Lara Rudin amateur homemade blowjob

Lara Rudin amateur homemade blowjob
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I learned all about sex from my mum and sister May. My first was my sister when I was a young teenager I occasionally used to sleep with her in her double bed especially in winter to keep each other warm. When I was 14½ and she was a very attractive, golden honey blonde, curvy 15 (almost 16) one night I was dozing off when I felt her lightly touching my cock through my pyjamas. I lifted my bottom off the bed slightly so that she knew that I was awake and her hand encircled my cock but stayed still.

I pulled my pyjamas aside so that she then had hold of my bare cock which was, as usual, big and hard, a good 8½ inches long and already quite thick after some years of wanking three or four times a day. I closed her hand more tightly onto my cock, got hold of her wrist and moved her hand up and down. May continued the action whilst I reached over to cup her tit in my hand. I could feel that her nipple was hard and I was curious to see and feel how big it was so I pulled her top up to caress her tit naked.

Her nipple was the size of a smallish cherry and I had the urge to suck it so I wriggled down and closed my lips round it. She let out a little gasp and her hand tightened slightly around my cock carrying on wanking me. I was getting close to cumming and I said to wait whilst I got her torch and a tissue from her bedside table and switching the torch on I held the tissue in place telling her to carry on.

Her hand moved a little faster than before and I soon shot my load whilst she watched with great interest. "Wow" she said and inspected my cock and balls minutely then she laid back so I reclaimed her nipples with my mouth and slid my hand down her stomach into her bush. My middle finger slid into her crack as though it belonged there and I felt her slickness get suddenly creamier just as the tip of my finger found her pussy hole, which seemed to suck my finger in.

I worked my finger in and out whilst still sucking on her tits and my cock was already rampant hard. May had her legs wide open so I got myself in-between them without stopping sucking or fingering. My cock was now alongside my hand at the gates of pleasure so I took my finger out and slowly pushed my cock into her tight hole. Part way in I felt a slight resistance so I pushed harder and suddenly May gasped and whispered "Oww, go on, keep going" so I pushed my cock in right up to my balls.

The sensation was incredible so I pulled almost all the way out and back in, then out, in, out, in. . For some reason I knew I mustn't cum inside her so I pulled out and shot all over her belly. After we cleaned up using a lot of tissues I inspected her pussy very minutely, it was very pretty, with slightly darker blonde hair and had an intoxicating musty smell to it, we whispered to each other how good it had been and that we should do it again.

The next day we both arrived home from school and the house was empty and knowing mum wasn't due back for some time I put my arms round May and cupped her tits. "Ooh yes" she said reaching behind her to feel my already hard cock. She pulled my zip down as I was undoing her bra, got my cock out and stroked it up and down. I turned her round and started sucking on her lovely nipples while I reached under her skirt to push her panties down and slide my hand between her thighs; she was already very wet and eager for shagging.

We moved over to the armchair and I had her sit on the edge so I could kneel down and slide my perfectly aimed cock into her pussy hole. I went in all the way up to my balls and started shafting in and out full length.

After a couple of minutes May started to moan and clutch at me with her hands and I felt her pussy tighten onto my cock. I felt myself getting close and slowed down to pull out but she said, "Don't stop" so I pushed the getting close feeling down and kept going.

I was in serious danger of shooting my load inside her when her back arched, she moaned and the door opened with our mum walking in on us. I pulled my cock out of May and shot my load all over her belly.

I was half expecting a blistering telling off and severe punishment but mum said, "May, go and clean yourself up and don't let John's cum get into your pussy". May practically rocketed out of the chair and the room whilst I knelt there with my cock sticking out still more than three quarters hard. Mum said that there seemed to be some life left in it yet and reached down to get hold of my cock and stroking it up and down slick with May's pussy juices and my cum.

What really surprised me was that she was undoing the buttons of her blouse to reveal her quite large tits encased in a very attractive lacy 36DD bra, which was front fastening as she showed me by undoing it, releasing her tits so that I could see her deep pink nipples which were erect and about the size of a slim grape.

"Suck them," she said, so I did and my cock jerked up even harder. "What a nice big cock" mum said and let go of it to undo her skirt, pushing it and her panties down. I let go of her nipple to look down at her bush and tentatively slid my hand down her remarkably flat belly between her legs to find that she was dripping wet. She took the same position as May had on the armchair and said "you know what to do" so I slid my cock into that wet and surprisingly tight hole and banged away like a maniac.

