"Helping Tyler," I said. "Yesterday and today, I helped him and his aunt pack her stuff. She's moving." Without another word, Jason got up from the couch and left the room. Tyler called after swim practice. "Jason won't even talk to me anymore," he said. "Me either." "That sucks." "Yeah. I know." "Look, my mom wants me to go with her to help my aunt move.

She says Aunt Jessie has too much stuff. I have to stay with Mom tonight at a hotel. I'm pissed because I'm gonna miss swim practice tomorrow, but Mom's not budging." "Can I come?" "I asked," he said.

"Mom said she's not paying for two hotel rooms, so I gotta stay with her. She promised we'll be back tomorrow afternoon." "Sorry." "Yeah. But maybe this weekend, after the swim meet, we can sleepover at your house again." "Yeah." "That is, if you don't think it will piss Jason off even more." "Fuck Jason!" "You don't really mean that." "I'm starting to." After the call, the more I thought about Jason being an asshole, the angrier I became.

He was home, so I went to his room, knocked, and tried the door but it was locked. "Jason," I said. "I wanna talk." "We don't need to talk." "Yes we do," I said.

I heard movement inside, and then the door opened. Jason returned to his bed, where he sat back against the headboard. His TV was on some rerun that I was surprised he was watching. I closed the door, leaned back against it and crossed my arms. "Look, I know you're pissed at Tyler and me," I said. "But, Jase, I can't help being gay. It's not like I decided to be gay so I could embarrass you or piss you off. Besides, what's between Tyler and me is our own business." Jason flashed me the angriest glare I'd ever had from him, and I'd had some pretty angry ones.

"Your own business?" he demanded loudly. "You steal my best friend. He steals my brother." "What do you mean, steal?" I countered. "I'm still your brother.


And Tyler wants to be your best friend." Jason flashed me another angry stare. "Yeah, right. When he's around, you two disappear." He jerked his head in the direction of my room which was next to his. "It's not like I can't hear you guys." I felt my face go red. I was suddenly grateful that the other side of my room opened on the outside wall where no one else would overhear. "You heard us when the guys were all here?" I asked. "Not that night. The next night was when you two made all the racket." "But you couldn't hear much," I said, skeptically.

"I heard enough," he told me, crossing his arms the way I had crossed mine. "I'm surprised you didn't bounce the fish out of your aquarium." I uncrossed my arms. "Lookit, Jase, I'm sorry we grossed you out, okay? But you don't have to be an asshole. Haven't you ever, even once, wondered what it would be like to -- well to do stuff with a guy?" "No." "Never?" He looked away sheepishly.

"Yeah, maybe. Back when we used to slept together naked, I used to rub my stiffy on you when you were sleeping." He glanced at me and smiled lopsidedly. "You slept on your stomach a lot and your butt felt good to rub on." He frowned again. "That's not what I'm talking about, Brock.

What I'm talking about is when I see Tyler, he asks about you. When I see you, you ask about Tyler. Neither of you care a shit about me anymore. YOU'RE the one who's not being my brother any more. HE'S the one who's not being my friend." I pushed off the door and took a step closer to his bed.

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"Look, I'm sorry, okay? We'll do stuff together. Like this afternoon. How about watching a ball game, or getting out on our bikes?" "No," he said, and getting up from his bed, he went to his VCR and ejected the tape, which he threw it at me. I managed to catch it after bobbling it. By then he was shoving me out the door.

"It's that security tape of you and Tyler in the pool. Every time I watch it, I get really pissed!" He pushed me out his door and slammed it behind me. He had said, "Every time I watch it?" I wondered. Why would he watch it if it pisses him off? I took the tape back to my room and put it into my own VCR, and hit rewind.

The beginning of the recording started in the middle of Tyler riding me from behind. The camera zoomed in. there were controls for that. Jason must have done the zooming so he could tell what we were up to. I fast forwarded. The camera followed Tyler and me until just before Jason came out to the pool when Tyler was resting back against me.

I had to admit, if Jason was angry about me being gay, then watching his brother get screwed by his best friend, and then watching his brother screw his best friend -- well it was no wonder he was pissed. But then he shouldn't have watched it. Not more than once. I wound the tape back to the beginning and played the whole thing at regular speed. When I was doing Tyler, our backs were to the camera and the video was more of my backside than Tyler.

I wished the camera had gotten more of Tyler, but I noted to myself that I didn't look bad from behind. I wound back to the beginning one more time and jerked off while watching Tyler do me, not that I could see all that much, even zoomed in, but the characteristic movements were unmistakable.

