Teen young boy gay porn movie first time Ryan Diehl is one adorable

Teen young boy gay porn movie first time Ryan Diehl is one adorable
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It was the longest, most boring day ever in the history of long and boring days. If it weren't for the thoughts that raced through my mind form last night. The guys, the sexclub, my fantastic make out session with Joshie and the insane pictures he gave me. It was a lot to take in and understand, but I could still feel his lips on mine if I imagined it.

I couldn't really enjoy that though. Because the most prominent thought that kept me busy today was: "What the hell is going to happen tonight?" Tonight was my first night as part of the little footballteam sexclub. And all the guys were going to have a go at me. I was really nervous about it.

I had never done anything with someone I knew before. Only mindless untraceable, unrecognisable hook-ups. Lord knows what was going to happen to me that night.

It wasn't going to be an easy introduction into their little club. This was going to be completely insane. I got a text from Aaron in the morning.

16:24: Don't jerk off, don't use a dildo, don't shower, and don't take a piss before you visit tonight. If you do any of these things before tonight, We'll know. And there will be consquences. Be there at six. Yeah, Aaron was by far the most terrifying and batshit crazy person I knew. What the fuck did he have planned? He isn't expecting me to take something up my ass tonight, right? Because I'm a top, and nothing goes up my butt.

The only person I'm willing to try that with is Joshua. I just want to do everything with him. All of it. Not just sex, but the real thing. I'm pretty sure I love him. I wanna go to sleep, looking into his baby-blue eyes and stroking his soft sunny-blonde hair. And I want to wake up with him clinging to me and wrapped in my arms.

Or the other way around. I don't seem to care when it comes to him. The loud and annoying sound of the schoolbell swooped me right out of my train of alluring thoughts. Thank god that was over. I fucking hate Math class.

I grabbed my school stuff and took my homework from Mr. Anderson who ironically, is actually a really good and fun teacher. He's about sixty years old, but he knows how to talk to us. I just have a fierce dislike for his subject. Which he knows, so he makes jokes about it all the time.

But he's nice and he can take the jabs I throw back at him, so it's all good. 'Have a nice weekend everyone! And it would help a lot if you could return to class Monday morning without a hangover, and sober. That party that Chris threw was why I had to fail most of your tests this week.' He called after us.

I waved goodbye and strolled out of the school, into the parking lot where my baby was waiting for me. My old, bashed up second hand 2000 Jeep Wrangler. The black paint is coming off, and there are a few dents on her, but she drives like a maniac, and the soundsystem's awesome so I love her.

I jumped in, turned up some Rolling Stones and drove home quickly. For some reason I wanted to make myself a little more presentable, don't ask me why. It was probably going to be awkward an weird enough, so I could at least make an effort. Not breaking any of the rules Aaron had stated of course. Nobody else was home yet so I locked the door on my way out again.

Texting my parents I'd be staying at Aaron's tonight and might be home late, or not at all. Aaron's house was a ten minute walk from mine so I arrived in no time.

His house was pretty nice, like ours. Just a regular house with a front and backyard. And the needed feeling of home in it. I rang the doorbell, not sure what to expect. My stomach rumbled. Why did he want me to come over at dinnertime anyway? I was really hungry but forgot to eat something after school.

A few moments later the door opened and there stood Aaron. His black hair styled, wearing tight blue jeans, a tight T-shirt that didn't hide his nipples really well, and no shoes or socks. Which made my dick stir a little. Don't blame a guy for having a kink, everyone has one and feet are just sexy to me. If they're okay-looking, not gross. Some people forget to take care of them, but Aaron wasn't one of them. I guess it developed in the locker room at football practice.

It's not called football for nothing. When I raised my gaze to his face, he was smirking. 'Hey Dexy, come on in.

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How was your day?' He asked casually. For some reason, he was acting really normal. As if we were just going to hang out like old times or something. 'It was. okay I guess. Hey Aaron, where are the other guys?' I asked as I followed him into the livingroom and realised we were the only ones there. 'The other guys?

Do you mean. Oh, Dexter.' He chuckled and smiled at me. 'It's just the two of us tonight. You're mine only. The rest will get to have you for themselves too.' I gaped at what he had just said. Was he being serious? He must've seen me think because he laughed again. 'Did you think it would just be a big orgy and we'd all go our sperate ways after?' He grinned mischievously. 'Joshua owes us for you, you two are a match made by us. So as long as he owes us, we get to have you.