Within a short time mum started moaning and clutching just like May had and she then hooked her feet behind my back pulling me in so that I couldn't pull out and I shot a huge load of cum into her.

I was just on the last spasms when May came back dressed in jeans and tee shirt, her mouth dropped open and her eyes widened like saucers. Mum was still in some sort of daze so I said to May "strip off quick" which she did, and she stripped so quick it seemed like she had just jumped out of her clothes, and came over to look down at my cock still embedded in mum's pussy. I stroked her nipples and slid my hand into her bush slipping a finger into her pussy, which was slippy and wet, and then she bent down enough for me to suck her nipples.

Mum opened her eyes and said, "Not had enough yet?" taking her feet from behind me. I pulled my cock out of her dripping with her pussy juices and my cum, mum grabbed a tissue to stop it all dripping out of her onto the carpet and I grabbed one to wipe myself dry, squeezing the last drops of cum out of my cock.

Mum saw that my cock was still mostly hard and asked May if she wanted more, and if so to sit down for another shagging. My cock jumped up and I slid it into May, I was so excited that I banged away at her just like I did with mum. This time it didn't take long before I had to pull out to shoot my load, but it didn't go onto May's belly, my mum caught me and engulfed my cock with her mouth, this was too much for me and I shot my load which I could hear her swallowing.

May and I looked at her and each other in amazement. After mum had sucked and licked my cock dry, my cock had had enough and drooped down. May and I had heard about oral sex but did not previously know that it meant what we just saw. We cleaned up and got dressed, made a cup of tea and sat down round the table.

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May and I wondered what was going to happen, I fully expected to get a right telling off, and then Mum said "Thank you John, it's been a long time since I had a good shag and tasted cum, it was lovely.

Tell me how did you get started together?" May and I told her that it had only started the night before and that today was the second (and third) time. "Well," she said, "you certainly seem to have the basics, and I am very pleased that you pulled out of May before you came." At that May asked what it felt like for the man to cum inside her.

For an answer mum asked May when she was due to start her period, next Monday, May answered. "That's handy" said mum "you can find out for yourself starting on Friday night". At our puzzled expressions she told us that for the last two days before a period it is OK to cum inside the girl as it is a safe time and she can't get pregnant. May and I couldn't wait till Friday night.

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Mum then went on "You have a grasp of the basics, but I will teach you all about sex so that your eventual partners will be satisfied, (and I'll get some good shagging in the meantime) we will start tomorrow night." The next night May and I got home first as usual and I was already sucking on May's tits when Mum arrived less than five minutes later.

"Slow down" she said, "ease off John, nibble and lightly lick her nipples until I say you can move on" so I did what I was told, my cock feeling as though it was twice the size it was and harder than concrete. The next few minutes seemed like hours and my hand started to slide down May's lovely belly but mum must have been watching and said "No, not yet, just a bit longer" May was now starting to wriggle and her hips seemed to be jumping up and down.

"Now," mum said "let your hand slowly slide down as it was doing so before, but slower, and stop just as you enter her crack. Feel for her clitoris, a hard little nub." I was doing this and as I felt May's clit with my finger she almost jumped up in the air. Mum said "That is a very sensitive erotic Zone, much more sensitive than nipples." Mum saw that my finger was sliding towards May's pussy hole and told me to keep my finger where it was and gently stroke May's clit whilst still sucking her nipples.

May seemed to be going mad by now and gasping in short breaths, her pussy lips got hotter and wetter, she groaned and pushed her groin up into my hand. "May just had an orgasm and now you can proceed to slide your finger into her, slowly". May's pussy felt like it was sucking my finger into it, but I kept it slow like mum said. My cock was so hard now it was painful and starting to dribble cum. Mum said, "We can't have that" and was suddenly knelt down next to me dropping her head down to take my cock in her mouth, she sucked and slid up and down a few times and I shot a load of cum down her throat.

"That tasted nice and now you will last a bit longer for May". May had at last got her breath back and gasped "I need his cock in me, NOW". "Ok," mum said "but push it in slowly John, make it last".

