Sexy amateur babe pawns her pussy and gets pounded hard

Sexy amateur babe pawns her pussy and gets pounded hard
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A Night Out Part 1 It is Thursday afternoon. It is 3pm and a sunny day in Manchester. You are in your living room. You are a little nervous and yet very excited.

You look at the clock, again. You walk over to the window and peek around the side of the curtains, still no sign. I set off half an hour ago. You are expecting me at any time. You walk over to the mirror above the fireplace and check your appearance once more. You have spent the whole day pampering yourself and getting ready, you are pleased with the reflection in front of you.

You look down and loosen the belt on the black satin robe and let it fall open. You examine the outfit you are wearing. A matching set of black underwear, which you had bought in town last Saturday at the Trafford Centre, and a pair of new black heels. The underwear set consists of; a bra with very sheer cups, a pair of matching panties which do very little to cover your pussy as the material is almost see-through, and a matching suspender belt with black stockings.

You also have on a pair of black heels and the black satin robe.

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You adjust your stocking tops and re-close the robe, tying the belt loosely and allowing as much cleavage to show as you can. The door bell startles you. Your pulse starts to race. You look once more in the mirror and walk over to the front door.

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Then you realise the caller may not be me. It could be the postman, or a salesman. You are relieved when your hear my voice on the intercom.

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I am dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and tie. You stand to the side, inviting me to enter. Once inside I take you into to the main bedroom. Once there I move towards you, sliding my hands inside your robe and around your back, pulling you towards me in an embrace which brings your lips onto mine. We kiss. My hands begin to move over the small of you back, exploring your smooth flesh.


As the kiss becomes more passionate you feel my arousal between us. You feel my hands move to your waist, then up and between us as they move over the thin material of your bra, before continuing to your shoulders. I slide the black satin robe off your shoulders, leaving you in just your underwear and heels. My kiss moves from your lips to your neck, and down onto your cleavage, each breast receiving a gentle kiss before the kisses move up to the other side of your neck and back to your lips.

You feel my hands begin to drift down your arms and they again find your waist, and then your panty clad hips. My hands then move around to your arse cheeks and they give them a gentle squeeze, which causes you to rise up on your toes.

My hands find their way inside your panties and begin to explore your bottom, my fingers kneading and spreading your cheeks. You feel my finger tip close to your most private hole. You push yourself closer to me, squeezing your breasts against my body. The kiss ends. I remove my suit jacket and throw it onto the bedroom chair, then undo my tie and unbutton my shirt and remove it, throwing them both on top of the jacket.

We embrace again so you can push your breasts into my now naked torso. I then push you from me and sink to my knees in front of you. My hands are on your waist, feeling the material of your suspender belt. I kiss the thin material of your panties and then hook my thumbs into them, and slide them down a few inches, level with your stocking tops, revealing to me for the first time your pussy. You feel my hot breath on your pussy before another kiss is planted on it.

My puckered lips kiss at the outer lips, causing them to part slightly and reveal a little of the moistness within. Several more kisses make your knees begin to weaken as waves of pleasure begin surge towards the area around your pussy.

You feel my hands slide your panties to your knees and then to your ankles, and I help you out of them, taking care not to let you topple in the heels you are still wearing.

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You are stood before me, with your legs parted slightly, inviting me to kiss your pussy some more. You are not disappointed as I plant gentle soft kisses all over your pussy lips. Then you feel my tongue softly licking your moist slit from low under your crotch, up to where your fleshy hood covers your clit. As the tip of my tongue reaches your clit and you thrust your hips forward and up, forcing my tongue to penetrate your pussy.

You shudder as my tongue begins to lick and lap at the juices in your pussy and plays with your clit, circling around it and then licking it softly.

You feel my hands, return to your buttocks, and spread you cheeks wide once more. You again feel the finger tip close to your arse hole, causing you to let out a soft moan. You try to relax to allow the finger probing your anus to enter you a little further.

The attention your pussy and clit is receiving from my mouth and tongue is making relaxing very difficult! You concentrate and allow the probing digit to enter your horniest hole. The sensation of having your bum penetrated while your pussy is being licked is making your body shake with pleasure. I then stand and hold you once more. You taste your own pussy juice as we kiss. I then sit you down on the bed and make you lean back, part your knees wide and plant your high heel clad feet on the floor.