We were not just going to use you up in one night, Dexy. That would be a shame.' I was both angry, and really turned on. Angry because I didn't get to have my dreamboy as soon as I'd thought. But I did feel intrigued by the thought of all of the guys owning me for a night each. I didn't say anything.

'Don't worry. I'm pretty sure you're going to love it. Just like Joshie did.' The thought of Joshua with all of the guys made my dick rock-hard. 'Did Joshua have sex with all of you?' I asked.


Aaron laughed heartedly. 'Sex? Sex is too short a word for what we did to him. And will be doing to you.' He strolled towards the kitchen. Shaking his plump ass in the process. 'But more of that later. I didn't call you here early for nothing. Take a seat.' He said as he pulled out a chair for me at the dining table. Which was set, to my surprise. 'What is this Aaron? Are you trying to give me the full Tinder experience here?' I quipped as he got a delicious smelling chicken out of the oven and put it on the table.

He smiled at me. A different kind of smile. One I hadn't seen on him for a long time. 'Nahh, my parents and brother are visiting my grandparents in DC. So I had to cook for myself.' He started to put baked potatoes on my plate as he talked.

'I figured we could just catch up first. The guys and I miss you, you know. Football isn't really the same without our center-back.' He said. I felt a little guilty for leaving them. But it was the right decision, and I still think that.

'I'm sorry, I should have tried harder to keep in touch. I miss you guys too.' I confessed. Aaron grinned. 'Don't worry about it, we'll get to spend a lot more time now anyway.' He winked. 'So tell me, why did you leave anyway?' We ate and talked for about two hours. I explained that I didn't feel really comfortable with my feelings towards boys back then, and that I found myself looking at the guys in the locker rooms all the time. So I quit the team. Not to the amusement of our school's footballcoach who had to find someone to replace me.

I told Aaron of how I fell completely and squared-faced for Joshua and that I was always afraid to tell him how I felt. I told him how I used to stare at him in class endlessly, and fantasize about fucking him on the teacher's desk. I had my suspicions about Joshua's sexuality, but never had the balls to ask him out. I smiled as I talked about him. I didn't even realise until I saw the amused look on Aaron's face.

'What?' I asked him.

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He smiled coyly. 'You really do love him, don't you? Without ever having been with him, you were already in love with him before you guys kissed last night. The way your face lights up when you talk about him is adorable.' I thought about that for a second. Aaron was right. I was in love with Joshua from the very first time he smiled at me.

'I guess, it's just meant to be or something.' I heard myself say. 'You won't even believe how happy I felt when we kissed last night and I realised he felt the same way. How happy I still feel. It's like nothing I've ever felt before.' I felt myself smile widely again. Aaron laughed at my face. 'You both are pathetic. Joshua never stops talking about you, and here you are.

Exactly the same. You are so lucky he happened to be in my class, and that my Dr. Love skills are fantastic. Otherwise neither of you would ever have had the courage to tell the other.' He laughed.

He was right, though. 'Thanks for that Aaron, really. You did make my fucking dream come true.' I said sincerely. 'No need man, you being here, and that delicious body of yours being mine for now is enough thanks.' He winked. Something occured to me then. 'But Aaron, how the fuck are all of you guys even gay?

And Luke, your boyfriend?. That's nuts! I mean, this whole thing. If you think about it, it sounds like a fucking porn! How did any of this happen when I was gone?' I exclaimed. Aaron sniggered loudly. 'I told you last night. All six of us were curious. It's not like the whole team is gay.

Just Luke, Brian, Leo, Gary, Jeremy and me. And you obviously. I just was the first to notice. And what I want, I get. Simple as that. I made everyone realise what they'd been craving for their whole lives.' He told me proudly.

'Still sounds insane. But whatever.' I said. The room grew completely silent for a few moments. Until Aaron stood up from his seat and beckoned me to follow him. He went up the stairs, turned left and lead me to his room. I couldn't help staring at his butt as he walked. When I stepped into his room, the first thing I noticed was that the only light in the room came from some scented candles that were scattered around the room. There was a very large two-person bed against the back wall, covered in dark red bedsheets.