I did so and May's pussy felt as though it was on fire but as my pubic hairs ground against May's the heat started to subside a little. "Now stroke in and out slowly John and hold your cum until May has cum again". It was the hardest thing I had ever done to prevent myself exploding inside May's pussy until she started wriggling and moaning again. Then she lifted her bottom off the chair and her pussy clamped round my cock, it was all I could do to stop myself cumming but I kept stroking in and out.

May then groaned and started to relax, I pulled my cock out and immediately shot a huge load all over her belly and tits, some drops even got as far as her chin. My cock started to go down and mum said "that wasn't bad you'll get better and last longer with practice". May seemed to be poleaxed, just laying there while my cum slowly dribbled down her belly towards her bush. Mum told me to move over and knelt down where I had been.

Mum then lowered her head and stuck her tongue into May's still open pussy hole and licked upward along her slit to May's clit sucking it for a few moments while May squirmed and gasped. I could see that May was having another orgasm and when she had finished, mum licked up onto May's belly collecting all my cum. Meanwhile my cock had grown so hard I needed to shove it into something, so I lifted mum's skirt up pulled her panties down and unceremoniously rammed my cock into her soaking wet pussy all the way to my balls.

I rammed in and out furiously for a while and then felt mums pussy spasm which I guessed was the start of her orgasm so I kept going and as her cum finished I shot a load up into her pussy. Mum then told me to kneel in between May's legs and lick May's pussy like she had. I bent my head down and smelt a musky sweetness which made my cock twitch and as my tongue touched May's pussy lips her hips twitched upwards burying my tongue slightly into her pussy hole.

I pushed down until my tongue was in as far as I could get it then licked up her slit until I found her clit, which I sucked into my mouth. The taste of May's juices was unusual but I was very quickly getting to like it. May groaned, squirming her hips so I returned to her hole and probed a few more times then went back to her clit which made her squeak and her orgasm made her shudder all over.

Mum told me to keep going a little longer, so I did until May relaxed with a sigh. Mum had by then stripped off and sat on the couch with her legs open and asked me to come over and do the same for her. I could see that my spunk was still leaking out of her hole and that made me curious about the combined tastes, so I bent my head down towards her crack and smelled her sex which was not as 'sweet' as May's but was somehow more arousing and I could also smell my spunk mingled in.

This didn't put me off and I stuck my tongue in her slit just below her hole and slid my tongue up and into her hole.

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I lapped up the juices, including my spunk, which was a little salty, and swallowed them. This was so arousing that although I had already cum several times my cock was rock hard and aching a little as though bruised. Soon mum's pussy was licked clean and I concentrated on her clit, which was bigger than May's. Soon mum started to moan and squirm into her orgasm so I kept going like I did with May until she had completely finished and I lifted my head to see May watching the action. May then looked down at my rigid cock and said "I don't think I could take another orgasm yet" and mum told her that it was ok and that she could learn how to suck me off.

Mum then told me to stand in front of May and as I did I saw that my cock was neatly lined up with May's mouth. She took hold of my cock, still a little sticky/slippy from shagging mum, with her hand and guided the end towards her mouth and mum whispering guidance, like 'lick just under the head', 'make the head force itself in between your lips just like it would with your pussy' etc. I could not listen to good as all I wanted to do was drive my cock down May's throat and shag her mouth until I cum my load.

May's gorgeous mouth kept up its work until I couldn't hold on any longer and I shot what felt like a huge load into May's mouth, indeed my white creamy spunk was squirting out of the sides of her mouth but she was swallowing as much as she could.

When I was finished I pulled my cock out of May's mouth and she said, with spunk dribbling down her chin onto her tits, "that was incredible, I love the feel of cock in my mouth and the taste of spunk was not what I expected, but very nice".

During all these days of teaching May and I 'how' mum had also taught us about all forms of contraception, sexual hygiene, diseases, safe sex, all the various positions and to be sensitive to each other's requirements for the delight of our future partners and ourselves. Mum asked me "what should the man's aim be in having sex?" I was at something of a loss and could only think of shooting a load of cum into a pussy.

She impressed on me that before I orgasm I should make my partner orgasm at least once but preferably several times and always respect your partner no matter how little time you are together and that it is something of an honour for a man to be allowed to enter a woman's pussy as without some control, a lot of damage could be done to her without harm to the man. Friday came and May and I got home as quick as we could but even then mum was there before us.