Afterward, I went down to the billiard room and watched a Yankees game while seeing how long a run I could make on the billiard table. My dad came home and joined me, then Jason wandered in and joined us. Things seemed almost normal at supper. It might have been my imagination, but Jason didn't seem as angry. I wondered if he just needed to get things off his chest. I wondered if he didn't want some brother time with me. I decided to work on that.

Tyler didn't call, but he had said he might not since he'd be with his mom. I wrestled with what to do about Jason. From what he had said, it wasn't the sex between me and Tyler that bothered him most. It was us excluding him from our friendship. Was he being honest? I put myself in Jason's place. I could imagine that it was bad enough to feel like he'd lost his new best friend.

Normally, that might not have hurt because he could always count on me -- like he told Tyler, Jason and I weren't just brothers, we were best buds. I started to feel guilty. I hadn't been thinking about Jason's feelings at all. After dad and Rachael went up for bed that evening, I found Jason lying on the couch watching TV in the den. He looked unhappy again. My stomach had been in knots because he was my brother and things were fucked up.

I wanted to make it right, and I acted on a sudden impulse. I took a seat at the end of Jason's couch, making him pull up his feet to make room for me. "I've got something I want to say," I told him. He looked at me. "Tyler and I can cool it for a while. You know, hold off on sexing." One of Jason's eyebrows rose skeptically.

"You're my brother," I said. "You're more important than getting my rocks off." "I thought you liked Tyler." "I do," I said. "Jase, I REALLY like him. I mean, I've never fallen in love before." I paused. "Sorry. I know that sounds weird, but that's the way I feel." I shook my head in frustration. "I don't know how to explain it." I felt foolish for even trying. I stood up. "I'll talk to Tyler tomorrow. We'll hold off, you know, from doing it. He's your best friend and I'm your brother, and that's what's important for now." I left, got some ice water from the kitchen, and went up to my room.

By the time I closed the door behind me, I was ready to kick myself, bang my head against the wall, jump out the window, whatever, because of what I just promised Jason. I had done it on impulse because I loved my brother, but I loved Tyler, too, and I needed Tyler the way a lonely sixteen-year-old needs his lover.

My mind worked as I brushed my teeth, took a piss before bed, and stripped for sleep. Not thinking had gotten me into trouble, now I would try to think my way out of it. But all I could come up with was to ask Jason to let me off the hook, but that would probably piss Jason off all over again. He probably didn't believe my promise in the first place. I turned out the light and climbed into bed completely frustrated.

I lay for several minutes thinking and watching the fish in my aquarium. My thoughts turned to Tyler and the things we had done together, and my dick grew hard. I rolled to my stomach and considered humping one of my pillows. The door opened and Jason came in, closing and locking the door behind him. He wore only shorts, and those were tented in the front. I suppose in a way, I wasn't surprised.

And yet, I was. As he stood beside my bed, looking down at me with the bed covers only up to my butt, I thought about reminding him that I had a boyfriend now. But Jason knew that. My gut told me that what was about to happen was important to him, and probably to me. Looking back on it, I honestly don't think that my having a boner myself played much of a factor in my thinking at that moment. Or maybe it did.

My feelings, and I think Jason's, were basically primal. But I don't believe it was simply teenage horniness that kept me from turning him away. Jason pushed his shorts down and they fell to the floor. His dick wagged up, nearly as long as mine, but thinner and very straight.

He had the tight pubic patch of a fourteen-year-old. Like Tyler, he was tan everywhere except for where his Speedo covered. He was leaner than Tyler. I could see his muscle seams. I rolled up onto my side and the covers slid off my legs. Jason's eyes dropped to the boner I had pointing up my belly.

"You've grown," he observed. "So have you." Jason climbed into bed facing me, stopping a dick's length away. His eyes met mine. "It should have been me first," he said. "Before Tyler." I smiled sadly, and looped my arm behind his waist to pull his belly to mine. Our dicks slid up between our bodies and we came nose to nose for a brief second before he wrapped his arms around my neck and laid the side of his face against mine.

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"You won't lose me, Jase," I promised him. "You won't ever lose me." He hugged my neck and pressed the side of his face to mine. I slid my palms down to his narrow, muscled bottom, and when I did, he ground our dicks between us.

I ground back. "I'm a virgin," Jason whispered at my ear. "With guys?" "With anybody," he said. "All I've ever gotten are a couple of hand jobs." "I'll teach you," I told him, stroking his back. "I'll teach you what I know and then I'll introduce you to Carolyn. She can teach you about women." "Who's Carolyn?" Jason asked. "I'll tell you later." I rolled to my back, keeping Jason in my arms.

I opened my legs to let his fall between mine, and I grasped him by the butt. I lifted my pelvis for him to grind against and he did. He groaned and nuzzled into the side of my neck. We humped. "There are lots of ways to sex," I told him. I rolled him onto his back and began with his neck, sucking, licking, kissing.