And the black curtains were closed. When I started to look around some more I noticed a gym mat on the ground in the middle of the spacious room. I also saw some strange sort of gym equipment hanging from the ceiling above it. It held the midst between a trapeze and a collection of car seatbelts. Then, I heard the door close silently, and the lock clicked. 'Are you ready for dessert, Dexy?' I heard Aaron's low voice behind me. I heard his footsteps as he came closer and suddenly felt his hot breath on the back of my neck.

My lower region instantly reacted to that. 'T-this looks. this all looks really nice for a hook-up.' I stuttered. A small low chuckle escaped his lips. He kissed my neck and said, 'I told you Dexy, this is not just any hook-up.

It's a hook-up with me.' I turned around towards Aaron and he slid his hands up my shirt, feeling my defined pecs and then rubbing my nipples with his thumbs as he looked at me with this intense glare. The soft light and scent of the candles, the silence, and the way Aaron looked at me made the whole thing feel so unreal. It was as if I was in a trance of some sort. Extremely aware of every feeling that was passing through my body.

He slowly inched his face closer to mine and I felt his hot breath on my lips.

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I was about to wet them since they'd become so dry when I was hypnotised by Aaron. But before I could lick my lips, Aaron ran his tongue over them ever so slowly, keeping that intense eye-contact through all of it. He was completely in control of me. And that had never happened to me before. I was usually the one in control.

But with Aaron, I didn't stand a chance. I wondered if this is where Joshua learned his skills from. He was so fierce, so wicked. I had never felt like that in my life. I was about to connect my tongue with his, but he began to drag it to my chin and made a trail across my jawline, stopping at my ear. He licked my ear playfully, like a dog. And when I least expected he dug his tongue into my ear canal. I moaned like a girl and immediately shut my mouth.

My dick had never been that hard before, it hurt straining against my briefs. I never knew my ear could make me so aroused. Suddenly, out of nowhere Aaron distanced himself from me completely, smirking at me. His eyes were darker then a few moments before. He hooked his fingers into the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off in one slow, smooth motion. Still keeping his eyes on mine. I marveled at his torso. He was beautiful. His skin was tanned just right. Aaron wasn't too muscular, he actually had the same build as when he was 15.

But he was bigger. And a little taller than me. There were hints of a sixpack and his chest was strong. He got muscle from playing football instead of getting it from going to the gym. Beside the pictures of Joshua I had safely stored under my pillow at home, I had never seen someone so beautiful before.

I looked at Aaron in a totally different light just then. And he didn't stop there. Cockily smiling at my amazed reaction to his naked upper body, he didn't wast anytime to pull off his jeans as well. His legs were just as tanned as his torso and they were strong from all the running. But the sexiest thing was what he was wearing underneath his jeans. The black piece of fabric looked like a woman's string.

Only there was a hole in the front, through which Aaron's large cock was standing straight up. I didn't remember Aaron being this big. I swallowed. What was going to happen to me? It had to be 8 inches. Which was gigantic next to my 6.5" dick. 'Like what you see?' He asked me in a confident voice. I couldn't get any words out.

I tried to talk but I couldn't. I was overwhelmed by him. 'Did you lose your tongue, Dexy? You know, you're going to need it in a moment.' Aaron hummed, smiling sexily at me. 'But first, undress yourself for me.' He ordered. I didn't even hesitate to get rid of my clothes, which had come to feel more like confinements as Aaron made me hornier than ever. In a second I was completely naked, except for my socks. I was about to pull them off when Aaron said, 'No, leave the socks on.' I wondered if Aaron and I shared a fetish for feet.

He looked me up and down with that same confident, controlling grin on his face. He stepped closer and slowly started to inspect my body with his hands. 'I trust you followed the instructions and didn't break any of the rules I texted you?' He said as he slowly tortured my rock-hard wood with soft strokes of his hand.

Pulling my foreskin all the way back to reveal the purple mushroom shaped head of my dick. 'Y-y-yes, I didn't do a-any of the stuff you asked me n-not to d-do.' I rambled. Completely losing control over my body. 'P-please Aaron, just. ahh!' I moaned when Aaron rubbed his thumb over my piss slit. 'Be quiet.' He ordered. And I obeyed him, biting my lips. 'You're a good boy for obeyeing my rules.

Now you will listen as I will tell you what I want you to do tonight.' He said sternly, choking my cock in his hand. I nodded silently, not wanting to disobey Aaron when he was holding my dick like that.