" I expect you are both gagging for the shagging to start, but you can wait a little, John don't get so frantic that you forget the first rule, May comes first" she was eyeing the tent my cock was making of my trousers. "Undress each other slowly, start with a kiss just like I showed you, and don't forget all the kisses and caresses whilst you are undressing" we were both desperate to shag but followed mum's directions, when May got to my cock she slid it into her mouth and stroked it in and out a few times and I suddenly shot a load into her mouth which she swallowed.

I think mum noticed this and her expression was somewhat disapproving but she said nothing, and I vowed that I would get more control, and indeed over the coming weeks mum made me practice control by keeping me right on the edge of shooting my load with her hands and mouth. May and I continued until it seemed several hours later, but only 5 minutes, we were both naked and my cock was again so hard it hurt.

Mum had put a towel on the chair and May sat on it and opened her legs to expose her lovely pussy with its patch of blonde hair.

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Even though I was desperate to shove my cock into her hole I dipped my head and slurped at her delicious slit for a few minutes until I could sense that she was close to climax then I straightened up and drove my cock full length into her. This sent her over the edge and I rammed her all through her climax and on for about ten minutes until I felt her start to cum again and couldn't hold on any longer, so I drove my cock into her as far as I could and shot a huge load inside her.


I could feel my cock pumping and May's vagina spasming and later May said she could feel my cock pulsating inside her and that it was one of the best sensations she had felt. I suddenly noticed that the temperature in May's pussy had risen and I felt like my cock was being burned, but it was an extraordinarily good feeling.

Eventually, I pulled my cock out and watched as my spunk started to dribble out of May's pussy onto the towel. May said, "That was incredible, how soon can you do it again?" From then until Sunday afternoon when May started her period I think my cock was inside her more than it wasn't and I was getting to feel exhausted. We had been in bed shagging on Friday night with May on her back and me on my side with my hips under her right thigh and her left thigh in-between my legs and my cock ramming really deep inside her.

May had cum several times and I had cum twice. Luckily we had put a thick towel under us to protect the sheet and mattress as we both fell asleep in that position. I woke some hours later and realised my cock had been doing overtime without me as the pool of cum was quite large. I was astoundingly still hard so I proceeded to slide gently in and out of May who woke up to a screaming orgasm and another helping of my cum. This was incidentally the only time that we had a marathon like that; we seemed to settle down afterwards.

I got home on Monday and as usual my cock was more than semi rigid. I couldn't shag May. Anyway, she and mum weren't there so I tried to divert myself with the TV didn't work, everything seemed to be sexual and I now refused to wank off.

Mum came in nearly an hour later and I was just about ready to rip her panties off, bend her over the table and explode inside her. She told me that she had a good use for that rod in my pants and Joan from next door would be in, in a short while. May was babysitting Joan's children along with Joan's 13 year old daughter and with Joan's partner having deserted her over a year ago she was in need of shagging, so I was to 'seduce' Joan and give her as much enjoyment as I could.

A few minutes later Joan arrived looking very expectant and very attractive with her eyes shining unlike any time that I had seen them in the years that I had known her. So I greeted her with a little kiss and an arm round her waist, guiding her to the couch we sat down and we started kissing in earnest. I couldn't stop my hands roaming of their own free will to her tits with rock hard nipples to which she moaned into my mouth something that sounded like 'hurry up'.

In short order her blouse was open and her bra undone so that her wonderful tits were out for inspection and sucking. While I was sucking her tits my hand was up her skirt rubbing her pussy lips through thoroughly soaked panties, her hand had got my cock out and was sliding up and down the length. Joan pushed me back a little and dived down to engulf my cock which was now just over 9" long and 2" wide in her mouth, it only just fit, I was so excited that it only took a minute for me to shoot a load down her throat and after she had licked me dry we stood up and stripped off.

We had both forgotten that mum had come back into the room and was sitting there with a cup of tea.

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My cock was still rigid and Joan perched herself on the edge of the couch so I knelt between her legs and rubbed my cock head up and down her slit, concentrating on her clit for some minutes.

Joan was moaning with pleasure and I dropped my head down to lick her pussy and suck her clit until I could sense her orgasm starting and rammed my cock all the way in shagging her through her orgasm.

