Sucking daddy dick and swallowing cum

Sucking daddy dick and swallowing cum
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Who is the Therapist ? "Bye Dad", she said while bounding down the steps and walked to her car. He stood looking out of the storm door to enjoy the view as she walked away.

Trying incredibly hard not to be obvious he snuck peeks of her every single chance he could.


Standing just at 5' and weighing around 105lbs she was slight and slender to say the least. Her tits were a small handful each, belly curved out ever so slightly and her ass was small but pronounced and so soft to squeeze. The sundresses she always wore accentuated her assets. Hanging midway between her knees and her waist helped expose a lot. The straps holding it up and the low cut gave a great view of her arms and tanned chest and neck.

When she squatted to pick something up or sat down her dress would ride high up her thighs giving me a peek of her white panty covered pussy. She turned when reaching her car then smiled and waved. I had meant to move left and out of view before she "caught" me but I was desperately trying to visualize her naked for the umpteenth time.

It was to late so I stood there while she got in the car. Driving off she waved another bye and I returned it. Breathing a sigh of "damn i would like to fuck her", I closed the door. Like many nights I already conjured a scenario that I would be jacking off to that night. "Im gonna fix supper now", I yelled to my son while heading to the kitchen. Without the distraction of a pretty young woman in the house I could finally focus on their domestic needs.

The fact that scrumptious young woman was my sons Therapist didn't matter. It also didn't matter to me one bit that I was well old enough to be her father. If I had a chance to have her I would take it. Of course the company she worked for would frown on such activity but then again they would frown on certain things they already do and talk about.

We had an instant report right off the bat. She loved her job helping kids and she gave him some personal background on how and why she went into that field. To help me help her she wanted some of my sons background which I felt ok in doing. Neither felt we needed a filter when conversing with one another. Dispensing with certain decorum was refreshing, it made conversations and making a point much easier. She had a particular style and method in dealing with the compromised children that made up the company's client list.

It was sort of "out of the box" which rubbed her boss the wrong way but she did get results and people are who they are. I like her method and approach as a lot of the usual or by the book methods weren't cutting it.

Her "unconventional" methods did take a toll after awhile and her boss let her go. After months and months of her working with my son I wasn't about to have another change in Therapists yet again. The others that company provided before left for reasons such as getting married and moving to another relocating or even one that wasn't a good fit. I liked this woman, not just because she was pretty and I wanted to do her but also because of exactly how and who she is.

Six months later the company she worked for let her go. This put her in a tight spot because we all live paycheck to paycheck. Since my son has already went through a few changes in Therapists I had enough.

She was really good and he was responding well and now office politics fucked that up so I was done. She still wanted to work with him on her own time but I couldn't allow that at least uncompensated anyway.


I told her I would pay her but she refused. We continued to talk and text every few days as she was concerned with my son.


After a few weeks of no work she wasn't sure what she would do and she still wanted to work with him on her own time but was going to have to move. You guessed it, I have an extra bedroom and offered it in exchange for some therapy while she looks for another company.

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The thought of fucking her was very nice but at my age I knew it was a forgone conclusion. I am 56 years old and she is 27 and although she does indeed have "daddy issues" I was sure I had surpassed the age threshold. I figured I would drive myself crazy having a sweet young woman to look at every damn day instead of a couple hours per day three days a week. This is exactly how it went for a few weeks.

I subtly flirted and gauged her reaction and willingness. There were times her responses made me think thought i was getting somewhere. Then i threw a certain innuendo out and the response i got back was benign or could be interpreted to be innocent. It became a normal thing over those weeks where i would come home from work and do the usual nightly domestic routines. We would talk, mostly intellectual conversations pertaining to her line of work as it relates to my son and others like him.

We would have a few drinks, beer was my choice while she liked tequila. I had become acclimated to seeing her everyday so having her around all the time which actually curbed the outright lust I had before when she would come over. On one particular Friday night all of us retired to our bedrooms at the usual time.

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Besides her employment search which had good prospects she was dealing with some family issues back home which curtailed the drinking for that evening. I heard her in her room talking on the phone but couldn't make out the conversation. I never go to sleep right away so i tried to coax myself to sleep listening to something I found on youtube. After about any hour there was a slight knock at my door. Before i even responded she eased my door open slightly, "Dad, you asleep ?

