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Sex legal age teenager gals xxx
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It was david's birthday. Unlike regular birthdays, which came with presents, cake, and maybe a party, david's birthdays only meant one thing: a brief reprieve from his daily duties and, perhaps more importantly, his mistress's seemingly innumerable perversions.

Today was his first break from Emma for 364 days, and to celebrate, she had made him dinner. A whole steak (medium rare), mashed potatoes and some vegetables sat steaming on a plate on the edge of the dining table. It smelled amazing; saliva was building up at an almost uncontrollable rate in david's mouth.

It wasn't often he was allowed to eat so much in one sitting - in order to keep his ass clean, Emma kept in place a harsh meal and enema schedule, which involved plenty of roughage, and plenty of deep, oily enemas.

Emma was sitting at the table in casual attire: a pink singlet, jeans, and white socks. Her shoulder-length blonde hair wasn't tied up in a tight, cruel bun like usual - today it was just as free as david. Her sharp features, however, remained.


Even the light smile she wore didn't do much about those. david himself was in jeans ans a plain white t-shirt - the only plain clothes Emma kept for him.

Everything else was leather or latex. david was standing in the doorway, staring at the food. Emma giggled a little. "What are you waiting for?" she asked, with a grin. Habit kept david from doing much without being prompted by his mistress. "I was waiting, m-" Emma had told him at the beginning of the day that he wouldn't need to say the word "mistress" after saying anything to her - another habit he found hard to break. "I was waiting." "Nonsense," she said, standing up.

"It's your birthday." She beckoned to him. He walked to the table, entranced by the aromas coming from the plate. He was about to pull out a chair before she spoke again. "Stop." He froze immediately - another habit. Emma drifted over to david, and placed a hand on his stomach. She caressed his belly a little, then put her face to his ear, and whispered, "Take off your clothes." david did so as fast as he could.

He pulled the baggy jeans off clumsily, nearly tripping over, but still, he never took his eyes off the food.

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"Now," said Emma, sitting back down. "I've been thinking about what to get you for your birthday for quite some time, and it's only just occurred to me what I think you'd really like." "What's that?" asked david. Her voice came down like a whip. "What's that, mistress." david gulped.

"What's that, mistress?" "An extra day of servitude, slave. I don't want to waste a day each year pandering to some kind of normality. I want to control you, to humiliate you, to degrade you every single hour of every single day." She paused, allowing david a moment to respond. He said nothing. "And it came to mind that that's just what you want as well, isn't it?" "Yes, mistress," he said.

"That's good. Now, cum on your birthday dinner." She smirked. david's heart sunk. "Mistress, I-" "Cum on your dinner, slave" david didn't think twice. He started jerking his half-erect cock, whilst Emma looked on in evident glee.

He felt his face turn red as his cock grew more and more erect until it was fully engorged. "Cum," said Emma.

The command triggered an intense rush of pleasure in david - it rippled all through his body and ended on the tip of his cock. Like any good slave, he had been trained to cum on command. In the brief moments he had, he pointed his dick at the plate, before spurting his cum all over it. Four, five, six, seven pulsing waves of sticky, white semen were sent onto the food - and as the pleasure drifted from his cock, david realized what had to happen next.

"Now sit," said Emma, getting up again. "Yes, mistress," said david, and he drew the seat from beneath the table. He was surprised to see a large butt plug, sitting at its center. The reason he was surprised was because his eating schedule had not been in effect all day, meaning nothing would be going up his ass without getting dirty.


He suspected that Emma didn't really mind about that, however. "I want you to sit on it," she said. "I'm going to fetch some things, and when I come back, that thing better be all the way up, and you better be tucking in to your creamy birthday dinner." She strutted from the room. david didn't hesitate.

He quickly probed his ass with a finger to gauge its tightness. Today was also the first day of the past year during which he was not required to wear his training plug - something that had caused his anus to tighten back to a regular level. He bent down hastily, and took the 1.5-inch-wide black plug in his mouth, spitting up as much saliva as he possibly could.

To his confusion, his tongue found a small hole at its top - he continued, however, not one to let curiosity stop his task. He made sure to spit out a little extra saliva to ensure that it would go in on the first try - he wouldn't be able to go ass-to-mouth today.