'Good, you learn fast.' He said as his other hand rested on my ass and squeezed it hard. It took every ounce of willpower not to groan and say his name. 'Tonight, you will be mine.

I own you from this moment on. You will forget about Joshua and see, feel and think only about me. You will do anything I ask of you without questioning and you will adress me only with daddy or master.

Only Luke gets to call me by my name. If you do not completely surrender to my will, you'll be punished. If you are a good boy and do everything I ask of you, you will get to cum tonight. You may answer now, is that clear?' He demanded, pinning me down with his stare. 'Y-yes. m-master.' I said. I felt like master was more appropriate, because I really did feel like Aaron was my master then.


'Good Dexy,' he smirked cockily. 'Now get down on your knees. Take off my string, suck my balls and jerk me off. You may use both hands. Don't stop until I tell you to, or you will be punished.' 'Yes master.' I said as Aaron released my penis from his strong grip. I was curious about what he meant by "punished".

I was happy Aaron told me I could use both hands though, because I needed two of them to handle all of his big cock. I pulled down his string and he stepped out of it. I was drawn to his feet for a second and Aaron slapped me with the side of his right foot to wake me up. 'Don't stray from your task. If you are a good boy you may get to massage my feet later.' That got me even harder and I slowly but surely grabbed Aarons dick with both my hands.

I started to jerk him off and brought my mouth to Aaron's completely hairless ballsack. His balls matched his huge dick, which meant I struggled to suck both of the at the same time. 'Jerk faster.

And use more tongue.' Aaron instructed. His erection got hard like steel as I stroked it, occasionally rubbing my thumb over his big dickhead and twisting my wrist with every upward stroke. I started to lick his balls furiously and got more and more drawn to the thought of sucking his cock and feeling it go down my throat. 'Fuck Dexy, you're better than Luke was at first. Not as good as Joshua though, you'll need practice.

Mmmhh.' Aaron groaned and stroked my hair softly. The sounds that he made combined with the sudden submissive position I was in went straight to my own member, and I desperately needed some friction. I mindlessly let one of my hands slide down Aaron's left leg and creep onto my thigh. Only a few inches before I could finally give myself some release and- I yelped in pain when Aaron pulled me up by my hair roughly to face him.

The look in his eyes scared me to death and I expected him to yell at me for disobeying him. But his calm steely voice and hard glare were way more scary, and hot at the same time. 'What did I tell you about not stopping until I said so? Hmm, Dexy, what did I tell you?' Aaron whispered in my ear. Putting his hand firmly around my dick and making me moan loudly. 'What did I tell you? Answer me, Dexy.' He asked again. But I was too busy enjoying the feeling of his tight grip around me. Until I felt him bending my rock-hard prick down towards the ground which made me hiss in agony.

'Last time, answer me. What did I tell you?' He demanded. 'Ahh- you said, you said not to stop until you told me to. I'm sorry! Please s-stop Aaron!' That was a mistake. I was thrown on the ground and pinned to the floor harshly.

Aaron's knee pushing painfully into my balls. 'WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?' He shouted in my face. 'Master! I'm sorry m-master! Please s-stop! Stop it, I'll be a good boy! I promise!' I squealed. Aaron's angry glare softened a little, but when he replied he still put some extra weight on my crotch before getting off of me and standing up.

'Fine then. I'll cut you some slack since it's your very first time with me. But, fuck up again, and I will make you wish you'd never met me.' He said slowly, towering over me. He then surprised me by putting one of his feet on my dick. His foot was so big it covered all of my hard pole. He rubbed his foot up and down my dick sensually.

I didn't understand why for a moment before he said, 'Prove to me you'll be a good boy. I don't want to feel any precum between my toes and I don't want you to make a single sound whilst I'm giving you a footjob.' I bit back a whimper as he put some extra pressure on it and squeezed my dickhead with his strong toes. The sounds I could stop from happening, but the precum was almost impossible.

Aaron stopped for a second and walked over to his bed. I was laying on my back, feet facing the door and Aaron was now out of my sight. A second later my vision was covered by Aaron's other foot as he rubbed his sweaty, stinking sole on my face.