", she asked. It had become typical for her to refer to me as dad instead of by name. All the other therapists did it because i was the dad. "No, whats up ?", I replied. "Im sorry, I needed someone to talk to. You are such a great dad and I admire that plus you are easy to talk to but I hate to bother you", she said. "Its no bother, it takes me forever sometimes to go to sleep She sat down on the foot of my bed and began talk about issues going on up home with her family.

She assured me that the job search was going quite well and that it seemed she had a lock on one once her background research came back. I told her I wasn't worried to much about it on my end but of course it was more for her own worth and self esteem.

The only light in my room was coming from my phone screen being lit which throws out an amazing amount of light. In between the back and forth conversation there were moments of silence. Looking at her demeanor she seemed pensive. When she had spilled out all of her issues the topics ranged well outside of what she had been conveying.

It was like she was desperate to keep a conversation going anyway she could. "So, do you feel a little better now that you got all that out", I asked. She didn't respond verbally rather she shook her head affirmatively. "Well you know you can talk to me anytime", I said.

She stood and I got to see her in profile. Wearing her typical nightshirt, and not all that loose either, certainly gave me something else to think about. When she finally left my room I was going to pull one off as I fucked her in my mind. That would certainly help me get on off to sleep. Taking a step to the door and putting her hand on the knob she stopped, "I .

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I don't want to be alone tonight, can I stay in here with you" ?, she asked. That threw me off guard, i mean is was thrilled yet never expected it. That didn't mean I would get to fuck her either. Having her next to me would only be an aggravation but I wasn't going to say no either. "Uh sure but you better give me a minute.

I sleep naked and should put something on", I said. She turned from the door and pulled off her nightshirt. She had nothing on underneath giving me a great look as she walked to the opposite side of the bed. I rolled to face her as she pulled the covers back just enough to slip under them and scoot right up to me, "will you hold me please", she said in a whisper.

I put my arms around her and pulled her slender frame against me. She buried her head in my chest as I simply held her. She pulled in a huge breath through her nose and exhaled a sigh of relief.

Her body went slack like she was in complete comfort. "thank you", she whispered. "Hey, Im a man with a young, pretty naked woman in my bed laying against me and you are thanking ME", I responded with a chuckle. "So you don't mind, I mean I was kind of bold and presumptuous", she said. "Well you know neither one of us felt we had to have a filter when conversing so why should that apply physically" ?, I said.

"When I was working for the company that was obviously a BIG no no", she said. She slid a hand down wrapping her fingers around my dick.

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Surprisingly I was only sporting a chubby but her touch caused it to quickly swell. "Ive been wanting you so bad", I said through labored breathes. She slowly slid down ducking her head under the covers. Feeling the warmth of her mouth on my cock caused me to let out a grunting breath. I gently rolled from my side onto my back. She moved with me keeping a lip lock on my head. With her other arm she threw the covers off of us and went to work on me.

With her fingers tight around the base of my shaft she would descend down taking me deep while using her fist as a stop. I looked down to watch her take me in, her sweet young face, her mouth stretched to capacity to take my girth was an incredible sight. She worked intensely and she knew what she was doing. I was still in to much shock at being fortunate enough to have a woman, let alone a young woman, to even think about cumming. I could pull one off myself within a few short minutes but there was no way I wanted this to end anytime soon.

I hadn't been with a woman in almost two years. Her touch alone should have sent me shooting a load into her hand in seconds. What she was doing and how she was doing it felt wonderful. I hoped she wasn't trying to get me off like that because I badly wanted to be in her pussy. My age and experience did give me self control as well as patience though. As good a job as she was doing,and as long as it has been for me, I felt I could hold out and enjoy the sensation, uif my mind didn't run to wild.

With the grunts emanating from my mouth and my cock at the absolute peak of hardness she eased the suction and pulled off. Laying down next to me i rolled to get on top of her. I sucked and licked each of her nipples before i began to move my head down her body. My intent was to eat that smooth young pussy.

