Bating to get Wet Free Teen Porn Video

Bating to get Wet Free Teen Porn Video
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I was on a business trip to Los Angles, working with a major computer company setting up systems across the country that worked with the movie industry. Most people would think that I got to meat a bunch of stars but this just was not true. I had only meet one famous person the entire time that I had been in L.A.


and that was set up cause I was selling his film company a major system that would improve there film making. I finally got a little time off well I was there and I decided that since I hadn't had sex in over a week that I would find a nice up scale strip club to enjoy my evening off, but I couldn't find anything so I choose this really nice bar in the hills right on rodeo.

It was very fancy. I realized this when I walked in, luckily I was wearing my very nicest business suit. So walking in I suddenly realize that this would be the day I was sure to meet a celebrity, but also some assholes that just hung around these places.

As I approached the bar I notice a young women in the corner who I instantly recognized. It was Megan Fox. She seemed to be in a little bit of distress. She was being hassled by five guys even though she had on a wig and contacts that changed her eye color.

So I went up to the bar and ordered two shots of patron. After receiving the shots I took them and walked over to her. " Sorry that I am late dear," I said " here is your drink." " Thank honey" she replied. The guys that had been bothering her seemed pissed, but the still stalked off not want to pick a fight. " Hi, my name is Tim, and yours?" I asked her " Jackie" she lied.

" Well Jackie" I replied, " since I am your date tonight, why don't we get out of her and go to a restaurant and have dinner." " okay, " she answered.

So we left the bar and I headed to this small little pizza joint I had passed, that just happened to be 1/4 mile from my hotel.

As we walked in, the guy behind the counter said, he was closing the dinning room so if we wanted to order we would have to take it with us. I of course knew this, but she didn't so we ordered a large pizza with the works, waited for it to be made, then left. "My hotel is bout a 1/4 mile from here, if you want we can go back to there and eat" I asked knowing that we had no other choice.

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"Okay" she replied. So we went to my nice hotel, walked up to the room, I let her in, and we sat and ate pizza and drank beer out of the mini-fridge. " So are you going to be honest with me?" I asked her. "What do you mean" she asked back. " I know that your real name is not Jackie" was my answer. " And you know that how?" she questioned.

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" Because its blatantly obvious that you have a wig and contacts on."I said, " and I recognize you even though you tried to hide it, your real first name is Megan isn't?" " Yeah, and if you know my first name than I am sure you know my last." she replied finally surrendering the truth.

" Yes I do, Megan" I replied " but I want to hear you tell me the truth." "Okay, my name is Megan Fox" she said. "Thanks, now is there any reward for saving you from a pack of ravenous wolves?" I asked.

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" I am yours for the night Tim." she said. " Does that mean we can do anything that I want?" I asked her. " Yes" she answered "Absolutely anything!" I didn't even say anything else I just walked up and kissed her on the lips. At this she parted her lips and allowed my tongue to come in and do battle with hers.


We kiss passionately for at least 5 minutes before I broke the kiss and grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted it over her head. To my surprise she had on no bra, giving me an instant view of her gorgeous 34C breasts.

I leaned my head down and sucked a nipple into my mouth, forcing her to release a moan. As I sucked on her left nipple, I reached my hand over so that I could knead and squeeze her other breasts. Then I switched my actions to the reverse taking care of her other breast. After giving her breasts the full attention that they deserved, I slowly worked my tongue down her stomach, grabbing the band of her panties as I did(she was wearing these really sexy, blue and pink plaid boy shorts).

When her panties were at her ankles, I started at her right calve, working my way up to her dripping woman-hood. As I approached she was gasping for air, obviously close to cumming already. When I touched my tongue to her wet pink pussy lips, she came right on the spot, flooding my face with juices, spraying female cum everywhere. "My GOD, I have never squirted before!" she panted out between heavy breaths. " Well that's the first of many orgasms I am going to give you" I told her.

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So I picked her up off the couch, and carried her to the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed, and took off all my clothes. When my boxer's finally hit the floor, Megan gasped at the size of my hard cock. Now I aint huge in length, a normal 8 inches, but when I t comes to girth I am fairly well endowed, being almost 4 inches around.

" Do you like what you see?" I asked her. " Hell yes", she replied " I want that thing inside of me right now!" So I grabbed her legs and spread them as wide as they would go. I then lined my dick head up with her soaking wet slit and slammed the whole length of my hard cock into her cunt in one swift motion. She grunted as I bottomed out hitting the head of my cock against her cervix. I then went straight to pounding her tight pussy, slamming in and out with brutal strokes.

She slid further up the bed with every thrust, eventually bump her head against the headboard with every further thrust. Her pussy began to grip my cock as her orgasm neared, and I decided to try something. Just before her orgasm watched over her, I pulled all the way out then slammed my cock all the way into her asshole.

The unexpected pain/pleasure of having her tight asshole penetrated sent her spiraling into a sudden orgasm, spraying cum all over the room. She spasmed and shook, thrashing all over the bed. Once the orgasm started to subside, she blacked out completely.

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I decided that I could give her a good wake up, so I moved up by her head and shoved my cock down her throat, pounding her mouth as if it was her pussy, she woke up just as I felt the fimilar tightning in my balls, she was gagging on my cock as I started cumming in her throat, load after load going straight down into her stomach.

When I pulled out, she gasped for a secondthen looked up at me. " That was so fucking amazing!" she said. " Thank you" I replied. " No, thank you, I think that I have found my new boyfriend" she fired back. " You want to date me, I am just a lowly computer tech?" I questioned. " Hell yes" she replied " you saved me from a bunch of assholes, and gave me the best sex of my life. Of course I want to date you, fuck I want to skip dating and get married. With no pre-nub" " Well instead why don't we start with a second date." I said.

" Okay," she replied " but promise me that the second date will include just as much sex if not more as today" No problem I thought!