When it was satisfactorily lubricated, he sat on it. Although his asshole was tighter than usual, it opened just as fast as usual, welcoming the invader just as it had been trained to do. david let out a small groan as it slid up him, filling up his insides, which he suspected were already somewhat crowded.

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He passed the widest part of the plug, and the rest of it popped up into him, attaching him to the chair. Not wanting to disappoint Emma, he pulled the plate toward him. The cum was thick and ropy, and was drizzled across most of the plate. There was no avoiding it, so he picked up the cutlery an cut himself a bite-size portion of the steak.

It was pink in the middle, and released a peppery aroma as he sawed. A generous dollop of cum sat on the top, and was starting to drizzle over the side.

He rammed it into his mouth before it could drip off, and started to chew. The meat separated in his mouth, and the cum clung to itself and his teeth, coating them in that familiar, salty glue.

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The steak, he figured, was great, but it was hard to taste over the rich, warm cum. He swallowed, then licked the remaining semen from his gums and teeth. He shoveled some mashed potato onto his fork - at least he could swallow this all at once, cum and all, and hopefully not have to experience the bitterness.

He brought it to his mouth and gulped it down. Not bad, but a little cum did end up stuck to the back of his throat. "I'm baack," sang Emma.

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david turned, chewing some more cum-steak. Emma was holding a large metal stand, upon which hung a large enema bag, filled with.something.

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She placed it next to david. "Are you enjoying your meal?" she queried. "Yes, mistress." "That's good." She started fiddling with the rubber tube that extended from the bag. "Well," she barked. "Did I ask you to stop eating?" "No, mistress," said david, who then hastily shoveled some more cum-covered potato into his mouth. He felt something under the chair, and figured she must be plugging the tube into the bottom of the plug - why else was the hole there?

Emma stood up, holding a large bulb in hand. The bulb was connected by a separate tube to the underside of the chair. "I have some birthday surprises for you," she said, grinning. "Two, to be exact." david knew he didn't need to say anything, and, to appease his mistress, cut a piece of steak that had on it an extra-large puddle of cum.

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He chewed that one slowly, ignoring the liquid as it spread through his mouth. "The first," she said, and squeezed, making the butt plug inflate slightly. david struggled not to gasp and to continue chewing his food.

"Mmm. Did you like that?" "Yes, mistress." "Good.

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Would you like another?" "Yes, mistress," came the reply. She squeezed again, and david felt the rubber push up against the sides of his anal cavity. The plug was getting taller and wider, all at the same time.

She squeezed again, and again, and again, until david felt like his ass couldn't give anymore - and then she squeezed again, and david squeezed his eyes shut, trying to ignore the pain.

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It felt to be the size of a large fist - and david should know, because he'd experienced Emma's clenched fist up his ass on numerous occasions, and her hand was, thankfully, quite small.

"Aww, I thought you were enjoying that," said Emma, with another giggle. david tried to correct himself out of fear of punishment. "No mistress, I-" "Shut up," said Emma. "Now, would you like your second surprise?" "Yes, mistress." "I thought you might. Unlike the first surprise, this one isn't actually a thing, like that lovely plug stuck up your hole. It's a piece of information. See that mashed potato you're enjoying?" "Yes, mistress." "Not only is it filled with your - delicious, I'm sure - cum, but it's also filled with a special ingredient - laxative.

Which means, in a few minutes from now, I suspect, you're going to start feeling the need to expel everything from your ass - and that's not just because of the lovely mineral oil enema I'm about to give you. Isn't that wonderful?" "Yes, mistress." david could feel it coming on already - a deep heavy feeling in his stomach, moving down towards his ass in pulses.

Emma did something under the chair, and david felt warm liquid start to fill his ass. He groaned out loud, uncaring of the possible repercussions. The bag, he now noticed, was extra large - it would take a while before he's taken it all, and he would have to take it all, because that was one of Emma's many rules. Emma sat down, across from david.

"How does it feel?" "Wonderful, mistress," said david, through gritted teeth. "That's good. Now, the choice is yours when you want me to remove the plug and fetch you a bucket. You can dump your insides just as soon as you finish dinner!" Emma laughed. david stared down at the half-finished meal, constantly aware of his rapidly-filling insides and the overwhelming feeling of needing to expel their contents.

"Just make sure you get hard again, though," said Emma, getting comfortable. "Because I bought a cake for you as well."