She grabbed my head stopping my descent, "i'm wet", she whispered. She obviously just needed some dick and I was more than happy to oblige. Moving up and hovering over her slight body I grabbed my tool and wiggled it up and down her slit to coat my head. She was extremely wet, more slimy than wet, as there was no doubt she was ovulating. Rocking my hips my head slipped right in before hitting resistance.

She grunted while I continued to push inside of her, "easy dad .

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dy", she said in a strained whisper. I spread my legs a little bit to keep hers open and back then pulled back a little. This let her cunt lips open a little so it could re-coat my cock.

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I thrusted in again which caused her to grunt loudly, "Come on give it up, give it to me", I said as I continued with short thrusting jabs. She eased the tension in her legs and opened them wider for me. I pulled back further and thrusted even more dick into her. She was trying to stifle her groaning as I attacked her snatch with harder and longer thrusts. Moving her hands onto my shoulders I grabbed one then the other forcing them over her head down onto the bed. With each thrust the more inches I put inside of her the grunt/moans emanated deep from her throat.

I finally made the last hard push which had my cock fully embedded into her tight young cunt. I started withdrawing back to the tip of my head before sliding back in to the hilt, then repeating.

I was finally getting some pussy, I was fucking after two long years. She was young, pretty and so petite but not quite as tight as I thought she would be.

Not tight enough to hurt and not to loose either. I never wanted it to end but when had my dick fully inside and started the long deep strokes I knew I was in trouble. There was no way I could hold out all that long. The need to shoot my seed in her ovulating pussy was much to powerful to resist. The fight between having my dick soothed by her action and blowing a relieving pent up load was frustrating.

With the feeling of my cock being loaded with semen as it boiled up from my balls, I surmised that she just had to know this was going to be quick. The feeling caused me to increase my thrusts. I began to go all out and pound into her mercilessly. The desire to ejaculate had immediately over ridden my self control. Semen suddenly rocketed up my shaft as i hammered her cunt.

Her inner folds felt wonderful and as much as I wanted to continue fucking her I had no control over my cock muscles to even try and hold off. Cum violently erupted inside of her and only then did i regain any muscle control.

Groaning out in sweet sweet relief I continued thrusting while constricting my cock muscles to pump thick sticky streams of rich daddy cream inside of her. After the initial pressure was off I stopped thrusting and held deep inside as my cock continued to throb. I regained some composure, slowly coming back into coherence. I wondered if this was real and that I had actually fucked this young woman and release inside of her.

I thought about what i had done, what we had done. I never even asked if it was ok to come inside of her. I previously had no clue or care about a condom or her birth control, or lack thereof. Releasing the grip I had on her wrists I moved off of her. Laying on my back beside her I caught my breathe as various thoughts swirled in my head. It was done and I desperately needed it and had been wanting her.

I had deposited a huge load of baby cream inside of a young ovulating woman's vagina. It felt scarily fantastic as the potential outcome could be life changing. Here i was fortunate enough to have such a young thing at my age yet the potential ramifications began to subdue my bliss. I suddenly felt like i wanted to leave the scene of a crime, to make a getaway and hide from such an egregious error. She lay beside me with her body slightly shaking. I reached down and pulled the blanket over us.

She pushed it back down, "its to hot for that", she said with a quiver in her voice. My feeling now was that she was scared shitless from what we had done.

"are you ok", i quietly asked her. I rolled to my side, reaching out I rubbed my hand over her belly. This sent a quake throughout her entire body. "oh my god, I've never been fucked like that. You were so . aggressive. You took what you wanted and you came inside of me", she replied in a shaky voice. She lay there breathing erratically while little quivers radiated through her body. Rolling onto her side to face me she again buried her head in my chest. She picked up her head and i place an arm under her neck and my other arm over her body.

Laying her head on my arms i tightened my grip on her. She laid fairly still except for the quivers which shook her about three times per minute. When they had finally subsided she was able to speak clearly, "Can I stay here with you all night. I will be out of here before he wakes up. We don't want him to catch his dad in here with his Therapist", she said. I nuzzled my head against the top of hers and tightened my hold on her. It was a nonverbal indication that she could stay right here snuggled against me.

Not another word was said between us. We snuggled quietly, each of us drifting off to sleep . As the fog of sleep lifted i felt a sensation but was not awake enough yet to ascertain what was invading my sleep. As I lay there going through the stages of waking i knew my dick was rock solid.