He continued to stroke my dick with the other foot. This went on for several minutes, Aaron kept switching his feet as I tried the hardest not to let any of my excitement show. Then suddenly I felt both of his feet descend upon my face. 'I never know what some people like about feet so much, you know. But it seems you're crazy for mine Dexy. So worship them for me.' He ordered softly. I could hear him stroking his big cock as I went to town on his sexy soles.

I sucked each of his toes into my mouth and licked all over his big feet. They were classic large teen footballplayer's feet and they didn't seem to stop sweating as I worshipped them.

'God, that feels good Dexy. Good boy, suck daddy's toes.' Aaron groaned in pleasure as he jerked his cock faster. He made me stay like this for about ten minutes. Then he took his feet off my face, making me whine at the loss of contact. 'That was awesome Dexy.' He smiled at me. I smiled back. 'Thanks. master.' I said proudly. He chuckled at my antics. 'You did good baby boy. You kept my feet dry from your precum, stand up.' Aaron told me. I did as he asked, standing up and turning towards him.

He grabbed the sides of my face and smirked, inching closer to me and kissing me hotly. Pushing his tongue through the crevice of my lips. He licked everywhere inside my mouth and I couldn't help but moan at the feeling of it. I really like kissing, so this was a big turn-on for me. After a minute, Aaron pulled away. A cocky smile playing on his plump wet lips. 'I like the taste of it better than I thought. I may have to try it with Luke sometime.' He sighed, slowly caressing my calve with his foot.

'Now sit on your knees and suck my dick like a good little slut.' He demanded, pushing my shoulders down to make me kneel. He strolled backwards to the bed until he hit it with the back of his knees and sat down. He layed back down, leaning on his elbows waiting for my to start. 'I don't have to ask again, do I? Put my giant cock in your mouth and be grateful!' He yelled. I crawled eagerly towards him and didn't waste any time putting as much of his dick in my mouth as I could. I made it halfway without gagging and used my hands to squeeze the base as I let the back of my tongue stroke the underside of his penis slowly.

'Fuck Dexy, that's good! Keep going!' He moaned. I sucked on his dick vigourously and licked it all over inside my mouth. Making my own cock stand up straight as ever. 'More Dexy! Take my fucking dick down your throat!' He ordered and grabbed my head with both hands. Not allowing me to take a breath he pushed my face into his crotch and his dick slid all the way into my throat.

I gagged loudly, panicking because I couldn't breathe. I could feel his giant member pulsating deep in the back of my throat. He started thrusting into my face roughly.

Aaron was screaming my name in ecstasy and keeping my head down on him as I struggled for breath. 'Fucking hell baby! Your throat feels so tight and hot and wet around me! So fucking good!' I started to squirm, not being able to hold my breath any longer.

When I felt like I was about to pass out, Aaron moaned loudly. 'I'm going to come down your throat and you're going to drink all my boy juice down like a good little slut! Fuck Dexy, I'm coming! I-I'm gonna give you the biggest load you'll ever take! Take it baby! T-take my fucking cum! .Ahh!' With a last powerful thrust he released his hot sticky load into me. The first three spurts went straight down my throat. Then he quickly pulled me off of him, letting me take a deep breath and pumping himself roughly, keeping my face in front of his dick.

He spurted six more times all over my face and into my mouth. It took him nearly five minutes to come back from his high. Which gave me enough time to lick up and taste all of the sweet cum he'd spilt all over my face.

When his dick was flaccid, he lazily rubbed the remains of the jizz on his cock on my face and smirked at me.

'I see you enjoyed that nearly as much as me, huh baby?' He noted cockily, nodding at my straining erection. 'Well, you did good, so I'll give you a little reward okay?' He grinned.

I nodded eagerly. 'Switch positions with me.' I didn't have to be told twice. I definetely could use whatever Aaron had to offer me by now. As he stood up from his place on the bed ever so teasingly, he grabbed my face and started to lick the remains of his cum off of me. Then he kissed me strongly, swiping his tongue all across the inside of my mouth, making me taste him again.

I really couldn't wait any longer though, so I boldly pushed him to the ground and sat down. Before he touched my waiting and impatient member, Aaron sat on his butt in front of me.

To my surprise, he picked up my feet and sniffed them. I gave him a curious look. He grinned at me. 'What? I got curious.' He joked. He got hard again as he went on He started to stick my toes in his mouth and suck them.