You raise your hips slightly and spread your pussy lips wide with your fingers, exposing yourself fully to me and inviting me to continue the act of cunnilingus. You see my broad smile before my head disappears between your stocking clad thighs. You feel my tongue on your sensitive inner lips, gently stroking the folds and probing your vaginal hole. As my tongue enters you the tip of my nose catches your clit and causes you to moan.

My tongue then moves its attention to your clit. You move your own fingers to the hood, peeling it back to reveal the hard tip beneath. You have to throw your head from side to side as my tongue teases and tickles the hard bud. The waves of pleasure rushing through your body begin to intensify. You thrust your hips higher, forcing your clit onto my tongue, you feel the orgasm begin to take you, your body tenses as the first wave engulfs you, the sensation intensifying as a second wave overtakes you and seems to erupt from your clit, you bounce your hips from side to side, rubbing the clit into my mouth, another lick results in another explosive wave of orgasmic pleasure centred on the swollen bud.

Other, more minor waves then wash over you as you sink back onto the bed. It is now you grinning broadly. One more kiss on your clit gives a new rush, then you close your legs as I stand up in front of you. You then stand and place your hands on my bare chest, before sliding them down to undo the belt, and then the zip on my suit pants.

You hook your thumbs into the waist band on the trousers and begin to slide them downwards, raising an eyebrow and then smiling as you realise I am not wearing any underwear.

You crouch down to the point where you are facing the newly freed cock, take a grip near the base and pull back gently in order to slide the remainder of the skin from the already enlarged bulbous knob. After licking your lips you run your tongue along the underside of my smoothly shaved cock. Your attentions immediately cause the cock to twitch and grow thicker and harder.

After gently planting a kiss on the cock tip, you then place the tip of your tongue onto the small slit, forcing it inside a little. Your free hand moves to the base of my scrotum and gently takes a hold of my balls.

You open your mouth and take the cock inside it. You slide my cock into your mouth, rubbing the underside of it along your tongue. You feel the head of the cock reach the back of you mouth before slowly pulling it backwards along your tongue.

The hand gripping my balls plays gently with the sack and its contents. Your hand then reaches underneath and your fingertip finds my ass. You push the pad of your finger onto the hole and begin to move it around in small circular motions.

Your mouth continues to suck and tease the cock within it. You feel it pulse and throb as it swells with more and more blood rushing into it.

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After taking my cock out of your mouth, and giving a final "come here" motion on my arse hole, you stand up and then turn around facing away from me. You reach behind with both hands and spread your arse cheeks apart, revealing your own tight hole to me. You look over your shoulder and smile at me. Then, with your heel shod feet still on the floor, you lie face down on the bed in an arse-up position, inviting me to continue. You close your eyes and wait.

You feel my tongue on your ass, gently moving across your cheeks, each one receiving a little lick in turn. You feel my tongue begin to pay more attention to your slit.

You reach behind yourself, grip your ass cheeks, and pull them wide. You feel my tongue hit your tight hole and gently start licking it around in circles. You then feel it move up and down your slit, dragging wetness from your pussy and depositing it at the entrance to your arse. The sensation of the wetness on your hole causes it to clench and relax several times. You then pull your arse cheeks wider apart in anticipation. You feel my tongue push its way into your hole, probing inside and stretching it, the sensation causing you to let out a low moan as the waves of lust flow over you.

I then stand up behind you, and you prepare yourself for what you know is about to happen! You feel the tip of my cock touch the entrance to your pussy. You feel it rub up and down, gathering the wetness which is there. You pull your cheeks even wider, anticipating the thrust of my cock deep into your pussy. You groan as the cock teases your pussy lips and your hard clit. The tip of my cock is then on your ass hole.

A small push reveals to you where the cock is about to penetrate. My cock begins to move into you slowly. The tip pushing its way into your arse, widening the hole gradually as it does so. You try to relax as much as you can, concentrating on accepting the invasion, knowing that the burning feeling will ease once you have accepted my cock.

Once the whole of the head of the cock has pushed inside you, you feel the change in girth as the shaft begins to follow the head into your hole. You continue to hold your arse cheeks wide apart as the full length of my cock fills your hole. Then you feel my pelvis touch your hands and you release your grip and instead, use your forearms to support yourself on the bed.