I was determined to treat my little brother royally. I was determined to treat him as well as I had Tyler.

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Jason moaned and ran his fingers into my hair. I sucked his nipples and tongued them. I moved lower where I slipped my forearm under the small of his back and lifted his belly to my lips.

Tyler liked me strong. Perhaps Jason would. Holding him up, I licked his stomach, tongued his navel, and moved lower. Setting him back down, I opened his legs, spreading his knees widely. Like Tyler, he smelled faintly of pool chlorine. I licked his lower belly, down to his pubes.

I nuzzled his privates. I licked inside the seams of his legs and nuzzled in under his balls. Jason gasped. "Oh, shit! I'm shooting!" I pressed my face firmly into his perineum and he jerked his cock frantically, shooting up his belly.

He gasped with each squirt. "Sorry," he murmured after finishing. "I didn't mean to come so fast. He started to close his legs, but I held them open. With my tongue, I cleaned up his belly, then his shaft, keeping him hard while waiting for his glans to be less sensitive.

And then I took his dick into my mouth. This sounds funny, I know, but sucking Jason's dick made me feel like I was taking care of my little brother.

When he starting lifting his pelvis, trying to fuck into my mouth, I pulled off him. Carolyn had told me to always have lube handy, and I had some KY in my nightstand. Leaning over Jason, I retrieved it and sat back on my haunches between his legs. I lubed my dick, then pushed his knees up and out and lubed his bottom.

Jason could do me when I was done, but I was the big brother, and it was right for me to go first. I worked the KY in with my finger, rimming him, loosening him.

Setting aside the lube, I positioned my wet crown at his wet hole and pushed. My crown disappeared. "Ugh!" Jason squirmed. "Just relax, I said, rubbing his balls and the underside of his dick with my palm."Relax." He calmed. As soon as he seemed ready, I eased in more.

I went onto my hands over him, watching his face as I slowly entered.

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He clutched my biceps, not hard or in pain, but as something to hang onto. His eyes went to my arms. "You've always been strong," he said, squeezing my arm muscles. He ran his palms up my arms and onto my shoulders and trapz. By then, I had bottomed out.

"You're all the way in?" He asked, a little tenseness remaining in his voice. "Yeah." "It's not so bad." I eased out and in. Jason clutched on my trapz. I lay down onto him and gathered him up in my arms.

He closed his arms around my neck again, once more pressing the side of his face to mine. Holding him, nuzzling into the side of his neck, I pumped my hips. "Damn, Brock," he murmured as his body began to move with mine. "This is fucking hot." I lifted my head gazing down into his eyes. It seemed the time to kiss my little brother. I covered his mouth with mine, and he responded instantly.

The kiss grew passionate, but I kept my hips moving.


We kissed, I sucked on his neck, we kissed. We rolled to the right, and Jason hung on. After a moment, we rolled back, keeping a tight ball.

Jason rubbed his erection up against my belly as I thrust.

He was into it. I was close when he started gasping and his sphincter contracted with each gasp. He squirted between us and the contractions of his sphincter brought me off as well. I drove deep and pulsed my load into him. And I realized for the first time, that just like my little brother, I gasp every time I squirt. I collapsed onto him. His arms loosened around me.

"I didn't know it felt so good to get fucked," he said. "I'm not sure it always does," I told him. "Sometime, I'll show you how I like it best." Jason stroked the hair on the back of my head. We had been gentle with each other growing up. Jason was tender with me now. I was still inside him and it was one of those moments when you're joined together and the feeling is intimate. "Thanks," he said. "I won't mind so much now when you and Tyler sex." "We need to find you someone," I said.

Jason whispered in my ear, and I could hear the smile in his voice, "Until we do, I know how to get my rocks off." "And you aren't done yet tonight," I told him. "You are still partly vigin until you do the fucking." "I don't know if I can come again. I just came again." "I know. You can come a third time." "You might have to suck me like you did last time, you know, to get me hard." "I can do that." I was flat on my belly when we completed the total loss of Jason's virginity that evening.

Because he had come twice already, he rode my butt a long time, but he seemed to enjoy it. I did, too, coming onto a towel underneath me.

"Jason," I murmured sleepily while he ground the remains of his erection inside me. "Let's not tell Tyler about this yet." Jason kissed between my shoulder blades and relaxed onto my back.

"Let's not tell anybody about this," he murmured. "Yeah. Nobody." "But when Tyler's not here," Jason said, "It's okay to sleep with you when I want, right?" "Yeah," I said. Jason rested the side of his face on the back of my shoulder as if he might fall asleep there.

"So are we okay?" I asked. "Yeah."