He continued to lick them for a small minute before getting on his knees in front of me. I was both relieved and disappointed since his tongue felt awesome on my soles, but I needed him to finally suck me off, otherwise my dick would explode. 'I'll make you feel good now, alright baby?' Aaron asked me bashfully. I nodded and sat back a little. He ran his lips slowly across my inner thigh, keeping eye-contact.

His soft kisses made me really edgy as he made his way up to my crotch and kissed both of my balls with an open mouth. I felt his tongue tickle my balls and making them wet with his saliva. When he got them all wet he closed his eyes and sucked on one of my balls. He let it roll around in his mouth, using his tongue to take in the other one as well.

I was now on the brink of collapsing whilst Aaron was sucking on my nuts. I really couldn't take anymore of his teasing so, again, I made a very bold move. I grabbed the sides of Aaron's head, thinking he'd make me choke to death on his dick if I dared to pull his hair, and lifted his head from my crotch. I then took my dick in my right hand, still holding onto Aaron with my left, and pointed it straight at his mouth. I pushed my cock against his lips eagerly, looked him in the eye and said, 'Please, please I can't take it anymore.

Just suck my dick.' I was probably going to regret it later on, but in the moment Aaron just smirked against the head of my cock, causing a little friction and making me whine. He licked it quickly, as if he was tasting it before making a decision. And then, suddenly I was on my back moaning like a bitch as Aaron took me into his mouth and down his throat as if it was nothing. And I don't mean to brag, but really it wasn't. I never had anyone suck my dick like that before.

I could feel warm, moist pressure on every inch of me as Aaron bobbed his head up and down my cock like a fucking blowjob expert. My mind was completely blank because of the pleasure I felt. Aaron's tongue was licking around my dick masterfully as the head was lodged in his throat.

When I looked down I saw him looking at me smugly. He knew how good he was. He started to fondle my balls as he sucked even harder. I could feel his teeth starting to graze my shaft and my legs trembled with pleasure. My mind was reeling as he swallowed around the head of my dick.

I moaned and writhed under his touch. Aaron then took me so deep into his thoat that he could actually lick my balls at the same time. I could feel that it wouldn't be long before I'd shoot my load. His hands were rubbing and squeezing my thighs, massaging them whilst still sucking me like a pro. I was being really vocal, up to the point that Aaron had to slap me across the face to shut me up.

Strangely, when he did that, I started to get really close to that point of no return. There was nothing I coul do, or wanted to do. He popped off of my dick for a second, licking a hot, wet trail from my perineum, across my balls and all the way up to the throbbing purple head of my aching cock.

'I'm going to suck you dry now.' Aaron purred seductively, before enveloping my entire length for the last time. I screamed in ecstacy and pleasure as he bobbed his head up and down at a furious pace. For the first time, I could actually hear him gagging around me, massaging my dick with his throat and tongue. With one last, shameful moan I came. Like never before. My mouth and eyes were wide open as I stared at my own member inside Aaron's smirking mouth. I felt shot after thick shot of cum shooting from my cock into Aaron's beautiful throat.

I had never shot a load that big before. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. nine! Holy shit! And not one drop escaped his lips.

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He licked them after I was done, and I flopped down on the bed. After a while of sucking on my limp dick, moaning and humming around it, Aaron came up.

He kissed me deeply, our naked bodies intertwined on his soft warm sheets. I was surprised to meet his tongue with mine and realising he still had a mouthful of my jizz. But it made the kiss even hotter.

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'You did good, Dexy.' Aaron said, smiling at me. 'You did really good.' I was in awe. 'That was. that. that was uhh.' I uttered. 'Yeah, that was. well, me. I'm glad you liked it.' He said cockily.

He stroked my chest softly, placing little butterfly kisses on my neck. 'You know, I missed you Dex. I really did.' He said, locking eyes with me. I kissed him again. 'I missed you too, A. Although this was totally fucking worth it.

Goddamn, where did you learn all that?' I asked astonished at Aaron's skills. He only smirked. 'I'm just really.' he liked my nipple, '.really.' he massaged my dick. '. really good at some stuff. I'm happy you enjoyed me.' He kissed me again. And we stayed like that, engulfed in each other's arms and legs, kissing like lovers. We kissed until I felt myself slipping away, into a deep, dreamful, content sleep.

And just before I actually fell asleep, I heard Aaron whisper in my ear. 'But we're not quite done yet, Dexy-sexy.'