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Needy sluts working cock in severe bi raunchy adult clips
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Fern and I sat on an inflatable two seater air chair, with her leg smooth leg laying over mine, exposing the dried cum on her other thigh, vagina and buttcrack, eating our stew. Dad, Mum and Paige were opposite us, sitting on singular fold up chairs, eating theirs, with the fire between us. "Mom, Dad?" "Yes, Fern?" "Could Matt and I continue sleeping in the same tent?" "I don't see why not, Honey," answered Dad.

"Thank you." Paige had a frown starting to grow on her young face, which, mothers naturally and instantly take notice of. "What's wrong Paige? Don't you like the food?" "No, no… the food is fine…" "Then what's the matter? Tell us, we don't want anyone to be upset on this trip." Paige put down her spork and stared into nothingness, obviously fighting with herself. Finally she found the words. "Why do Matt and Fern get to have sex?" "Because they Love each other and care very much for each other- more than in a sibling way.

And they were two nudist teens alone for an extended amount of time with no sexual relief for over a week beforehand. Things were bound to happen." "If they can have sex with each other, then can I have sex with them?" "No honey, sorry, but you're too young to have sex. They're of age and you're still fourteen." Interrupted Dad. "I'm fifteen next month!" "You would still be underage." "But I really wanna!" "Your Father and I will talk about it." "Fine." Paige muttered into her stew.

Fern started to run her pussy slowly against my leg, signaling that she was horny again. "Not now, Fern, really?" I muttered to her out of the corner of my mouth.

She subtly nodded, while staring into my soul with her puppy dog eyes. I put my hand on her thigh, gave it a quick squeeze and whispered; "Later." She gave a small 'hmph" and continued eating. Once everyone had finished eating, Mom and Dad went for a walk to talk, Paige went for a clean in the lake, while Fern and I went back to our tent so that we could fuck for the fifth time that day.

We tried to be as quiet as possible, to make Paige not feel left out, but maybe me fucking her as hard as I could doggystyle wasn't the greatest idea. After another load of my semen had dribbled into her, we were about to leave the tent when our parents had came in. "Sorry to interrupt." started Dad, "But we have to have a quick word with you." Finished Mom.

"Is this about Paige?" Fern asked. "Yes, it is. We were wondering if you two would be OK with her joining you, as long as it was only oral sex and masturbation?" questioned Dad.

"I'd be fine with it, but it is really Fern's decision, and I don't want to do anything she doesn't want to." "How very thoughtful of you Matthew. What are your thoughts, Fern? Or do you need some time to think?" asked Mom. "Hmmm, I guess it would be okay… I'm not bi or'll mostly be Matt that's engaging with her…And I just want it to be Matt and I during the nights, no tent sharing.

We can share him throughout the day, but at night, he is mine.

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Is that alright?" "Of course Darling." "Ok Honey. We will tell her in the morning then?" "Good with me," I replied. "Okay, have a good 'sleep' then, kids." Dad said with a smirk as they left the tent and zipped up the door.

I propped my head onto my hand and turned to Fern. "I take it we're not going to get any sleep tonight, then?" She replied with: "Not in your wildest dreams." as she swung a long leg over my groin, straddled me, laid down, chest to chest and kissed me hard.

We made out for about ten minutes before Fern sat back up for some air. I reached up and started to fondle her boobs as she impaled herself onto my dick. She leant back, with her arms clutching my legs for support, she started grinding her clit against me, gyrating her hips, and bouncing up and down. She had three orgasms before I felt the need to build up in my balls. I started to hump her back as we both approached our orgasms. "Come on, Matt! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!" Fern screamed as she experienced a truly massive orgasm.

I then had my own climax and threw (so far) my biggest load ever as she squirted about two feet into the air. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she flopped onto me, barely conscious, with her head on my chest, gasping for air. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her in closer to me. My dick slipped out and I felt the amount of my cum that was flowing out of her was ridiculous, like a river.