I managed to last for about half an hour before I had to cum but Joan had had four orgasms in that time so I just exploded inside her. After a short while I pulled out and stood up, Joan sat up and took my cock into her mouth slurping and licking it clean. She said "Thank you John, I have needed that for a long time, you are very good at pleasing women, would you do this on a regular basis?" I said, "Of course, you are a very attractive lady" It was about this time that I noticed that mum seemed much happier than before and she told me that she had been starved of sex for a long time which has bad effects on the human psychology.

Local people also mentioned that mum was looking much better, more like her old self when I was a baby. The following months mum and Joan taught May and me all they knew about sex and we all continued keeping each other happy. May found her boyfriend and future husband when she was 18, he and I became very good friends and during our conversations I found that he loved May with everything he had and that a large part of this was how good she was at sex.

May and I didn't shag as often after she found Alex but every so often we would get together and shag just for the enjoyment of being brother and sister. Of course, we didn't have sex whilst she and Alex were involved in making their 3 babies. It was just after my seventeenth birthday when I was shagging Joan on her bed.

Her legs were up in the air and I was banging away like mad, Joan just starting to come for the third time and I was just at the end of my tether when the door opened and Joan's soon to be 16, pretty daughter entered the room. I couldn't stop and shot my load inside Joan as she finished her orgasm. Janet looked a little stunned for a very short time and then came towards the bed undoing her blouse.

I pulled my cock out of Joan and by the time we looked Janet was down to her panties and bra. I said "Err", Joan Said "What" and Janet said "I want that" pointing at my still stiff dripping cock, taking her bra and panties off.


My cock leapt to full attention. Janet slid onto the bed next to her mum and it was obvious that Joan had been thinking very quickly, better me than some nasty experience in a back alley.

She said "OK, John will take very good care of you" so I wiped my cock dry and laid next to Janet with her in between her mum and I with my cock lying on her thigh. Janet groped a little and grasped my cock in her hand, her eyebrows raised up and she made a little ooh sound and started sliding her hand up and down. I stroked her perfect tits and tweaked her nipples whilst kissing her deeply.

Then my hand slid down her chest and belly to her lovely fuzzy mound and my finger slid into her crack just in time to feel the lips swell and her lubricant to go into overdrive. I rubbed her clit and sucked her nipples until I could feel her climax starting and got into position between her legs. I then replaced my fingers with my cock and continued rubbing her clit with my cock end.


Her hips lifted off the bed and my cock slid into her very tight pussy up to her hymen, this took Janet to a higher climax so I pushed my cock in breaking her virginity.

I started to slide in and out and Janet was moaning in pleasure. I asked Joan, who was still there, when Janet's next period was to start and she said it was the next day or two. I said "Good, she can have the complete experience then" meanwhile my cock was smoothly sliding in and out of Janet's sweet pussy and she was just starting her second orgasm.

Her orgasm finished and she was able to take notice when I said "It's my turn now", drove my cock into her pussy its full length and my pulsating cock shot a huge load of cum into her. "Oh wow," she said "that was incredible". I waited a little while and then pulled my cock out of her pussy onto the tissue Joan was holding to catch the spunk, blood and sex juices.

Janet got another tissue, cleaned herself up and without any preamble slid down and sucked my cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down and used her hand on my shaft until I shot another load into her mouth which she swallowed without a drop escaping. Over the next few months Joan and I taught Janet all that we knew. It was about my 18th birthday that I met my first, and as it happened my only, girlfriend and we were quickly in bed.

She really appreciated my sexual knowledge and I taught her all that I had learned from mum, May and Joan. We found that we were made for each other and eventually married and had two great children. We have now been happily married for over 30 years with a marvellous sex life but I still keep mum happy.

She would call me occasionally and ask me to go round to shag her, and sometimes when I had a bit of spare time I would drop in and surprise her. Now she is in her mid 60's and just as sexy. I love my mum, May and Joan, all of whom I still shag occasionally, and I will continue to shag all three for as long as they wish in love and gratitude for giving me the ability to have a wonderful, happy, sexual life with a lovely wife who has as large a sexual appetite as I have.

Janet married and had 4 children; she is still as vivacious as ever she was and her husband seems deliriously happy.

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