Glamorous milf spreads legs wide getting her moist twat fucked

Glamorous milf spreads legs wide getting her moist twat fucked
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I woke up with the sun brightly in my eyes. Mark was gone, Lisa was peacefully curled up against the wall -- both of us still naked under a bed sheet. I blinked a few times to get my bearings, and then to try desperately to remember all the amazing details of last night's sexcapades.

Lisa was so tight, so crazy, and soooo wet riding my rod and probably thinking as much about Mark's sexy bod as mine but it was cool shit, I was thinking about him too! So was he asleep, or what? Does someone really get rock hard and pre-cum while they're asleep? Well no problem with morning wood today! Just picturing Mark possibly peeking at Lisa's cute ass, and his certain frustration if he did, got me going again.

Yeah, I was gonna have to wake Lisa up for more NOW! I started to gently kiss the nape of her neck and she stirred, rolling towards me, starting a deep kiss. Then she jumped up a little, panicked, realizing she was late for class and still had to run back to her dorm.

She finished her deep kiss, but pushed me up a bit and climbed out of bed so she could throw on her clothes, and in a flash she was gone… Leaving me horned up once again. Oh well, might as well make the best of it. So I started slowly stroking under the sheet, plenty to imagine this morning.

Lost in thought, the door blew open and Mark strolled in wearing only running shorts. I quickly pulled my hand above the sheet.

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I don't think he noticed or he was cool about it anyway. He was a little out of breath, dark hair dripping a bit, torso and legs pumped, with an endorphin-relaxed glow on his face, smiling. "Good morning sunshine," he smirked at me. "Geez Mark what the hell why you up and at 'em so early?" "Dude I was soooo stoned last night, I was totally passed out I guess -- but then I woke up super early for some reason, still in the dark, and looked over to see the two of you laying there all crashed out, buck naked.

You guys weren't even under the covers, like I wasn't even here! Dang, what were you thinking didn't you see me here?!

Anyway - I tossed your bed sheet over the two of you, tried to go back to sleep for a bit, then noticed the sun was coming up and just said to hell with it - and went for a run." "Oh," I said, probably blushing a little as I looked slowly down his almost naked body unconsciously. "Sorry about the scene we were both drunk and horny and you were out like a light… We were super quiet. And I thought she was going to be outta here last night, but I guess we just passed out." "It's all good stud," he said with a wink, "No worries.

Anyway, what the F--. Gave me a chance to totally check out Lisa shit man, had no idea she was THAT hot… what a cute butt damn I'm actually a little jealous.

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For a first timer, you sure did luck into a keeper!" "Yeah right YOU -- jealous! What are you talking about your girl's awesome." Yeah, yeah, I know I know she totally is… but. well we broke up the other night. I hadn't told you yet since she and Lisa are friends. She's heading to Europe next semester and we just figured it was time.

So here I am: solo again -- just one totally horned up athlete, checking out your sexy girlfriend in the morning darkness!


Tell ya, if things were different, I'd be all over that hottie in a second." "Yeah, well stay the hell back," I said with a smirk and a smile. "With your fucking bod, I'd have trouble keeping her off you for sure." "Ah dude, don't worry besides, don't sell yourself short. You're doing damn well yourself these days," he said as he jumped on the bed and wrestled me a little (surely knowing I was naked under the single bed sheet??).

He tussled with me 'til he could manage to grab the sheet down part way, to show me my abs. He brushed his hands appreciatively across my pecs and abs. "See looking pretty good, sexy. Lisa must dig it." And then he lightly brushed his hand as he pulled away.

My cock instantly sprang up under the sheet. Did Mark realize what he was doing to me? Seemed not, he just rambled on like nothing was going on… and tussled with me a little more, bumping my cock with his side a couple times and playfully pinning me on the bed.

"Anyway get your ass up," he said, moving his face a little lower (he was sitting on my stomach north of my cock, thank god!). "It's time for classes." He rubbed my head and bed-hair like someone playing with a little kid.

"Nope not so fast Marky Mark," I said mocking him back playfully and trying to wrestle him off a bit. He lost his balance and slipped a sec, falling chest to chest on me. then slowly pushed himself back upright. "I don't have any classes today," I said. "I can just stay here all fucking morning laying around if I want!" "Oh blow me," he barked, sitting up and thrusting his crotch towards my face, grabbing himself mockingly, then collapsing back down onto my chest… "Sure, the near virgin is having crazy wild sex all the night long, and meanwhile Mr.

Stud here's got blue balls and is secretly checking out his chick… This is just fucking great! So tell me Did Lisa just go for it last night, even though I was right here in the room, or what?" "Um, like I said, we were pretty drunk. She was a bit hesitant, sure, but only at the beginning then she went wild.