I held the almost unconscious Fern for about 20 minutes before I realized she was lightly crying. "What's wrong Fern?" She sniffled back; "Nothing." "You're crying. What's up?" She sat back up to look at me. "That was quite possibly the best orgasm I've ever had. And it came from my younger brother. These aren't tears of sadness. I'm crying for joy." I pulled her back down to me and hugged her with all my might, while she cried heavily into my neck.

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I started to rock side to side, clutching onto each other as if our lives depended on it, her tears rolling slowly down my shoulder. How long we were like that, I do not know.

It could have hours, or minutes. Finally, I whispered in her ear: "We should get cleaned up. You especially." "I don't think I can walk." "I can carry you, you're not that heavy." "Oh, Cheers." she replied sarcastically. I grabbed a bar of soap and a waterproof flashlight, gave them to Fern, opened the tent, scooped her up, one arm under her knees, the other, across her shoulder blades. She turned on the light and shone it in front of us, guiding me to the water. I lightly grazed one of her nipples with my fingers and I felt her shudder.

I threw her into the air ever so slightly to re-adjust my grip on her. She let out a quiet little squeak as I did this. Now I had a hand cupping her left boob and my other hand on the inside of her left thigh, close to her vagina. I started to gently knead her breast as my foot entered the cold water.

I continued walking till the water was belly-button deep. "Do you think you can stand?" I asked Fern quietly. She shook her head. I walked a bit further in. She gave another small squeak as the water touched her wonderful butt.

I stopped when the tips of her erect nipples were just below the surface of the water. I watched her as she started to wash herself. She spent a minute trying to get all of my semen out of her and even longer getting the dried cum from between her buttcheeks. Once she was all squeaky clean, I asked her again. "Do you think you can stand now?" "Yeah, I think I should be able to." "Good." I said as I let go of her. She squealed in surprise just before her head went under.

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She came back up spluttering and wearing a glare. "How dare you do that to me? I'm your girlfriend!" she grinned. "Going out now, are we?" "We might as well. What we are doing is more than just sex. I… I'm in love with you." I walked up to her, put my hands on either side of her wet face and whispered; "As am I." She stretched up and kissed me harder and more passionately than ever before. Truth is, I am in love with her. Who wouldn't be?

We broke apart and she asked me; "How are we going to do this?" "Do what?" "Pass of being boyfriend and girlfriend, dummy. We can't go around kissing in public, our town is quite small, someone who knows us is bound to see us." "We'll talk to Mom and Dad in the morning, before they tell Paige about joining us. They'll know what to do." "Yeah, OK, you're right." "But right now, let's just enjoy ourselves." I said as I slid down her body and licked on her right nipple.

She moaned and puffed her chest out, throwing her head back. She then pushed my head away and took hold of my hand. "Come on, you. I need my pussy ravaged again." I gladly followed her the the water's edge, picked up the dropped flashlight, and we went back to the tent, hand in hand.

We finally fell apart for the last time that night, After Fern having an uncountable amount of orgasms, and I about 15 (halfway through I completely ran out and had dry orgasms for the rest of the night).

It was about 3:30 in the morning when we crawled up together and fell asleep. I woke around midday, spooning Fern from behind, my morning wood stuck between her thighs, rubbing lightly against her vagina. I had one arm over her, laying on her smooth mound, and one underneath her neck, cupping her right boob. I just layed there for a few minutes, happiness spreading through me. In the end, I decided to get up.

I didn't want to wake Fern, as she looked like she needed the extra sleep. I managed to untangle myself without waking her, and went outside to find Mom by the campfire.

"Matthew! You're up!


I was-" "Shh! You'll wake up Fern." I cut across her. She lowered her voice to a whisper. "Matthew! You're up! I was wondering when you two were going to get up, so we could tell Paige her news.

We wanted everyone to be awake when we tell her. Fern is still sleeping I take it, then?" "Yes, she is. She needs it, we were up late." "I could tell," she smirked. "Yes, well Fern and I want to ask you and Dad something before we tell Paige her news." "Fire away then." "I'll wait till Fern is up. Where's Dad and Paige, anyways?" "Oh, they went for a swim around the edge of the lake." "OK, anything I can help with till Fern gets up, or they get back?" About an hour or so later as I was chopping vegetables for the chicken stir fry, I heard a yell come from one of the tents.

