Older porn tube mature lady and a boy

Older porn tube mature lady and a boy
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"Damn it mom I don't want to go!" I shouted through my bedroom door. "I don't care your father and I are going away and you are going to your grandmother's!" my mom yelled at me from downstairs.

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At this point I was extremely angry, slammed my door, and threw myself onto my bed. I went to my computer and went to a porn site, as I always do when I'm pissed. I started looking at MILF's and Mature porn. They were always my favorite categories.


I took off my pants and started stroking myself. After a few minutes of pictures and videos I was finished. I stood up and went over to my full length mirror. At 13 I was short for my age, 5'4" to be exact.

But I had a nice build with a lot of muscle. I had short brown hair and a nice smile, according to the girls in my class. I looked down at my dick. It was around 5 ½", if I were to guess and had barely any hair around it.

"Let's go Bradley!" shouted Mom.

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"I'm coming, geez!" "Don't you start any trouble you hear me?" my dad said angrily," You know how your grandmother is into old fashioned punishment and you don't want a whipping do you?" I sat staring out the window and totally ignoring my parents as I did not wish to speak to them at all. Finally I got to Grandma's. I walked in and said hi. "Oh Bradley so nice of you to come" she said as she tussled my hair.

"Ummm Grandma my parents made me come!" "I know but I still love that you are here." "Ok, well I'm going to head upstairs and uh… get settled in." "Fine dear" I knew that Grandma had a computer in the guest room and I intended to use it.

I went in and threw my bag on the bed. I undressed and headed to the computer. Once again I began stroking to MILF's and Mature women. But when I went to click on a gallery a granny one came up instead.

I had never looked at it before but I decided there that I loved it. The grandma in the pictures had huge saggy tits and a nice fluffy pussy. She was a bit plump but not fat. The woman looked around 5'7" and had curly, short, gray hair. She actually reminded me of my grandma. At that moment I was about to blow my load when my Grandma burst in and asked "What would you like for supper hun?" "Oh Grandma I was just… uh… nothing…" "How dare you use my computer for masturbation?" "I'm sorry…" "You come down into the living room in 20 minutes and wear only your underwear and no boxers!" "But grandma I don't have tighty whities!" "That's fine I still have a pair of your old SpongeBob ones from your last visit." She threw them to me.

"20 minutes!" I had no idea what I was in for but I cleaned up and put on the underwear. They were really small and my cock bulged even when I didn't have a boner. As I walked downstairs I began to tremble. As soon as I was in my grandmother's line of view she was staring at my dick because it was bulging so much.

She snapped out of it. "As this is your first offense I will not whip you, a simple spanking will suffice!" "But grandma I'm 13!" "Lay stomach down on my knee." "Ok." She began to spank me. At first it hurt but then I began to like it. After 5 minutes she began pulling down my underwear. "Grandma what are you doing? "You will get bare bottom as well." She began massaging my ass.

"Oh what a tight butt you have!" I started to get hard. "Oh!

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You have one more punishment Bradley." "What is it Grandma?" "You have to fuck Grandma!" I was so excited I could barely breathe! "You call that a punishment?" Since she was only wearing a pink nighty I knew that it wouldn't be hard to get her undressed. I began pulling it down. All of a sudden her DD saggy breasts flopped out.

I sucked her perfectly formed nipples. While I was doing this she flipped me over and began stroking my cock. It felt so much better then when I did it. She pulled my SpongeBob underwear completely off.

I then took her nighty off.

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She got on her knees and started sucking my cock. Her mouth felt so warm and moist and she was putting my dick right down her throat! It felt amazing!!


But I had to hold my load for her pussy. She sat back down on the couch and opened her legs. I couldn't believe it her pussy was tight and shaven! I was in for a treat!

I started licking her pussy. Her juices were flowing and she smelled and tasted so good! She was moaning so load and I knew I was doing it right. She began bucking her hips into my face. As soon as I felt her body shudder I knew she'd had her orgasm.

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"My turn" I said quickly. I inserted my dick directly into her pussy and it felt so tight. It was warm and wet. She stroked my balls while I did this. Finally I shot my load off into her pussy. "Thank you Bradley, I haven't been fucked in years." "Believe me Grandma it was my pleasure!" The next day when my parents came we all said our goodbyes.

"Come back anytime!" grandma said with a wink. In the car my parents asked me how it went "It sucked… hard!" I laughed. END