Honestly, I think I noticed her checking you out a few times I mean you ARE pretty hot um, well, I even checked you out a couple times, not to freak you out or anything it's just hard not to notice. Anyway, you tossed and turned a little so your body was showing a bit, and it just made her that much crazier.

It was actually one of our hottest nights in weeks, totally intense really." "Geez dude that's hot. Too bad I missed it!" "What?" "I mean, it sounds like you two put on quite a show." "Whatever Mark that would have been totally weird." "No it wouldn't come on like I haven't seen your bare ass by now… what happened to your whole 'free-love-open-minded-LA-ness' speeches?" Could Mark actually SEE the raging boner this whole situation was causing me or was he just that oblivious?

Fuck. "Well I'm out.

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I gotta hit the showers and get to classes, little bro," he said. "I'll be gone super late tonight, maybe all nite so enjoy the day!" And with that, he grabbed his clothes and strutted off. I watched him walk away, checking out his rock hard ass and sexy back. And was immediately jerking off again when the phone rang a buddy downstairs was pestering me to go out, I'd forgotten about our planned racquetball game. Oh well, guess my hard-on would have to wait. LATE THAT NIGHT Lisa too couldn't wait for seconds after last night, though she had family dinner plans and couldn't get over to my dorm 'til after 10.

In the meantime we spent hours sexting back and forth, making her all hot and bothered while she sat with her boring parents at the restaurant. Finally she arrived. Five steps into the dark dorm room and I was pulling her clothes off while we kissed. I yanked all the blankets and pillows off the bed with one big stroke, and gently threw her down on the mattress to tackle her, while we kept up the action.

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"Ahhhh . sooo hot. do that more," she said (I obliged!). "Yes yeah aahh." I roamed all over her body, slowly licking, caressing peeling her down to nothing but her panties, me down to my boxers, boner poking thru.

I slowly licked down to her thighs and -- "YEEAAH. Aaaahh. Ummm, yes ummmm," she said, "like last night when Mark was there." I stopped. I wasn't exactly freaked out, but curious and a little de-railed. "Whatd'ya mean?" "Oh come on you know that was wild last night. Think he was awake?" I dove into her pussy and licked her like crazy without answering for a bit then said, "hmm don't know.

It definitely was wild though, true enough," and kept up the action. "Yeah sexy, don't be mad at me --- ohh yeah --- but --- aahhh Mark's hot too. And I was picturing him too. . aahhhh Don't stop.

aahh ." Just then the door shook and keys were jiggling, fumbling outside "Shit," I said, and grabbed the sheet off the floor to throw over us as the door popped open. "Mark?" "Heeeeyyyy!" He was obviously drunk and totally out of it. He had only a towel wrapped around his naked body and was still a little wet (guess he'd gone back to the shower before coming to the room).

He flipped on a small lamp in the corner, dim, but now he could see my bed, and see that both us were here, under the sheet. He teetered into the room a bit, laughing (and looking fucking hot!). "Oh heeyyy Lisa. Sorry, didn't realize you were here, school night and all," he chuckled. He walked over to the bed smelling a little of alcohol and plopped down on the edge.

It was a twin bed so a little tight. "Sooo, how was the night," he slurred. "mine's been great you ssleepping over Liiisa?" More smiling, then "ohhh sorry. were you two in the middle of something?" And with that he playfully jumped over me and in between us, on top of the sheet, just in his towel, then rolled over onto his back. "Ah, come on Mark! Dang, you're still wet. Get in your own bed dude!" "Awww." he whimpered playfully, then sorta closed his eyes.

"Mmmmmm". Then silence. We paused a sec. I looked at Lisa she looked at me. He was just lying there between us sprawled out, legs spread eagle a bit towel splitting apart so you could see most of his legs. "Jesus," I whispered. "I don't believe this!" "Shh," susshed Lisa, and she reached for his waist to loosen the last bit of the knot holding the towel closed.

"Stop it!" I said in a loud whisper and grabbed her, but she pulled her hand away from me. "Relax you know you want to see too. What the hell HE did drop himself here." And with that she pulled gently open the towel to reveal his semi-hard cock, sexy thighs and awesome shaved balls. Well my hard-on was back! "Shhh,". she said, raising a finger to her lips seductively.

And with that, she lifted herself up and over Mark (hanging her pert bare chest over his passed out face), and started kissing me with him just sandwiched there on the little bed between us. That was all I needed forget Mark game on again with Lisa. We were hotter than ever, kissing and licking while floating above Mark's head and chest, as he laid there. Lisa, totally manicked up, went for the whole scene, and pulled herself up and out from under the sheet so she could lay her pelvis lightly on his chest, grinding thru her panties a little into his side while I was rubbing her torso and also freeing myself from the sheets too.