"Matt? Matt!" called Fern, worry in her voice. "I'm out here Fern!" I replied. She came out of our tent, looked around, saw me, rushed over and gave me a big hug. "Don't ever do that to me again." she whispered. "Do what? Let you sleep in for an extra hour?" "No, Let me sleep in for an extra hour alone. I got worried when I woke up and didn't see you." "What would have you wanted me to do?

Put a sticky note on your forehead?" "Yes, that would have been nice," she grinned and gave me a quick kiss. "Morning". I looked down at my watch. "It's 1:30, so, afternoon," I corrected her. "Shit, is it that late already?" "Yup." She turned to Mom and said; "Afternoon Mom, Good sleep?" "Better than Matthew's from what I heard." Fern blushed at this comment and looked at me.

"Matt, Have you asked her?" "Not yet, said I was waiting for you and Dad." "Where is Dad? And Paige?" "They went for a swim around the lake's edge, they shouldn't be long now." Mom responded.

Fern then sat down on my lap and linked her arms around my neck while I chopped up a carrot. "Urgh," Fern complained, "My pussy is so sore. You're not gonna be able to fuck me for a bit, Matt. Sorry." Mom heard this, looked down at Fern's groin and yelled; "Fern! Go and clean yourself in the lake. The amount of semen I can see is ridiculous.

Go. NOW!" She gave me a quick kiss, jumped off and walked off towards the tent grumbling. "That's not the lake, Young Lady!" "I'm getting soap, JEEZ!" "Fern, Hun, I think you dropped it in the lake by accident last night," I yelled to her.

She gave out an "Urgh, fuck" and redirected her path to the portion of lake outside our tent.


Fern was just finishing washing up, as Paige and Dad snuck up behind her. Dad jumped in front of her at the same time as Paige leapt onto her older sister's shoulders. Fern jumped about a foot in the air in fright, stumbled backwards, and fell on top of Paige, making a massive splash.

The girls came up for air, to find their father, mother and brother laughing at them. Fern pointed at Dad, then Paige. "Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck all of you! You gave me a fucking heart attack," Fern teased them.

We all just laughed and laughed, and Fern started to join in to. Paige came up to Mom and I, with her chest thrust out, trying her make her little 32A boobs look bigger. "What's for eating?" she asked us. "Chicken stir fry, which you are going to finish off." "Aww, Mom! Why?" Paige complained. "Because your Father, Fern, Matthew and I need to talk privately." "Oh, OK, go on, then.

I can finish up." "Thank you, Paige. Come on everyone else, let's go for a walk." Everyone started walking on the gravel beach, next the the water's edge. Fern and I held hands and she laid her head on my shoulder. Once we were well out of earshot, Mom asked; "Right, what was it that you wanted to ask us?" "Well, Matt and I are practically boyfriend and girlfriend now, and we were wondering how we're going to pull it off because we're in a small town, if we're out in public someone we know is bound to see us." "Just don't go out in public?" Dad suggested, as a joke.

Mom ignored him for the moment. "Hmm, That is a dilemma. I think just don't show visible attraction in public is your best bet. Act like a normal brother and sister in visible public.

But somewhere like during a movie, or a secluded corner of a bar, show your affection. That's probably the best way to go about it." "Thanks Mom." I said "We were also wondering if we could share a room, Back in the U.S?

Sleep in one room, and use the other one as an office, just for us?" Fern asked. "Your Mother and I will have a talk about it." "OK, Thank you Daddy," Fern replied. "Now, we are just wondering, Fern, but you seemed a bit hesitant towards Paige joining you and Matthew. Are you sure you wouldn't mind Paige joining?" Mom wondered. "Oh, no I'm fine with it. It's only masturbation and oral sex, not actual intercourse yet. And anyways, I know Matt loves me in a way different to how he loves her." Fern stated.