No surprise there as i have waken in the middle of the night with a hard on. This time it was different, she was fondling me, making me hard and gently waking me up. I began to rub my hand up and down her back. She slipped her body down under the covers and sucked my dick into her mouth.

She worked fervently on my rock solid prick, like it needed an help. She was aiming to please and aiming for some more good daddy love. Pulling suction as she pulled off of my dick caused a slurping sound. She eased her body back up, "How do you want me daddy", she asked. "I want you from behind", I replied.

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I moved myself onto my knees while she rolled over onto her knees and stuck her butt in the air. Placing my hand over her ass i ran my thumb up and down her slit.

On the way back up her slot, dragging some of her moisture, I thumbed over her asshole. She sucked in a breath as I rimmed her puckered hole. I sidled up behind her taking my hard dick in hand and placed it into her slit. Then pushed forward to bury my head inside. She aced her elbows on the bed and held her torso up and straight.

I placed my hands on around her waist wrapping my finger around for a tight hold. Thrusting forward while holding her body steady I penetrated her box. She groaned due to the intrusion as I I rammed my dick to the bottom of her cunt. I left one hand gripping her hip and slid the other one up her back and over her shoulder while i began to fuck her.

Pulling back i slammed into her followed with the same long incredibly deep strokes mashing my balls against her labia. Reaching my maximum depth made her grunt and squeeze my cock. The feeling of her squeezing the very base of my shaft was exquisite. I was intent on penetrating her as deep and spreading her as wide open anyone has ever done her. As i held tight on her shoulder and hip i pounded her hard, her body shook as i slammed into her.

When she leaned her head back i grabbed her hair long brown hair and pulled as i fucked her. All I wanted was fo once again relieve myself inside of her young ovulating pussy. Blowing a huge load a few hours ago helped me hold to off and enjoy the feeling of dick being incredibly deep inside of her. Letting go over her hair i slid my hand down to her ass.

With one hand still firmly holding her hip i slid my thumb into her crack and rimmed her anus. Looking down i wondered how i ever hot my dick in her, she is such a small woman. On my back stroke her cunt would cling to my dick even as slippery as it was. Just the view of me fucking this sweet young thing, my cock stretching her pistonning in and out sent my balls boiling. I stopped looking hoping to delay an explosion.

I concentrated on fucking her while I gently inserted my thumb in her butthole. This really lit her fire causing her to pant and moan. There was no delay on my part now. Knowing I was turning her on even more only fanned my own flames.

Her body became rigid then I felt her squeezing cock as her body was racked with an orgasm. Just as before there was no slow build up. Cum raced up my shaft, pushed in DEEP and held as I exploded. I pumped her full of rich daddy cream while she continued to squeeze my cock. I gently withdrew my thumb from her ass then slowly pulled my dick out of her cunt. A stream of thick white goo dripped out of her opening in a long string before breaking and landing on the sheet.

She remained on her knees, legs shaking and wobbling as she breathed raggedly to deal with the waves of orgasms. I hadn't had sex, let alone morning sex which is the best of all as far as I'm concerned, in so long that I didn't even over exert myself.

I was certainly relieved and enjoyed kneeling back and watching her deal with the orgasms. After a couple of minutes the intensity decreased.

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She fell onto her side and just as before she was struck by little aftershocks that slight frame. Scooting up behind her we spooned and input my arm over her to again hold her tight.

We remained like that for almost an hour. It was very early morning but she had to get back to her room before my son woke up. We fucked every single night for the next month. She found a job and moved out and we continued biweekly sessions as time, work and tiredness allowed. She referred to me as her Daddy and she was my Little Girl. On some of our biweekly sessions she would come to my place after bedtime, get on her knees and lovingly sucked my dick. She was good, very very good at it.

Taking me all the way into her throat, sucking my head and tickling my sack she would bring me off. I would shoot thick streams of cum in her mouth which she readily swallowed.

We would lay down and cuddle and sleep. Then wake up in the middle of the night, giving me a chance to recover, and then we would fuck. We were friends with benefits and that was fine with me.

She eventually met someone her own age to go out clubbing with but now and then she needed to visit and get some good daddy love.