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Mark just lay there. We sat up a little more so we could be above him, and took off our last bits of clothing. Mark just lay there. On her knees now, she pulled me passionately into her, and forced me forward further over Mark which made my throbbing cock land on his stomach while she was licking my neck, behind me ears, down to my nipples.

She kept all this up while always hugging and pulling me forward, making sure my cock was pushed onto him. I looked down at him. Mark still was just lying there but now my cock was leaking pre-cum and was sliding in that pre-cum on his abs. His dick had engorged to its 7" glory, though he remained still. Lisa was lost in the moment. She pulled me into lying down, our heads away from the pillows on either side of Mark, our faces now landing near his crotch and she leaned over him again and kept making out with me, like earlier, only this time we were floating over his huge cock.

She made a point of pulling and kissing and hugging me in a way that forced her to slide her cheek lightly across his cock, then pulled me forward so that my face did the same. His cock pulsed up when my cheek slid over. And then Mark stirred a bit and made some sexy, quiet moaning sounds. His arm that was towards Lisa's side stirred he was in a fog, but though I couldn't see exactly what was going down, I think he was slowly moving his hand to caress her legs and ass whatever was happening, she was totally freaking out and she definitely knew he was now at least partially conscious.

She practically bit off my lip as she swallowed my tongue with renewed hunger, then pulled herself over him further and was now lying flat on his chest while licking my own torso again. She motioned me to sit up on my knees, then swallowed my cock and started moaning REALLY moaning.


I looked over and saw why! Mark had snapped out of it, had pulled one of her legs over his head and his face was now buried between her thighs, tongue lashing on her pussy all while she took my cock deep in her mouth, muffled moans and body wriggling. Then she pulled her mouth off me, grabbed my cock with her hand and started motioning me to open my knees wide and straddle Mark's thighs, while she pulled up my cock and licked my balls.

Then, even hotter, she licked down below my balls while I sat up higher on my knees with my legs spread, butt clenched, Lisa licking half way to my ass.

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She was crazed no doubt about it. "Ahhh YES Mark. Don't stop. More. Just like that. OOOHHH. Fuuuucck," she blurted out, face clenched. and now went to swallowing his cock while I watched (Mark let out quiet moans of appreciation now too). Then she positioned my cock right on top of his, and grabbed the both of us as one, like we were one solid rod, and rubbed us together, up and down, squeezing, licking, sucking what she could, dripping saliva all over, sliding her hands up and down the two of us so intense the feelings.

Her mouth was so hot. Everything was so slippery, and sliding against his cock like this was feeling indescribable. She started thrusting and pushing her cunt back into Mark's face he seemed ready for anything. and with her spare hand she reached back to play with her clit while Mark kept slathering away.

I was getting totally close. There was pre-cum dripping as fast as she could lick it up. She was moaning louder and Mark was matching those moans now by thrusting his pelvis up into the air to meet her hand-strokes on the two of us.

"Okay studs, shoot it all over me!" Lisa said like the total slut she had become all of sudden as she drooled all over us -- still pounding our cocks together up and down and still sucking on them as best she could.

Stroking up and down, up and down, while pushing herself back deep into Mark's face more and more. "Guuuuuyys hurry up. --- I'mmm about to cuuumm," she begged. No urging necessary I was about to cum too! She made one last monstrous thrust of her body back onto Mark's face, her grip squeezed tight on both our cocks, and she let out a long, long, long, slow deep moan. "Aaahhhhhhh!" I blurted out, as my cock blew my load half on her face, half on her neck.

Mark must have been there too. With my cock pulsing against his dick, Lisa's pussy squeezing and pulsing on his face, Mark thrust up hard and started shooting all over the place too his cum flying straight all over her face every last drop. But she hardly noticed. Her eyes were rolled back, she was still moaning and writhing from side to side, Mark's head pinned down by her sweet pussy, cum dripping all over her.

A moment passed everyone frozen in the quiet. Then she slowly lowered herself down onto Mark, wiped a few drops off her cheeks, and let go of our cocks. She probably relaxed her thigh grip on him too because his arms plopped down out to the sides. I left my spot over Mark and collapsed down beside him where I'd started, lying down facing Lisa and relaxed draping an arm over her/him and smiling warmly at her.

We all took deep relaxing breaths. I lifted myself up slowly, reached my face across Mark and gently kissed Lisa lovingly. "You okay?" I asked. "Totally." "Yo -- Mark you okay down there?" "100%!" And with that, we all sat there quietly for a few minutes, lying entangled, just thinking about what had gone down. No one wanted to move We probably all imagined this was a one-time situation and no one wanted it to end. plus there was so much more we could try now that we were here.

I closed my eyes and relaxed into the haze of the situation.