You then feel my hands on your hips. You let out a small moan as you feel my cock begin to slide out a little, and then return to being full inside you. The rhythm of the strokes begins to increase. The shaft of the cock rubbing along your stretched sphincter causes waves of pleasure to dart all around your pelvic region. The rhythm then increases, each stroke causing the head of the cock to catch on the sphincter itself. You feel my grip on your hips tighten as my cock begins to pump and pound your arse more and more, faster and faster, forcing your arms to slide up and down the bed.

Harder and harder my cock rams into you, my thumbs pulling your cheeks wide to allow each thrust to go deeper inside you. Each thrust makes you grunt and moan, louder and louder, the waves and sensations driving you crazy. You feel one hand being taken off your right hip, then, Slap! against your arse cheek, before returning to grip your hip.

The shock and slight pain of the slap intensifies your pleasure. You sense that I am close. You feel the firm thrusts slowing a little, then one final thrust into you is followed quickly after by the gushing feeling of hot cum being pumped into your arse. A couple more, smaller thrusts and you know that the entire contents of my scrotum have been deposited inside you.

Only now you allow your shoulders to sag as you rest your face on the bed and enjoy the warm sensation within you. My now semi-erect cock slips out of your arse you feel the trickle of hot spunk begin to glide down your inner thigh and soak into the top of you stockings.

After a brief pause, you climb up onto the bed on all fours and turn to face me.

You hesitate, before licking the tip of my cock, allowing the tip of your tongue to draw circles on the knob. You then suck in a deep breath before putting the cock into your mouth and sucking the still warm cum off it.

As you suck on my cock you feel my left hand slide over your shoulder and down your back, where it will unhook your bra, allowing your tits to be freed from restraint. You then let me remove your bra completely, without stopping the cleaning of my cock with your tongue. I then remove my shoes, socks and trousers, carefully ensuring my cock remains in your mouth. Once naked, I lean over you, stroking your back with my hands, before moving them beneath you to take a grip of your newly freed tits and roll the nipples between my fingers.

After spending time ensuring that my cock is fully clean and semi-hard once more you announce that you need to use the bathroom. You get off the bed and walk to the bathroom, I follow you. Once in the bathroom you sit down on the loo and spread your stocking clad legs wide so I can see your pussy clearly.


You put your right hand on your pussy and begin to play gently with the outer lips and clitoral hood. I come closer, allowing you to take my hard cock in your left hand and guide it into your mouth.

You fingers continue to tease your pussy. As you work on yourself, your puffed pussy lips will part, allowing you to rub three fingers along your inner lips. Then the feeling of relief washes over you as the warm piss leaves your body and squirts with some force into the porcelain.

Your fingers adjust the spray, moving it from left to right. Then, just before you are about to finish, you put your right hand into the stream and cup a handful of the warm fluid, before rubbing it onto your tits and chest.

You then push yourself back onto the rear of the seat, resting your back against the open lid and continue to rub the piss onto your tits. I take my cock from your mouth and stand directly in front of you, between you widely parted legs. You begin to breathe deeply, in anticipation, the hand on your tits pinching and pulling at the nipples. Then you feel the hot stream of piss hit your pussy then, as I direct the stream, on your stomach and then on your tits.

The liquid bounces off your body, not all of it flows down onto your pussy and into the bowl. Some runs onto your thighs and begins to soak your stockings. Some lands on your shoes, and then drips onto the floor. Once you are satisfied that all the piss has left my cock you lean forward and take it into your mouth to clean it once more. The taste of piss on my cock fills you with horny desire.

You now suck and lick my cock until it is hard and ready for use! Then you stand and turn around, place your hands on the cistern, and bend over, offering yourself to me once more.

Bending over in your high heels this way causes your calves to stretch taught. I take your hips in my hands and then place my cock at the entrance to your pussy. You feel me enter you and begin to fuck you, hard. You push back with every thrust into you, making sure my cock drives deep inside you.

It goes deep, banging the tip of your cervix. You feel like you are being pumped and pounded without mercy. Faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. You reach underneath yourself with your right hand and place two fingers around your clit. The action sends you over the edge! The orgasm courses throughout your body, sending shockwaves of pleasure from your pussy and clit all around you.

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Your arms tingle and your legs go weak. With only one hand weekly holding the cistern you are relying on my grip on your waist to keep you from sinking to the piss soaked floor.