"OK, But only if you're sure Honey." We turned around and made our way back to the campsite, where Paige was just beginning to plate up the finished stir fry. "Looks great, Paige," I commented. "Hear hear!" Shouted Dad.

We all sat down to eat, in the same seats as last night. Paige had her legs spread wide, and aimed her landing strip-clad pussy at me. As we were nearing the end of the stir fry, Mom broke the silence. "Paige?" "Yes?" she responded almost instantly.

"Your Father, Matthew, Fern and I have talked and have agreed that you can join them, BUT you can only engage in masturbation and oral sex with them." "OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD Thank you so much!" She screamed as she dropped her food on the ground and ran around hugging everyone multiple times.

She finally sat back down and kept wriggling in her chair. "Does this mean I get to share a tent with them?" she asked out of nowhere. "No, it does not. This was mostly Fern's call, but you girls can share him throughout the day, but at night, he is Fern's property." "Oh, OK, that seems fair, I guess." After all the food was devoured, we all split our own ways.

Paige went to the toilet, Mom and Dad went for a swim in the lake, going to the other side and back. Fern laid down by the water's edge with her feet in, reading Harry Potter. I went back to my tent to try and find my book, to join Fern, amongst the jumble of mine and Fern's stuff. I searched for another minute before I heard the tent door zip open. It was Paige.

"Hey Paige, can you help me find my book?" "Sure, what's the title?" she asked. "The Hobbit." She got down on her hands and knees with me and we continued my search for my book. She moved in front of me and waggled her little butt in my face, exposing her pussy and butthole to me.

I smirked at what she was trying to do and decided I might as well play her game. I grabbed her buttcheeks, leaned in and and gave her labia a lick. She gasped and moaned heavily. "More, please." "More what?" "Lick my pussy even more, please, it felt soo good." I did as she asked and ate her pussy for half a minute. "Turn over." I ordered her. She obliged and I continued to ravage her pussy with my tongue as she squirmed beneath me in delight. My finger found their way through her pubic hair, to her clit and rubbed it lightly.

Her orgasm took longer to build than Fern's, but was still noticeable. She started to pant like a dog, no words coming out. Her mouth fell open into a perfect 'O', then her eyelids slid over her eyes, still breathing loudly.

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Watching this happen had got my penis hard again, and I needed relief, so I started to stroke it. Paige saw this a said; "No, no, no! Paige will take care of that for you." She crawled up to me, pushed me onto my back, wrapped her hand around my dick and gave me a handjob.

"I'm gonna cum soon." I warned her. "Excellent. I've always wanted to see it." "Where do you want me to unload?" "My boobs, I think." "OK, hold on first though." We swapped positions, and she took her hand off and I pumped myself to a climax. I launched two spurts onto her almost non-existent breasts, as she squirmed in delight. She got a finger, scooped some up and ate it. She obviously enjoyed the taste, as she ate the whole lot. "Sorry, it's usually more, but Fern has kept me busy." "No, It's fine.

It's still a lot though." "That ain't even a quarter of what I can do." "Can I see?" "Not now, I'd have to go a couple of days without cumming in order to see my full potential and you'll have to wait for a bit to see me cum anymore." "Aww… But I wanna!" "Can't, penis is flaccid, and once he's flaccid, It'll take a bit to get him back up." "OK." Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my book.

"There it is!" I said as I picked it up. "I'm gonna go out and read with Fern, see you later."I gave Paige a peck on the cheek and left the tent.

I laid down next to Fern, put an arm around her, opened my book and started to read. "Hey Matt, how was your fun with Paige?" "Twas good, you sure you're OK with it?" "Yes, I am.

I know that what you're doing with Paige is just fooling around, giving each other orgasms, and what we're doing goes deeper than that. I know you love me in a way you don't love Paige, Mom or Dad." "Thank you," I responded. "You're welcome. What day is it?" I looked down at my watch. "Saturday." I replied. "Shit! Today's Christmas Eve!" "Dang, doesn't time fly when you're screwing the brains out of the love of your life 24/7?" "Yes, yes it does." And we lay there, our arms around each other, reading our books until the sun set, we heard Mom calling our names for dinner.

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